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Chapter 72

Medical Master
     Chapter 72 Locate Xu Miaolin!


    "The student who was diagnosed with stomach cancer a while ago!"

    "Oh. How come he's back? Shouldn't he be staying in hospital?"

    "I heard he has fully recovered and is back at school!"

    "Holy crap! For real? He's fully recovered from stomach cancer? Chemotherapy? Surgery?"

    "Who knows. It is said that his gastric cancer was diagnosed in the early stage. There was a fundraising event for him a few days ago. How come he's fully recovered so quickly? How miraculous!"

    "That's right. I wonder where he got treated. It was in the early stage but recovery can't be this fast!"

    "How lucky he is! I hope this incident will inspire him to become a great doctor to save more lives."

    The news was all over the cafeteria in no time and continued to spread quickly.

    The bustling cafeteria was filled with intense discussions from dotting students around each table.

    Watching from a distance.

    The majority of them carried a look of wonder.

    Some fatal diseases could be cured but, as medical students, they all knew too well how hard it would be.

    Student Mo has recovered?

    Listening to the discussions, Fang Qiu also felt very surprised. A grin soon blossomed on his face.

    It's a great thing that he has recovered.

    Although I didn't help much, what is better than a full recovery from illness?

    "How was he cured?"

    A student sitting at the table nearby asked the whistle-blower.

    Zhu Benzheng, Zhou Xiaotian, and Sun Hao all had their ears open wide while eating.

    They were very curious how the student they had donated to was cured.

    This was too fast.

    It has only been one month since his diagnosis and he is cured?

    Questioned by many repeatedly, the student finally lowered his voice and put on a mysterious tone, "Allegedly, he was cured by a Chinese medicine doctor from our school!"

    "From our school? Seriously? We've got such a character here?"

    "Holy crap! If it was real, I would slap whoever dared disdain Chinese medicine again!"

    "Tell us! Which teacher are we talking about? Is it a professor?"

    All the students at that table pressed on with their questions feverishly.

    "I heard that doctor was wearing a mask but he should be a middle-aged man according to his figure and appearance. Also he had an introduction letter from our school. Otherwise, who would allow him to treat Mo Yiqi?"

    The student paused for a while and continued, "Who could have guessed this mysterious man actually cured Student Mo Yiqi before anyone got to see his face."

    Upon hearing the story.

    All the students, very much stunned, began to shake their heads.

    At first.

    When they heard the doctor was wearing a mask, they thought it was a mysterious man's work. But then they found out it was a middle-aged man.

    A middle-aged man would have nothing to do with a mysterious man.

    "What's that doctor's name? Do you know?"

    Someone asked out of curiosity.

    Everyone turned to the whistle blower with light in their eyes.

    "Not really."

    The whistle blower added with a wry, "I would have become his student already if I knew who it was. You guys wouldn't have a chance!"

    "Could it be that legendary Teacher Xu, Xu Miaolin?"

    A student suddenly cut in.

    Everyone there seemed startled by his words.

    They saw the possibility at once.

    He's probably the only one capable of this.

    Xu Miaolin?

    A bright beam of light flashed across Fang Qiu's eyes.

    Is this it? If it is it, he can't miss it!

    "I'll find an opportunity to ask Teacher Qiao Mu who has recently got an introduction letter from the school. Or maybe I should talk to Mo Yiqi about the person's appearance. This will make it easier to find him."

    At all costs, he would find this man!

    "Could it really be that legendary Xu Miaolin?"

    Asked Sun Hao, his voice lowered, full of wonder.

    "Very possible. Only my master has such great power!"

    Answered Zhou Xiaotian, completely positive.

    Sun Hao threw a glance at Zhou Xiaotian with disdain and commented, "Before actually meeting him in person, you've already made yourself a disciple of his shamelessly. Does he even know who you are?"

    "Can't our spirits communicate often?"

    Answered Zhou Xiaotian after a snort.

    "Let's just eat. We have classes this afternoon. We should take a quick nap after the meal."

    Interrupted Fang Qiu.

    The two came back to their rice immediately after Fang Qiu's words.

    The group of four quickly finished their meal and left the cafeteria to take a nap in their dorm.

    In the afternoon.

    After their classes.

    Fang Qiu was heading to the library to return the books he had borrowed.

    He suddenly stopped at the reading room.

    He turned around and noticed that familiar librarian was back to his surprise.

    Sitting at the same old spot, he appeared tired out.

    At that moment.

    Countless scenes flashed across Fang Qiu's mind.

    He quickly linked several incidents together.

    In this school hid a mysterious Chinese Medicine expert Xu Miaolin.

    Xu Miaolin was a master in all fields of Chinese Medicine.

    The librarian had a shockingly good memory.

    Mo Yiqi had stomach cancer.

    The librarian went missing for a few days. No one knew where he was.

    Mo Yiqi came back today, fully recovered.

    The librarian also returned today, completely exhausted as if worn by a long journey.

    Most importantly, on the very day before his disappearance, the librarian heard from him some Student Mo had been diagnosed with stomach cancer.

    Strange enough, he asked for leave the day after!

    All of these were linked together.

    Everything became clear at once in front of Fang Qiu!

    The librarian is Xu Miaolin!

    Without a word, Fang Qiu strode towards the desk and locked his eyes on the librarian.

    The librarian was puzzled by Fang Qiu's intense gaze.

    What is this all about?

    "You must be Teacher Xu Miaolin?"

    Asked Fang Qiu slowly, almost word by word. "It was you that cured Student Mo Yiqi. You were away in the past couple of days to treat his illness, right?"

    He watched closely at the librarian's facial expression.

    No traces would be missed.

    The librarian was apparently surprised by the questions but quickly he put down his book and replied with a smile, "An apprenticeship is a good idea."


    A shiver went down Fang Qiu's body as a big smile climbed on his face.

    He admitted!

    The librarian admitted!

    Although he didn't respond to Fang Qiu's questions directly.

    His words and his face had given him away.

    The answer was quite obvious.

    The librarian in front of him was Xu Miaolin.

    Once the rising star of Chinese Medicine, recognized by the entire Chinese Medicine circle, he vanished after a mistake which absolutely had nothing to do with him!

    The mysterious man recommended highly in the becoming an apprentice to a master post on the school forum.

    "Miraculous hands and benevolent heart, apricot orchard and spring warmth."

    Fang Qiu murmured gently, gazing at Xu Miaolin.

    This man might be able to cure the old master.

    Specialized in all fields of Chinese Medicine, with unknown medical skills, this man, among all the people he knew, might be the one who could cure the old master.

    Fang Qiu didn't say more.

    A bright beam of light flashed across his eyes.

    His body shook and his aura abruptly changed!

    If there was a master nearby, he would easily notice that Fang Qiu's aura resembled that of a man with some extremely heavy inner wound.

    That year when he first reached the Guru Realm, he checked the old master's body in person and became very familiar with his utterly disorderly aura.

    Now he was imitating that aura.

    He wanted to know if Xu Miaolin was able to treat it!

    "Teacher Xu."

    Fang Qiu took one step forward and plead, "Could you take some time to see if this illness can be treated?"

    He reached out his right arm and rested it on the counter.

    Xu Miaolin looked at Fang Qiu, astonished.

    During their previous encounters, he could tell this student was vigorous and energetic.

    Could there be any hidden illness concealed in his body?

    He didn't refuse; instead, he reached out to take Fang Qiu's pulse.


    Xu Miaolin was shocked as soon as he felt Fang Qiu's pulse.

    Then his brows knitted tighter and tighter.

    "Give me your left hand."

    Xu Miaolin asked Fang Qiu after finishing with the pulse on his right wrist.

    The pulse on the right indicates conditions of the lung, spleen, stomach, and the gate of vitality while that on the left shows the state of the heart, liver, and kidney.

    Fang Qiu gave his left hand at once.

    Xu Miaolin began to feel fearful.

    His brows contracted tightly as he pondered deeply.

    He heaved a sigh after one minute.

    "I've never seen anything like this. Your aura and pulse are extremely disorderly. All the internal organs of your body are injured to different degrees. I'm not talking about the imbalance of Yin and Yang. I mean actual damage."

    Xu Miaolin glanced at Fang Qiu with genuine sympathy.

    What on earth could cause such awful damages to a man?

    What surprised him the most was how well this young man appeared in spite of such severe injuries. He should have been dispirited and listless.

    "No wonder you are working so hard on medical books. You are so very ill."

    Xu Miaolin remarked, keeping his eyes on Fang Qiu.

    "So, can you treat it?"

    Fang Qiu asked hastily.

    This question really mattered to him.

    Under Fang Qiu's gaze, Xu Miaolin shook his head with a long sigh.

    "Teacher Xu, even you with your mastery of every aspect of Chinese Medicine can't treat this?"

    Fang Qiu lost control of himself for the first time, his face pale and gloomy.

    Xu Miaolin's answer was like a head-on blow to him.

    Xu Miaolin's answer was like a head-on blow to him.

    Not only that Xu Miaolin was unable to treat the old master's illness.

    He lost hope completely!

    From his current position, he had no idea how long it would take him to reach Xu Miaolin's level however hard he studied Chinese Medicine.

    But Xu Miaolin at his level still couldn't save the old master. He realized he would be spending a really long time and in the end he would achieve nothing.

    Is there really no way to save the old master?

    "Having knowledge in all fields is nothing."

    Xu Miaolin heaved a sigh before continuing, "My medical learning is too miscellaneous. I can diagnose and treat a patient comprehensively but there's quite some gap between me and those gurus when it comes down to a specific area. It would be a huge compliment for me if I'm described as specialized in all fields."

    "So, is there still hope? Do you know anyone who might be able to treat this?"

    Asked Fang Qiu, unwilling to give up.

    "Of course!"

    After a moment of pondering, Xu Miaolin replied with his eyes locked on Fang Qiu, "This hope is very small. Your illness can't be cured by any particular Chinese medical technique but it might work when several methods are merged together."

    "As far as I know, no one in current Chinese Medicine circle can do it."

    "I have some knowledge in all fields but I can't do it."


    Xu Miaolin paused to heave a sigh and then carried on. "Unless the top experts of all treatment methods from different Chinese Medicine clans and sects are gathered to have a medical consultation together. Then there's a chance."

    "But how is it possible?"

    Xu Miaolin denied his own idea at once.

    "Why not?"

    Fang Qiu's aura suddenly changed as he saw hope again, his fighting spirit burning. He asked, "Where are these experts? I'll get them together by kowtowing!"

    The chilled heart grabbed the thread of hope.

    As long as there's hope, he will not give up.

    No matter what method was necessary, even if he had to threaten lives, he would bring these experts over to treat the old master!

    "Their whereabouts is mysterious!"

    Xu Miaolin added, "Some of them make their home wherever they go. It is extremely difficult to locate them. Some are protected by the state. Some have become private doctors for the top guys of the country, like imperial physicians in the old days. What would you do to them? You won't be able to see them at all. The rest of them have vanished completely."

    "These experts all have some kind of successors."

    "But their disciples are far from their level apparently."

    His eyes on Fang Qiu darkened with pity and sympathy.

    He didn't know Fang Qiu was not ill.

    He simply felt it was a pity that such a bright student with great potential and true passion for Chinese Medicine had fallen so ill!

    After a long silence, he revealed a big secret of the Chinese Medicine circle.

    "However, every five years, they get together for ten days to talk and exchange opinions."