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Chapter 83

Medical Master
     Chapter 83 No Tickets to Mount Taishan...

    In front of the smiling doctors list.

    "Xiao Shen, is this Fang Qiu the assistant physician that you found from the university?"

    A middle-aged doctor in his 50s, who appeared to be in good spirits, asked Shen Chun.


    Shen Chun nodded.

    "Has he got on the list for two successive weeks?"

    The middle-aged doctor looked at the name of Fang Qiu on the list in disbelief for a long time and asked surprisedly, "He really sees patients for only half a day?"

    "Yes, every Sunday afternoon."

    Shen Chun could not help smiling wryly.

    "Who would believe that?"

    "Even I myself wouldn't believe it!"

    "It's impossible!"

    A questioning voice was heard.

    Shen Chun turned around and found that he was surrounded by doctors and nurses that just got off work. All of them were staring at the smiling doctors list in shock.

    "How could this be possible? The doctor named Fang Qiu has been on the list for two weeks in a row. But he has just seen patients for one day totally if adding the two half days among the two weeks. How could he get on the list?"

    Each of them was a doctor, so they usually were polite with each other. Even if not, they just criticized behind the back at most.

    But now they couldn't control themselves.

    Regardless of the relationship of colleagues, they directly queried!

    "Yes, isn't it too fake?"

    "He got 24 votes within this afternoon?"

    "It's completely impossible. A doctor can only see a few patients in an afternoon. Even the proportion of votes is high, he can't get 24 votes. What's more, he's new!"

    The doubts arose one after another around.

    Many people nodded in quiet agreement.

    Including the middle-aged doctor who had been standing beside Shen Chun had suspicion full of his heart.

    "How can a student get 24 votes?"

    "If so, how ashamed we old doctors will be?"

    "Not only us, but also the doctors of the whole hospital will probably lose their faces!"

    But since he was recommended by Shen Chun and was approved by Director, there is unlikely a problem.

    "So this is real?"

    The middle-aged doctor was surprised by his conclusion and then wore a lonely bitter smile on his face.

    He sighed with emotion and said, "If it's true, that is really like the saying of ‘In the Changjiang River, the waves behind drive on those ahead'! I did not expect that in the Chinese Medicine industry where there is a saying of ‘The elder a doctor is, the more valuable he will be', this saying can actually be used. This guy can have such an achievement at such a young age. He is really something!"

    Hearing that, a few doctors of his age also sighed with emotion.

    Having been working in the hospital for so many years, they knew very well how difficult it was to have a good candidate. It was more difficult to find a genius like Fang Qiu who had an extremely high talent in Chinese Medicine and could win the approval of all his patients.

    "I don't believe it!"

    Just as everyone was shocked by Fang Qiu's performance, a young doctor came forward and queried aloud.

    "There must be something fishy about it!"

    "He is a student, or at best a medical intern, or at worst a medical dabbler. He dares to work in a hospital even before graduation and also has treated so many patients in one afternoon. By 100% turnout, he cured at least 24 patients, which meant he cured one patient for less than nine minutes on average. This time included the check-up time as well as the treatment time. How fast!"

    "Moreover, how could there be a 100% turnout?"

    "So I don't believe it! There must be something fishy!"

    At the sound of this, the old doctors of Chinese Medicine all frowned.

    "As Fang Qiu's colleague, his words are a little tough."

    "And he said it in public."

    "His emotional intelligence is worrying!"

    But the other young doctors all nodded in agreement as they heard that.

    "I don't believe it, either. Fang Qiu can't be so much excellent!"

    One person echoed.

    "He can't invite these people to vote for him?"

    "Seeing patients is no joking. Did he think it was queuing for a meal when he saw so many patients in an afternoon."

    "It's too fake. I'm afraid that this good smiling doctors list will be destroyed by him!"

    Several young doctors constantly queried.

    The sound of doubt grew louder and louder.

    In their views, this thing was terribly abnormal!

    "Who can be so awesome to this extent after working for two afternoons?"

    Listening to a lot of doubts.

    Shen Chun frowned and wanted to say something, but finally, he shook his head with a smile and turned to leave.

    "The facts will tell you everything."

    "I believe in Fang Qiu!"

    Several old doctors of Chinese Medicine also left with smiles. No one paid attention to the doubts from the young doctors.

    "These young doctors are so young!"

    "They unexpectedly rushed to be cannon fodder. What a wonderful world."


    While many doctors and nurses were shocked that Fang Qiu got on the smiling doctors list again and his ranking rose by six, Fang Qiu directly left the hospital through the back door after treating his last patient.

    After he left the hospital.

    Fang Qiu walked to the dormitory of the university while using his mobile phone to book a ticket.

    "Sold out?"

    When he logged in the tickets website, Fang Qiu helplessly found that the train ticket from Jiangjing through to Tai'an had unexpectedly been sold out.

    In fact.

    As early as when Sun Hao booked the ticket, he wondered whether he would not be able to book a ticket. But he thought carefully. "Anyway, I will leave on Sunday which is the second day of the National Day holiday. Train tickets should not be so tight." So he didn't hurry to book a ticket. But when he saw it now, he got a nasty shock.

    "There are still so many Chinese!"

    Fang Qiu sighed with emotion.

    After reloading the website for a long time, he found that he could only book a ticket for half of the journey at most.

    And it wasn't by way of Tai'an, so he couldn't pay upon arrival in Tai'an after getting on the train.

    In desperation, he could only call the coach station.

    As a result.

    The tickets in the coach station had also been sold out.

    Even tomorrow's tickets had been sold out...


    Said Fang Qiu with a wry smile.

    "I should have booked today's train ticket in advance."

    "It's no use regretting now!"

    "It seems that I can only buy a train ticket for half of the journey. After that, I will find another way to Tai'an."

    "When I arrive, I will check on the spot to see if there is any coach to Mount Taishan."

    "It's a bit inconvenient, but for now, it's the best choice."

    Fang Qiu let out a sigh, snapping up the ticket quickly without hesitation.

    After snapping up a ticket, he went back to the dormitory and began to pack up.

    In the evening.

    Fang Qiu got on the train with a school bag.

    In his bag, there were some bottles of water and bread, some clothes and shoes, and a small folding shovel that he had secretly bought online.

    Hard seat.

    Bon voyage.

    On the way, when someone occasionally accosted Fang Qiu, he behaved very easygoing and did not sleep all the way.

    Not because he didn't want to sleep.

    But because this half-way ticket could only take him to Tongwu Station.

    And the time of arriving at Tongwu Station was three o'clock in the morning.

    So he mostly closed his eyes to take a rest.

    At three o'clock early in the morning.

    The train stopped at Tongwu station on time.

    After saying goodbye to the people next to him, he slung his bag and got off the train.

    He walked out of Tongwu Railway Station.

    The bright moon hung in the sky.

    Looking at the dim light of night, Fang Qiu couldn't help smiling wryly.

    "It's so late. Where can I get a coach?"

    Although the sky was very beautiful, he had no mood to enjoy it at all.

    He had no choice but to take out the mobile phone and open the Baidu map.

    He started looking for the expressway from this place to Mount Taishan. He planned to go to the expressway toll gate to see if he could get a lift.

    Although the chance was slim.

    It was better than nothing.

    "If it doesn't work, I will turn back and take the coach to Tai'an in the daytime."

    After making sure that he had found the direction of the entrance to the expressway, he made a quick movement and disappeared into the night.

    There was nobody on the road.

    The internal Qi rose.

    He moved at full speed.

    Fang Qiu sped towards the entrance to the expressway.

    In half an hour.

    Fang Qiu stood 300 meters away from the expressway toll gate to Tai'an, stretching out his right hand with his thumb up and waiting!

    In the middle of nowhere.

    Cold wind blew.

    He was alone.

    So helpless.

    Fang Qiu was just standing straight on the roadside with his eyes closed.

    He unexpectedly began to cultivate.

    In a short while.

    A harsh light came closer and closer.

    Fang Qiu instantly opened his eyes, holding up his thumb immediately to the car to ask for a ride.


    But the car had so sign of slowing down. It directly passed by him like a gust of wind and ignored him completely.

    He put his thumb down awkwardly in the wind.

    Soon, another car came.

    His held his thumb up again.


    It passed again, ignoring him...

    There were many cars on the expressway, roaring past one after another.

    Fang Qiu could not help laughing bitterly.

    Every car just ignored him.


    Another car sped by.

    It seemed to speed up while passing by him.

    "Can't they think I'm a ghost?"

    Fang Qiu looked down at his clothes.

    A white T-shirt and a pair of black pants.

    "My god!"

    "It's late at night. When light shines on me, others may think I'm a ghost with an upper body and no legs!"


    "I'm screwed!"

    "If one person stops cars at three o'clock in the morning, he must be either mad or a ghost. It's definitely true."


    Fang Qiu sighed and shook his head.

    "Outdoor dressing is very important!"

    At this time.

    He saw another car coming fast from a distance.

    "If only there could be a car right to Tai'an breaking down here and then the car would be ready after I sat on it!"

    Just after that.

    The car, coming fast from a distance, unexpectedly braked sharply.


    It drew a long strip of black brake line.

    The roar of the engine also died away.

    It rightly stopped in front of Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu was dumbfounded.

    "Broke down?"

    "Oh, my god!"


    A thought came to his mind.

    He walked hurriedly toward the small SUV car.

    No sooner had it stopped than a young man and a young woman got out of the car.

    The two of them were immediately startled when they saw Fang Qiu.

    "How come a person suddenly appear at night?"

    Both of them were instantly on the alert.


    Fang Qiu came up to them and said hello with a polite smile.

    "What are you doing?"

    The young man, dressed in a casual suit, stared warily at Fang Qiu.

    "Are you going to Mount Taishan?"

    The young man did not answer, still staring at Fang Qiu with taut muscles.

    Seeing the young man's face, Fang Qiu was very delighted immediately.

    "They are going to Mount Taishan as expected, otherwise, in this case, he has denied it."

    "You don't have to be nervous."

    Fang Qiu explained hastily, "I am a student and I want to go to Mount Taishan on the National Day holiday. But I didn't get a ticket and was left here. So I want to hitch a lift to Mount Taishan."

    "A student?"

    The young man looked up and down at Fang Qiu in surprise.

    "Looks nice and he looks like a student indeed."

    "And with a bag."

    The young man became a little less vigilant inwardly.

    "I have been standing here for half an hour, but no car stopped. Fortunately, I met you. I'm wondering whether I can hitch a ride?"

    Asked Fang Qiu.

    "Yes, but our car broke down and we don't know when it will be ready."

    The young man did not refuse.

    While he was talking, the woman at the side unconsciously pulled his sleeve, as if she did not want to let Fang Qiu get on the car, for fear that Fang Qiu was a bad guy.

    The young man patted her hand, motioning her to feel at ease.

    In fact, he just said that casually.

    He was not sure when the car would be ready.

    It seemed that it wouldn't be ready before dawn.

    "You stand aside. I will fix the car first."

    The young man let his girlfriend get back to the car first and then said to Fang Qiu.


    Fang Qiu stood at the side, waiting and chatting with the young man.

    It turned out that this couple was traveling by a private car on the National Day holidays.

    But they just didn't expect that the car broke down here.

    "I hope the car will be ready soon."

    Said Fang Qiu inwardly.

    Just after that, the young man tried to start the car.

    The car started normally...