In the pavilion, several people were enjoying painting, whisper and laughter coming out from time to time. Shen Ninghua was sitting in a position that was neither too far away nor too close, drinking tea alone. Her expression showed that she was not embarrassed by the cold reception. But rather she looked calm and tranquil. Chu Junyi glanced at her and his face looked a bit more thoughtful. After two hours, Zhao Yunxiang sent a maid to report that the meal was ready. Shen Dong went up and said, \Now it's lunchtime. How about Your Highness and master Chu have lunch here?\ \I've long heard about the delicacy of your family dishes. Today, I finally have the chance to taste some of them. How can I say no? Your Highness, shall we have a taste?\ Chu Junyi asked, but in an affirmative tone. Baili Jinze looked as usual, as if he didn't mind Chu Junyi's lack of respect for him. \Then I will thank master Shen's hospitality.\ \Oh, it is my honor to have Fifth Prince's presence.\ Hearing that, the ladies from the other families stood up to leave, but Zhao Ruyun stayed and discussed with Baili Jinze about the painting and calligraphy they had done. The scene was quite harmonious. Shen Linghan accompanied them quietly, with an indifferent smile on her face. Occasionally, she was asked a few questions, and she always provided convincing answers. Baili Jinze became more and more focused when looking at her, and his eyes were full of appreciation. Shen Ninghua stood on the periphery, watching Baili Jinze's gentle and polite performance. She smiled coldly. Something far away was more attractive to people than something right in front of their eyes. Shen Linghan had always been best at manipulating people's mind, and even Zhao Ruyun was no match for her. \Dark girl, your younger sister is really a rare beauty.\ Chu Junyi said softly, two steps behind Shen Ninghua. \If master Chu is interested, you could try to propose.\ Shen Ninghua glanced at him. This sister of hers was not only beautiful, but her heart was loftier than the sky! \Haha, if I want to marry a woman, I would marry someone who is very clever and sophisticated. She'd better have some special talents, so that if I don't have enough money one day, I can still make ends meet.\ Shen Ninghua glanced at him. Then she walked quickly two steps forward, leaving her elegant back to Chu Junyi. Laughing in his heart, Chu Junyi swayed the folding fan in his hand more and more leisurely. The Fifth Prince was going to stay for lunch. The whole Shen family was busy in an orderly way. Although Zhao Yunxiang was a vicious woman, she did manage the Shen family well. In a short time, maids came in with all kinds of exquisite dishes. \The presence of the Fifth Prince really brings light to my humble dwelling. Today my first toast is dedicated to Your Highness.\ \Prime minister, I should dedicate my first toast to you and thank you for your hospitality.\ While the two of them were deferring to each other, Shen Linghan stood up and smiled. \Fifth Prince, father, you both shouldn't be so modest. The wine at the banquet today is very unique. Did you see the difference?\ \I was just going to ask you why the wine smelled different from that of the famous ones in the capital. Although I haven't drunk it, I smelled the strong and sweet fragrance. It's the first time I've seen a wine like this. Could you tell us where it comes from?\ Baili Jinze looked at Shen Linghan gently. Shen Linghan covered her lips and chuckled. Her beautiful appearance made Baili Jinze daze for a moment. \Fifth Prince, you are asking the wrong person.\ \Oh?\ \The wine was brought back by my elder sister.\ Shen Linghan's face was full of intimate smiles. She came to Shen Ninghua with a cup of wine. \Sister, I heard that you brought back some wine, so I decided to open two jars of wine without asking for your permission. Please don't blame me.\ A trace of coldness flashed in Shen Ninghua's eyes, but her face was still smiling. \Sister, you are being polite. I brought back the wine to show respect to grandmother, father and mother. However, I haven't found the opportunity to offer the wine to them yet. Today is the best opportunity. I should thank you after the banquet.\ Shen Linghan slightly raised her eyebrows. \I am glad that you don't blame me. Could you please explain the wine to the guests? I'm also curious.\ \There's nothing special. I brewed it by myself. It has no name. It was brewed from fresh pear blossom, white lotus, white hibiscus, white plum blossom, clean dew that hasn't been exposed to the sun, and all kinds of seasonal fruits.\ Chu Junyi held up his cup, shook it and said to Shen Ninghua in a pitiful tone, \Such a good wine should be drunk with a white jade cup. I have a set of excellent jade cups. I'll send them to you the other day. \ Shen Ninghua bowed. \Thank you very much, master Chu. But I'm not good at drinking. It is a pity to give them to me.\ \It's not a pity to send fine wine and cups to a beauty.\ Shen Dong's eyesight switched between Chu Junyi and Shen Ninghua. He vaguely felt something odd. He held his cup high. \Let's taste the good wine first rather than just talk.\ \Master Shen is right.\ The Fifth Prince raised his cup and saluted Shen Dong. He was just about to take a sip when an exclamation was heard. \Stop, there's poison in the wine!\