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Chapter 12: He’s My Idol Too

Fortunately, I Met You
     Cheng Xi and Lin Fans late entrance attracted considerable attention. Tian Rou came up to her from behind, smirking. What were the two of you doing all the way back there?

    Cheng Xi calmly replied, He said that he had to take a call. As for me, Shen Weis husband drank too much, and she wanted to ask me if I had any kidney medicine.

    Youre familiar with that stuff too?

    Not really.

    Tian Rou looked at her, and then at Lin Fan. She suddenly asked, Cheng Xi, do you like Lin Fan as well?

    Cheng Xi was somewhat startled by the abrupt question, as she didnt quite understand how the topic had suddenly jumped there. However, she still answered truthfully. Yes, he used to be my idol in the past too.

    Tian Rou, her face shell-shocked, exclaimed, Oh no! How am I possibly going to defeat you?

    Cheng Xi only laughed in response. Tian Rou deflated for some time, only recovering when Shen Wei called them over to go to the spa together. I thought that I was the female lead, but it turns out that Im just a supporting character! If you think about it carefully, you two are the true ideal couple: male and female protagonists blessed by Heaven. After saying that, she grasped Cheng Xis hands, and with seemingly painstaking care, said, Ill leave Lin Fan to you. If he chooses you, please treat my male idol with care.

    Cheng Xi was speechless. Shen Wei walked over, only having heard the last snatches of conversation between them. Treat whom well? Whats the matter, Rou?

    Tian Rou sighed. Im distraught from loneliness.

    Cheng Xi split her sides from laughing.

    When the boisterous crowd headed toward the spa, Cheng Xi, however, refused to go as she was saddled with her thoughts about the earlier encounters. Additionally, she generally did not enjoy such activities. After a big argument, Shen Wei finally relented, and brought the rest of the crowd there. But before long, she returned.

    Cheng Xi was astonished. Why on earth are you back already?

    Oh, my husband was there, and I dont like those activities either. So, I might as well come back and keep you company.

    Cheng Xi laughed. Should I be scared? The bride left her groom behind just to keep me some company.

    Shen Wei ignored her comments. Itd be more accurate to say that he left me behind first. His friends spirited him away right after he took some medicine and recovered slightly. There wasnt much choice, with Lu Chenzhou being such a big figure. Honestly, Im quite surprised that he even bothered to show up.

    Cheng Xi, surprised, asked, Why?

    Because Lu Chenzhous very hard to invite to events. Hes known to be cold, and he has never attended any private gatherings in the past.

    Really? Cheng Xi laughed in a noncommittal manner even as she silently thought to herself, Why would someone who didnt attend any sort of social gatherings in the past suddenly accept Shen Weis wedding invitation?

    She wanted to ask Shen Wei how much she knew about Lu Chenzhou, but since it was her wedding, she dropped that idea. Instead, she changed the topic to something more relevant. What does it feel like to be married?

    Shen Wei rolled her eyes. Just one word: tiring! Im never doing anything like this again. Its a torment!

    Cheng Xi couldnt help but laugh. Were you planning on doing this multiple times?

    Whos to say. Who knows what will happen in the future?

    Cheng Xi shoved her lightly—it was her wedding night, and she was still saying things like this?

    Im telling the truth. In this day and age, even staying married for life is a miracle.

    It might just come true if you keep thinking like that, Cheng Xi rebuked.

    I didnt know that you were so superstitious, Dr. Cheng. Shen Wei pinched her cheeks as she rested her arms on Cheng Xis shoulders. Was Tian Rou telling the truth?

    The subject had changed so quickly that Cheng Xi didnt fully follow. What?

    That Lin Fans also your crush. did you find out about that?

    Rou mentioned it, of course. Shen Wei smiled deviously as she teased, Prepare yourself. To liven up the festivities, the rooms tonight are male and female suites. The males rooms are right next door, so… you know.