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Chapter 125

Medical Master
     Chapter 125 A Contest in the Dark!

    In the meanwhile, the students talked among themselves.

    “I’ve waited a long time for today. I have been dreaming for a long time, and now I have finally realized my dream!”

    A student waiting in line for the interview couldn’t help but sing with excitement.

    “It is true that today has come at last, but it will be a difficult dream to realize, won’t it?”

    “I heard that the odds of being selected in University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine are horrendously low. Out of 30,000 people, only 1,500 were selected. And there are still fifty supervisors among them. That’s why the odds are a little bit high.”

    “The odds in our school shouldn’t be so low, right?”

    “Not necessarily.”

    “Although it’s never a piece of cake to become an apprentice, the Apprentice Plan training mode is really worth our efforts.”

    “Yeah, I’m glad that I have only studied at the school for three years. If I succeed to become an apprentice this time, I will have two more years to learn from my master. My grades will definitely improve by leaps and bounds.”

    “The fifth-grade schoolmates are not that lucky.”

    “You’re a junior, but I’m a freshman. I still have five years. If I can be selected, I will be better than you after graduation.”

    “This is all nonsense right now. We’ll talk about it when you get elected.”

    “By the way, what’s the name of the guy who came up with this mode? He’s awesome, isn’t he?”

    “I think he’s Fang Qiu. I remember.”

    “How come our school doesn’t produce such talents? If such a person had appeared earlier, wouldn’t this mode have been adopted earlier?”

    “The guy named Fang Qiu came up with this mode. He’s not an ordinary guy, I’m afraid?”

    “How can he be ordinary?”

    “If it were you, could you figure out this mode?”

    “This man is talented.”

    “No, in my opinion, he is a monster. Think about it, a freshman put forward such a brilliant proposal! Even if we call him a genius, that is not enough ah… ”


    Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine.

    “I heard that this Apprentice Plan training mode was created by a freshman. Now that it has really been proven, but why am I a little incredulous?”

    “Well, all geniuses are lonely and serve the public in the dark.”

    “Without him, could our school carry out this model? This guy is so awesome that even the school management listens to him!”

    “I have to say that he is really awesome!”

    “What a pity! If I were in Jiangjing, I would have to visit this student. His proposal has helped all the students in TCM colleges!”

    “If I were the head of his university, I’d give him an award for his outstanding service!”

    “Don’t mention it. I heard that his school only mentioned his name and praised him in public, but gave him nothing else.”

    “What else can the school give him? A great man never needs a coronation!”


    Zhongzhou Medical University.

    On the playground.

    “Thanks, Fang Qiu, who is far away, for giving us such a great opportunity to learn.”

    “Go find him if you have the ability!”

    “For what?”

    “Don’t you want to thank him? You look like a love-struck fool!”

    “Perhaps Fang Qiu is handsome, as handsome as our school hunk?”

    “So what?”

    “He is handsome and talented. I’ll ask him out!”


    Jiangchang University of Chinese Medicine.

    “Hey, how did Fang Qiu come up with this idea?”

    “Who knows? Since he could come up with this idea, he must have a remarkable talent for management. But I heard that he was a student in a School of Chinese Medicine. It’s a pity that his talent is wasted.”

    “Yeah, ordinary people are unable to think of such a great idea. This guy is really great.”


    Huizhou University of Chinese Medicine.

    “You know what? The leaders of our college learned the Apprentice Plan training mode from University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.”

    “I heard that, too. It seems that the proposal was put forward by a freshman at the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.”

    “So awesome?”

    “This is nothing short of a revolution in TCM colleges. Now, a lot of colleges are trying to copy it and using the mode.”

    “Damn, if I could think of something like that, I wouldn’t be anxious after graduation.”

    “He’s a genius. What are you?”

    “If you could figure it out, pigs could climb trees. Do you believe it?”


    These were the several colleges at the second echelon who carried out the training mode.

    Students at TCM colleges across the country had only one topic to talk about during the week, and the protagonist of this topic was Fang Qiu.

    However, when the students of TCM colleges all over the country were talking about it, Fang Qiu had just left the dormitory and was heading for the hospital.

    Today was Sunday.

    It was his time to stay in the clinic again.

    At 1:55 p.m.

    A doctor, standing in the hall of the First Affiliated Hospital of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, stared at the list of smiling doctors hanging on the hall.

    This person was tall and well-proportioned. Looking from the back, he was simply a girl killer.

    He was Han Zhen, the best among young doctors in the First Affiliated Hospital.

    He was looking at the list of smiling doctors.

    Then, he gave a soft breath.

    His name was on the list.

    He had 40 votes.

    And he ranked thirteenth.

    Fang Qiu had been ranked ahead of him, but now he had left him behind.

    Nevertheless, he dared not be careless.

    “He only works one day a week. Should he be here now?”

    Han Zhen shot a glance at his watch. Then he said in a low, elderly voice, as he turned his head towards the hospital gate, “I didn’t expect that this boy would come up with the Apprentice Plan training mode of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. From this point of view, this boy has some foresight. But there’s still a huge gap between us.”

    Then, with a confident smile, Han Zhen lifted his head and walked towards his office, ready to go to work.

    Just as he left, Fang Qiu walked through the hospital gate.

    He went straight up the stairs to the orthopedics department on the seventh floor.

    Then, he went into the consulting room.

    He put on his white coat and began to examine patients.

    The space outside the consulting room was packed with patients within a few minutes.

    They were all drivers who had heard of Fang Qiu’s name. Some people drove taxis, and some drove vans. Every one of them had some occupational diseases.

    Perhaps Fang Qiu’s fame spread too quickly.

    The drivers who came to see the doctor were in groups and quickly occupied all the seats in the waiting area of the orthopedics department. Some of the people who came later didn’t even have a seat. Those who could stand stood, and those who couldn’t squat with their backs against the wall.


    The entire corridor was packed with people.

    Although there were no major problems with the passage, it attracted the attention of the nurses.

    The head nurse gave an order.

    All the nurses on the seventh floor acted, ready to evacuate the crowd.

    “What is ailing you, Sir?”

    A young nurse ran up to a young man squatting in a corner and said, “Now, there is a doctor in the second consulting room. You can go over there and see the doctor.”


    The young man immediately shook his head and said, “I have come specially to see Dr. Xiao Fang. I have handed in my casebook, and I’ll wait here. Ask someone else, please.”

    The young nurse wore a wry smile and continued to ask others.

    In the end, this group of nurses worked for a long time.

    But no one was willing to leave, because they wanted Fang Qiu to be their doctor.

    In the whole orthopedics department, other consulting rooms had few visitors except that a nurse at the door of Shen Chun’s first consulting room was carrying a stack of medical records.

    However, there was a different scene in front of Fang Qiu’s consulting room.

    The same nurse already had dozens of casebooks in her arms and was smiling bitterly.

    She had never expected that.

    More and more people came to Fang Qiu’s consulting room.

    The first time there were twenty people, the second time there were thirty, and the third time there were more than thirty. This time, it grew to more than fifty.

    The people were waiting anxiously.

    A patient came out of the consulting room with a big smile on his face.

    “Senior, please come in.”

    Fang Qiu’s voice sounded.

    The young nurse’s name was Yang Ting. She was also a graduate of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine majoring in nursing and had been working as a nurse in the hospital for more than a year.

    Therefore, Fang Qiu always called her senior.

    Hearing the voice of Fang Qiu, Yang Ting immediately turned, walked into the consulting room and closed the door.

    “Senior, how many people are out there?”

    Fang Qiu asked.


    Yang Ting said with a bitter laugh, “A patient just left, and I still have forty-nine casebooks in my hand.”

    “Ah, fifty in total.”

    Fang Qiu nodded his head slightly and said, “Take this stool out of the room. Rest when you are tired. You can also put the casebooks on it.”

    Yang Ting nodded and went out with the stool.

    “Three hours, fifty people.”

    Fang Qiu muttered, counting the time, “Well, I’ll have to speed up.”

    He immediately called out to the next patient.

    Then he examined patients at full speed.

    He couldn’t keep patients waiting, but he knew that examining fifty people within three hours was a huge challenge.

    But he tried hard.

    At last, after three hours of hard work, he managed to examine all fifty patients.

    At 5:30 p.m., he got off work.

    In another department, Han Zhen, who had just examined the last patient, took off his white coat and asked a new intern in the consulting room.

    “How many votes has Fang Qiu got?”


    In the consulting room, the new intern, with a wry smile on his face, said, “I have been following the situation of the list of smiling doctors and Fang Qiu ever since you said that. As a result, I saw his votes on the list rocket. The minute he sat down in the consulting room, his votes have been consistently rising.”

    “Is he so formidable?”

    Han Zhen raised his eyebrows in surprise.

    He’d been following his own votes. He had exactly 50 votes so far.

    From what he’d been told so far, he was even with Fang Qiu.


    It was only three minutes before they left work.

    “How many patients did Fang Qiu examine?”

    Han Zhen asked.

    In his opinion, Fang Qiu got the fifty votes too quickly.


    The intern said at once, “I’ve gone out of my way to compile the data. No more, no less. Exactly fifty.”

    While speaking, the intern’s face was full of shock.

    If Han Zhen had not let him pay attention to Fang Qiu, he wouldn’t have seen a thing so horrible.

    During the whole afternoon, Fang Qiu examined fifty patients, and each patient cast a vote for him. How could people not be surprised by such a thing?