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Chapter 122

Medical Master
     Chapter 122 The No.1 Among the Young Doctors!

    “Have you brought your casebooks?”

    Asked the nurse.


    This group of people all took out their casebooks and handed to the nurse.


    A high stack of casebooks had piled up in the nurse’s hand.

    “There have some waiting chairs and please wait there. Follow me when you hear I call your names.”

    The nurse picked up the first casebook, read a name, and then turned around to walk toward the consulting room of Fang Qiu.

    The nurses in the hospital all placed casebooks one below another when they collected them.

    The first one received was always on top.

    The first person that the nurse called was right the leader because he was relatively close to the nurse.

    Others just went to the waiting chairs on the side, sitting down and waiting quietly.

    “He is amazing. No sooner has he started working than so many patients come to see him!”

    “I thought he entered the hospital by a connection!”

    “Yes, I was mistaken about him!”

    “I still don’t understand. He is so young. How can he be so awesome? How can there be so many patients coming to see him specially?”

    The young doctors all smiled bitterly.

    From the situation on the spot, Fang Qiu deserved the title of a doctor and he was also qualified enough to be on the list of “Smiling Doctors”.

    “It will be strange if he isn’t on the list since so many patients come to see him because of his reputation.”

    “But is this possible?

    He has only been here for a few days.”

    “How can he have so many patients?”

    “Shall we go and have a look?”

    A young doctor who looked very clever suddenly sniggered and said, “Go and have a look. You will know if he has the real ability?”

    “Isn’t it inappropriate?”

    Another person said with hesitation, “He is seeing a patient now. If we go there, we will disturb his treatment. If he blames this and reports to the leader, we will be in trouble.”


    Another person echoed as he nodded, “We are also doctors. We are also not willing to let someone bother us either when we see patients.”

    The others all nodded.

    “If you don’t go, I will!”

    The clever doctor sniggered and said, “Wait. I will tell you in details when I come back.”

    After that.

    He immediately ran toward the consulting room of Fang Qiu.


    While running, he also called the nurse and the patient who were going to enter the consulting room of Fang Qiu.


    The nurse turned around and looked at the clever doctor with doubt.

    “Let me take him inside.”

    The clever doctor smiled, reaching out to seize the patient’s casebook from the nurse’s hand.

    The nurse was dumbfounded.

    Just as the nurse was dumbfounded, the clever doctor had already led the patient inside.

    Fang Qiu looked up and recognized that he was one of the doctors.

    The clever doctor smiled at Fang Qiu kindly.

    Fang Qiu also smiled and asked the patient to sit down without saying anything.

    A while later.

    After three minutes, the clever doctor and the patient came out together.

    The clever doctor who had been questioning Fang Qiu before was shocked at the moment while the patient was smiling happily.

    Seeing the two of them coming out.

    The group of young doctors all surrounded him around in a flash.

    “How is it going? How is it going?”

    “What did you see?”

    “Does Dr. Xiao Fang really have the ability?”

    The young doctors all asked the clever doctor curiously.


    The clever doctor finally let out a long sigh. Waking up from the shock, he gave a thumbs-up in front of everyone.

    Then he pointed to the first patient at the side, who was surrounded by the large crowd that were waiting to see the doctor, said in disbelief, “I led him inside. Dr. Xiao Fang did not say anything but started the consultation directly. This person said that he had backache, so Dr. Xiao Fang examined him and then let him sit on the stool. Then Dr. Xiao Fang held him from behind and lifted him suddenly. With a sound of “Ka ba”, he was cured.

    “So fast?!

    “So awesome?!”

    The young doctors were all surprised.

    “Just a movement. Nothing else?”

    Someone asked in disbelief.

    “Nothing else. He is just so fast!”

    The clever doctor replied.

    “My god, he is really so awesome?”

    Asked one person in shock.

    “Yes, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I couldn’t believe it either. This Dr. Xiao Fang is so awesome. A famous person certainly has real strength!”

    Said the clever doctor with a wry smile.

    On the other side.

    The patients surrounded by the people also asked the first patient.

    “Are you cured? Are you cured?”

    “Is Dr. Xiao Fang really so awesome as they said?”


    “He is awesome than they said!”

    The first patient said with excitement and emotion, “Let me tell you. Dr. Xiao Fang is too amazing. He just examined me for a while and then cured my waist after making one movement. I still can’t believe it until now!”

    At the sound of this.

    This group of people who were waiting to see the doctor were all excited.

    “Great. We rarely meet a good doctor. There is a good chance that my illness will be finally cured.”

    “Yes, we are all drivers and all have the occupational disease. This occupational disease can’t be examined and the root cause can’t be found. It’s all right now. We have Dr. Xiao Fang here, so we don’t need to suffer any longer.”

    “Looks like it is right for us to come!”

    “No wonder so many people praise Dr. Xiao Fang.”

    The voices of inquiry and compliment incessantly lingered on.

    At this time.

    “The next one.”

    Fang Qiu’s voice came from the consulting room.

    The nurse immediately picked up the second casebook and called the next name.

    “Zhang Liguo.”

    “Yes. I’m here!”

    A fat man immediately went up, took over the casebook handed by the nurse, and walked directly into the consulting room.


    The man came out of the consulting room.

    The previous painful look disappeared completely after he came out of the consulting room. Instead, he was fully surprised and excited.

    “Cured. I am really cured!”

    This person twisted his hand with an overjoyed look as if he couldn’t believe it.

    His colleagues became happier and more confident as they heard that.

    They were looking forward to their turns.

    “The next one.”

    The voice of the nurse was heard again.


    The group of young doctors still hadn’t left.

    Fang Qiu had seen five patients in succession and each treatment had only been done in a few minutes. The most important thing was that all five patients were cured by Fang Qiu.

    This kind of terrifying efficiency suddenly made this group of young doctors unable to sit still.

    “I am really convinced this time!”

    “He is really something.”

    “His efficiency is even faster than old experts’ and he can cure all the patients. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it!”

    “I’m convinced. This guy is really something!”

    The young doctors all nodded with admiration.

    At the thought of the doubt to Fang Qiu before, they couldn’t help shaking their heads.

    “There is always someone who is better than us. Are we too short-sighted?”

    Said one of them with a wry smile.


    Suddenly, one person said as he gritted his teeth, “I have to go and see.”

    After that.

    He immediately walked toward the consulting room of Fang Qiu.

    Other young doctors looked at each other, all following away.


    Everyone followed the sixth patient and poured into the consulting room of Fang Qiu.

    Half an hour later.

    All the young doctors came out of the consulting room with all their faces full of shock.

    They had seen the process of Fang Qiu’s treatment with their own eyes.

    That precise bonesetting technique made them feel ashamed.

    Of course.

    What shocked them most was the experience that did not match Fang Qiu’s age at all!

    For most of the patients who they thought had got difficult and complicated diseases, Fang Qiu even didn’t need to take X-rays for them. He just needed consultation and bone touching to confirm the patient’s condition.

    “How many practices does this terrifying experience require to reach this extent?”

    With extreme shock.

    The young doctors dispersed and went back to work in their own departments.


    Fang Qiu’s name was all over the hospital because of the spread of these people.

    “I heard that the Department of Orthopedics has come a very awesome doctor?”

    “I also heard about it. It seems to be someone called Fang Qiu. Everyone said that he is a genius.”

    “The doctors in our department said that they saw him with their own eyes. In his words, Fang Qiu is just a genius. He is born for orthopedics.”

    Is he so awesome?”

    It could be seen everywhere, whether in the consulting room or on the aisle, whether it was a nurse or a doctor, they were all talking about Fang Qiu.

    This kind of heated discussion lasted for a whole afternoon.

    It was time to leave for the day.

    When all the doctors and nurses left the hospital and passed by the list of “Smiling Doctors”, they were shocked to find that Fang Qiu, who was ranked 30th in the first week and 20th in the second week, was actually ranked 15th directly today.

    When it came to the number of “Like”, it had reached a startling number-forty.

    Such a terrifying result made everyone shocked.

    “It’s just an afternoon!”

    “He was ranked 15th with a rush within an afternoon. If he were asked to see patients for a week, wouldn’t he be ranked first?”

    “I have been hearing that this Fang Qiu is very awesome at this noon. Now it seems true.”

    A doctor couldn’t help saying with emotion as he looked at the electronic screen.

    “They almost praised him as a legendary person. He seems to really have strength!”

    “I heard that he is still a student and only comes to work one day a week? I’m wondering if it is true or not.”

    “It’s true. It’s the first time for me to see such a perverted guy. He has only been working here for three days, but he has been ranked so high on the list of “Smiling Doctors.”

    These doctors all discussed with emotion.

    They were discussing the unique miracle incident.


    Suddenly, one female doctor of them discovered something. She pointed to the electronic screen and said with surprise,

    “Look, he squeezed Han Zhen down!”

    “Ah? Really!”

    As she reminded, everyone noticed that Han Zhen’s name was obviously under Fang Qiu’. He was ranked 16th with 39 votes!

    Han Zhen was a brilliant student introduced by the Director personally.

    It could be said that he was the No.1 among the young doctors in the whole hospital.

    But now, he had actually been squeezed down by Fang Qiu. How couln’t they be surprised!

    “Even Han Zhen was squeezed down by him. Couldn’t Fang Qiu be the No.1 among the young doctors in our hospital!”

    One person said with emotion.

    Many people also thought so in their hearts.

    They had only been busy with sighing but had forgotten that there was a person standing in the crowd.

    Among the male doctors, a tall, strongly defined, youthful, and handsome young man was clenching his teeth with an unconvinced face.

    This person was the original No.1 among the young doctors—Han Zhen.


    Hearing the comments around him, Han Zhen immediately snorted coldly and said only one sentence, “See you next week!”

    After that.

    He directly turned around and left, leaving the people who were embarrassed and expectant behind.

    Just when they were discussing it, Fang Qiu had left the hospital early. When the doctors and nurses were staring at the list of “Smiling Doctors” and discussing him, he had already returned to the dormitory.


    As soon as he entered the room, Fang Qiu found that the atmosphere was strange.