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Chapter 52

Medical Master
     Chapter 52 Out of Money Again...


    One word.

    Although without the momentum of contempt as before.

    It had a grand momentum of serving the common people.

    It let the two of them shake their bodies involuntarily again.

    They were no longer vibrating but moved.

    They had to be moved because the goal of a guru of Wulin turned out to be "Medicine".

    No matter how strong an individual was, he was useless to others. Only when he realized the goal of "Medicine", he could save more people.

    The word "Medicine" made Li Ji silent.

    He actually had nothing to say.

    "What the mysterious man said is very right. A doctor is the one who saves lives.

    "The mysterious man's ambition is very big."

    Chen Cong also became silent.

    He made great efforts to get stronger.

    "But after getting stronger, even as strong as the mysterious man, what am I going to do?


    "But what to do after that?"

    There seemed to be no result.

    For a moment, he was at a loss. He was wondering whether his previous pursuit was right or wrong?

    "Senior, you really have great care about the people."

    Li Ji wryly smiled.

    He had prepared thousands of words to persuade the mysterious man to join the army. He had confidence.

    But he had nothing to say now.

    "The last request, senior. Would you please show your true colors?"

    Li Ji looked at the water ball with sparkling eyes.

    Chen Cong also looked eagerly at the middle of the lake as he heard it.

    He also wanted to know who the mysterious man was.


    The answer came, which immediately made the two people at the lakeside more anxious.

    At this time, the sky had begun to turn white and the sun would come out soon. By then, the mysterious man would surely leave soon at daybreak.

    Since he chose mystery, it was impossible that he let them know who he was.

    So they could only ask again.

    "Senior! I have a lot of questions to ask you. Would you please show your true colors?"

    Chen Cong shouted respectfully.

    Nobody replied.

    Just then, the water under the mysterious man's feet rippled again. He seemed to leave!


    Both of them were very anxious.

    Li Ji immediately shouted loudly, "Senior, We two are very honest. We won't divulge your identity after we know it, which absolutely won't affect your university life! Can you give us a chance?"

    After that, he looked expectantly toward the middle of the lake.

    The mysterious man seemed to be muttering to himself. The ripples on the surface of the lake did not become more.

    "How did you find me just now?"

    A question came from the middle of the lake.

    Li Ji immediately pointed to the night-vision viewer on his head and said, "Senior, this is a military thermal imaging night-vision viewer. Anything alive can be seen at night."

    After that, he immediately added,

    "If you join the army, I will give it to you immediately!"


    A cold hum made Li Ji's whole body shake a lot instantly and made his face darken.

    "In return for answering my questions, I will see you if you can withstand one move!"

    At this point, the sound came again from the lake.


    Hearing that, Li Ji became very pleased instantly as he just steadied his body.

    "Just one move? Big deal!"

    Even if it was a move of a guru, he also dared to say that he could.

    He used to have a taste of a move from Wu Ying whose level was a little lower than the guru's.

    Since he could calmly deal with Wu Ying's move, he thought that he could also take that from a guru who was only a little better than Wu Ying!

    "Senior, you have to stick to your word."


    A cold snort exploded beside their ears.

    At this time, Li Ji was suddenly shocked to find that the scene from the night-vision viewer changed.

    The bright red figure in the water ball gradually darkened.

    Finally, it disappeared!

    Li Ji hurriedly adjusted the night-vision viewer in shock, but the person before them still disappeared.

    "How is that possible?!"

    He looked in horror at everything in front of him, incredulous inwardly.

    "Whatever a living thing has temperature certainly, which means it certainly has heat. Heat can generate infrared ray certainly that can be seen by the night-vision viewer definitely.

    "But now the mysterious man has disappeared from the night-vision viewer!

    "Could he be dead?

    "Only the dead have no temperature.

    "But how could it be possible!

    "Because the water ball is right staying in front of us!

    "Could it be that... the mysterious man can regulate his own temperature???"

    Li Ji swallowed hard.

    Being able to regulate the temperature was so appalling to him!

    No one he knew could do it!

    He suddenly felt that he was a little impulsive.

    He had never seen a guru but only heard of them. And he didn't know how awesome they were. "It's difficult to withstand this move!"

    But Chen Cong at one side didn't know these. He was on the alert absorbedly.

    His eyes were brimming with excitement.

    This was his second time to deal with the mysterious man. He would like to see how powerful the mysterious man's move was!

    At this time, the water suddenly violently vibrated.

    A figure suddenly walked out from the water curtain.

    It was not the mysterious man but a man formed by water!

    The figure displayed a pose of attack.

    He instantly accelerated!

    Before Li Ji and Chen Cong came to sense from their surprise, the figure had appeared in front of them.

    A punch with a loud crash.

    The two of them struggled to withstand it.


    But in the next second, both of them flew out...

    When both of them came to themselves, the day had broken.

    The mysterious man was nowhere to be seen on the lake and the figure was nowhere to be found beside them.

    Everything seemed like a dream.

    But the pain on their chests showed that everything before was real.

    The two people rubbed their chests and looked at each other in horror.

    Both of them couldn't withstand the random attack from the mysterious man. How strong he was?

    The two of them carefully reflected on the final attack.

    But the more they recalled, the more obsessed they were.

    Each one of the two had an understanding.

    "Could it be...

    "Could it be that the mysterious man didn't mean to attack them but to teach them?"

    Having thought of it, the two people couldn't help shaking their bodies. The more they thought, the more they felt that way.

    "Sure enough, it is the guru style!"

    Both of them sighed with emotion and were more in a loss at the last move.


    After leaving the lake, Fang Qiu came to the other side of Central Lake and found a place to cultivate.

    At five o'clock in the morning, Fang Qiu recalled the previous scene as he walked back to the dormitory.

    He didn't expect that his breath control of Guru Realm was defeated by science and technology actually.

    Fang Qiu smiled wryly.

    He didn't expect that a soldier used a night-vision viewer to deal with him. But since he had known it, it would be easy to deal with the possible exposure later on.

    Not only his breath, but also his temperature.

    It was nothing more than gather the cold air beside him into his body quickly, which formed an illusion of no temperature. After that, he just needed to expel the cold air out.

    But only the one who had reached the Guru Realm could do this.

    "Looks like I need to buy a suit for the mysterious man."

    Fang Qiu said in the heart.

    It was very likely that he exposed himself in his own clothes and now he was not sure if Li Ji and Chen Cong saw them.

    So he tried not to wear this morning's clothes anymore.

    As he returned to the dormitory and woke up his roommates to wash, Fang Qiu started looking for clothes on Jingdong with his mobile phone.

    He finally settled on a four-piece fitness kit and then bought a pair of black sneakers as well as a black baseball cap.

    They were all black because it would be easy for him to hide. But they were eye-catching in the daytime.

    Anyway, I won't wear it many times in crowded places.

    It was mainly to pretend to be the mysterious man and to do exercises in the morning.

    After buying them, Fang Qiu sadly found that he had only two hundred yuan left.

    "Out of money again!

    "Looks like I have to find some way to make money again...

    "So worried!"

    Fang Qiu scratched his head and began to ponder.

    "Perform for money?

    "Not appropriate.

    "Find another rich patient who has a bone fracture?

    "They only come out by accident."

    Until the class began, Fang Qiu hadn't decided how to make money. He simply stopped thinking. "If I really run out of money, I will ask the hospital to advance my salary."

    He just didn't know whether they would advance money to him or not.

    At eight o'clock in the morning.

    The classes of a new week began again.

    It was the Basic Theory of Chinese Medicine.

    Qiao Mu held a pile of paper and walked into the classroom. He did not turn on the multimedia this time. Instead, he said with a smile to everyone, "I don't give a lesson this class. Let's do the test first."

    After that, he handed over that pile of examination paper to the students and let them distribute the papers.

    "No way, teacher. Are we going to have a test just after one lesson? We don't know anything yet!"

    The students complained as they passed around the papers.

    The students who got the paper looked at the cramped questions, feeling dizzy immediately.

    They totally had no idea how to do it!

    "Only in this way can I get to know your real situation, so that I can arrange my following teaching plan based on your abilities."

    Qiao Mu sniggered and said, "Put your books on the corners of your tables. Don't cheat and whisper."

    "Teacher, if we want to cheat by opening books, we should know where to open. If we want to whisper, we should have someone who is able to do it beside us."

    Sun Hao complained.

    Suddenly, he felt that everyone was looking at him "unkindly".

    Then the gaze shifted together to Fang Qiu next to him.

    Sun Hao suddenly saw the light.

    He said inwardly that "Awful. I'm exposed!"

    The only person in the class who could answer these questions was Fang Qiu. "Didn't I make the teacher notice me by these words?"

    "This student is right. Fang Qiu, you take that seat to answer the questions."

    Qiao Mu said as he pointed to the empty seat on the left in the classroom.


    Fang Qiu nodded and went over with his examination paper and pen.

    Sun Hao looked at Fang Qiu with a pair of despairing eyes that said "Don't abandon me".

    The rest of the class laughed with dark pleasure.

    When everyone got the papers, Qiao Mu looked at his watch and said, "There will be an hour. Let's begin."

    The whole class quieted down instantly.

    They all looked down at the questions carefully.

    But soon, the whole classroom was filled with the sound of turning papers.

    They totally had no idea how to do it!

    Even the examination papers were almost dog-eared, and they did find few questions that they could do.

    A different scene appeared in the classroom.

    On the side of the classroom, Fang Qiu sat lonely at the front third of the stool with his body upright as what he told the driver in the Orthopedic Department, writing furiously.

    In the middle area, twenty-nine people scratched their heads because they didn't know where to begin.

    The narrow aisle in the middle seemed to isolate the two worlds.

    Qiao Mu looked at Fang Qiu who kept writing, nodding with satisfaction.

    The clock ticked away.

    The atmosphere in the classroom became more and more solemn.

    Facing the examination paper full of questions, most of the people didn't know how to do them.

    It was not because they forgot after learning but because they really didn't understand the questions. They could only guess the answers.

    But they didn't have confidence at all.

    Half an hour later, while everyone was thinking hard, Fang Qiu stopped writing.

    Qiao Mu sat on the platform, looking at Fang Qiu with astonishment.

    In principle, it was difficult to finish the questions on this paper within an hour.

    Let alone within half an hour.

    Qiao Mu thought for a moment and then said,

    "Anyone can hand in your paper if it's done."

    This sentence made the people who were thinking hard stupefied. They all unconsciously looked at Fang Qiu.

    "No way?

    "He has done so many questions within half an hour?

    "Could it be that he also had no idea how to do them?"

    At this time, Fang Qiu stood up with his paper. Then everyone just saw that the examination paper was thickly full of answers.


    "He has really done it!

    All of them looked at Fang Qiu with admiration as if they were looking at a miracle.

    "Too awesome!"