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Chapter 119

Medical Master
     Chapter 119 Someone Has Passed Out!

    On the rostrum.

    “A grand occasion like this is rarely seen.”

    The eight leaders of other universities began discussing again.

    “Yeah. It’s not common to see a sea of people.”

    Said the leader of Medical University of Huizhou.

    “One institute would be okay. It’s kind of scary to gather students from all the institutes.”

    The leader of Zhongzhou University of Chinese Medicine nodded in agreement.

    “Looks like University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine is going to become an instant hit.”

    The leader of Jiangchang University of Chinese Medicine nodded and said, “I bet this will be on TV soon. What a great opportunity to give wide publicity! If those high school students saw this, many of them would apply!”

    “It is unfortunate that we are one step too late.”

    The leader of Medical University of Jiangjing shook his head with a wry smile. He said, “Why did this Fang Qiu come to the University of Chinese Medicine, not our Medical University?”

    “Do you think the management of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine would forget to conduct propaganda through this?”

    Asked the leader of Medical University of Zhongzhou.

    “No way.”

    The leader of Medical University of Huizhou shook his head at once and added, “This program has become such a big deal. You are a school leader. So are they. When they decided to launch this Apprentice Plan, they must have thought about all the pros and cons carefully. They won’t miss such a great opportunity for propaganda.”

    The other six leaders of other universities shook their head with a sigh.

    They each thought to themselves.

    How awesome it would be if this opportunity fell on them!


    University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine had already taken the lead. They couldn’t just sit and wait.

    Eight of them said goodbye to Chen Yinsheng and got ready to take their leave.

    They knew clearly.

    They must report this situation to their university before University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine’s fire spread across the country.


    They could still take advantage of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine’s fire and conduct some propaganda.

    After saying their goodbye, the eight leaders of othis universities left in a rush.

    On the other side.

    Having arrived at the sports ground very early and seen this spectacular event, Qi Kaiwen didn’t give a speech on the stage but kept his smile bright.

    As the Director of the School of Chinese Medicine, how could he not smile seeing how much his students were striving to make progress?

    “Finally, I’ve done something great.”

    Qi Kaiwen thought to himself.

    Since he took the office, he hadn’t done many practical things. Similar to his predecessors, he gave attention to whatever deserved it and remained careful and precise whenever he could. He felt he had been repeating the same thing over and over again without contributing much to the university.

    Sometimes, he had no interests in doing certain things but he had to sitting in his office.

    His heart had finally set when this Apprentice Plan officially started.


    Zhang Xinming, the associate Director of the School of Chinese Medicine was also on the sports ground though not by Qi Kaiwen’s side.

    “This is great!”

    Looking at those passionate students on the sports ground, Zhang Xinming also felt very happy.

    In his opinion.

    This was an achievement of his official career. The future results of the students would be the future achievements of his.

    Thinking about the rising of students’ results, school’s reputation, and his position, Zhang Xinming couldn’t help laughing.

    The only downside of this was that Qi Kaiwen got the bigger half of it.

    A blemish in an otherwise perfect thing!

    Time flew by quickly.

    In a blink, three hours passed.

    It came to 11 o’clock in the morning.

    One hour before lunch, a student suddenly fell in a faint after a three-hour long wait at the end of the line under the scorching sun.


    His sudden fall frightened the students nearby.

    They ran forward and tried to lifted him up.

    Supporting him by the arms, a student called, “Help! Someone has passed out!”

    Hearing the call.

    The crowd on the sports ground made a racket.

    They turned to look.

    Most of the students remained in line and felt anxious and helpless watching other students queuing ahead of the fallen student.

    “What’s going on?”

    Hearing the shouts, Chen Yinsheng immediately turned to look.

    Then he questioned the staff nearby angrily, “Didn’t you prepare mung bean soup? Why would our student pass out?”

    Next to him.

    The staff member looked miserable and replied, “President, I’ve prepared more than enough mung bean soup as requested but none of these students came to drink.” “They’ve queued for so long that they don’t want to leave the line and start again.”

    Chen Yinsheng was shocked by the answer.

    He expected this situation.

    He couldn’t help remarking with emotion.

    “These kids… I don’t know what to say about them.”

    It was great that the students were passionate. But as the Vice President, he didn’t want to see any student pass out for an interview.

    “Send medical staff to treat the fallen student. Bring buckets and sanitary cups to offer mung bean soup to students one by one!”

    Ordered Chen Yinsheng.

    “Got it!”

    The staff member answered.

    Before he left.

    The supervisor of the line in which the fallen student had been queuing suddenly stood up.

    His name was Zheng Guoqing.

    An acupuncture and moxibustion professor.

    “Make some room, please.”

    Zheng Guoqing shouted as he made his way towards the student in a faint.

    Seeing him approaching, the students in the line gave way.

    Over here.

    Having been wandering around the sports ground, Fang Qiu headed over at once.

    In front of the student in a faint.

    Zheng Guoqing squatted down and began to examine the student.

    After a quick check-up, he felt relieved.

    An idea came to his mind and he saw it as a great opportunity.

    He inspected carefully and spoke to the students around him.

    “Have a look!”

    Zheng Guoqing continued, pointing at the student on the ground, “This student’s body is hot but doesn’t have much sweat. This is an obvious symptom of hot body with little sweat.”

    As he spoke.

    He felt the student’s pulse.

    “His pulse is light and thin as if a soft piece of paper floating on the water. When I press down slightly, it always disappears. This is the classic pulse moist.”

    After feeling the pulse.

    Zheng Guoqing reached out his arm and opened his mouth to check the coating on his tongue closely.

    “The coating on his tongue is white and greasy.”


    Zheng Guoqing gently asked the student who had already regained consciousness after being pinched the philtrum, “Student, how do you feel? Any discomfort?”

    “My head spins and hurts. My chest feels oppressed. I also feel a little bit nauseated and drained. And drowsy.”

    The student struggled to answer.


    Zheng Guoqing nodded slightly and continued, “Hot body with little sweat, dizziness, headache, chest distress, nausea, fidgetiness, thirst, sleepiness, white coating on the tongue, and pulse moist. These are typical symptoms of heatstroke. But don’t worry. These are mild symptoms.”

    “Acute patients would feel extremely hot, very thirsty, dry lips and hot skin, anxious and disoriented. They might also get a cramp or a spasm…”

    As he spoke.

    Zheng Guoqing returned to his desk and took out a set of silver needles.

    He went back to the student suffering sunstroke.

    Zheng Guoqing took out one silver needle and pushed it into an acupoint. He said, “To treat a patient suffering mild sunstroke, we mainly work along the Du meridian and insert fine needles at the Shouyang and Mingjing points.”

    “The points we need here are Dazhui, Quchi, Hegu, and Neiguan.”

    As he mentioned each acupoint.

    Zheng Guoqing inserted one needle.

    His technique was extremely accurate.

    A few minutes later.

    Zheng Guoqing packed the needles away.

    The student who had fallen to the ground in a faint with no strength left in his body was able to get up on his own.


    Zheng Guoqing said with a smile, “Have some mung bean soup and take a rest.”

    “Thank you, teacher. Mung bean soup won’t be necessary.”

    The student said sincerely but he didn’t leave, insisting on staying in the queue.

    He knew he would never make it if he left then.

    No matter what, he had to stay in line even if he might pass out again.

    As he refused to leave, those staff members quickly came with mung bean soup and a sunshade for him.

    Seeing his quick recovery, those students present came around.

    “Wow! This supervisor is amazing!”

    “It only took him a few minutes to treat him!”

    “I had sunstroke before and it took me a very long time to get to my feet. Teacher Zheng Guoqing is really good. Insert several needles and the patient is cured.”

    “Acupuncture and moxibustion are this magical?”

    Listening to the students marveling with admiration.

    Zheng Guoqing had a gentle smile on his face as he returned. He said loudly, “This is just an elementary use of acupuncture. Real experts can treat all sorts of diseases. Work harder and you will achieve something in acupuncture and moxibustion, able to heal the wounded and rescue the dying.”

    After his words, the discussions became more enthusiastic.

    “I have decided. I’m going to learn acupuncture!”

    “Not boneset?”

    “I have changed my mind. Acupuncture is so powerful and effective. Of course I’m going for acupuncture and moxibustion!”

    “Me, too!”

    “And me!”

    For a while.

    More emotional sighs came and many students came to Supervisor Zheng Guoqing’s queue from other lines.

    The lines for those 50 supervisors were more or less the same long.

    After this.

    Supervisor Zheng Guoqing’s line was almost doubled at once.

    Many students came with admiration in their eyes.

    Seeing this.

    Supervisor Zheng Guoqing smiled merrily in his seat.

    What a lovely surprise!

    But over there.

    Other supervisors changed their face.

    “This cunning fox… It’s not nice for him to attract students like this.”

    “Ahh. How could I not think of this move? It should have been me!”

    “No! All my students are going to him. Who can I teach?”

    They muttered to themselves secretly.

    The supervisors rose and asked if any student in the line felt unwell.

    After their question, there were students feeling ill.

    Several students raised their hands.

    The supervisors began to show off their specialties in front of the students.

    Some of them.

    Gave detailed explanations, covering pathology and causes.

    The others acted quickly with the power of a thunderbolt.

    They cured sick students in the twinkling of an eye.

    Watching from afar.

    The 50 supervisors were having a competition.

    For a while.

    The atmosphere at the sports ground was heated.

    Students were still queuing but no longer bored.

    The crowd exclaimed in astonishment across the sports ground.

    Over here.


    Fang Qiu continued wandering around the sports ground. He watched carefully at their methods and techniques as he passed each supervisor.

    It was a real eye-opener for him.

    “Chinese Medicine is awesome!”

    Remarked Fang Qiu with emotion.