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Chapter 62

Medical Master
     Chapter 62 An Argument About The Apprentice Plan!

    "Won't participate???"

    This even made them more shocked than knowing that Fang Qiu got 86.5 points.

    In their opinions, it was an opportunity that many students couldn't get and would even beg for. But someone even refused to participate in it?

    The whole room also became silent because of Fang Qiu's words.

    "Fang Qiu, did you made a mistake?"

    Finally, Qiao Mu burst into a hollow laugh, breaking the silent situation. He said as he tipped Fang Qiu a wink.

    "I didn't."

    Fang Qiu shook his head and said calmly as usual, "I will not participate in it."


    Asked Qiao Mu unacceptably.

    Qi Kaiwen and Zhang Xinming also fixed their eyes on Fang Qiu.

    They were waiting for Fang Qiu's answer.

    "I have a few questions for you."

    Said Fang Qiu.

    "What are they?"

    Qi Kaiwen couldn't help asking.

    "If I get a first in the exam, does that mean I can cure one more patient in the future?"

    "If I get a good ranking, does that mean the academic standards of our university are very high?"

    "If I overcome the students from the other universities, does that mean the academic standards of other universities are low?"

    "Can the university ranking prove that the students from this university can cure more patients in the future?"

    The words were forceful and lofty!

    Fang Qiu calmly stared at the three of them with his cold eyes.

    "They are actually wasting manpower and material resources on it.

    "Perhaps others need such a spur and such an ethereal honor, but I don't need them!

    "In my opinion, I prefer a patient's recovery from a cold rather than these bullsh*t honors!

    The four questions in succession made the people present speechless.

    They completely didn't expect that Fang Qiu would ask such questions!

    And about such questions, they were not able to answer them and also dared not to answer them!

    "How to answer the questions? Answer ‘no'?

    "That will be a real slap in the face!

    "Answer ‘Yes'?

    "That's like talking nonsense in public!

    "These are such impressive and deep questions!"

    Hearing Fang Qiu's questions, Zhang Xinming felt relaxed immediately. "This boy turns out to be a nit-picker!"

    "See what you can do now, Qi Kaiwen?

    "Isn't it a sticky business?"

    The happy expression on Qi Kaiwen's face slowly dissipated. He became calm.

    And Qiao Mu was ashamed.

    "As a teacher, I even have less consciousness than a student and actually engage in this kind of a matter of craving for greatness and success."

    "If not, what's the point of my participating in the competition?"

    Fang Qiu sneered and said, "For honor? Whose honor? My honor? What do I do with the honor?"

    "So, I'm sorry. If there is nothing else, I'll leave first."

    After that, he stood up, about to leave.

    Others were afraid of offending teachers and the Director.

    But he was not!

    Because he had such strength.


    At this time, Qi Kaiwen spoke.

    Fang Qiu stopped and turned to look at Qi Kaiwen calmly.

    "Student Fang, your cognition is wrong."

    Qi Kaiwen said with a smile, "We will get more education funds and resources if our university gets better results. By then, each student will get more education resources and their studies will definitely be better so that they can treat more patients in the future."

    "What's the specific content? What kind of educational resource? How to distribute to everyone? What is the direct relationship between educational resources and academic performance?"

    Fang Qiu looked directly at Qi Kaiwen and pressed him.


    Qi Kaiwen choked up at the chain of questions from Fang Qiu.

    Zhang Xinming almost burst into laughter from the side.

    "It's too funny!

    "A director is stumped with some questions from the student he found.

    "You are used to having a big talk, an empty talk, and high-sounding talk. Now someone is making use of them to ask you questions. See how you will answer!"

    Qi Kaiwen really didn't know what to say.

    What he said just now were actually bureaucratic words on the surface. It sounded reasonable but actually not.

    "I still have classes this afternoon, so I'll leave first."

    Fang Qiu smiled, about to leave.

    He had perceived from the Director's hesitation that the Director was speaking empty words.

    People who spoke empty words were afraid of being asked questions because they would show flaws once asked.


    Qi Kaiwen stopped Fang Qiu again and asked as he stared at Fang Qiu,

    "Fang Qiu, do you have any ideas? Or under what condition will you take part in this competition? You know this competition is too important to be trifling."

    This sudden sentence from the Director surprised both Zhang Xinming and Qiao Mu.

    "As a Director of the school, is he going to negotiate with the student?

    "Or is he begging Fang Qiu?"

    Zhang Xinming sighed secretly that Qi Kaiwen was really not afraid of losing face to treat a student that way.

    Qiao Mu and Zhang Xinming originally thought that Fang Qiu had no idea or requirement but simply didn't want to take part in it because of his personality.

    Unexpectedly, Fang Qiu stopped.

    He turned to Qi Kaiwen seriously.

    With a slight smile, he said, "I do have an idea. If the school agrees with it, I will participate in the competition."

    He did have an idea. This idea had been in his mind for several days, which couldn't be solved ever since.

    At the sound of the words, Qiao Mu's eyes were fixed.

    "He is really going to negotiate with the Director!

    "How dare you, as a student, negotiate with the Director? You are too bold."

    "Go ahead!"

    But Qi Kaiwen smiled.

    "Anyone who has great ambitions must have some ideas.

    "I actually guessed right."

    He wouldn't necessarily agree with Fang Qiu's idea but simply wanted to see what the boy was thinking.

    Zhang Xinming looked at Fang Qiu.

    His eyes were full of disdain.

    "You are such a boy who has an exaggerated opinion of your abilities.

    "Let me see how you will talk big!"

    "I think that there are some problems with our university's method of training students, or it can be said that the method is not perfect enough!"

    Said Fang Qiu.

    This sentence was remarkably original and forceful in the eyes of the three people present.

    "A freshman dares to talk about the education methods.

    "Is he kidding?"

    "Students just sit in class and learn all kinds of knowledge of Chinese Medicine without any practice. I know that students will be arranged to work as an intern one after another in the hospital starting from junior year. However, I also learned that the internship is simply about a case arrangement and case modification, etc. There are few opportunities for real practice."

    As Fang Qiu said this, he thought of Cao Ze.

    "What a graduate student does as an intern in a hospital is nothing more than legwork.

    "Maybe it will be better after graduation, but is it really good to count on patients for practice?

    "Isn't it irresponsible for patients?"

    "The most important thing is that Chinese Medicine is more about the experience. Although this is what many modern people criticize Chinese Medicine for, there is no denying that experience comes from practice, which sometimes is more scientific than science!"

    As the word was heard, the three people present couldn't help praising it inwardly.

    He did speak the mind of the doctors of Chinese Medicine.

    "But experience can't be learned in a short time. Starting from getting a Medical Practitioner's Qualification Certificate, how many years does it take for a doctor of Chinese Medicine to gain some invaluable experience? And how many patients are needed to gain experience based on trials and errors? It takes a long time and it costs a lot."

    "So I think we should be apprenticed starting from freshman year!"

    Fang Qiu finally said what he always thought in his heart.

    This was the difficulty he met with when he studied independently.

    Some problems couldn't be solved by books only. They needed some directions from someone.

    So he thought of an apprentice plan. Moreover, he thought of all the students of the whole university from himself.

    "An apprentice plan?"

    Qi Kaiwen, Zhang Xinming, and Qiao Mu all looked at Fang Qiu in great surprise.

    "Where does this come from?

    "How can a student be apprenticed to a teacher?"

    Fang Qiu had already had a mental note on this question.

    "There should be a lot of retired teachers in our university these years, who are not necessarily unwilling to continue to make contributions to education. And they have been teachers all their lives who have both experience and knowledge. The most important thing is that they have been training students all the time, which deserves our admiration. I believe that if they come back to train the students and teach medical experience to the later generations, they will be very pleased."

    Fang Qiu thought of the retired old teachers.

    He had learned these teachers, all of whom had been seeing patients in the hospital while teaching. "They are absolutely experienced.

    "Not only the old teachers.

    "But also the incumbent teachers. They can train the students when they are seeing patients.

    "Even if they don't have time to train their students, the students' desire to advance will naturally be aroused since they are apprenticed.

    "And when these teachers apprentice the students, if they do not train their students attentively, they will lose faces as they see other teachers succeed!

    "If possible, this can be brought into the assessment of teachers' teaching achievements."

    Of course, he didn't say that.

    He believed these leaders were better at it than him.

    After hearing what Fang Qiu said,

    Qi Kaiwen and Zhang Xinming's eyes instantly lit up!

    Fang Qiu didn't need to go on anymore.

    They had associated it with a lot of things.

    "Not only can students be apprenticed, but also the teachers can be apprenticed.

    "Students can not only be apprenticed to the retired teachers but also can be apprenticed to the folk experts outside the university!

    "As long as our university encourages them to do so, the academic atmosphere of our university will absolutely change.

    "A thriving situation of studying hard, which is like a hundred flowers in bloom can be expected!

    "This will be the achievements in my official career!"

    Before Qiao Mu understood it, Qi Kaiwen and Zhang Xinming had suddenly understood it.

    What they needed as leaders were just the achievements in their official career!

    As long as they had achievements, they could get a promotion. The goal of the leaders like them was just to get a promotion.

    In general, anything that could bring achievements also had some risks.

    "But does this thing have any risk?

    "Not at all!

    "It's just about apprenticing and then holding a few ceremonies, which will only be better and better. It's impossible to get worse.

    "The only difficulty is to mobilize the old teachers. But do they need to be mobilized?

    "These old teachers are eager to play their parts.

    "So it's not difficult at all!"

    Qi Kaiwen and Zhang Xinming looked at Fang Qiu with emotions.

    A good idea that none of them had thought of was actually thought of by a student.

    "This boy is so unusual!"

    "Director, I think Fang Qiu's proposal is very good. Let me take charge of it."

    Zhang Xinming said hastily.

    "Director Zhang, I know you are very busy. I think it better for me to do this."

    Qi Kaiwen immediately said.

    "No, no. And I'm not as busy as you. You are in charge of numerous affairs every day as well as this competition. Let me do it."

    Zhang Xinming retorted.

    "Aren't you in charge of the competitions all the time? Look, it is you who gets the participants on the list."

    Qi Kaiwen said.

    "Speaking of the list, I have missed Fang Qiu. It seems to be the result of my negligence, so the competition needs you to handle. Let me handle the apprenticing thing."

    Said Zhang Xinming.

    "Don't mention it. Let me do it. It is my duty as a director."

    "As an Associate Director, I should take the pressure off you. Let me do it."


    Qiao Mu saw the two directors locking horns with each other, dumbfounded immediately.

    "What's going on here?

    "Why are they arguing for this suddenly?

    "Didn't they always evade the duty before for fear of a problem. Why are they so active this time?"