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Chapter 115

Medical Master
     Chapter 115 I Am Going To Be Self-Taught!

    “See a patient with him?”

    Fang Qiu was moved inwardly.

    “There is no doubt that I will gain a lot of benefits if I follow Xu Miaolin to see patients.

    “And Xu Miaolin mentioned it because of this certainly. He is going to teach me something in person. Even if not, he will let me observe and study on the spot.”

    He was very moved and wanted to say yes to Xu Miaolin, but tomorrow was Sunday.

    He had to see patients in the hospital.

    After muttering to himself for a while, Fang Qiu finally smiled wryly and said,

    “Sorry, tomorrow is Sunday. I have to go to the hospital to see patients.”

    “See patients?”

    Xu Miaolin looked at Fang Qiu with a puzzled look and asked, “Where are you going to see patients? Are you a doctor now?”

    “Just an assistant physician.”

    Fang Qiu explained, “It was introduced by Mr. Shen Chun. I go to the Department of Orthopedics of the First Affiliated Hospital to see patients every Sunday. It’s a part-time job.”


    Xu Miaolin just knew that Fang Qiu saw patients in the hospital and said in surprise, “It seems that I have still looked down on you. No sooner did you enter the university than you became an assistant physician. Good! Good!”

    “Since you have to see patients, then forget it.”

    “Anyway, you can hardly learn anything if you follow me tomorrow. Asking you to go with me is mainly because I’m afraid that you will think the 300,000 yuan in vain. I want you to see how awesome I am!”

    Xu Miaolin said with equanimity.

    Fang Qiu, “…”

    “I thought that he is going to teach me. As a result, he just let me see whether he is awesome or not!”

    Xu Miaolin waved at Fang Qiu.

    “See you. Spend more free time reading books. When you finish reading the books, come back to me.”

    “Of course, if there is something that you don’t understand when you read, you can come to me.”


    Fang Qiu nodded, bowed, and turned away to leave.

    Xu Miaolin looked at the lockbox on the table, patting it lightly. He neither opened it nor tried the password that Fang Qiu said.

    Instead, he muttered to himself.

    “Is the amount I set a little bit small? It doesn’t seem to be effective.”

    “If I had known that this guy got 300,000 so fast, I would have said one million!”

    “What an unwise move!”

    Xu Miaolin said regrettably.

    He reached out and put the lockbox under the table.

    He didn’t know if he had said one million, Fang Qiu would have had enough money…


    Fang Qiu returned to his dormitory.

    He found Zhou Xiaotian, Sun Hao, and Zhu Benzheng still gathering together and staring at the list of the supervisors on the BBS in the notebook, discussing while watching.

    “I think that Ms. Li Meiyan is good because her attainments of acupuncture have almost reached the peak. Although she has retired and doesn’t give lessons usually, she should be very gentle and careful compared to the male supervisors. If I’m apprenticed to her, I can definitely have a tremendous achievement. After all, she has produced a prize-winning doctor.”

    Zhou Xiaotian said as he longed for it, “I will definitely be the second prize-winning person directed by her!”

    “You are wrong!”

    Sun Hao took Fang Qiu’s floating dust, shook it gently, and said with a mysterious look, “How can you see that she is gentle? Although she is very capable, she couldn’t have produced such an excellent doctoral talent without enough strict teaching! She is so strict, so let me be apprenticed to her!”

    At the sound of this, Zhou Xiaotian looked fiercely at Sun Hao with a face of contempt.

    “I think you have to see it from two sides.”

    Zhu Benzheng said seriously, “First of all, it is definitely right to follow Ms. Li Meiyan, but do you really like acupuncture?”

    “In addition, regardless of the teaching ability of Ms. Li Meiyan, it can be seen that her teaching method is definitely not the same as other teachers’ from the fact that she can produce a doctoral talent. If you want to be apprenticed to her, you have to think carefully first if you can throw away the traditional teaching methods.”

    “The most important point is that Ms. Li Meiyan has received so many honors and she is certainly second to none in the acupuncture field. Even if she has retired, she must have a lot of things to do. She can’t spend all her time on the students. In my opinion, being apprenticed to her not only requires sufficient understanding to study independently but also needs to endure long-term loneliness.”

    At the side.

    Zhou Xiaotian and Sun Hao looked at Zhu Benzheng, dumbfounded.

    They didn’t expect that the oldest could analyze so many things on the surface.

    Both of them gave Zhu Benzheng a thumbs-up immediately.


    The two of them praised in admiration.

    “Ha ha, it’s nothing to me. You can surpass me after studying for hundreds of years.”

    Zhu Benzheng proudly laughed.

    The two of them immediately gave him a look.

    “Can you stop bragging?”

    Hearing the discussion from his three roommates.

    Fang Qiu, who just returned to the dormitory, couldn’t help shaking his head and smiling. Then he sat at the desk and read a book himself.

    The three of them also did not bother about Fang Qiu but continued to discuss.

    “I think Mr. Zhang Zhenzhong is good, but he seems to be a bit harsh judging from his name.”

    “Judging from the name, I feel that Ms. Zhao Kaihui should be very kind.”

    “Actually, I want to be apprenticed to Mr. Shen Chun, but there are too many people who want to be apprenticed to him. I’m not sure if I can pass the interview tomorrow.”

    The three of them discussed for another long time.

    Sun Hao just turned his head and asked as he looked at Fang Qiu who was reading a book, “The youngest, you look so calm. Have you already chosen one? I feel that you don’t pay any attention to the apprentice thing at all.”

    “I am going to be self-taught.”

    Said Fang Qiu while reading a book.


    Sun Hao immediately gave a thumbs-up to Fang Qiu and then said in agreement, “The youngest, I agree with your idea. You can continue to fly forward and don’t need to wait for us!”


    Zhu Benzheng also gave a thumbs-up. “You dare to ignore everything. Despite the bustling world, you can keep a leisurely and comfortable mood. The youngest, you can continue to be stronger! Come on! We have faith in you!”

    “Yes! Go for it!”

    Zhou Xiaotian said the punch line with a sad face, “The youngest, you just focus on self-study and don’t worry. When we finish our apprenticeship, realize our potential, and make a name for ourselves, we will definitely get you a job of filling prescriptions and won’t let you unemployed!”

    Fang Qiu was very speechless.

    “What kind of roommates are you?

    “I did befriend the wrong guys!”

    “You guys!”

    Fang Qiu put down the book in his hand and turned to look at the three of them, saying, “I don’t know why you are so confident. Being apprenticed needs to be interviewed. Although you have chosen for a long time, it’s still not sure whether you will be accepted by them tomorrow!”

    Thinking of the apprentice meeting tomorrow, he had some words to remind the three of them.

    “The youngest, what you said is wrong.”

    Zhou Xiaotian said with a rarely serious face, “How can you belittle your friends this way?”

    “That’s right!”

    Said Zhu Benzheng and Sun Hao.

    Fang Qiu, “…”

    “Then why did you just belittle me?”

    “Let me ask in another way.”

    Fang Qiu asked helplessly, “Do you have any strength which can make the supervisors you have chosen accept you certainly?”

    He wanted to remind the three of them to dig up their own strengths.

    So that they would have something to show tomorrow.

    The three of them looked at each other.

    Sun Hao took the lead to stand up, assumed a heroic posture with his back straight, and said, “I have a body that dares to sacrifice for the Chinese Medicine and a strong enough heart!”

    “What? Do you want to be an experimental mouse?”

    Asked Fang Qiu.

    “Hey! Don’t interrupt! It’s not easy to brew emotions.”

    Sun Hao glared at Fang Qiu and said unflinchingly with his back straight again, “For the cause of Chinese Medicine, I can devote my youth, my mid-life, and even the rest of my life! For the cause of Chinese Medicine, I can abandon all the distracting thoughts. I won’t pick up a girl but only focus on studying Chinese Medicine well to contribute my tiny strength to the development of Chinese Medicine! I believe I can!”

    “That’s right!”

    Zhou Xiaotian also stood up and looked at Fang Qiu with a serious look, saying, “I also can do it. My body and my heart are always ready to be dedicated to the cause of Chinese Medicine!”

    “I agree!”

    Zhu Benzheng also stood up and proudly said with his head up, “My dream is to carry forward Chinese Medicine. I dare to sacrifice, to fight, and to create a future as much as I can!”

    “I believe we can do it!”

    The three of them said in a chorus.

    After that, the three of them neatly posed a movement like rushing into the sky.

    Looking at his three roommates.

    Fang Qiu really couldn’t help it but laughed.

    “When have you rehearsed?”

    Hearing that, his three roommates became angry.

    “You are not respectful to us!”

    Zhou Xiaotian accused him indignantly.

    “You don’t trust us!”

    Sun Hao also said angrily.

    “You have no dreams!”

    Zhu Benzheng said justly and severely.

    “We, on behalf of all the people of Chinese Medicine—”

    Zhu Benzheng took the lead as he looked at Sun Hao.

    Sun Hao took the hint and said, “Condemn you!”

    Zhou Xiaotian said, “Despise you!”

    Zhu Benzheng finally ended it, “And laugh at you!”

    “When are you going to take part in contributing to Chinese Medicine?”

    Asked Fang Qiu curiously.

    “Once we are apprenticed, we will take actions and will never go back on our words!”

    Zhou Xiaotian also said.

    Zhu Benzheng and Sun Hao nodded their heads.

    Fang Qiu, “…”

    “Pray that the three of them can distinguish themselves among over 30,000 people in the university and succeed in being apprenticed.”

    “You’d better dig up your strengths and show them tomorrow, trying to conquer the teachers at one stroke.”

    Fang Qiu reminded.

    Hearing this, the three of them began to think about their own strengths.

    And Fang Qiu continued to read.

    At 4:00 pm.

    Because there would be interview assessments tomorrow, a large group of people began to work in the playground, some moving umbrellas, some lifting tables and chairs, and some sweeping up as well as drawing lines.

    At first glance, it was a very lively scene.

    At the same time, every student in the university was making preparations hard to welcome the upcoming interview assessments.

    At 7:00AM the next day.


    The playground was full of people.

    It looked like very lively, as if new students were entering the university for registration.

    In addition to the dense people, there were fifty Roman umbrellas on the playground, lining up in a row.

    Under each umbrella, there was a long table and some wooden chairs.


    These fifty sets of tables and chairs were prepared for the fifty supervisors.


    The tables and the chairs at this time were empty.

    After all, it was impossible for the university to let the supervisors come to the playground first and wait for the apprentices. But it was obviously reasonable to let the apprentices wait for the supervisors.

    In Room501.

    “Hurry up. The playground is full of people. We have to go to queue up quickly.”

    Sun Hao, who had just finished breakfast, hurried into the dormitory and shouted.

    “So early?”

    Zhou Xiaotian was surprised.

    “Queue early, interview early! In order to attend more interviews, other students will definitely rush to queue up early. If a supervisor doesn’t pick me, I can still go to look for the next supervisor.”

    Zhu Benzheng has packed everything and was ready to go.