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Chapter 100

Medical Master
     Chapter 100 The Trade Fair in Wulin!

    Though the night had already fallen.

    There was a stream of people on the street because it was the city center, which made the two rich second generations’ speed not fast. So the taxi followed them easily all the way.

    Over ten minutes later.

    The car pulled out from downtown and headed for the suburbs all the way.

    “Well, just pull up here.”

    No sooner had the taxi entered the suburbs than Fang Qiu asked to stop.

    The fare was nearly 100 yuan because it was a long journey.

    The night in the suburbs was just very quiet. The street was lighted, but there were very few people on it. So Fang Qiu planned to get down and follow them by himself.

    After paying the fare.

    Fang Qiu got off the car. When the taxi turned around and left, he just made a movement, immediately disappearing into the dark and chasing quickly toward the direction of the luxury car’s engine roar in the distance.

    In a short while.

    Fang Qiu caught up with it.

    And he found that the car stopped in a quiet park in the suburbs. The two rich second generations got down one after another.


    A thought came to his mind.

    Fang Qiu immediately took out his mask, put it on his face, and immediately put on the hat of his coat. Then he quietly followed the two rich second generations, walking all the way into the silent park.

    After walking for a few minutes.

    The two rich second generations came in front of a very high rockery in the park.

    In the distance.

    Fang Qiu, hiding in the dark corner, looked up.

    He suddenly found that.

    Around this very high rockery was a very large pool and the pool completely embraced the rockery. And there were many water spray devices sticking out of the water in the pool. Because the night had fallen, these water spray devices had all stopped working with no water spraying.

    Outside the pool which embraced the rockery also stood many people.

    With a little telepathy.

    Fang Qiu was surprised to find that all these people were martial arts practitioners.

    At the moment.

    These martial arts practitioners were all gathering together around the pool in twos and threes, discussing with each other in low voices.


    “Why don’t you do it?”

    “How about you go first and I will follow you?”

    “Whoever wants to do it can do it, but I’m not going to be the first one to do it.”

    The sound of discussion was heard by Fang Qiu.

    As Fang Qiu glanced over these people, he found that many people were pointing to the rockery ahead.

    He looked again at the rockery.

    Fang Qiu obviously saw that on the cliff of the extremely high rockery was hanging several ropes, which looked as if a rock climbing was going to be held.

    “Could it be up there?”

    Thought Fang Qiu inwardly.

    Just at this time.

    A middle-aged man who looked like a sanitation worker suddenly stepped out from the crowd of martial arts practitioners. He clenched a fist to the people beside him and then made a movement with one bound, directly jumping into the pool without any word.

    At the moment when he jumped into the pool, he nimbly stepped on the water spray devices sticking out of the water. With a shove of his tiptoe, he leaped up again with a whoosh, rushed to the rock face of the rockery, and grabbed the rope hanging on the rock face with his right hand. As he steadied his body, he rapidly climbed up with his both hands like a monkey, rushing to the rockery peak in a trice.


    “Really awesome!”

    “This skill is very excellent!”

    “Although he used his tiptoe’s strength to avoid water, it did not cause the slightest ripple on the water surface and also did not damage any spray water device. What good Kung Fu.”

    Seeing the middle-aged man who looked like the sanitation worker climb to the peak, the martial arts practitioners around the pool all applauded for him.

    As the first man reached the peak.

    Others also took actions in different ways, quickly climbing to the rockery peak.

    Some skimmed over the water, some twisted in mid-air, and some grasped the rope to climb straight up like a spinning top.

    There were many ways.

    It made all the people clap and cheer.

    “It’s up there as expected!”

    After watching for a while and seeing the people who had reached the peak all disappear in the rockery peak, Fang Qiu just made sure that the place of the trade fair was at the rockery peak.

    Fang Qiu came straight out of the dark and then made a movement, directly flying up before others found him.

    He was very fast!

    He left these people alone.

    Since they were all martial arts practitioners, he didn’t care what these people thought!

    He directly entered the Guru Realm!

    The martial arts practitioners around the pool focused their eyes above the rockery from the beginning.

    Fang Qiu’s movement immediately attracted the attention of all the martial arts practitioners.

    “Oh, my God! Who is that?”

    “Is this man flying?”

    “My God! Where did this man fly from?”

    “He is a guru!”

    “Only a guru can fly. Is this man a guru???”

    Seeing the figure of Fang Qiu, the martial arts practitioners around the pool were all shocked.

    “No way. A guru??? The legendary guru???”

    “How could a guru come here?”

    “But he obviously flew up there!”

    “When you saw him, he has flown halfway. How do you know he didn’t take advantage of other strength before you noticed him?”

    “Yes. How could there be so many gurus in the world and they can’t come to this place, can they?”

    “But it is obviously that he is flying!”

    The people all discussed with each other in shock.

    They were all guessing Fang Qiu’s identity.

    “Did anybody see where he came out?”

    “Isn’t something wrong with this?”

    “In my opinion, this person must have seen the great strength of those people before. In order to attract everyone’s attention, he is just deliberately mystifying.”

    “Well, it should be so!”

    “This person must use some special skills and methods so that he can fly up.”

    “It certainly is. Given his figure, he should be young. How could he be a guru?”

    “Yes, he is certainly not a guru.”

    During the discussion, all the people nodded their heads and decided that Fang Qiu was not a guru but used some special skills and methods to achieve the flying effect of the guru.

    In the crowd.

    The two rich second generations were also shocked.

    “My God. He can’t really be a guru, can he?”

    A rich second generation said in a low voice, full of shock.

    “He looks like a guru, but how could a guru come to this hell hole?”

    Another’s eyes were also full of shock.

    “That’s true.”

    The first rich second generation nodded and just looked normal.


    None of those present believed that a guru could be here.

    And over here.

    Fang Qiu, who had become the discussion target of all the people, had found an entrance at the rockery peak which was like a cave.

    He stepped into it.

    After a few steps and four or five stairs down, the whole scene in front of Fang Qiu changed.

    In this cave, there was actually another wonderful scene.

    In front of Fang Qiu.

    There was a very wide space, like a street and also like a square.

    Because it was a rockery, the surrounding cliffs were very smooth with nothing like stalactites.

    At that time.

    There had been many people coming to this space.

    Looking around.

    He saw that some of them had respectively found a place and set up a stall on the ground, selling a variety of things.

    The first stall that heaved in sight was the one selling all kinds of bruise blasters as well as exclusive secret-recipe pills.

    Behind it.

    Some sold weapons and some sold paper fans, walnuts and other playthings.

    It felt like a big fair, very lively.

    “Come here. I have exclusive secret-recipe bruise blasters which have absolutely top effects. Quickly come and see!”

    The young man who was selling medicine called.

    As the call sounded.

    People of other stalls also called in succession.

    “A variety of magic and sharp weapons. All kinds of knives, spears, swords, and halberds. Heroes, why not take the good chance to pick up a right weapon?”

    The owner of the weapon stall shouted as he waved a machete.

    Over there.

    A boy selling a variety of playthings was also not willing to show weakness and shouted, “Everyone, quickly come and see. This is the paper fan that Liu Chengyin, Master Liu used to use. On it are the calligraphy and painting inscribed personally by Master Liu. It can protect your safety in Wulin.”

    “Liu Chengyin, Master Liu’s paper fan?”

    A group of people came up and one of them asked loudly, “Is your surname also Liu?”


    The boy said as he shook his head.

    “Then what’s your relationship with Master Liu?”

    The man continued asking.

    “No relationship.”

    The boy replied.

    “Then why should we believe that this paper fan belongs to Master Liu Chengyin?”

    The man asked scornfully.

    “It’s just Master Liu’s paper fan.”

    The boy said stubbornly.

    Seeing this boy anxious, the people gathering around immediately laughed.

    “And this one.”

    The boy quickly grabbed a walnut in the stall that had been brightly pinched and said, “This is the walnut of Invincible Iron Fist, Lord Qin.”

    At the sound of this.

    The crowd laughed louder.

    In the crowd, Fang Qiu chuckled and walked to the next stall.

    He believed the boy. “The paper fan and the walnut should be genuine, but where they are from is open to question.”

    After strolling around.

    Fang Qiu came to the center of the space, in front of another weapon stall.

    Fang Qiu looked up.

    In front of this stall surrounded many people unexpectedly who were pointing at the goods on the stall.

    Fang Qiu was curious.

    He went over and saw the stall owner was a teenager in black who was sending out a heroic spirit but with an unusually cold face.

    He saw the boy sit still at the back of the stall and did not talk to anyone.

    In front of the stall, people’s eyes were focused on a slender sword on the stall.

    “This sword actually can be here?”

    “Yes, this is the real sword!”

    “Do you see the cold light on the blade? It’s full of cold air.”

    “Of course, this is the walking sword of Master Jin Wansong, the sixth-class Martial Superior. In those days, Master Jin was famous in Jianghu with only a sword. I have heard that this sword was unusually sharp and could be called as a unique good sword.”

    “Since it’s the walking sword of Master Jin, why is it here?”

    Enquired one person curiously.

    “There is something that you don’t know.”

    One man said, “With the breakthrough of his strength, Master Jin no longer uses this sword. Instead, he uses a stick as a sword. Every blade of grass and every tree in his hand is a sword.”


    All of them marveled with their thumbs up.

    Hearing that.

    Fang Qiu also nodded secretly.

    “When one person’s strength reaches a certain level, weapons will hinder the realm entry of the martial arts, so most of the strong will abandon their weapons unless they meet the real magic weapons.”

    “Because only the real magic weapon really has great power.”

    “And only the real magic weapon can be completely fit together with the strong man and can almost be regarded as a part of the strong man. Because of the fit, the magic weapon will not cause any obstacle of martial arts to the holder.”