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Chapter 65

Medical Master
     Chapter 65 Apprentice Plan Which Shocks the Whole School!

    A newly enrolled student was specially admitted to the hospital?

    He did not even finish his first term as a semester, and now he could work at the hospital?

    This was ridiculous!

    Was a Freshman able to handle his cases?

    "It's true."

    Looking at everyone's skeptical eyes, Su Mudong sighed with a bitter smile and said, "This student, named Fang Qiu, is more than a normal worker at the hospital."

    "There is a list of smiling doctors in our hospital. You must know how hard to be one of them."

    The others nodded one after another.


    Nowadays, it's hard to be a doctor, while it's even harder to be a doctor accepted by patients.

    They all knew that the project of smiling doctors had been passed at the meeting handled by the Director.

    "This guy, after his first day in the hospital, was on the list of smiling doctors!"

    Su Mudong said.

    Just after that—

    The meeting room was silent.

    Even Qi Kaiwen, Zhang Xinming, and Chen Yinsheng were shocked.

    The next moment, the room erupted in disbelief.

    "Impossible! It's absolutely impossible!"

    "A student now is on the list of smiling doctors? You've got be kidding, old Su?"

    "This is unbelievable."

    "Director Su, are you sure you're not kidding us?"


    "It's hard to believe. Right?"

    Su Mudong continued with a wry smile and said, "I didn't believe it when I knew it. I found out later that it was true. Every patient who had been healed by him voted for him. He did not cheat."

    He had no idea what kind of whiz he had recruited.

    He became a smiling doctor just after a whole morning work.

    He had superb medical skills.

    The doctor-patient relationship was handled well.

    The most important thing was that he was so young!

    A young hero!

    He had to admit that!


    Now those Directors fell silent.

    They looked at each other with wry smiles.

    It seemed like there was a genius among the freshmen!

    A student did what they themselves had not even expected before.

    Qi Kaiwen looked at their shocking expressions and thought, "Fang Qiu made 86.5 of the most difficult examination paper in only 45 minutes!"


    If you knew that, you had to be more surprised!

    However, he decided to hide it. As the killer of this Chinese Medicine knowledge contest, Fang Qiu had to be hidden well and could not be known by other colleges.

    Zhang Xinming did not think that Fang Qiu should be a doctor in the hospital, so he also felt very shocked.

    "This guy is really something!"

    "It seems that Qingshi has found a formidable opponent!"

    "But so what? I can't defeat you like this, but I can trip you up."

    Vice President Chen Yinsheng also remembered this freshman named Fang Qiu.

    There had not been such an outstanding student in the college for many years.

    It was rarely been seen since the founding of the university.

    "I didn't think we have such a talented student. Old Qi, you must teach him well!"

    Chen Yinsheng said to Qi Kaiwen and then said to everyone, "Now let's talk some business. Do you agree with this Apprentice Plan? Raise your hand if you agree."

    He raised his hand first.

    So did others.

    "Well, since we've all agreed, let's go ahead and talk about when to carry it out."

    Soon the whole conference room was buzzing.

    Some directors said that it should be carried out after the traditional Chinese medicine knowledge competition. If the competition results were not good, this Apprentice Plan would then retrieve a loss.

    If it had a good effect, then they would take advantage of it to enhance its effectiveness.

    Many deans agreed, and so did Qi Kaiwen.

    But at this time, Zhang Xinming stood up and rejected. He suggested that this plan should be implemented as soon as possible. He worried that other universities got the news and took the first step, at that time, they would be the plagiarists.

    People present heard what he said and all decided that the sooner, the better.

    What they did not know was that Zhang Xinming was trying to get this thing done to own himself credits. In fact, he really did not care about the contest's results.

    Qi Kaiwen failed to expect that Zhang Xinming pulled some strings at such a crucial situation. Nevertheless, to maintain the facade that the middle and upper leaders got on well with each other, he had to nod to agree.

    On the second day, the rumor about the Apprentice Plan spread all over the entire campus.

    "From now on, the school will try a new mode of apprenticeship training in addition to the daily curriculum.

    "All the students in our school can choose a master of Chinese Medicine to be their disciple during the study period. The apprenticeship is set up on a voluntary basis of both parties. The detailed list of masters, along with the specific regulations, will be announced one day after National Holidays!"

    Such a brief message without even a written statement went viral among students, faculty, and other working staff in the college.

    The rumor was so sudden and went so viral!

    Even without a written statement, it definitely did not come out of nowhere!

    The rumor had left everyone dazed at that moment.

    What did the college want to do?

    To encourage after school classes?

    One could choose his master?

    It was on a voluntary basis?

    Was it real?

    Everyone was dazed for a while.

    When they collected themselves, the entire college was shaken.

    Everyone was more than excited!

    The entire college put on a new year atmosphere because of the news. Everyone was seen on campus talking about the new training mode which was closely related to their daily study.

    "Haven't you heard? The college came up with a new training mode called Apprentice Plan."

    "Of course I've heard of something that big."

    "What? You ready to follow a master already?"

    "How can I miss such a good chance?"

    "You've got your pick?"

    "What pick?"

    "Of course I mean the master you want to follow! "Finding the right master will help you a lot in your Chinese Medicine study!"

    "Isn't the name list yet to be announced? Well, I don't care if my pick is on the school list or not. I will follow the master I like anyway. No matter what it takes, I will try to follow him even if I have to stalk him!"

    "Me too, haha!"


    It was very lively in a few teaching buildings.

    Even during PE classes or optional courses which were not relevant, people were talking about it.

    Not only students, teachers joined in the discussion as well. They told the students who the Chinese Medicine experts were and even did not follow the daily curriculum during classes.

    After a round of praise, people wondered more about the procedure of the plan.

    The announcement was too abrupt and short, thus people failed to figure out the details.

    They could only guess and discuss with each other.

    Some said that following a master required money first.

    That being said, they would accept it even if they had to pay for it!

    One must know that they had to study for five years to register for the certificated physician exams. However, the Apprentice Plan would make them qualify for the exams after only three years!

    Some students outside the Chinese Medicine school also wanted to know if they could follow a master at their will.

    Such comments and opinions were too many to enumerate.

    Among teachers, there was no other topic during their small talks.

    The only thing they talked about was—the Apprentice Plan training mode!

    Every teacher would start the conversation by "Have you heard of the Apprentice Plan training mode?" or "What do you think of the Apprentice Plan training mode?".

    "What do you think? Do you think the Apprentice Plan means a one-on-one teaching method?"

    "The number of teachers on campus is limited. Other than us, who else can the students follow?"

    "That being said, we still don't know for sure when they haven't announced it officially."

    "What? Are you so anxious to have a disciple?"

    "Disciples don't matter, what matters is our performance. When the new method is settled down, I have to recruit the top students in my class. I really can't teach anything in the class. It'll be more effective in one-on-one sessions. One good student is worth a dozen poor students, especially when you have put into a lot of effort!"

    "Good idea!"

    A few middle-aged teachers were in a heated discussion while walking to the teaching buildings. They even burst into laughter in the heat of passion.

    The entire college was talking about a single thing!

    It had been the first time that such a thing had happened since the founding of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    It was not necessarily never to be seen again, but it was definitely unprecedented!

    The issue greatly concerned everyone in the college, no matter if they were the headmaster, directors, teachers, or students.

    Everyone knew that it was the right track to tread on!

    A right track that led to real and practical Chinese Medicine instead of just knowledge in textbooks!

    One must know that since ancient times, Chinese Medicine had been built on a similar Apprentice Plan!

    That was exactly a system where disciples followed masters!

    In the system, every master taught their disciples personally. Masters diagnosed diseases and disciples fill the prescriptions and learned about them. Then, disciples would diagnose diseases and masters would correct mistakes and analyze the problems. After that, students would fill the prescriptions and learned about them again.

    They were purely learning by hearts and growing in practice.

    However, in the modern college, no one was leading the students. Teachers were cramming students with textbooks. When one teacher taught a large group of students, there was no way for him to teach them according to their aptitudes.

    After sitting in classrooms for a few years, they even failed to recognize all the herbs!

    Not to mention diagnose a disease!

    Even if they dared to try to treat people, they were trying on the patients. If one put it harshly, it was experimenting on the patients. However, in the past, teachers would watch over you. They would diagnose personally even if you had done it four times to prevent mistakes. That was being conscientious about treating a patient!

    Academic Chinese Medicine was based on knowledge. They had rich knowledge but lacked practice.

    It was a huge shortcoming of the training mode of the modern School of Chinese Medicine.

    However, now!

    Their college first created an Apprentice Plan training mode in addition to the daily curriculum.

    It integrated the teaching of knowledge and practice!

    It combined the advantages of the two and could be considered a brilliant idea!

    The Apprentice Plan training method topic rapidly appeared on the school forum where everyone on campus could post comments!

    When the news was posted on the forum.

    Soon, it attracted the attention of the ill-informed students who stayed in the dorms because they did not have classes that day.

    With a lot of people viewing and posting comments in the thread, the post about the Apprentice Plan training mode made it to the forum hot posts in a few minutes.

    A big red character "Hot" was embedded at the end of the post's title and kept attracting people's attention.

    They quit gaming and surfing the Internet and all joined in the big discussion.

    Even students during classes were scrolling on their phones to check the posts on the forum!

    "Apprenticeship training model on campus?"

    "That's kind of brilliant! I've heard of it for the first time that you can follow a master in a college!"

    "Apprentice Plan training mode? Disciples following masters? Holy cow! Our college is really amazing!!"

    "I've always wanted to follow a teacher but haven't got the chance! Our college finally did something amazing!!"

    "Though it sounds amazing, I find it confusing somehow. We came to school to learn, and aren't the class teachers our masters?"

    "What do you know? Teachers teach us about knowledge of textbooks. If the college comes up with the Apprentice Plan, they apparently want us to lay a solid foundation on Chinese Medicine."

    "Holy cow! Does that mean we don't have to game every day and can go treat people with masters for practice? Cracking complicated diseases is much more fun than leveling up in games!"

    "If it's real, it would really be awesome."