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Chapter 69

Medical Master
     Chapter 69 Too Strange!

    "Oh, my God!"

    The young man directly screamed and jumped up madly.

    "Ha ha ha ha ha..."

    The group of people couldn't stand it any longer, all clutching their stomachs while laughing.

    "Wei Zi, you definitely didn't check the almanac when you went out today. You not only fell on your face, but also being vomited on the face! Ha ha ha ha~"

    "It was an unlucky year. Guys, keep away from him afterwards. Ha ha ha~"

    No one noticed that Fang Qiu lifted up his mouth.


    The leading young man, Wei Zi, tried to suppress the disgust inwardly and angrily said, "Who has tissue? Hurry up!"

    A man quickly took out a piece of tissue and handed it over with a smile.

    The young man quickly wiped the saliva hard from his face.

    But the tissue touched his lip accidentally while wiping.

    This made the leading young man very disgusted!


    At the thought of his mouth probably staining with that guy's saliva, he glared at the young man with short hair, spitting with the sound "Bah".

    Coincidentally, this saliva was also whipped unexpectedly by the strong wind.


    It fell on the face of the young man with short hair who spat before.

    All the people became silent immediately.

    It made everyone in a daze.

    Including the young leader.

    The young man with short hair who was spat on the face was stunned.

    The whole alley suddenly became quiet.

    Time seemed to stand still.

    "Did you do that intentionally?"

    The young man with short hair had just come to sense, asking the young leader loudly with a gloomy face.

    "You did that on purpose! Now you don't owe me and I don't owe you. We're even."

    Said the young leader.

    "What the hell are even! I didn't do it intentionally, but I'm not sure if you did that intentionally or not. I saw you spit at my face!"

    The young man with short hair said with a gloomy face.

    "Sh*t! You spat on my face, but I haven't got even with you! How dare you blame me! Are you blind? Who the hell spat at you? I obviously spat on the ground. Even if I meant it, so what?"

    Seeing the young leader's attitude, the young man immediately burst into anger.

    "I was spat on the face and also framed.

    "I feel deeply wronged!"

    "You are the one who is blind. Your whole family is all blind. You did spit at me!"

    The young man with short hair moved forward angrily and hit the young leader with his chest.

    "Do you want a fight? Come on! I know you have been hating me for a long time. Me too!"

    The leading young man struck with his back straight fearlessly.

    "Calm down! Calm Down! Calm down!"

    Seeing this, the others rushed forward, taking hold of two of them.

    They didn't want a misunderstanding to cause a fight.

    But this made two of them even angrier.

    No one was willing to compromise!

    Even given an out, they just didn't take it!

    The sound of quarrel and persuasion instantly mixed up.

    "All step back. Don't forget why we're here. Do you want to draw people's attention?"

    One person said in a low voice to the two of them who were held tightly by others.

    The two of them gave each other a vicious look as they heard that.

    They stopped their impulsions.

    "We are going to beat someone today rather than engaging in internal strife. Otherwise, it will be shameful if the news comes out.

    "We can't afford to lose faces.

    "But we'll get even some day!"

    Upon seeing this, the others loosened their hold on the two of them. They looked around and moved on forward after making sure nobody around.

    But they hadn't moved much forward.

    Something wrong happened again!


    A scream of pain was heard.

    It turned out that a person stuck out his foot to the side for no reason as he walked, tripping up another person walking beside him.

    At the same time.

    The person walking headmost beside the leading young man struck his foot on a rock with the size of a fist without any reason. But the rock just seemed to be stuck and didn't move at all. Instead, it made him lift his foot up with a rush and howl in pain on site.

    "Fu*k. What's wrong with you on earth? Are you all sick today?"

    The leading young man could not help storming.

    The anger that had been repressed just now burst out at this moment!

    But just after that.


    Another scream in pain was heard.

    The three young men who were blocked behind Fang Qiu unexpectedly tripped each other without any reason, falling on the ground one by one.

    The leading young man looked horribly pale.

    "What the fu*k is this?

    "We just walked 15 or 16 meters in this alley. It's not even half of it!

    "More than half of us have been hurt!

    "I definitely didn't check the almanac when I went out today. It is too strange!

    "Especially there is one person who dares to challenge my authority!"

    The young leader was angrier and angrier as he thought about it.

    At first, they surrounded Fang Qiu to make trouble. But it turned out to be more like they were bodyguards of the calm guy in the middle and all the disasters were blocked by them.

    "Get up, all of you."

    The leader let out a roar and then said as he looked coldly at Fang Qiu, "Let's settle it here. No need to go to the same place!"

    After that, he walked toward Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu looked at what happened before him with a smile.

    Then he looked at the clothes hung on the balcony overhead, smiling faintly.


    Suddenly, a strong wind rose up.

    The clothes, which were hung high on the balcony of the building in the side of the alley, were suddenly overturned by the wind, falling together on the heads of the group of people.

    As if being bagged by someone behind their backs, the group of people couldn't see anything because everything went black before them.

    "Oh, my God!"

    "Take them off quickly!"

    "Get the clothes off. Don't touch my ass!"


    The group of people hurried to take the quilts off.

    When they took the quilts and clothes off.

    Fang Qiu was nowhere to be found.

    "Where is he?"

    Asked the young leader at a loss.

    "I'm afraid that he has run away."

    Said one person uncertainly.

    "Sh*t, can he run away in such a short time?"

    The young leader looked hurriedly around the whole alley and found nobody there.

    "It's just a few seconds after taking the clothes off and he has run away without trace in such a short time. Is that too fast?"

    "Shall we chase after him?"

    Asked one person.

    "No. There will be people everywhere if we chase out. It's like we go for wool and come home shorn this time! I wonder how Gao Fei will laugh at us!"

    Said the young leader gloomily.

    They are so depressed today.

    This kind of matter was originally familiar and easy to them. They were all students from either the Sports Institutes or the different Schools of Physical Education. They asked each other for help once they had problems.

    In this case, they wouldn't get caught.

    "It's originally very simple to beat a person. No one ever thought that the person ran away!

    "And we almost fought each other internally!

    "And all of us were hurt!


    "We really met with all kinds of oddities today. Damn it. Even the saliva can be spat onto a person's face."

    The young leader glared at the young man with short hair and then said, "That boy is so lucky to run away this time. Let's find another chance to besiege him."

    The crowd of young men all nodded.

    Then they hurriedly left.

    But on the lonely balcony above them that they didn't know about.

    Fang Qiu stood there with his arms crossed.

    "So it's Gao Fei..."

    "Now I know who asked them to come."

    Fang Qiu sneered and then jumped down, disappearing into the alley and walking towards the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    He went back to the dormitory and continued to read books.

    After reading books, he returned them to the library when the reading room was closing.

    The previous librarian was still not there.

    It was still someone else covering for him.

    Fang Qiu asked again when he would be back, but the answer was "not sure".

    Fang Qiu could only continue to take several books about stomach cancer and go back to read them.

    When Fang Qiu was reading books in the dormitory, a notice was suddenly posted on the notice-board in front of the teaching building of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine and at the university gate to the snack street.

    Once the notice was posted, it immediately attracted many students to stop and watch.

    "Recently, a group of rampant thieves came to the snack street outside the university, which made quite a few students suffer losses.

    The university immediately called the police after learning the situation. Through the constant efforts by all the policemen from the Xianlin Police Station, this gang of criminals has finally been arrested today.

    It is reported that this thief gang was very rampant in the snack street. Not only did they steal things, but they also passed themselves off as policemen to rescue their accomplice, which is very abominable. Fortunately, it did not cause significant harm. Therefore, the university, on behalf of all the teachers and the students, thank all the policemen from Xianlin Police Station for their hard work.

    Although the thief gang has been caught, there are good people and bad people mixed together in the snack street. Every student in the university, you must not relax vigilance hence. You have to strengthen the sense of danger to protect your own safety and property.

    In addition, the owners of the stolen property can go to Xianlin Police Station recently to get your lost property."

    The notice was short, but it caused a great sensation.

    Especially some students who saw the notice in the first time took out their mobile phones to take a picture of the whole notice. And then the news quickly spread onto the campus BBS.

    "Good news. Good news. The thief gang in the snack street has been arrested!"

    This posting instantly attracted the attention of a large number of BBS users.

    "It's well known that food is fundamental for the people!

    "Moreover, it's a world full of foodies."

    There was no doubt that the snack street was the most popular place around the university with students.

    The students went to the snack street on a whim in twos and threes, either having barbecues or eating noodles.

    Just because of this, the problem of public security and the thief gang made the snack street formidable to many students.


    Once this posting came out, it immediately attracted the attention of many students and made them let out a deep sigh of relief.

    "Ha ha, now we can go to the snack street at ease and don't need to be frightened."

    "They were finally arrested. After so many people suffer losses, they were finally caught!"

    "It's great to catch them. I remember that a lot of students have been targeted by this thief gang. Before, a student seemed to be stolen all the living expenses of a whole semester."

    "Our university really should give a banner to the policemen!"

    Many people expressed their opinions under the posting.

    Everyone was extremely excited. Many of them even clapped for that.

    And when a student who had witnessed that the thief gang was caught that night saw this notice, he was dumbfounded.

    "Oh, my god. They pretended to be policemen to rescue the accomplice. Couldn't the policeman be fake the night when the mysterious man appeared???"

    Everyone was stupefied as they heard the question.

    The people, either witnessing it or seeing the notice on BBS.

    All couldn't help thinking about what happened that day.

    "A policeman did take a thief away that day. It seemed to be the only time for the police to take a thief away on the spot since the thief gang came.

    "Oh, my god!

    "The policeman was really fake that day???

    "And he pretended to be a policeman under our noses!