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Chapter 79

Medical Master
     Chapter 79 Jeer to Sing Together!

    Jiang Miaoyu looked at Fang Qiu, astonished. She didn't expect Fang Qiu to pick such a song.

    A very pleasant song.

    In this song, she saw a new Fang Qiu, completely different from his usual calmness and coldness.

    This Fang Qiu had a child's innocence and tenderness in his heart!

    Maybe this was the real Fang Qiu.

    The trio from his dorm and the other two dozen people enjoyed the singing with a content smile on their face.

    As expected, Fang Qiu was doing great.

    How beautiful!

    "I heard Peter Pan would never grow old."

    "And Jack has his harp and magic."

    "I heard in the forest stood a candy house."

    "Cinderella lost her favourite crystal shoes."

    After eight simple lines.

    The audience was completed immersed in the singing. It felt like they were doing something as a matter of course instead of standing there and listening to music.

    Every line of the lyric was a fairy tale.

    Some in the crowd even closed their eyes with pleasure.

    One fairy tale scene after another flashed across their minds.

    Then, the refrain part sounded.

    Then, the refrain part sounded.

    "Only the wise river knew."

    "That Snow White ran out of the castle to play."

    "And Little Red Riding Hood restrained herself."

    "From transforming into a wolf with a red robe."


    This line of lyric sent a shiver down the spine of the experienced many.

    They all gazed at Fang Qiu in shock!

    This lyric...

    Was so well written!

    They had experienced the suffering and hardships in life. They had matured and even become cunning.

    They were like Snow White kicked out of the palace by the wicked queen or Little Red Riding Hood under the big wolf's greedy eyes. Through lies and suppression, they eventually became wolves and queens.

    Every time in their dream, they longed for their childhood so carefree and without worry.

    This lyric touched the softest spot in their hearts.

    They wished they ran out of the castle to play with no harm to escape from.

    They wished they had that red robe to turn themselves back to that Little Red Riding Hood.

    However, could they ever go back?


    But they really wanted to return!

    "There's always a seven-colored river winding in the Fairy Tale Town."

    "Contaminated by the eccentric bearing of magic, it takes a tortuous path in love."

    "Flowing past in an endless stream, it sprays up water before rolling into a curtain of time like water."

    "Bring all the past to a happy ending."


    Half a song was completed.

    To the side.

    The girl wearing a baseball cap finally raised her head slightly, looking towards Fang Qiu.

    It was truly beautiful!

    She had never heard such a beautiful voice before.

    Not just the girl.

    Everyone in the crowd began to discuss quietly with excitement.

    "This song is so pretty!"

    "It sounds so sweet."

    "But for some reason I really want to cry."

    "This song is very contradictory. It sounds so sweet and dreamy but at the same time it also casts a layer of sorrow that doesn't fade away."

    "Especially that line ‘Snow White ran out of the castle to play, and Little Red Riding Hood restrained herself from transforming into a wolf with a red robe'. It makes my eyes brimming with tears!"

    They didn't understand.

    How this young man could sing in such a way.

    Making them close to tears with this merry song.

    What they didn't know was.

    This song mingled with too much emotion and too many stories. This young man had put everything of this song into his tender, warm voice, his singing flowing like a winding stream, drowning all the listeners.

    "This song is not for everyone."

    "Hmm. This young man is very good. Very good."

    "More than very good. He's delivered the whole atmosphere of the lyric completely. What surprises me the most is how perfectly his voice matches this song."

    "This fellow really knows which song to choose."

    Staff of the entertainment company commented while listening to Fang Qiu's singing.

    The middle-aged man nodded, lost in thought with sparks of excitement twinkling in his eyes.

    He was prepared to give this young man a whole song's time to prove his singing skill.

    However, he had got all he needed in half of the time.

    This must be an expert!

    An expert singer!

    He felt he had found jade in a big piece of rock. Not uncut jade but a fine beautiful piece!

    No matter what!

    We must sign this young man down! I have to at least get to know him even if we couldn't get his contract!

    He was not thrilled to see others hunting. This young man was simply too outstanding, not less than the girl he had recently discovered.

    He thought the girl was stunning enough. He didn't expect to encounter another one so soon.

    Tonight's outing was totally worth it!

    "I heard Sleeping Beauty was buried."

    "And the Little Mermaid was looking at the golden palace from a vantage point."

    "I heard Apollo transformed into a golden raven."

    "And the saber-toothed tiger galloped on the prairies."


    The second half of the song began.

    The crowd stopped their discussion spontaneously.

    The noisy square suddenly quieted down with nothing left but Fang Qiu's singing.

    More and more people were gathering.

    No one talked. They stood still and enjoyed the music in silence.

    They recalled the past with deep feeling.

    A magical scene emerged there.

    A huge square filled with people.

    It was so peaceful, only one beautiful voice echoing.

    Everyone was at a standstill.

    Till the end of the song.

    "There's always a dreamlike river winding in the Fairy Tale Town."

    "It separates ideals from reality."

    "Then let them merge at the next mountain pass."

    "Flowing past in an endless stream, it sprays up water."

    "Before rolling into a curtain of time like water."

    "Bring all the past."

    "To a happy ending, yet strange."

    "Ah... Ah... Ah... Ah..."

    The song Fairy Tale Town.

    Ended perfectly in Fang Qiu's beautiful lengthening and switching.

    Fang Qiu relaxed his hands from the guitar and then expressed his thanks with deep bows to all directions.

    Back to reality, the audience returned with the warmest applause.


    "So beautiful! This young man's future is bright!"

    "Such a lovely voice! Why don't you sign up for the Good Voice?"

    "Wish such a beautiful voice he doesn't need to compete in the Good Voice at all. Just open a channel and become an influencer! When I have money, I'll present him rockets and racing cars every day!"


    As they applauded, their eyes were fixed on Fang Qiu and their compliments fell incessantly on the ear.

    Staff from the music studio also clapped their hands passionately.

    It was all spontaneous.

    Because this young man really could sing!

    His school mates were clapping so hard that their hands turned red but they still refused to stop.

    This song was Fang Qiu's gift for them.

    The best gift on the night before their journey!

    Fang Qiu was about to give the guitar back to the girl after bowing his gratitude.

    When someone shouted for more.

    "Encore! Encore!"

    Gloom climbed on Fang Qiu's face at once.

    That voice was too familiar!

    He turned around and saw Sun Hao clapping warmly and shouting from his big mouth.

    He threw a glare at Sun Hao immediately.

    This would cause him trouble!

    He felt Fang Qiu's eyes.

    But Sun Hao didn't care. He rolled his eyes and glanced at Jiang Miaoyu before calling, "Jiang Miaoyu! Jiang Miaoyu! Sing together. Sing together..."

    While shouting, he pinched Zhou Xiaotian standing next to him.


    Zhou Xiaotian understood at once and joined the call instantly. "Jiang Miaoyu, sing together! Jiang Miaoyu, sing together!"

    He then attempted to pinch the oldest Zhu Benzheng.

    But he missed.

    Zhu Benzheng had moved aside at some point. He shouted loudly, "Jiang Miaoyu, sing together! Jiang Miaoyu, sing together!"

    As they shouted.

    More of their school mates joined in the disturbance.

    "Sing together. Sing together..."

    The group's call had a great sense of rhythm.

    The rest of the crowd looked at these students, all smiles.

    It seemed fun.

    So good to be young!

    Fang Qiu glared at the trio from his dorm who had started all this.

    This was their revenge for his refusing to treat them to a meal!

    Sun Hao in the lead continued shouting. He chuckled and winked at Fang Qiu as if his wicked plan was succeeding.

    If they would sing together, it had to be a love song.

    An evil plan came to his mind.

    He yelled out immediately, "Sing together Today I'll Marry you!"

    "Sing Boat Tracker's Love! Sister, you sit at the head of the boat!"

    Zhou Xiaotian suddenly sang a line.

    The crowd burst into a laugh.

    These kids were too naughty!

    The middle-aged man outside the crowd could hardly suppress his smile.

    All the students glanced between Jiang Miaoyu and Fang Qiu, their eyes dubious and ambiguous.

    Jiang Miaoyu blushed at once.

    Zhou Zhen next to her was enraged.

    Fang Qiu knew it would probably get much worse if it continued.

    He felt hopeless about his three roommates' logic!

    He decided to return the guitar at once to cut the farce.

    However, at that moment, Jiang Miaoyu stepped forward from the rowdy crowd, her eyes locked on Fang Qiu.

    As soon as Jiang Miaoyu walked out.

    The disturbance became more intense.

    The rest of the crowd just realized who the loudly called Jiang Miaoyu was.

    Jiang Miaoyu's face brightened their eyes.

    So pretty!

    Everything else seemed to dim at this moment.

    The middle-aged man looked at Jiang Miaoyu, astonished. He had given all his attention to that singing young man earlier that he completely missed this gorgeous girl in the crowd.

    Looks like something is going on between the two?

    Fang Qiu looked at Jiang Miaoyu, just as shocked.

    He couldn't figure out why Jiang Miaoyu would walk out.

    "Let's sing a song together."

    Said Jiang Miaoyu in front of Fang Qiu, a bit nervous but all smiles.


    After a moment of hesitation, Fang Qiu agreed. He then asked, "What shall we sing?"

    "Start-of-Term Gift."

    Said Jiang Miaoyu firmly with a smile.

    Fang Qiu's heart skipped a beat.

    He gazed at Jiang Miaoyu.

    And burst into a laugh.

    His laughter was bright and splendid.

    Fang Qiu turned his head at once to look at the girl in the peaked cap and asked.

    "Can we sing another one?"

    The girl glanced from Fang Qiu to Jiang Miaoyu and then nodded slightly.

    She engaged Fang Qiu's eyes but her head was kept low, blocking her face.

    "Let's start."

    Turning around, Fang Qiu said to Jiang Miaoyu with a grin.

    Jiang Miaoyu returned a smile.

    The guitar sounded again.

    The melody of Start-of-Term Gift.

    It was the first time he played this tone but the music had already carved in his head.

    He didn't say anything to the crowd like he had done before the Fairy Tale Town.

    This time there was nothing to explain.

    He didn't need to explain.

    Like before.

    Jiang Miaoyu entered the state instantly and led the singing.

    Fang Qiu played the guitar quietly to accompany.

    It had been one week since the School Commencement Ceremony and over ten days had passed since their last singing together. However, the pair cooperated naturally and comfortably.


    "Find a seat."

    "This is your school commencement ceremony."

    Jiang Miaoyu's voice was like a bright beam of light in front of the audience.

    No one expected this unearthly beautiful girl to have such a pleasant, sweet voice!

    The middle-aged man outside the crowd shivered, his face covered with excitement.

    Another one!

    How beautiful!

    A meat pie falls from the sky after another today!

    Even better than that day at their Start-of-Term Ceremony.

    Fang Qiu couldn't help whispering to himself after her first line.