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Chapter 67

Medical Master
     Chapter 67 Cause A Sensation through Eight Universities of Chinese Medicine

    Being shocked for a long while, Wang Yu collected himself and continued to read, "The person is an influential man in Chinese Medicine circle, known as a leader of Chinese Medicine in the future.

    "Such a genius had to go through some adversity. Once upon a time, he gave a patient prescription, but the patient did not believe his medical skill and turned to the indigenous method. Finally, the patient died incurably.

    "Although he was not to blame for the death, he blamed himself for his incompetent medical skills that caused harm to others. So from then then, he has concealed his identity and disappeared from the Chinese Medicine circle.

    "However, it is said that he hides himself in our school. Although he is not active and shows up in the industry, stories about him still spread here. Whosoever can find him and be his apprentice will have a bright future of Chinese Medicine ahead.

    "Therefore, highly recommended!"

    No more information, not even his surname.

    But just this simple introduction caused a stir in the BBS.

    There were clamours of comments.

    Below the post.

    "Only a name. How to find him? I've looked through the list of all the teachers on school's website. I can't find this person."

    "Is there such a man? Doubt it!"

    "Is he so awesome? It looks rather mysterious!"

    "Doesn't it confuse the public? If there is such an awesome person, why have I never heard of him?"

    Many people left comments, asking questions or showing doubts.

    It was not because they tended to suspect, but because the introduction of the post starter was too abstruse.

    Was there such a person in the school?

    Expert in all the subjects?

    Even in the Chinese Medicine circle, there might not be such a person.

    But soon, the post starter left messages to answer.

    "Teacher Xu Miaolin does exist. Anyone who does not believe it can go to ask those postgraduates working in the school after their graduations. They all know the existence of the mysterious man. In the past, he was really a guru in the Chinese Medicine circle. Numerous people entered the university from him.

    "But pity that Teacher Xu Miaolin is so busy that no one has seen him in the school."

    After seeing the post starer's answer,

    Those who were half-convinced called or sent messages to their senior brothers to prove it.

    The results surprised them.

    There was really such a person!

    Even this person single-handedly represented strength of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    Having received the results, all the people got refreshed and felt pity for the mysterious man because of his experience.

    "So Teacher Xu lost a lot!"

    "That's right. That matter was not his fault at all. The patient should be to blame, because it was the patient who insisted on believing the indigenous method. Then, it was inevitable of the inter-restriction among medicines properties."

    "It is a pity that such a strong man disappear like this."

    "It's not his fault. Why does he hide?"

    "Only the patient should be censured because he did not trust in his doctor at all, but chose to believe the indigenous method. Even if he wanted to take medicine based on the indigenous method, shouldn't he ask his doctor's opinion in advance?"

    "Therefore, there are three kinds of conditions that can't be accepted to treat in the Chinese Medicine. One is not to treat those disbelieving it."

    "Since he was not found to do with the medicine accident, he had nothing to do with it. It is a pity that such a skillful doctor is implicated by the patient for his whole life... Alas!"

    "Since there is such a powerful teacher in the school, I will take him as my master certainly. I will find him. Everybody, I am the Eldest disciple of Teahcer Xu. Anyone who wants to join the Apprentice Plan, please call me Eldest Senior Brother!"

    "Hello, Senior Brother. Please take a hike where it is cool."

    "Teacher Xu is mine. No one is allowed to grab him with me. Anyway, you are unable to grab him."

    "For Teacher Xu, I've made a reservation. And I will become his disciple finally. It must be me."

    Looking at the comments below the post, these girls were dumbfounded.

    How could they dispute?"

    Because they all wanted to take Teacher Xu Miaolin as their master.

    Aside, Jiang Miaoyu let out a sigh slightly.

    There was no trace of Xu Miaolin at all.


    In Dormitory 501.

    "Finally, is Teacher Xu Miaolin so skillful?"

    Looking at the post of Apprentice Plan, Sun Hao was agape with astonishment, as if his eyes were about to drop out.

    "Expert in all subjects. Look at the description. He is not an ordinary person."

    Zhu Benzheng said with emotion.

    "If this Teacher Xu is really as strong as in the legend, I will be his disciple, and I will make a lot of money in the future for sure."

    Zhou Xiaotian's eyes lit up, and he said, "Find, we must find him."

    Then, he looked over his shoulder and said to Fang Qiu, "The youngest, you cannot get slack about the hospital. We should put more chips in it. Otherwise, no one will accept us in the future."

    Mysterious Xu Miaolin?

    Fang Qiu read the name quietly.

    Somehow, the librarian who was on leave came to Fang Qiu's mind immediately as soon as Fang Qiu heard the word "mysterious".

    If there was anyone who appeared most mysterious in the school,

    One was Fang Qiu; the other was the librarian who had extremely formidable memory!

    Fang Qiu thought he should find a chance to sound the librarian out.

    Fang Qiu knew that he would never make great progress only by reading books himself. He must find a master!

    And this was the reason why he proposed Apprentice Plan—to look for the mysterious man.

    Since he had to take someone as his master, he decided to find the mightiest person.

    Only in this way could he make rapid progress!

    With that in mind, Fang Qiu decided to test the librarian when the man returned from his leaves.

    The lunch break was over.

    The school finally issued an official document.

    "After being studied and discussed by the leaders of all levels in our school,

    from now on, the school will try a new mode of apprenticeship training in addition to the daily curriculum.

    All the students in our school can choose a master of Chinese Medicine to be his/her disciple during the study period. The apprenticeship is set up on a voluntary basis of both parties. The detailed list of masters, along with the specific regulations, will be announced one day after National Holidays.

    With this document issued, the news about the apprenticeship training project was settled.

    It was not an empty hole inviting wind, nor catching a shadow. It was true!

    All the teachers and students of the school were jubilant at the document.

    And those retired teachers living in the school's family courtyard could not sit still upon hearing the news.

    "We can have students again? To teach again?"

    "This time, we will not have students but disciples."

    "Both the same! Both the same! I have been tired of my retirement these years. Finally, I can have something to do. I sign up first!"

    "When the apprenticeship training project is officially launched, I am afraid that it is impossible for us to live an idle life any longer."

    "It is good to be restless! Only in this way can we make contributions to our country!"


    All the old teachers got together and discussed excitedly.

    Even some with ailments on legs and those in low mood turned high spirits immediately!

    They had spent their whole life teaching and cultivating students in the school. But when they retired, they did not know what to do.

    They had the exquisite skills of Chinese Medicine, but could not teach them to the new generation.

    It really smothered them!

    So they had to read more books and continued researching.

    But the more research they did, the more distressed they felt. Because the more profound they explored, the more they knew, but they could not make use of it. How couldn't they be anxious but unable to do anything?

    Therefore, all of them pondered painfully how to ask the school to open certain lectures or forums for them.

    However, the officials of the school said they were old now, and did not want them to work hard any longer.

    What a nonsense!

    They were healthy!

    They all learned Chinese Medicine. Although delivering a speech would consume Qi and Yin energy, they had a profound knowledge of treatment and health care of Chinese Medicine, which they could fully apply to themselves.

    They were all in incredibly good health!

    It was good now.

    These junior leaders were finally getting down to business!

    Those senior teachers, when seeing that they had a chance to contribute their remaining energy, all picked up their spirits, their faces lit up with pleasure, as if they had met a great event.

    "One must have something to do!"

    "That's right. It is a good idea! My old bones finally can be put into full play!"

    "I thought that I will take all of my knowledge into the coffin. Unexpectedly, the knowledge can still be put into good use. Ha ha!"

    "I must eat more bowls of rice today and strive for living another 20 years!"

    "I will teach for thirty years!"

    "I will teach for forty years!"

    A group of old teachers in their seventies suddenly raised their voices and began arguing.

    Just like children quarrelling with their face flushing.

    "What are we waiting for? Sign up now!"

    A old professor took out his mobile phone from his pocket quickly and said, "This opportunity can't be missed. Should I make a call and sign up for it quickly?"

    That's right!

    To sign up!

    These old retired professors all took out their phones and made calls to sign up while those who did not take phones went home in a hurry.

    They were afraid that it would be too late to get the chance.

    Very soon.

    In the school's Office of Academic Affairs, calls kept coming.

    "So many people?"

    In the Office of Academic Affairs. A female staff just finished answering a call, and then said in shock, "These old teachers and professors have retired for so many years. Why are they in good spirits at the news of Apprentice Plan?"

    "These old teachers all take teaching as their own duties, and devote almost of their lives to the school and the students. In fact, they can live a comfortable and easy life after their retirements. But unexpectedly, they are so eager to join."

    Another staff sighed.

    "All for the school, for the students!"

    "I sincerely appreciated the old teachers' selflessness. They have worked hard through their whole lives, but still had no regrets and complaints!"

    "Look up to them with great admiration!"

    All the staff in Office of Academic Affairs said full of emotions.

    Everyone's eyes were fillew with respect for the selfless dedication of those old teachers.

    Even some people's eyes reddened and were brimmed with tears when hearing those old teachers' exciting and eager words.

    In the meantime.

    The news that University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine would formally launch a new project of education and train—the apprenticeship training model—soon spread to the upper officials' ears of other eight universities.

    In Jiangjing Medical University.

    In the principal's office.

    "Apprentice Plan?"

    A man in his fifties with grey hair wore a grey suit and sat in front of the desk. He was a principal, and he asked with a look of surprise, "How does University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine think about such plan?"

    "It will be a huge project!"

    In the room, a middle-aged man wearing glasses said, "The apprenticeship training mode sounds complicated and messy, as if it is easy to disturb students' learning atmosphere. But with second thought, its advantages overweigh its disadvantages, even far exteeding. If the mode goes on, the achievements of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine will skyrocket with the emergence of the apprenticeship training mode."

    "Who put forward the apprenticeship training model?"

    The principal asked.

    "It's said a student came up with the idea. But I don't know if it's true."

    The middle-aged man replied.

    "A student?"

    The principal was a bit surprised and muttered, "If the idea is really put forward by a student, the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine does receive a talented person this time!"

    As he said, the former principal murmured, "Why didn't such a talented student come to our school?"

    "Who says not?"

    The middle-aged man nodded with a bitter smile and replied, "it would be great if this student could come to our school, but pity that he has been enrolled."

    "Judging from this trend, the movement of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine is probably related to the following knowledge contest of the freshmen. Does it want to come back and win the contest?"

    The principal frowned slightly, pondered for a while, and continued saying, "We cannot fulfill their wish. Since they carried out an apprenticeship training mode, why can't our school have one too?"

    After saying these words, the old principal smiled.


    The middle-aged man asked cautiously.

    "There is no such saying as ‘imitation'. We just use it for reference."

    The principal laughed and said: "You immediately call people to get ready for a meeting. We should discuss this mode of apprentice training. They focus on Chinese medicine. We can focus on both Chinese and western medicine!"

    Not only the Jiangjing Medical University.

    But also Huizhou University of Chinese Medicine, Huizhou Medical University, Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine, Jingbei Medical University, Zhongzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Zhongzhou Medical University, and JiangchangUniversity of Chinese Medicine.

    At the same time, all the other seven universities received the news that University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine would set up an apprenticeship training mode.

    All the top officials of the eight universities were all astonished at it.

    After all, not an ordinary person could think about such Apprentice Plan.

    When the top officials of eight universities found out that the apprenticeship training mode was presented by a freshman. They were all shocked and felt envious.

    Put other things aside.

    Only this suggestion of building an apprenticeship training mode meant a lot for any of a university.

    For such a clever student, any university was greedy for!

    Very soon.

    All of the eight universities went into action without delay, issuing orders to discuss and research their own apprenticeship training modes.

    They all were ready to have a big go at it.

    Then, the fashion of Apprentice Plan returned to the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine in a short time.