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Chapter 118

Medical Master
     Chapter 118 Talent!

    “The second thing is that I hope the school can prepare some mung bean soup. It’s already in the autumn but today is really hot. I’m afraid students might suffer heatstroke waiting in the long queue.”

    Said Fang Qiu.

    Hearing that.

    Chen Yinsheng nodded immediately and agreed, “Okay. I slipped up there. I’ll get on it right now. What’s the last thing?”

    He became curious.

    So were the other university leaders.

    “The last thing is about the freshmen.”

    Looking at the aroused crowd, Fang Qiu continued, “I think all freshmen must first learn well the elementary knowledge with a supervisor or without.”

    “Because they have just entered the university, getting a supervisor without a solid foundation might result in their arrogance and unrealistically high aim, and they might fall behind on their courses.”

    “To avoid this, I suggest all students who have successfully found a mentor must complete each and every course with at least 85 points or we need to keep them here and see how they behave!”

    “Those without a mentor are not in our consideration this time. But for those who fail to get 85 points again…”

    “I suggest kicking them out!”

    Next to them.

    Having heard Fang Qiu’s advice, the leaders from seven different universities suddenly had lights in their eyes.

    Great idea!

    If this program could be carried forth following this student’s suggestion, they could keep the students on the ground and encourage them to study harder!

    This would be a great thing both for the school and for the students. In the meantime, this could also reduce those supervisors’ pressure and offer them some basis to lay special emphasis on some certain part of their tutoring.

    At first.

    The seven leaders from other universities couldn’t believe a freshman had come up with such a great Apprentice Plan program.

    Then, they were convinced.


    Like those leaders from other universities, Chen Yinsheng’s eyes brightened upon hearing Fang Qiu’s suggestion. He nodded his approval at once.

    To treat the matter with due consideration, he said, “Student Fang Qiu, thank you for your brilliant suggestions. I’ll have a thorough discussion with the school management about your last piece of advice. The other two I’m getting on them right now.”

    Despite what he had said, he knew this plan could work!

    He couldn’t help taking a long gaze at Fang Qiu.

    This student is really talented!

    First, he provided this Apprentice Plan idea. Then, he came up with improving advice.

    Farsighted and meticulous.

    Heroes come from the younger generation indeed!

    He used to think this Apprentice Plan was only a result of Fang Qiu’s fortuitous smartness. At the moment, he realized that the plan was drafted after careful consideration otherwise he wouldn’t be able to provide additional suggestions.


    Fang Qiu continued with a nod, “President, see you.”

    “Go ahead.”

    Chen Yinsheng nodded with a bright grin.

    Fang Qiu turned around and left.

    Behind him.

    The eight leaders from other universities surged forth at once.

    “President Chen, your school has enrolled a great student.”

    One of them praised genuinely.

    The others nodded in agreement.

    Faced by their compliments, Chen Yinsheng was all smiles without words.

    Then he said with some embarrassment, “Please excuse me for a moment.”

    He left hastily for a discussion with the management.

    Over here.

    After Chen Yinsheng’s leaving, the eight university leaders turned their eyes back to sports ground crowded with a mass of bobbling heads.

    “This Apprentice Plan program seems to be going really well.”

    The leader of Medical University of Jingbei remarked in admiration.

    “We are all pretty set about this Apprentice Plan program. Based on the result of Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine, it will be improved significantly.”

    Said the leader from Medical University of Huizhou before he suddenly changed the topic. “Compared to the set matter, I’m more curious about that student Fang Qiu.”

    “You are envious, aren’t you?”

    The leader of the Zhongzhou University of Chinese Medicine poked fun.

    Who of them wasn’t envious?

    Able to provide constructive suggestions and remedy omissions and correct errors, he was very much a talent!

    School was invented to cultivate talents. Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine discovered a great one.

    Why didn’t they have someone like this in their school? At least they hadn’t found anyone.

    “More or less. But the most important thing is… Do you know if this student Fang Qiu has signed up for the coming quiz?”

    Asked the leader of Medical University of Huizhou out of curiosity.

    Hearing that.

    The other eight people were confused for a moment. Then they shook their head in unison.

    They were all leaders of universities but they had no time to read carefully who were on the list for a quiz.

    Looking back at it.

    If this Fang Qiu had the ability to participate in the quiz, Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine had really enrolled a genius!

    “Don’t make a fuss about nothing.”

    The leader of Zhongzhou University of Chinese Medicine said, shaking his head. “This student Fang Qiu did offer some constructive suggestions. They sounded great but it can’t speak for his ability in Chinese Medicine.”

    “Better to be safe than sorry.”

    Said the leader of Medical University of Huizhou after a moment of thinking. “Think about it. If he didn’t have enough knowledge and skills, where could he find the courage to make suggestions to his school leader? He’s only a freshman. Would an average student’s advice make the management of this Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine study and discuss carefully? I don’t think this student is simple.”

    Hearing that.

    They nodded their agreement.

    They had no idea if Fang Qiu was on the list for the quiz but they all decided to give it a good look once they returned.

    15 minutes later.

    Chen Yinsheng came back to the rostrum by the sports ground.

    He greeted the eight leaders from other universities with a nod and then grabbed the microphone.

    “Everyone, attention.”

    Looking at the chaotic scene on the grass, Chen Yinsheng shouted loudly.

    The noise was instantly suppressed.

    The entire sports ground became quiet.

    Students recognized President Chen’s voice and turned to the rostrum immediately.

    “I understand you are all highly enthusiastic about this Apprentice Plan.”

    Looking down at the crowd, Chen Yinsheng continued, “However, this meet-and-greet is an interview, not a Q&A session. Students are required to show respect to our supervisors. Do not push or squeeze. Please form a line in front of each tutor and take turns to communicate with the supervisors.”

    “Each student’s communication with one supervisor is limited to one minute!”


    Everyone was startled.

    Only one minute?

    What could one do in one minute? They could hardly complete their self-introduction.

    Those in the front fell into a dark mood but those in the rear felt very happy.

    If the time limit was set longer, when would it be their turn?

    There were over 30,000 students and only 50 supervisors.

    One minute for each student meant every supervisor would get 600 minutes on average.

    That would be 10 hours!

    Which supervisor could stand completely concentrated for 10 hours?

    One minute was actually pretty long when they came to this realization.

    The students did as ordered when the shock went away.


    A long line was formed in front of each supervisor’s desk.


    Seeing the students queuing in line, Chen Yinsheng nodded and praised, “Students of our Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine are indeed talents of high qualities! There’s mung bean soup and Herba Agastachis Syrup available at eight sites around the sports ground. If anyone feels uncomfortable, take a rest and be careful with heatstroke.”

    “At last, I’d like to make one announcement.”

    Chen Yinsheng spoke to all the students on the sports ground through the microphone, “After a careful study and discussion, the school management has decided to lay down a hard and fast rule before the official start of the Apprentice Plan program.”

    Everyone present was confused.

    A hard and fast rule?

    In simple words, that would be a rule for all to observe and shouldn’t be violated under any circumstances.

    The 50 supervisors were also puzzled.

    They had no clue what was going on.

    “This rule applies to all students enrolled in our university!”

    Chen Yinsheng continued, “This Apprentice Plan program is open to all students to apply while many of you have not yet gained a solid understanding of elementary knowledge or theories. The school management has reached a unified decision that the students who intend to become an apprentice must score at least 85 points on all your courses.”

    “Of course for those who didn’t have 85 points but were able to pass the interview, the position will be held for you. However, if you can’t score 85 points in the next end-of-term exams, you will be kicked out directly.”

    Hearing that.

    The 50 supervisors on the sports ground nodded their approval in unison.

    This would be a good thing both for them and for all the students.

    Without a solid foundation, studying with them would only set their aim too high.

    However, the students didn’t think this way.

    “85 points. You must be kidding me! Whose idea is this? Where is the humanity?”

    “That’s enough for some scholarship!”

    “My lord. This is killing me!”

    “Damn it. I have already failed a course… I wanted to catch up quickly with a private tutor’s help… How can I even get a supervisor with this rule?”

    “The requirement is so high. Should I just quit?”

    “Yeah. This is too strict!”

    Piteous cries instantly came out one after another across the sports ground.

    Hearing these comments, Fang Qiu immediately took his leave.

    Afraid someone might find out it was his suggestion. This would cause public wrath.

    Some students thought differently.

    “Becoming an apprentice is a great opportunity. Although I have failed some course, I have time. It will be okay as long as I can improve my results by the next exams.”

    “That’s right. If I give up now, I’ll be slack in my future study. And I can’t even think about getting a supervisor if I’m unable to improve my results.”

    “The president is urging us to study harder.”

    “Just 85 points. I’ll get it next time.”

    “Yeah. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Just 85 points.”

    Listening to those scholar-tyrants.

    Those who were disheartened clenched their teeth and made up their mind to get 85 points in the next exams.

    85 points!

    I’m going all out!

    No more games!

    Less romantic strolls!

    After all.

    It was never a piece of cake to become an apprentice in school.

    This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that no one should miss!

    They came around.

    Students stopped complaining and returned to the interview in good order.

    At the same time.

    Chen Yinsheng found some senior students to help as the 50 supervisors’ assistants.

    Some of them wrote down every student’s name and contact in the line so the supervisor could make some remark during the interview.

    This should help them figure out which students met their requirements better.

    The interview went on in an orderly way.

    More and more people gathered on the sports ground.

    Other teachers also came out of curiosity.