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Chapter 85

Medical Master
     Chapter 85 A Beauty Comes for Him!

    In Mount Taishan.

    On a mountain peak.

    It took half an hour for Fang Qiu to almost recover.

    He opened his eyes and closed the practice.

    He unconsciously reached his hand into the pant pocket, taking out his mobile phone.

    When he came to the mountain for cultivation, he turned off his mobile phone to save electricity and avoid being disturbed, which was why he could cultivate quietly for so long.

    After starting up his phone.

    He watched the time and it was already forty past six.

    As he was about to put away his mobile phone, a WeChat alert sounded suddenly.

    Fang Qiu opened the WeChat and took a look.

    "He really sent photos..."

    Seeing the pictures and the text that Zhou Xiaotian sent, Fang Qiu smiled slightly.

    But before the laughter had died away.

    He was suddenly dumbfounded.

    "Why does this picture look a little strange?"

    "The place on the picture seems a bit familiar?"

    Fang Qiu immediately zoomed in on the picture and took a closer look.

    Then he looked around and looked at the pictures.

    After that, he looked in the distance.

    After looking around, he was not calm suddenly.

    "Oh my God! Isn't that me?!"

    "The position on the picture is exactly where I am now!"

    "The scenery around is all the same and the Sun-Watching Peak is also in the distance!"

    "That is to say."

    "The photo of the Buddha's halo that Zhou Xiaotian took is caused by my practicing Kung Fu?"

    "The internal Qi is released and the external Qi is collected. In the cloud and mist, it can have such an effect in the sunlight?"

    "I could really cause a sensation."

    He laughed wryly.

    Without hesitation, he flew straight down the mountain.

    Time was getting late and the clouds on the mountain would soon clear after the sun rose.

    He didn't want to be found when the cloud cleared.

    On the Sun-Watching Peak.

    "The Buddha's halo is gone!"

    "Why is it gone?"

    "How could it have gone so fast?"

    "I haven't seen enough of it. How come it had cleared?"

    "It's not easy to meet once. Can't we see enough of it? Maybe we can only see it once in a lifetime."

    As Fang Qiu left, the Buddha's halo completely dispersed. Although they had watched for half an hour, the people on Sun-Watching Peak still did not see enough of it.

    "Ouch, why has this Buddha's halo just disappeared?"

    Zhou Xiaotian, holding the mobile phone, said with an unsatisfied face.

    "Come on. Is half an hour not enough for you to watch?"

    Said Sun Hao with a face of contempt.

    "The fourth oldest is right."

    Zhu Benzheng said with a smile, "Honestly, I also haven't seen enough of it and I've heard that the Buddha's halo had appeared in Mount Taishan for many times. It lasted one hour for quite a few times. Another time it lasted three hours, so half an hour is really a little short."

    "Yes. If only it could last a day! I haven't found a good angle to take a selfie!"

    Zhou Xiaotian mumbled as he curled his lips.

    "You guys get cheap and sell well!"

    Sun Hao said speechlessly, "It's great since you have seen it. Many people even can't see it when they come here. But Buddha's halo was really beautiful. If it doesn't disperse, I can watch it for a whole year."

    "Forget about it. Seeing Buddha's halo once is enough for you to brag for a year after going back."

    Zhu Benzheng said with a smile.

    "Oh, by the way."

    Sun Hao seemed to think of something suddenly and said, "I took pictures and also recorded a video just now. I will just send it to the youngest to let him regret!"

    "I have already sent him!"

    Zhou Xiaotian said in disappointment, "Just now, I made a video call to the youngest and wanted him to watch it live, but he didn't answer it and his phone was also off when I called him. Finally, I just sent a few photos to him, but he hasn't replied back. If you send him now, I estimate that your message will just be like a stone dropping into the sea and there won't be any reply. The youngest is such a lazybone!"

    On the other side.

    "What a beautiful Buddha's halo. We are so lucky."

    In the group of girls, Huang Manman stared like a fangirl at the place where the Buddha's halo disappeared and said, "If I have a boyfriend to watch it with me, it would be so romantic."

    "A boyfriend?"

    At the sound of this, Yuan Bei immediately joked. "Aren't there quite many boys aside? Do you want me to ask for you who wants to be your boyfriend?"


    Huang Manman shook her head and waved her hand hurriedly.

    Being sandwiched between the two of them, Jiang Miaoyu smiled.

    "What are you thinking of?"

    Asked Yuan Bei.

    "Nothing. I'm looking at the Buddha's halo."

    Jiang Miaoyu replied.

    "I thought you were thinking of men like Huang Manman."

    Yuan Bei chuckled and said, "It's a pity that someone didn't come with us, otherwise, it would be really romantic."

    Hearing that.

    Jiang Miaoyu rolled her eyes, glancing at Yuan Bei with a half smile calmly.

    But she didn't know why the figure that sang the chorus with her somehow emerged in her mind.

    The National Day holiday is a unique landscape in China.


    When the time came, there would be a small-scale migration of people from all over the country and most of them would rush toward the nearest famous attractions.

    It was not as big as the Spring Festival travel rush, but there was no big difference.

    At that time, the busiest people were naturally television reporters all around the country.

    All kinds of reports about tourist attractions took a lot of parts every day.

    Just like that.

    Soon after the Buddha's halo disappeared.

    All the major real-time news media in Tai'an had updated the news that Mount Taishan surprisedly appeared a Buddha's halo.

    And with the spread of the real-time news, other media across the country all started to rebroadcast, spreading the news of the Buddha's halo that suddenly appeared all over the country.

    At the same time, experts and professors also gave some explanations.

    "In physics, Buddha's halo is a kind of ‘solar halo'."

    "When the sunlight hits the surface of clouds and mists, it will form a natural wonder of Buddha's halo through diffraction and diffuse reflection."

    "The appearance of Buddha's halo needs a combination of many natural factors, such as sunshine, topography, and sea of clouds, etc, so it is extremely rare."

    "And because it's rare."

    A physicist precisely analyzed the formation of the Buddha's halo in a report.

    But among the people who were watching the live news all over the country, there were not many people listening to his commentary. Because their attention was all focused on the recorded video of the Buddha's halo broadcast on television.

    "So amazing."

    "Actually, this Buddha's halo really looks the same with the halo that those immortals send out from their bodies, which is very interesting."

    "Can't this Buddha's halo be the light that an immortal sent out who was cultivating in the mountain?"

    "It's so beautiful. I'll go and see it myself when I get the chance."

    "I planned to Mount Taishan, but I didn't get a train ticket. What a pity."

    "The Buddha's halo in the video is so beautiful."

    "People traveling to Mount Taishan really had a feast for their eyes because of the Buddha's halo that lasted half an hour. Nature is really amazing."

    People who read the morning real-time news all across the country all praised it a lot.

    And over here.

    After going down the mountain, Fang Qiu used his phone again to check the map, traveling fast deep into the Mount Taishan as he found the right direction.

    Of course, it was more possible to find the treasure in the place where there were fewer people.

    If it grew in the commonplace, it wouldn't be so precious.

    Just as Fang Qiu was heading deep into Mount Taishan.

    An extremely beautiful girl appeared at the gate of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    She was wearing light blue legging jeans and a white blouse with her long hair fluttering.

    Standing at the university gate, she instantly became the most beautiful scenery.

    "University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine."

    Standing at the university gate, the girl looked up at the words on the huge stone wall in front of the gate and smiled faintly.

    "He didn't come home, so he must be at school."

    At this time.

    A figure slowly walked out of the university.

    He looked like a student.

    Seeing the student, the girl immediately went over and asked politely, "Hello, student. Do you know Fang Qiu?"


    Just as the girl's finished enquiring, the student who came out of the university was dumbfounded.

    Li Qingshi just stared at the girl fixedly with great amazement in his eyes.

    He thought Jiang Miaoyu had already been the exceedingly beautiful girl in the world.

    Unexpectedly, there was a girl who was no less beautiful than Jiang Miaoyu!


    The girl called him again.


    Li Qingshi was stunned with a trace of embarrassment flashing across his face and asked, "What?"

    "Excuse me, do you know Fang Qiu?"

    The girl asked with a smile.

    In her view.

    "Wherever Fang Qiu goes, he is always the most dazzling one."

    As Fang Qiu's high school classmate for three years, she had witnessed this shining classmate.

    So instead of contacting Fang Qiu in advance, she sneaked over to give him a surprise.

    "Fang Qiu?"

    Hearing the girl's question, Li Qingshi was slightly surprised. Although there was a contradiction between Fang Qiu and him, he still asked, "Why are you looking for Fang Qiu?"

    "I'm Fang Qiu's high school classmate."

    The girl said with a smile, "Since it's the National Day holiday, I come here especially for him. Do you know him, please?"

    "Didn't you contact him in advance?"

    Li Qingshi asked curiously.


    The girl shook her head, saying with a smile, "I just want to give him a surprise."

    "A surprise?"

    "Fang Qiu is such a guy who gets a stroke of luck!"

    Li Qingshi envied Fang Qiu hard for a while inwardly.

    He unconsciously glanced over the girl again.

    He was not to blame.

    It was just because this girl was really good-looking and her voice was also very pleasant. Who would not be moved at the sight of her?

    As he saw such a beautiful girl.

    He could not help comparing her with Jiang Miaoyu in his heart.

    "In comparison."

    "This girl's appearance is similar to Jiang Miaoyu's."

    "In temperament."

    "Jiang Miaoyu is divine as a campus belle literally. She is a little calm, but not distant."

    "But this girl is totally different from Jiang Miaoyu in temperament."

    "Because she loves smiling."

    "And her voice is also very gentle when she speaks. Although she has the characters that other girls do not have, she gives me an approachable feeling."

    "Or she is full of energy."

    "Such a dream girl is actually Fang Qiu's classmate?"

    "And she comes for him!"

    "And she is going to surprise him!"

    "Fang Qiu."

    "Damn you! You are so lucky!"


    Seeing Li Qingshi in a daze, the girl called him.

    "I know Fang Qiu."

    Li Qingshi came to his sense and immediately said, "Since you are his high school classmate, come with me and I will take you to him."

    "Thank you."

    The girl thanked him smilingly.

    Li Qingshi glanced at the girl again and then turned to walk into the university. The girl followed him all the way into the university, maintaining a distance of about one meter with him.