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Chapter 82

Medical Master
     Chapter 82 Who Says the Young Doctor's Medical Skill Is Bad?!


    Ma Qiang, with his thumbs up, said sincerely and excitedly, "Xiao Fang's medical skill is too excellent. Just with a lift, my waist suddenly does not hurt anymore! Too awesome! Mr. Li, thank you so much for introducing me such a good doctor!"


    All the surrounding people who came with him were shocked.

    "That terribly young Dr. Xiao Fang is actually so awesome!"

    "Haha! Didn't I missay?"

    Li Jianjun came forward and looked at them proudly. "You didn't believe me, but now you dry up."

    Everyone laughed to divert their embarrassment.

    Although they much less wanted to leave.

    There was still some doubt inwardly.

    "Maybe it was his luck to cure one patient."

    They were going to take another look.

    "It's a small thing to cure one patient. Cure several other patients if you are capable!"

    As the nurse called another name, she led the second driver in.

    Everyone began to look forward to it.

    In the consulting room.

    "Hello. Please take a seat."

    Fang Qiu in a white gown sat at the consultation table. Seeing someone come in, he smiled politely and asked, "Excuse me, what's wrong with you?"

    "I have a problem with my left shoulder."

    Mr. Wang said as he came in, "I've got a periarthritis humeroscapularis and I often feel pain. Once I feel pain, I can't even raise my hands."

    "OK. Let me check first."

    Fang Qiu nodded his head.

    Fang Qiu stood up, walking around behind Mr. Wang. He gently pressed Mr. Wang's left shoulder with one hand while gently pressing Mr. Wang's right shoulder with another hand.

    Absolute Touch!

    Two pictures immediately appeared in Fang Qiu's mind.

    After a comparison.

    He immediately smiled and said, "It's not a periarthritis humeroscapularis."

    "Not a periarthritis humeroscapularis?"

    Mr. Wang was suddenly dumbfounded and then he became suspicious.

    "How come it's not periarthritis humeroscapularis?"

    "Before, several doctors said it was periarthritis humeroscapularis."

    "Could this Dr. Xiao Fang be incapable?"


    Fang Qiu said for certain, "You've got a displacement of scapula."

    Hearing this, Mr. Wang suddenly thought that his car had been hit once. At that time, he put his elbow on the car window. After the strong vibration, his shoulder seemed to make a sound.

    At that time, it did not ache, so he did not notice.

    "Could it be that time?"

    "The displacement of the scapula also caused the chronic inflammation of the shoulder capsule and the surrounding ligaments as well as tendons, which was the same symptom as periarthritis humeroscapularis's after diagnosis."

    Fang Qiu explained and then advised, "You have to move the shoulder more afterward, but don't do strenuous exercise. You just need to keep your shoulder active."

    As he said that.

    His right hand pressing Mr. Wang's left shoulder suddenly jerked down hard.


    A light sound instantly rang out in Mr. Wang's head.

    He was quite taken aback at once.

    "What are you doing?"

    Mr. Wang suddenly stood up in shock and touched his left shoulder, glaring at Fang Qiu.

    "Your disease is not periarthritis humeroscapularis, but an inflammation caused by the displacement of scapula. Now I have done bonesetting for you and it's already cured. Don't overexert yourself for a month. Just exercise a little and don't take medicine."

    Said Fang Qiu with a smile.


    Mr. Wang was shocked at Fang Qiu's words.

    Immediately, he tried to lift his left hand.

    Then he swung his arm, turning two circles carefully. He found that his shoulder still had some pain, but it was not severe and completely within the tolerable range.

    And compared to before, his shoulder felt more relaxed. The feeling of heaviness caused by pain before had completely disappeared!

    Mr. Wang was shocked.

    "This, this... is really cured?"

    He still couldn't believe it.

    "My shoulder that has been aching so many years is cured?!"


    Fang Qiu nodded his head with a smile.

    "Thank you! Thank you!"

    Mr. Wang thanked him excitedly and then asked nervously, "Will it reappear after that?"

    "As long as you do as I tell you, it won't reappear."

    Replied Fang Qiu patiently.

    "That's good! That's good!"

    Mr. Wang smiled happily like a child.

    This periarthritis humeroscapularis had troubled him very long time indeed. He had gone to hospitals for check-ups many times and also spent a lot of money, but it had never taken a turn for the better.

    "This time, it's finally cured!"

    "And it only cost me a registration fee!"

    "Thank you, Dr. Xiao Fang."

    Mr. Wang thanked him sincerely again.

    At the thought of his doubts of Fang Qiu previously, he felt a little guilty.

    "That's what I'm supposed to do."

    Fang Qiu nodded his head smilingly.

    "Then I'll inform the next one!"

    Mr. Wang left happily.

    "Who says only an old doctor of Chinese Medicine has a good medical skill?"

    "So do the young!"

    As Mr. Wang walked out of the consulting room, he muttered to himself with a happy face. It formed a sharp contrast with the hesitant face when he entered the consulting room as if he had been another man.

    In the waiting hall...

    The moment when Mr. Wang appeared, all the old drivers instantly focused their eyes on him.


    They all gathered together again.

    "How is it going? How?"

    "Has your periarthritis humeroscapularis been cured?"

    "Did this boy give you money? Why are you smiling so happily?"

    This group of old drivers all asked him various questions.

    But they all sank their voices.

    They were careful not to make much noise in the public place.

    "I'm cured!"

    Mr. Wang laughed and said happily, "This Dr. Xiao Fang's medical skill is really too excellent. With a click, it was immediately cured before I reacted!"

    At the sound of this.

    They were more surprised.

    "What's going on?"

    "Just with a click, he was cured??"

    "You have to believe me. It was really just a click!"

    Mr. Wang said with excitement, "Dr. Xiao Fang not only cured me, but also said that it was not periarthritis humeroscapularis but the inflammation caused by the displacement of scapula."


    "No way?"

    "Haven't you taken an X-ray in the hospital and it has already diagnosed as periarthritis humeroscapularis?"

    "I just don't believe it. Does this Dr. Xiao Fang has the X-ray vision and he can see the disease that has been confirmed?"

    Suddenly, surrounded him rang out the voices of doubt.

    They had been old friends for so many years and they knew each other's flaws.

    "Why should I lie to you?"

    Said Mr. Wang angrily. He waved his left arm and said, "Look, I'm all cured now."

    They looked at him.

    "Sure enough, he's cured."

    "He even felt pain when he raised his arm before."

    "Now it's spinning like a hot wheel!"

    "Is this Dr. Xiao Fang really so awesome?"

    Just at this moment.

    "Next, Wu Wei!"

    Shouted the nurse.

    "Let me see if this Dr. Xiao Fang is really capable."

    A middle-aged man immediately stood up and stepped in.

    Before they came to themselves from Mr. Wang's arm.

    Wu Wei had come out of the consulting room.

    He swung his waist as he walked, his face openly radiant with surprise.

    "Are you also cured???"

    "Isn't it said that waist diseases are difficult to cure? How can you be cured so soon?"

    "Could this Dr. Xiao Fang be really awesome?"

    They were more shocked.


    Another man entered the consulting room.

    And in a short while, he also came out, smiling happily.

    The old drivers could hardly sit still at once.

    "It can be said that Dr. Xiao Fang is lucky to cure one or two patients, but there have been four or five patients who have been cured. Can't this be fake?"

    "Since it's not fake, what am I waiting for?"

    "I will go!"

    One person stood up with a rush. He didn't care whether it was his turn or not and was going to enter the consulting room immediately.

    "Let me go."

    Another man rushed up, trying to go first.

    "Why? I said it first."

    The first man complained.

    "You are not called. Whoever is faster will certainly enter first."

    The second man smiled, running to the door of the consulting room immediately.

    "You really have a thick skin. Who said just now that he didn't believe Dr. Xiao Fang? Who kept saying that Dr. Xiao Fang is a young lad and can't be trusted?"

    The first man queried.

    "Did I? I didn't!"

    The second man chuckled and ran inside first.

    Upon seeing this.

    The first one turned around speechlessly and said as he looked at the others, "I'm the next one. No one is allowed to contend with me. Queue up if you want to see the doctor."

    At the sound of this.


    A large group of people immediately rushed up. The scattered people unexpectedly formed a long queue neatly in just a few seconds.

    And they didn't care about the name calling.

    That speed made Li Jianjun, the several old drivers that had entered the consulting room, and the nurses stunned.

    The nurse simply didn't call names anymore.

    "Since you are all lined up."

    "Just come one by one!"


    All the people who entered the consulting room came out smilingly one by one.

    They had seen this scene several times and didn't feel much surprised inwardly. Instead, they couldn't wait to see Dr. Xiao Fang in their hearts.

    Everyone wished he could be the next one to enter the consulting room.

    "After so many years, I can finally be cured today!"

    At 5:30 pm.

    In the consulting room of Orthopedics Expert.

    "Cao Ze."

    Having been busy all day long, Shen Chun looked at Cao Ze who was sorting out files and asked, "How is Fang Qiu?"

    "He has a full house! I saw the patient that he cured last time brought him over 20 patients today."

    Cao Ze stopped, raised his head, and said with a wry smile.

    Hearing Cao Ze's words, Shen Chun, who just drank a sip of water, almost squirted the water out.

    "Over 20?"

    Asked Shen Chun in amazement.


    Cao Ze was still smiling wryly. He nodded and said, "I heard from those drivers that if it was not for Fang Qiu's getting off work, there would be another large number of drivers rushing over. According to the current situation, the patients that will come for Fang Qiu next time will be more."

    "This boy is beyond my reach. Having not been here for many days, he has made such a big thing."

    Shen Chun smiled wryly.

    Despite Shen Chun who said so, he was very satisfied inwardly.

    After all, it was he who introduced Fang Qiu into the hospital. Nominally, Fang Qiu was his assistant physician.

    "By the way."

    Shen Chun seemed to suddenly think of something. He stood up with a rush and ran downstairs swiftly.

    He came to the first floor.

    And he looked at the "smiling doctors list".

    Shen Chun was immediately astonished.

    As expected.

    Fang Qiu was on the list.

    And this time, his ranking rose straight to No. 20!

    "24 votes!"

    Seeing the votes after Fang Qiu's name, Shen Chun was more shocked.

    "According to Cao Ze."

    "Over 20 people came to see Fang Qiu this time. Doesn't it mean that every patient has voted for Fang Qiu?"

    "The degree of satisfaction is 100%?"

    "And all of them have voted?"

    "How could it be possible?"

    Having been in the hospital for so long, Shen Chun had never encountered such a situation.

    It was difficult to get on the smiling doctors list. On one side, because it was hard for doctors to get patients' approval. On the other side, because many patients directly left after seeing a doctor. Not many people wasted their time voting for a doctor.

    What a miracle it was that Fang Qiu could get all the patients' votes!

    Not just Shen Chun.

    As it was the time to leave for the day, many doctors and nurses knocked off work one after another. When they saw the smiling doctors list, they were all shocked.

    "Xiao Shen, is this Fang Qiu the assistant physician that you newly found?"