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Chapter 114

Medical Master
     Chapter 114 Pay Down 300,000!

    And over there.

    The reading continued.

    “Li Meiyan, female, a professor of Science of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, a doctoral supervisor, a leader of a provincial key discipline—Acupuncture and Massage, the Director of the Key Research Laboratory of the First Affiliated Hospital of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, an outstanding scientist in the province, a leader of provincial academy and technology, an excellent expert with outstanding contributions in the province, the Vice President of the Provincial Acupuncture Society!”

    Sun Hao read.

    “Jesus, she has so many titles?”

    “It sounds like my supervisor is very awesome!”

    Zhou Xiaotian opened his eyes wide which were bigger than frogs’.

    “Don’t interrupt! Who is your supervisor? Shame on you!”

    Sun Hao glared at Zhou Xiaotian with a face of contempt and continued reading.

    “Personal profile: Good at using acupuncture to treat eye diseases such as Retinitis Pigmentosa, Amblyopia, Macular Degeneration, Asthenopia and pain symptom such as Cervical Spondylosis, Stiff Neck, Periarthritis Humeroscapularis, Arthralgia, Gout, Knee Osteoarthritis, Protrusion of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc, Migraine, etc.”

    “Professor Li Meiyan has been engaged in the research on acupuncture of Chinese Medicine for a long time, has taken charge of two provincial planning projects one after another, and has gained outstanding achievements of the researches on acupuncture points, evidence-based acupuncture, innovation in acupuncture methods, and internationalization of acupuncture. She has won the second prize in National Award for Science and Technology Progress once, the second prize in National Teaching Achievement once, and the first prize in Provincial Science and Technology Progress twice. She has directed one person to win the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of China and she is recognized as an important leading figure in the field of acupuncture research at home and abroad!”

    After finishing reading.

    Sun Hao let out a long sigh of relief.

    Because there was really too much information about this professor.

    “My supervisor is so awesome. She actually has got a national award?”

    Zhou Xiaotian marveled with his eyes lit up, “She deserves to be my supervisor!”

    “Could the supervisors be more awesome than the last one on the list?”

    Zhu Benzheng asked as he sighed with emotion.

    Sun Hao continued to look down without hesitation.

    They had already decided to be apprenticed, so they had to know all the teachers first and then chose the one that suited them best.

    In the dormitory.

    Sun Hao went on reading.

    On the campus outside the dormitory, everyone was competing to inform those students who had just returned to the university. When they heard the news, they instantly became very happy and excited.


    Because of the spread of the news.

    On the campus BBS, there was a constant stream of postings which were about the discussion of the apprentice plan.

    “Comprehensive postings. Everyone, come to talk about the fifty teachers!”

    It seemed that because the new postings were too messy, which made the BBS full of miasma. The BBS administrator directly sent a highlighted posting, which attracted all the people who were discussing this matter.

    “Wow, I have heard Ms. Li Meiyan before. I did not expect that she actually has got so many honors and she has also produced an awesome doctoral student. She is really something!”

    “Mr. Zhang Zhenzhong is my idol!”

    “It seems that only Mr. Yang Shuwen’s honors are relatively few, but Mr. Yang Shuwen is really good at teaching classes and his medical skills are very excellent.”

    “Isn’t it nonsense said by upstairs? Among these fifty supervisors, whose medical skills are not excellent?”

    “The 70-year-old supervisor has been retired for ten years. His honors look like the best of all, but I don’t know if he is still able to teach.”

    “The main thing is to find a supervisor that is suitable for you. Every supervisor has his own strengths. Before choosing a supervisor, you should think clearly about which discipline you want to specialize in, so as not to waste your time and supervisors’.”

    “Is the supervisor chosen by you?”

    “I agree with what upstairs say!”

    “Don’t be excited, everyone. We can choose a supervisor, but the real selection qualification is still in the hands of the supervisors. There will be interviews next. Do you think that you can succeed in being apprenticed after you choose the supervisor?”

    On the BBS.

    The students discussed a lot.

    “So weird. Why is Supervisor Xu Miaolin not on the list?”

    “I urge Supervisor Xu Miaolin to come out!”

    “Supervisor Xu Miaolin is No.1 in my mind. Why is he not on the list?”

    “It’s a pity. If Supervisor Xu Miaolin is on the list, I have to be apprenticed to him anyway!”

    “Yes. I don’t know what the university is thinking about? They unexpectedly didn’t arrange Mr. Xu Miaolin!”

    “Supervisor Xu Miaolin is the future star of the Chinese Medicine industry. With his guidance, our grades will definitely improve very very much. The university did not list Mr. Xu Miaolin unexpectedly. This is really a pity!”

    Many students, after reading the list of supervisors, found that Xu Miaolin was not on the list. They immediately couldn’t help roasting. Of course, most of them felt regrettable.

    After all, Xu Miaolin’s legendary experience had already spread in the university.

    Everyone was looking forward to the emergence of Xu Miaolin.

    This result made those who were full of expectations for Xu Miaolin feel very disappointed.

    In the girls’ dormitory.

    “How come?”

    Having seen the list of supervisors on the BBS, Jiang Miaoyu, who was still healing her wounds in bed, couldn’t help frowning and said with great regret, “It’s impossible that Mr. Xu Miaolin is not on the list. He is really something. Why is he not on the list?”

    Although she didn’t know why.

    The list had been fully announced. Jiang Miaoyu’s desire to be apprenticed to Xu Miaolin had completely come to nothing.

    This made her kind of helpless and very regrettable.


    Just when everyone in the university was enthusiastically discussing the list of the 50 supervisors, the university released a second notice.

    “Tomorrow(Sunday), at 9AM, fifty supervisors will be present on the playground and conduct interviews!”

    “All the students on campus can go for consultations. Supervisors will conduct on-site interviews. After passing the interview, you can be apprenticed on the spot with the permission of the supervisor.”

    “Of course, supervisors’ taking apprentice will all be on a voluntary basis.”

    “Hope that all of you can get good results in the interview tomorrow!”

    The content of this notice was very short.

    It just briefly announced the time and place of the interview.

    Despite simple.

    As this notice came out.

    It immediately caused a great sensation among all the students of the university.

    “My god. It’s so fast. Since when has the university been so fast?”

    “Yes. They discussed the winter heating through a whole winter. Now it’s summer and they haven’t given a result!”

    “The university leaders are afraid that other universities will take the lead, so they carry out this apprentice plan first!”

    “Our university is too vigorous. No sooner did it announce the information of the fifty supervisors than the interview will directly start tomorrow?”

    Many people were shocked.

    No one had ever expected that the interview would come so fast.

    At the same time.

    There were also many students who started being nervous and worried.

    “What to do? I am not ready yet!”

    “Yes, the holiday just ended and we just came back to school. There will be interviews tomorrow. How could it be possible to prepare for it?”

    “Crap. The university just doesn’t give us any time.”

    “Can we pass the interview tomorrow this way?”

    “There is still one day and I have to hurry to read books. In any case, I have to pass the interview, otherwise, I will be screwed.”

    Many students were anxious.

    Because the interview really came too suddenly.

    Many people, after hearing this news, were more nervous than during the exams. They all rushed to read books to prepare for the next day’s interview.

    Of course.

    There were also many confident people who were still indulging in the list of the fifty supervisors and choosing the best one in their minds.

    At the same time.

    Fang Qiu, who didn’t pay any attention to the interview at all, was carrying a box with 300,000 yuan in cash inside with a smile and walking to the reading room in the library.

    As the National Day holidays ended, the library opened normally.

    It was full of people inside.

    They were all cramming for tomorrow’s interviews.

    They were in expectation of and worried about tomorrow’s interviews while Fang Qiu had come for the apprentice.

    As he got inside the room.

    Xu Miaolin was sitting in a chair, reading a book as expected.

    “Hello, Mr. Xu!”

    Fang Qiu called Xu Miaolin reverently and then moved his right hand to put the lockbox in his hand with 300,000 yuan in cash on Xu Miaolin’s desk directly.


    It was seemingly because he was reading the book too spellbound, when he heard the call, Xu Miaolin just looked up.

    He saw Fang Qiu and then looked at the lockbox on the desk, curiously asking, “What is this?”


    Fang Qiu said seriously, “Three hundred thousand.”


    Xu Miaolin didn’t come to sense for a while. When he came to himself and understood what Fang Qiu said, he was shocked instantly.

    He looked at Fang Qiu in astonishment.

    “You have got all the money?”

    In his opinion, Fang Qiu couldn’t be so fast.

    “Could this fellow be a rich second generation?”


    Fang Qiu nodded.


    Looking at the lockbox on the desk, Xu Miaolin scratched his head and curiously asked, “Are you a rich second generation?”

    Fang Qiu shook his head.

    “Then are you an official second generation?”

    Fang Qiu shook his head again.

    “Then is your father a rich second generation?”

    Fang Qiu, “…”

    Looking at the speechless eyes of Fang Qiu, Xu Miaolin smiled in embarrassment. He muttered to himself for a while and asked, “You didn’t do anything illegal to get it, did you?”

    “If I have done something illegal, I can’t get so much money within such a short period of time?”

    Fang Qiu said helplessly.


    Xu Miaolin touched his chin and said as he nodded.

    Then he looked at Fang Qiu with a puzzled and questionary look.

    Fang Qiu said sincerely, “Don’t worry. This money is as open as the day.”


    Since Xu Miaolin couldn’t see any other emotions besides sincerity from Fang Qiu’s face, he no longer pursued the source of the money. He said as he nodded, “Since you have brought the 300,000, the condition of the agreement between you and me has been reached. I will accept the money and you go back to read the books. When you finish reading all the books that I have asked you to read, come back to me.”

    “Remember. You can’t even miss once!”

    Xu Miaolin reminded him seriously.


    Fang Qiu nodded.

    As he was about to get up to leave.

    Xu Miaolin, who had accepted the lockbox, suddenly shouted, “Wait!”

    Fang Qiu turned back.

    “Are you just going to leave?”

    Xu Miaolin asked mysteriously.


    Fang Qiu doubted. “If not, how should I leave?”

    “Do you believe that I can break down this box with my head?”

    Asked Xu Miaolin.

    Fang Qiu shook his head.

    “Then why don’t you give me the password?”

    Xu Miaolin looked at Fang Qiu speechlessly. “Are you still going to let me break down the box with my head?”

    “Sorry! Sorry! Password is 123.”

    Said Fang Qiu hastily with an embarrassed smile.

    Xu Miaolin just nodded and then he suddenly thought of something. He muttered to himself and asked, “Do you have time tomorrow afternoon? If so, go to see a patient with me.”