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Chapter 71

Medical Master
     Chapter 71 Slaps in the Face!

    Fang Qiu looked at the astonished Gao Fei with a smile.

    They brushed against each other.

    He left a comment.


    He disappeared quickly, striding away without looking back.

    He intended to return the strike. He wanted to slap his face!

    Gao Fei's face turned red instantly, very much annoyed.

    How ironic!

    He now had every reason to believe that Fang Qiu had been hiding behind, waiting for his arrival!

    This man is truly sneaky!

    Gao Fei groaned with anger before giving chase to Fang Qiu. Show me how fast you can run!

    Shortly into his chase, loud laughter came from behind.

    "Ha ha ha ha ha..."

    He looked back to find no one but Fang Qiu's three accomplices.

    They were obvious laughing at him.

    Gao Fei's face darkened. He led the track and field team on the chase after throwing a malicious glance at the trio.

    They gazed at the flustered and exasperated Gao Fei.

    The trio from the dormitory felt awesome.

    This is awesome!

    When the laughter quieted down, the trio looked at one another in blank dismay.

    "Did the youngest find a spot to hide earlier?"

    Asked Sun Hao uncertainly.

    "I doubt it!"

    Zhu Benzheng sounded just as unsure.

    "I bet the youngest has made a lap. Didn't you see how fast his long legs were moving!"

    Zhou Xiaotian commented with confidence.

    After the chat, the trio exchanged another glance.

    They saw shock in each other's eyes.

    The youngest has kept his inadequacy unexposed again...

    Gloom shrouded their face.

    The youngest is so good at hiding!



    A great runner!

    Plus a brilliant memory.

    He's certainly a good student with all-round development!

    Better not compare one to another.

    The trio sighed with deep emotions.

    Seven minutes later.

    They heard footsteps again.

    The trio turned around and found Fang Qiu.

    Holy crap!

    It wasn't long at all.

    The youngest is in the lead over one lap ahead!

    Fang Qiu maintained his speed and passed the trio with a bright grin.

    "The youngest, keep it up!"

    The trio called out at Fang Qiu.

    In response to the trio's cheer, Fang Qiu held his thumb up to them with a smile.

    Looking at Fang Qiu from behind, Zhou Xiaotian heaved a sigh regretfully, "What a pity!"

    "Pity what?"

    Sun Hao and Zhu Benzheng turned to Zhou Xiaotian, puzzled.

    "There are no girls watching the youngest kicking asses. What a great opportunity but I can't grab it! Pity!"

    Zhou Xiaotian lifted up his eyes and sighed.

    Zhu Benzheng and Sun Hao exchanged a glance before giving Zhou Xiaotian the middle finger simultaneously.

    This side.

    Fang Qiu continued dashing forward.

    Gao Fei passed the jogging Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, and Zhou Xiaotian again.

    The trio didn't lift their eyes at him.

    Gao Fei was very surprised by Fang Qiu's absence.

    The thing that shocked him the most was that he couldn't catch up with Fang Qiu however fast he ran.

    How could he run so fast?

    He couldn't believe it.

    Somebody in this school can beat him in long-distance running? No chance!

    What is going on with Fang Qiu?

    He couldn't figure it out.

    He was almost certain that Fang Qiu must be hiding somewhere.

    Gao Fei had no choice but to keep running while paying close attention to his surroundings.

    Soon after, he heard footsteps from behind.

    The footsteps sounded different from those of the track and field athletes around him.

    As Gao Fei turned his head, his face darkened instantly.

    It's Fang Qiu!


    Fang Qiu beamed at Gao Fei, showing his white teeth as he taunted warmly.

    He carried on, leaving Gao Fei's team far behind.

    Gao Fei's face was ghastly pale.

    He was truly startled.

    He knew clearly.

    It had only been one and a half laps since his last encounter with Fang Qiu, who had just passed him again.

    In other words...

    Fang Qiu had completed two and a half laps in the same time. A whole lap faster than him!

    How is it even possible?

    He turned quickly to look around. With a lake in the middle, there was no shortcut for Fang Qiu to cut across.

    He must be hiding somewhere!

    He recalled every possible detail but couldn't discover any trace of Fang Qiu's hiding.

    Did he actually run a whole lap faster than me?



    Gao Fei negated the possibility.

    If he could do that, he would be faster than the world champion!

    The world champion might not be able to run one lap faster than him!

    What the heck is going on?

    It's impossible that he, a track and field specialized student and a member of the track and field team, is no match for Fang Qiu in running!

    Very much puzzled and annoyed, Gao Fei, fuelled by anger, sped up abruptly, running fiercely after Fang Qiu, who was already quite far ahead.

    Let's see how fast you can run!

    Very soon, his face was slapped hard by the cruel reality.

    He ran madly for over a lap.

    Fang Qiu was completed out of sight!

    At this very moment.


    The familiar insult came to his ears once again.

    Before he could turn around.

    Fang Qiu, as if a gust of wind, ran past him again and dashed out rapidly!


    Gao Fei went ballistic!

    He lost on his strong point.

    Moreover, the opponent slapped his face with a very dose of his own medicine!

    It was way more than he could bear!

    Gao Fei, with veins standing out on his temples and teeth grinding, gave chase to Fang Qiu like a madman.

    Still, he could catch up.

    The distance between them grew bigger and bigger...

    "How is it possible?"

    Gao Fei screamed helplessly, utterly stunned.

    As a track and field specialized student, he couldn't catch up with the kid Fang Qiu?

    How is it possible?

    How could it be!

    Gao Fei was not the only one.

    Other members of the track and field team had also noticed this shocking fact.

    Someone was running faster than them!

    "How could this dude run so fast?"

    "His speed is unreal!"

    "He's not in the track and field team?"

    Members of the track and field team began to discuss quietly.

    All these comments echoed in Gao Fei's ears and slapped right in his face.

    He clenched his teeth even tighter, hatred towards Fang Qiu boiling in his heart!

    Fang Qiu continued running.

    If there was someone watching closely, he should be able to notice that Fang Qiu had been maintaining a constant speed.

    Actually every step of his was of the very same distance.

    This would certainly freak some people out.

    After another half lap.

    Standing at the entrance by the river to watch the members of the track and field team run, Teacher Ma finally noticed the anomaly in Fang Qiu as he ran by again.

    He wasn't paying attention to Fang Qiu the previous two times.

    But how could he miss him again as this student ran into his sight for the third time?

    More importantly, this student passed him once again before all his members.

    What does this tell you?

    This student runs very fast.

    Much faster than his track and field specialized students!

    This doesn't seem possible!

    Teacher Ma was startled by this conclusion but he wasn't bothered. He thought he must have mistaken.

    Very soon.

    Fang Qiu overtook Gao Fei for the third time.


    The same remark.

    For the third time, Gao Fei's heart with high pride and strong self-esteem was hit hard by the taunt.

    God damn it!

    Again and again!

    Where's the end?

    Without a word, Gao Fei reached one leg out in hopes of tripping Fang Qiu over.


    When his leg was stretched out, Fang Qiu had already passed his foot and opened some distance between them quickly.


    Fang Qiu repeated with a big grin and ran forward.

    Gao Fei was in a rage.

    In a real rage!

    A violent rage!

    His dirty move didn't succeed and Fang Qiu despised at him. How could he bear this!


    With his fist clenched tight, Gao Fei roared angrily before giving chase like crazy.

    "Ah, ah, ah!"

    Making his biggest effort.

    He still couldn't catch up...

    Gao Fei glared at Fang Qiu from behind, fury in his eyes and madness in his heart.

    No problem. He can wait!

    He will wait for the fourth time!

    The wait wasn't long at all. Soon, Fang Qiu was closing up from behind after another lap.

    Holy crap!

    You are actually doing it for the fourth time!

    How shameless!

    From a distance, Gao Fei saw Fang Qiu dashing closer. He felt unsettled as if ten thousand horses were galloping across his mind. Extremely furious, he stopped completely, waiting for Fang Qiu's arrival.

    Other members of the track and field team also stopped, ready for a good show.

    Fang Qiu approached Gao Fei with a smile at the same speed.


    For the fourth time the very same remark came out of his mouth.

    With the very same grin.

    The sarcasm was heavy as always.

    Malice flashed in Gao Fei's eyes.

    At the moment when the two were on the same line, Gao Fei reached his arms out to push Fang Qiu with brutal force.

    He attempted to push Fang Qiu into the lake!

    How do you like a drenched chicken?

    You'll freeze to death!

    Others might think Gao Fei's move very fast.

    However, it was rather slow for Fang Qiu.

    A bright beam of light flashed across Fang Qiu's eyes.

    His body leaned to one side.

    He sped up.

    Gao Fei missed him completely.

    With all his strength in this push.

    He couldn't restrain his body from the powerful inertance.

    "Ah... Ouch... Ah!"

    Gao Fei gave miserable shrieks.

    He fell into the lake with a splash.

    The entire track and field team was dumbfounded.


    How ironic!

    With the intention to harm others, he harmed himself...

    Fang Qiu ran in place, watching Gao Fei in the lake, rolling like a drowned rat in the mud and struggling to get out.


    Fang Qiu once again revealed his white teeth and commented leisurely like a spring breeze stroking the face.

    Then he swaggered off.

    "Fang Qiu! Damn you!"

    Gao Fei yelled at Fang Qiu's back with fury.

    His voice rang through the entire Central Lake.

    Extremely tragic!

    After the yell, Gao Fei grabbed a handful of mud from the lake and threw it towards Fang Qiu angrily.

    The mud missed Fang Qiu. Somehow he lost balance and fell back into the water on his butt.

    Members of the track and field team tried hard to hold back the laugh.

    They quickly pulled him out.

    Fang Qiu reached the entrance and finished his morning run.

    His roommates were waiting for him up there.

    Teacher Ma took a long gaze at Fang Qiu. He didn't approach.

    "How was it? How was it?"

    Zhou Xiaotian asked out of curiosity, his voice lowered.

    Zhu Benzheng and Sun Hao looked at Fang Qiu with light in their eyes, full of curiosity.

    "He fell into the lake."

    Said Fang Qiu.

    "Holy cow!"

    The trio was stunned.

    They didn't expect Gao Fei to have such a miserable end!

    "Impressive! The youngest, I knew I was right about you. You are the most treacherous in our room. You tricked Gao Fei into the lake, right? Be honest! No bullshit! I knew you did!"

    Said Zhou Xiaotian as if he had long seen through Fang Qiu.

    Zhu Benzheng and Sun Hao looked at Fang Qiu, obviously on the same boat with Zhou Xiaotian.

    Fang Qiu, "..."

    His name has been blackened in a horrible mess!

    He better not argue.

    You say whatever you want to say!

    Not long after, the track and field team finished their run at the entrance. Teacher Ma was astonished to see Gao Fei in such a wretched condition. He asked, "What happened?"

    Gao Fei answered with obvious embarrassment, "I fell in the lake by accident."

    "Hmm, hmm!"

    His teammates nodded to back his story.

    They burst into a laugh in secret.

    They had to keep their face straight.

    "Be more careful. The provincial games will take place soon. Don't get yourself injured."

    Said Teacher Ma with his brows knotted.

    Gao Fei took the teacher's advise calmly while silently cursing Fang Qiu to death.

    How embarrassing today! In front of the entire team! I must revenge!

    The track and field team returned. Fang Qiu and his roommates chatted and laughed all the way back to their dormitory. They refreshed and changed before heading to the cafeteria for breakfast. Then they made their way to the classroom building for their morning lessons.

    Fang Qiu listened earnestly in class though he had taught himself before.

    His note was clear and neat.

    Zhou Xiaotian almost wanted to take forcible possession of it.

    And gave Fang Qiu his note with scrawly handwriting.

    The class finished at 11:40.

    Some staggering news came as they were having lunch in the cafeteria.

    "Have you heard? Mo Yiqi has recovered and returned to school!"