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Chapter 58

Medical Master
     Chapter 58 The Same Style as the Mysterious Man's!

    Before long, several policemen came in and were taken aback at the group of men in police uniforms. Then, when they noticed the note lying beside them, they were even more shocked but soon went overjoyed.

    "These men are the group of thieves sneaking outside the University of Jingjiang Chinese Medicine."

    "And they impersonated police officers!"

    The police were just fretting about this public safety case within their jurisdiction. They had taken actions to arrest this group of thieves several times but failed!

    "Never thought someone has dumped them on our porch."

    "Today we finally caught you!"

    A couple of police officers scurried to call and report to their seniors, ready to interrogate the thieves on that very night.

    On the other side.

    Taking advantage of the darkness, Fang Qiu leapt up to a roof and hopped back to the place he got changed.

    He changed to his old clothes. Then, he grabbed the outfit of the mysterious man and went to the Yaowang Mountain, hiding the outfit in the thick woods.

    No one would detect this hiding place.

    At the same time.

    After falling in silence for a whole day, the BBS of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine became noisy again.

    This time it was because of the mysterious man.

    "The mysterious man just emerged on the snack street."

    This news instantly ignited everyone's interest.

    The mysterious man reappeared!

    They bustled about telling the news to one another. More and more people checked the BBS to learn more about it as well as to unleash their unbridled excitement.

    One week later, the mysterious man finally revealed himself again!

    And he did a chivalrous deed—helping the police catch a thief!

    The Mysterious Man Appeared on Snack Street, Catching a Thief in a Brand New Outfit!

    The newest popular post on the BBS came into being!

    Of course, many witnesses on the scene had also sent posts right off, but this one contained the most detailed account of the incident as well as a series of clear photos.

    Therefore, this post became the hottest one at the top.

    Other similar posts were also quite popular.

    This post gave a detailed account of the scenes of the incident.

    It began with the appearance of a bunch of thieves on the snack street, and then, introduced the notice the university made that warned the students to take care of their belongings.

    At the third part, it recorded the real drama.

    "The new campus belle of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine roamed about on the snack street alone, and soon a thief cast his covetous eyes on her."

    "He pretended to have tripped and collided with Jiang Miaoyu. In fact, he used this fall to snatch her purse from her pocket."

    After reading those words, the viewers could not help cursing the thief inwardly.

    "This senseless thief dared steal the purse of our campus belle. Darned, he must be blind."

    Infuriated, many grumbled that if they were on the scene, they would certainly let the thief bear all the consequences.

    "It would definitely be a glorious drama about a hero rescuing a beauty after defeating the bad guy."

    The post went on.

    "At first, Jiang Miaoyu did not notice her purse was stolen. She even asked the thief in concern if he had sprained his ankle."

    "The thief said he was fine and tried to slip off."

    "At this moment, the mysterious man descended from the sky and stopped the thief. He said coldly, ‘Turn in the purse.'"

    "But the thief said he had no idea what he was talking about."

    Below the remark, there was a photo showing the mysterious man stretching out a hand to ask for the purse.

    In the photo, the mysterious man looked honorable and stalwart, while the thief looked rather wretched in the pool of streetlight.

    The contrast was striking.

    The photo instantly glorified the image of the mysterious man further.

    At this time, everyone concentrated on the mysterious man in the photo.


    "This is the new outfit of the mysterious man!"

    "Unlike the loose uniform for military training, this outfit finally showed his physique."

    "He does look well-proportioned and peerlessly burly."

    Everyone stared at this photo with brightened eyes. Girls immediately started to conceive a hundred love stories of themselves and the mysterious man.

    Meanwhile, boys were considering whether they should buy the same outfit.

    "At this point, Jiang Miaoyu noticed her purse was stolen. She suddenly realized that man was the thief."

    "Sensing the thing was getting out of control, the thief pulled out a knife and attempted to attack."

    "At this, the countenance of the mysterious man did not alter at all. (Since the mysterious man is an awesome martial arts expert, no way would he show any sign of fright on his face. Of course, even if he did, we could not see it, because he was wearing a mask...)

    Those words were followed by another photo.

    In the photo, the thief faced the shining knife towards the mysterious man, his expression malevolent.

    But the mysterious man did not wince.

    Seeing this photo, the viewers all gave it a "like". "How manly his aura was!"

    "The thief was desperate now. He really stabbed the knife forward."

    "However, the mysterious man made a strike in the blink of an eye. With a swish, the thief was thrown into the air and then fell on the ground.

    "(I used to find the previous post depicting the battle between the mysterious man and Chen Cong unsatisfying—why it always said a man was sent flying with a swish—until I witnessed this incident yesterday. The man was truly sent flying with a swish... It happened too fast! Hereby I want to make an advocation. The mysterious man, please slow down a bit when you beat someone up in the future to let us see the process clearly, will you?)"

    "After that, the mysterious man went up to the thief, retrieved the purse, and returned it to Jiang Miaoyu."

    Below came another photo.

    The mysterious man and Jiang Miaoyu were gazing at each other.

    Both of them reached out to each other, with the purse between them.


    Many exclaimed in their minds after seeing the photo. "If it were not a purse but a flower or even a Chinese hamburger they were passing on, this photo would be solid evidence of a budding relationship!"

    However, the object was only a purse in this photo.

    There was no love, no budding relationship.

    If it were any other boy who did so to Jiang Miaoyu, the viewers would definitely bite his head off.

    Because they all thought they were the Mr. Right for Jiang Miaoyu.

    However, now facing this legendary mysterious man, they could barely plunk up their courage to compete against him.

    After all, the mysterious man was too unreachable. They could only hold him in awe.

    Only marvel at his behavior.

    "Jiang Miaoyu thanked the mysterious man for his brave deed."

    "After that, the mysterious man walked towards the thief. But at this point, a group of policemen arrived at the scene, declaring that they just heard someone was going to commit assault here and the mysterious man was the suspect."

    "Fortunately, we, the bystanders, testified for the mysterious man and preserved his innocence."

    "After taking the dictations, the policemen departed with the thief."

    "At this time, everyone immediately surrounded around the mysterious man."

    "I was thinking: ‘Mysterious man, now you have no way to escape now, just show your face!'"

    "But then, the mysterious man leapt up to the air, and just disappeared... disappeared... dis-disappeared..."

    "Guys, do you know how I felt then? Holy sh*t! When we finally caught the mysterious man alive, we let him run away!"

    "Anyway, this incident tonight reconfirmed that the mysterious man is someone in our university. And he is one of the freshmen, otherwise, he would not have appeared in the military training uniform before and changed to a new outfit when the military training was over."

    "Thus, guys, try to catch the mysterious man! I sincerely hope we can catch the mysterious man as soon as possible! Tear off his ‘hypocritical' mask for people and let the ‘truth' be exposed!"

    In no time, comments swarmed in below the post.

    "Is there any footage? I want to watch the footage! The footage!"

    "Please tell me the accurate spot where the mysterious man emerged. I'll go there and worship him!"

    "Who knows the web link to the outfit of the mysterious man. I'll buy the same!"

    "Begging for the web link, too. I'll want the same style as well! I want to be the mysterious man!"

    "I suggest you buy red underwear. You'll be superman if you wear it on the outside!"

    "You shut up!"

    "Why am I having the feeling that our campus belle Jiang is about to fall for the mysterious man? Just think, is there any girl who has never fantasized to experience such an event, to have a heroic boyfriend who descended out of nowhere?"

    "As a girl, I am once again being underrepresented. I don't want to experience such an event. All I'm asking for is simply a boyfriend like the mysterious man!"

    "The web line of the same style as the mysterious man's:!"

    "Thank you, the upper comment! I've placed an order!"

    "Thanks, the upper comment!"

    "Fu*k! You guys are so speedy. The item has been sold out!"


    Meanwhile, in a company located in a city thousand miles afar.

    A customer service personnel was staring at the cascading orders, her jaw dropped for a long time.

    "What's the matter?"

    "Why did so many people order this style?"

    She cast a glance at the delivery addresses and went even more startled.

    "The addresses are the same."

    "The University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine in Jiangjing!"

    "What on earth is going on?"

    "Could it be a workout project for the whole university?"

    "If so, it'll be a huge project!"

    She hurried to stand up to tell her manager.

    At this news, the manager rushed to her desk. As he saw the screenful orders, he was also stunned.

    "It's true that the orders are from the same university!"

    "And they all ordered the same style!"

    Then, he pointed at the constantly flickering message prompts and asked, "Hom come there are so many messages? Click them open."

    As the dialog boxes popped out, the two were dazed.

    All they saw were messages for goods consulting.

    "Hello, do you still have stock for this workout suit?"

    "I want this style. Do you have stock?"

    "There is no stock for this style? When will you renew the stock?"


    The manager swallowed with difficulty, and then said, "Tell them we have stock in three days. I will contact the factory to produce more right away!"

    After throwing down the remark, he set off galloping.

    He did not stop even when he bumped into a table.

    The same scene appeared in two other companies—one was selling shoes, the other caps.

    The two companies were also astounded by the miraculous spike in orders.

    The delivery addresses were all the same—the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine!

    At the same time.

    One comment below the post aroused everyone's interest and excitement.

    "Quick! Check the earlier post, Searching Range Narrowed Down, the Mysterious Man Is Among Those Guys! Check which ones are excluded now. Is the mysterious man identified?"

    Once the comment emerged, it occurred to the vast students that there was such a post on the BBS.


    "Let's see where the mysterious man can flee now!"

    When all the people who did not appear at the scene where the mysterious man revealed himself were struck off the list, the rest would be the most probable suspects of being the mysterious man!

    "Post writer, please update! There are too many comments you need to comb through!"

    "Post writer, please come to us, show yourself!"

    "I want the mysterious man! Post writer, come on!"


    Below the "likes" of the post were all similar remarks.

    On the last few pages, almost all comments were pleading the post writer to update the post as well.

    At last.

    At eight twenty in the evening.

    The post writer, "Other Fish in the Sea", replied.

    "Excuse me for not updating till now. On the one hand, the comments are too many. I just finished looking through all of them and the compile of data. On the other hand, I want to give you guys sufficient time to comment. And the following is the up-to-date state."

    "Last time when the mysterious man turned up to rescue a student, we excluded 27 suspects, leaving 73 on the list. This time, those we excluded are as follows."

    "ID ‘I AM Mysterious Man: Li Guang was playing computer games in the dormitory at 6:45 p.m. when the mysterious man showed up. All of his roommates can testify that. I am Feng Zhong, from Class Two, Acupuncture Major, School of Acupuncture and Massage."

    "ID ‘A Small Goal of Making Ten Million Yuan': Ding Yi was in the classroom getting ready for class at 6:45 p.m. All his classmates can testify that. I am Wei Wei, from Class Three, Science of Chinese Traditional Medicine, School of Pharmacy."