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Chapter 66

Medical Master
     Chapter 66 The Namelist of Those Masters

    "Think about it, as long as you have a master and have enough practical experience. When we graduate, we can skip the internship and become a doctor directly!"

    "This... doesn't seem possible!"

    "This teacher-training model is simply the welfare of the scholar-lords!"

    "It's not just scholar-lords, it's the welfare of all the students in our school. With this teacher-training model, there is a possibility of counter-attacking for poor students."

    There was a crazy discussion in the forum.

    The more discussions they had, the more interested they were in this teacher training mode.


    With the hot topic, another new post soon appeared.

    "Who did this teacher training model come up with? It's awesome! I prostrate myself!"

    As soon as this post appeared, it immediately attracted countless people to come and discuss.

    "I support the original poster!"

    "Me too!"

    "After we have masters, we can not only learn the theory but also practice it by hand. Think about it, when we go home on holiday, we will take the name of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine and prescribe drugs for treating relatives and friends. How awesome we will be?"

    "Yeah, let those who look down on our medical studies know that we have true skills and genuine knowledge!"

    "The more I think, the more excited I am!"

    "The idea he training mode is absolutely perfect."

    "The man who thinks of such a good way is too damn brilliant!"

    "Worship with 10000 times!"


    Many people left messages below the post and expressed their respect for the man who proposed this method!

    Because this teacher training mode was absolutely perfect!

    Just when everyone concentrated on the discussion about whose idea this was, another post appeared.

    "Who is the initiator of the teacher training mode? The Director or the Deputy Director of the College?"

    Such a post with doubts spurred the netizens' curiosity and attracted everyone.

    The content of the post was very simple.

    "It is said that the idea of the teacher training mode was proposed by Qi Kaiwen, the Director of School of Chinese Medicine, and Zhang Xinming, the Associate Director of School of Chinese Medicine, and it was decided after consultation with the deans of other academies."


    "In addition to this, there is also gossip that the true proposer of this teacher-training mode is a freshman."


    Everyone was shocked when they saw the content of the post.

    “It's impossible! Could a student who just entered school make such a groundbreaking suggestion?”

    "If you say that it is proposed by Director Qi Kaiwen and associate Director Zhang Xinming, I'll believe it. But a student? How is this possible?"

    "Do you mean it?"

    "The original poster has said that it was gossip. Can the gossip really be real? Don't you ever hear of the words of the ancient man? We don't believe rumors. We don't spread them, and we don't make them!"

    "You don't say! He's a freshman who just entered school and his words don't carry weight. How can he directly implement this teacher training mode?"

    "No matter who brought it up, it is a good thing for us."

    "That's right. All we need to do is enjoying this benefit..."

    The entire school was immersed in the carnival caused by the teacher training mode.

    Even the school anniversary did not make the whole school so!


    After the lunch and before the lunch break, the students have returned to the dormitory, and as the students gathered in their dormitories, the discussion on the teacher training mode in the forum was getting more heated.

    The forum had become a battlefield of various viewpoints.

    In dormitory 501—

    "People on the forum are paying homage to this training mode. It is said that it may be proposed by a freshman. What do you think? You guys?"

    Sun Hao asked while browsing the forum.

    "I'll worship whoever they are!"

    Zhou Xiaotian was lying in his bed, raising his hand and he sighed, "Why haven't I thought of such a good idea?"

    Seeing this idea being so worshipped, he had already fantasized that if he were the person who proposed that idea, how wonderful he would be!

    How admirable others would find him!

    "I prostrate myself in worship too! This idea is absolutely perfect."

    Zhu Benzheng sincerely praised, "There is no doubt that the benefits of this Apprentice Plan are transparent. Whoever came up with this idea is so clever!"

    "Tell me about it! Anyway, we can't match him."

    Sun Hao turned off the webpage and turned around to see everyone, saying, "Now shall we talk about the Apprentice Plan now?"

    "Don't be rash. It is still far from the day when the specific regulations are issued."

    Zhou Xiaotian said, and he continued to fantasize.

    "You little kid, you can only browse things on your cellphone, how can you understand that?"

    Sun Hao mercilessly despised Zhou Xiaotian, and said with a smile, "Before the specific rules were published, we just have enough time to find a good teacher. You know, Apprentice Plan is not your own wishful thinking. If you find a teacher who doesn't want you, that'll be bad. We'd better find one who wants us in advance!"

    "How can I forget this?"

    Zhou Xiaotian suddenly sat up from the bed, anxious to say, "No, we should thoroughly think it over!"

    "The youngest, you're the most insidious. What do you think?"

    Zhou Xiaotian looked at Fang Qiu with bright eyes.

    Fang Qiu, "..."

    "Damn you!

    "Why do you think I'm insidious?

    "You can't create things out of nothing, can you?"

    "I have no idea."

    Fang Qiu said helplessly.

    He really had no idea, though he had stirred up the matter.

    But everything developed too fast.

    Yesterday he had just put forward the proposal, today it had been passed by the Director and the Associate Director and had been carried out in the whole college.

    He did not have enough time to think it over.

    They were swift to act.

    But the sooner, the more secure he felt.

    A time-wasting competition in exchange for quick execution of a suggestion, and it was worth it!

    During lunchtime, he also heard all the students in the whole canteen talk about the Apprentice Plan. Seeing the enthusiasm and expectation on their faces, Fang Qiu felt very happy.

    He was indifferent to the admiration.

    What he cared about was whether it could really benefit everyone.

    He was just the guy who put forward the suggestion.

    The Directors were the men who made the act.

    "The youngest, you are already a doctor, so you may have the chance to be an apprentice in the hospital."

    Sun Hao said with a teasing smile, "Why don't you introduce us to the doctors in the hospital? An attending physician is OK, and I don't want the one who is too famous."

    "That's right!"

    With Sun Hao's reminder, Zhou Xiaotian's eyes became brighter, and he begged piteously, "The youngest, our happiness depends on you, buddy!"

    The three roommates in the dormitory all looked at Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu smiled helplessly.

    He was just in one single hospital!


    In the girls' dormitory—

    "Who do you think is the person proposing the Apprentice Plan? It is too great!"

    Wang Yu glanced through the BBS and looked at the words of appreciation. With her eyes full of small stars, she sighed with emotion, "If the gossip is true that this guy is really a freshman, then that guy will be so amazing! What a talent!"

    "Not just talent, he is such a genius!

    Huang Manman was also full of worship.

    "Well, I think this guy is so good because he not only put forward the idea but also made the school agree to carry it out."

    "It's not easy to get the school to listen to a student's idea," said Yuan Bei, twiddling her hair. "I heard that the idea was unanimously approved by the deans of all the colleges!"

    "So this shows how good the idea is that even deans can't refuse it! So I don't think it's a student's idea."

    "It is really impressive!"

    Jiang Miaoyu said in her heart while tidying up the desk and hearing her roommates talking.

    She had the utmost admiration for the man who could come up with the idea.

    Whether he was a dean or a student.

    This piece of advice directly made up for the shortcomings of the college of traditional Chinese medicine!

    The person who could put forward this was a person of great wisdom!

    Somehow, while they were talking about the freshman, she inexplicably thought of Fang Qiu.

    "By the way,"

    Yuan Bei stopped what she was doing and immediately looked at the three girls and asked, "Have you all decided to be whose apprentice?"

    "It's not up to you."

    Huang Manman said with a wry smile, "We are new in the school, and many teachers are strange to us, how to be their apprentices?"

    "Yes, I don't know which teacher is nicer to their students."

    Wang Yu frowned.

    "The major factor should be the abilities of the master. We should find the most professional ones and be their apprentices, thus we can learn something."

    "Unfortunately, we don't know much about these teachers," Yuan Bei signed.

    "Find a master?"

    Hearing the three people talking, Jiang Miaoyu suddenly thought of a person.

    An amazing man!

    A man who could be called a rising star in Chinese medical circles.

    The one who was most possible to become the holy hand in the future!

    He thoroughly understood all the subjects of Chinese Medicine.

    Unfortunately, for some reason, he disappeared.

    There was no news about him among the apricot orchard students.

    Before he disappeared, he was seen in this school.

    That was why she applied to this university.

    She hoped to find this person and learn from him.

    "If I can find him and be his apprentice, that'll be good."

    Jiang Miaoyu whispered and gently stroked a book of traditional Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion.

    Just at this moment—

    "Ah... Here is the list!"

    Wang Yu, who had been sitting at his desk and watching the computer, suddenly shouted, "Come and see."

    The other three immediately went over.


    It turned out that, with the development of this matter, some students posted the details of the teachers, professors, or retired teachers on the campus BBS.

    There were dozens of people.

    Some of their names were recommended with a black and bold large font.

    The first one was Shen Chun!

    The introduction was very simple: He was the school's first affiliated hospital orthopedics expert, the first person in the school orthopedics, good temper, integrity, and his current title was an associate professor.

    He was followed by a dozen highly recommended teachers.

    Some of them were good at medication.

    Some of them were good at acupuncture.

    And some were good at massage.

    The information was very detailed, and they were all very strong expert professor.

    They were absolutely worthy of the name!

    As Wang Yu flipped to the end of this page, there were two extreme large red words, saying, "Highly recommended!!!" .

    "What's this?"

    The four girls felt surprised.

    Highly recommended?

    Was the mysterious man more important than the others?

    All those above-mentioned people were the experts from almost all the subjects, but was there a more professional doctor in this school?

    Jiang Miaoyu blinked, and her beautiful eyes burst out of a deep sense of expectation.

    "Xu Miaolin, who is good at all the subjects of traditional Chinese medicine, including gynecology, pediatrics, bonesetting, acupuncture and moxibustion, decoction and so on!"

    Wang Yu could not help but read it out.

    She read only one sentence, but her eyes were slowly full of disbelief.

    Yuan Bei and Huang Manman were also shocked.

    An expert in all the subjects?

    Was there such a guy in the school?

    Xu Miaolin!

    Jiang Miaoyu's eyes revealed excitement, "It's him!"

    No one in Chinese medical circles dared to say he was good at all the subjects of Chinese medicine, except him!

    Was this person really in this school?