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Chapter 13: I’m Not Scared of Death

Fortunately, I Met You
     Cheng Xi got up. Why dont I leave first? But she was quickly dragged to a halt by Shen Wei, who had chased after her while asking, Is it true? Were you really in love with Lin Fan?

    ......How had the rumor transformed into her being in love with Lin Fan? Gossip truly grew wilder as it spread. She had said that he used to be her crush, alright? Used to be! Used to be!!

    Shen Wei couldnt hold her laughter back anymore. You shouldnt have told Rou this, then!

    Cheng Xi didnt want to talk about this subject anymore. Shouldnt you be heading over? Given these co-gendered suites and all these beautiful women, you should be careful lest someone steal your newlywed groom away.

    Shen Wei stated domineeringly, Just let them try! If he can be stolen away, he wouldnt be worthy of me in the first place.

    As she said this, her phone rang; not long after, Fu Mingyi found his way here.

    Cheng Xi opened the door, and Fu Mingyi poked his head in. A few other people came right behind him. Next to the door were two attendants supporting a female in a pink suit. Cheng Xi recalled that she was the girl who had caught the wedding bouquet earlier, as well as one of Shen Weis bridesmaids.

    Fu Mingyi was swaying as he walked, and an alcoholic blush was still present on his face. Despite his intoxication, he was still clear headed enough to have the attendants to carry the girl in. Astonished, Shen Wei asked, Whos this?

    Fu Mingyi rubbed his forehead as he explained, She went to take a bath after drinking too much, and almost drowned in the bathtub…… This is a break room for the females, isnt it? Can you let her stay here tonight? The hotels full, and theres no space for an extra person.

    Cheng Xi didnt mind. But instead of focusing on the girl, her gaze was directed outside, to a man leaning on a lamppost with only half his face showing.

    Lu Chenzhou.

    Because of the lighting, his expression seemed somewhat sullen. For some reason, he looked unhappy, and his negative emotions seemed to emanate outward.

    Upon noticing her gaze, he glanced back at her indifferently.

    Cheng Xi broke eye contact when Lu Chenzhou headed inside. Shen Wei was helping the attendants take care of the drunk girl, all the while asking, Why didnt you just let someone send her back? Why are all of you here? Didnt you say that you wanted to enjoy the hot springs?

    Cheng Xi raised her eyebrows. In the first place, would a germaphobe like Lu Chenzhou ever take a bath in this sort of place?

    Indeed, Fu Mingyi replied, Dont mention it. Just as we were about to take off our clothes, Director Lu had something come up. So, it was convenient for me to take Hengjin back at the same time. Hengjin was the drunken bridesmaid, supposedly a distant relative of Shen Wei. As Fu Mingyi said this, he looked at Cheng Xi, somewhat embarrassed. Cheng Xi, you didnt drink tonight, did you? My friend has to leave urgently, but hes too drunk to drive, and we cant find a chauffeur at this hour either. Could I trouble you to give him a ride? It isnt far—just a half hours drive there and back.

    Cheng Xi didnt respond, only looking at Lu Chenzhou again. He was standing to the side of the room, and he seemed quite sober and completely capable of driving himself.

    This time, he acted quite politely, turning toward Cheng Xi and clasping his hands together as soon as Fu Mingyi finished talking. Im sorry to trouble you.

    Nothing like the man who had purposefully given her condoms just earlier.

    Cheng Xi couldnt understand what he was thinking, and was reluctant to agree. It was only Fu Mingyi and Shen Weis earnest gaze, as well as Shen Weis whispered words—Send him away quickly. Hes going to ruin my wedding night if he stays here much longer—that finally got her to agree.

    Cheng Xi wanted to sigh. Tactfully, she replied, I dont drive frequently, and might not be a very good driver in an attempt to decline.

    This time, Lu Chenzhou spoke to her directly. Dont worry. Im not scared of death.

    His words left Cheng Xi speechless, and it was Shen Wei who started worrying this time. Actually, why dont I just find one of my male classmates? Honestly, Im somewhat worried at having Cheng Xi drive as well.

    Fu Mingyi shook his head. Forget it, theyre currently all bathing. Itd be too inconvenient to drag someone else out. Dont worry, Cheng Xis a doctor with a dependable personality. As long as she drives slowly, there wont be a problem. Right, Director Lu?

    Lu Chenzhou nodded.

    Meanwhile, Shen Wei looked at Fu Mingyi wordlessly. The couple exchanged a gaze, and Shen Wei finally stopped speaking up. The two of them sent Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou to the garage. As Shen Wei watched the car roll away, she couldnt help but frown. What are you and Lu Chenzhou planning?

    Fu Mingyi laughed and hugged her. What could we be planning? Im just having your classmate give him a ride.

    Shen Wei turned to stare at him. Really? The two of you are acting so strangely, especially that Lu Chenzhou. Its even weirder that he came at all today.

    Fu Mingyi kissed her. Whats so strange? Isnt your husband worth him coming? And I want him to leave right away because if he stays, tonight well…

    The rest of his words were drowned out in their quiet laughter. Shen Wei pushed him lightly. Act properly.

    With my wife, whats the point of being proper?