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Chapter 129

Medical Master
     Chapter 129 Thirty Thousand for a Detective!

    “Okay then.”

    Fang Qiu gently nodded after thinking for a short while, then took the silk banner.

    The next moment.

    The applause burst out.

    The old pros all gave their applause joyfully.

    On the side.

    Apart from respect, Cao Ze couldn’t help but put on a smile on his face, and peeked at Han Zhen next to him at the same time.

    Meanwhile, Han Zhen looked extremely frustrated right now.

    This scene made him very uncomfortable.

    He didn’t even want to take one more look at it, he just turned around and left without saying anything.

    He knew that, he had lost today.

    It didn’t help at all that he had one more vote than Fang Qiu on the smiling doctors list.

    Could votes compare to a silk banner?

    As an official doctor, he had been working in the hospital for so long, he spent a whole week to earn one more vote than Fang Qiu who spent one day in a week for clinic service.

    Let along the silk banner that he didn’t dare to dream about.

    A silk banner.

    It was enough to crush him completely.

    What else in him that could be compared to Fang Qiu?

    He lost!


    The news that Fang Qiu spent just an afternoon to earn fifty votes on the smiling doctors list spread all over the hospital like wind blew.

    As soon as the news spread around.

    Everyone in the hospital was shocked.

    Fifty votes, in an afternoon?

    For people who wasn’t familiar with the inside rules, fifty votes might not be a big deal, but for the insiders in the hospital, they knew very well that every vote on the smiling doctors list was very hard to earn.

    Some people couldn’t even get that many votes in a month, let along a day.

    But Fang Qiu did it.

    But of course.

    Many people didn’t want to believe in such terrifying data.

    “Fifty votes, how is that possible??”

    “He’s just an assistant physician, can he see fifty patients a day? And it was just an afternoon!”

    “Even if he can see fifty patients, would everyone necessarily vote for him?”

    “This is so fake!”

    “This kind of falsification will definitely damage the reputation of the hospital, we must find out what really happened.”

    “Yes, the hospital must look into it!”

    Everywhere in the hospital.

    Some young doctors who were still on duty, all felt very upset.

    But then.

    Another news made everyone shut up.

    Fang Qiu was given a silk banner by a patient.

    Hearing the news.

    All the young doctors were so dumbfounded that they had nothing to say anymore.

    Inside, they were all jealous like hell.

    A silk banner, that was a pretty big deal!

    They wouldn’t necessarily get a silk banner even if they worked hard for years.

    As the news spread around, the voices that doubted Fang Qiu slowly faded away, comments of astonishment appeared one after another instead.

    At the same time.

    And right after Cao Ze heard the news, he reported Fang Qiu’s silk banner to Shen Chun. He sounded rather excited when he reported it, and Shen Chun also gave Fang Qiu some compliments pleasantly.

    In the Director’s office.


    After hearing a doctor’s report, Su Mudong, who was just reading the files, immediately lifted up his head and stared at the doctor who came to report with wide-opened, round eyes, and asked, “Did a patient send Fang Qiu a silk banner?”

    “Yes, it just happened.”

    The doctor smiled and nodded.


    Su Mudong put down the files in his hands, then laughed out loud and said, “A hero comes out of his youth, Shen Chun was right about him.”

    “After this, those senior doctors in our hospital may need to work harder. Losing to a young man who didn’t even finish college, that would be really humiliating… Hahahaha!”

    On this side.

    As the news that Fang Qiu earned fifty votes on the smiling doctors list in just an afternoon and was given a silk banner from a patient spread around.

    The fact that Han Zhen got one more vote than Fang Qiu on the smiling doctors list was swept under the carpet by everyone else.

    There was one vote of difference between working for a day and working for a week.

    Was there anything more to discuss about this result?

    What was more.

    The votes on the smiling doctors list couldn’t even compare to a silk banner.

    No matter how many votes couldn’t compare to a silk banner.

    Even those doctors who had worked so many years in the hospital and earned hundreds and thousands of votes couldn’t get a silk banner.

    Could Han Zhen get one?

    Obviously not.

    As the silk banner incident evolved, now the whole hospital knew that a genius got into the hospital this time, which was Dr. Xiao Fang of orthopedics!

    On this side.

    When everyone in the hospital was talking about this, Fang Qiu, who was the center of everyone’s attention, had left secretly left the hospital.

    He was walking on the road.

    Fang Qiu was using his phone with his head low, like he was searching on something.

    A while later.

    “Dayin Detective!”

    Fang Qiu stopped his pace, stood there for a few seconds and read the introduction on the web page on his phone, then he nodded slightly, lifted his head and walked forward at a quick pace.

    He was using his phone to search on a detective agency just now.

    He had to figure out something first.

    Then Fang Qiu walked to a bank not far away from the school at a brisk pace, and took out fifty thousand yuan from his account, then he took a taxi and hurried to the detective agency called ‘Dayin’.

    Dayin Detective Agency.

    It was located in a village in the city at the north part of Jiangjing City.

    Although there were tall buildings here, they all looked rather old. It had been decades since they were built.

    Maybe it was because they were old and worn, the housing price here was pretty low, the migrant workers nearby would rent lodgings here, causing high pedestrian flowrate in this village.

    There were also many salons, diners, fast-food restaurants and fruit stands on the street nearby.

    He arrived at one of the building.

    Fang Qiu took out his phone and checked for the location of the detective agency, then stepped into the building.

    “The third floor in the third building.”

    Maybe it was because the building was old, there wasn’t a lift inside, and the stairs were very narrow, making him feel gloomy.

    “Why would a detective agency be in a place like this?”

    Fang Qiu mumbled to himself while climbing the stairs.

    As normal people would expect.

    A detective agency that could be found on the Internet and received good comments, should be getting a lot of business and money.

    But this place definitely didn’t look rich.

    Although he couldn’t figure out why, he soon gave up trying to find an answer.

    He was here anyway.

    He needed to see it for himself.

    He just got on the third floor.

    Fang Qiu could see two characters written by bright red paint on the wall: Dayin.

    The two characters weren’t in the right form, as if the person didn’t use the template while printing the characters, but just casually wrote on the wall.

    And because of using too much paint, drops of red paint streamed down, making the white wall look terrifying like those characters written with blood in a horror film.

    Next to the characters.

    There was an arrow, pointing at the left side.

    Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate and walked straight to where the arrow pointed.

    Within a few steps, he saw a closed door.

    There was an off-angle sign hanging above the door.

    “Dayin Detective Agency.”

    “Knock knock knock.”

    Fang Qiu knocked on the door.


    The door suddenly unlocked itself with a soft sound.

    He stepped into the room.

    There was wide space in front of him.

    There wasn’t any curtain or sofa in the room, nothing was in it.

    There was only an antique double desk and a square stool in the room, a young man was sitting on the stool.

    He was wearing a set of fashionable clothing, and fixing a trendy music headphone.

    “Are you the detective?”

    Fang Qiu frowned and asked.

    Watching the disharmonious furnishing in the room, he was confused and starting to lose faith in the agency.

    The young man took a quick glance at Fang Qiu.

    Here came an amateur.

    “Please sit.”

    The young man put down the headphone and motioned Fang Qiu to sit down.

    Fang Qiu sat down without hesitation.

    “Is there anything I can help you with?”

    The young man straightened up his body and asked Fang Qiu while staring at him up and down.

    “I need you to look into a person, everything happened from birth to now.”

    Fang Qiu said.

    A big job!

    The young man reached his hand and pushed the paper and pen on the desk toward Fang Qiu.

    “Please write down the name and other information.”

    Fang Qiu picked up the pen.

    And he wrote down a name.


    Address: the aperture of the Guangming Bridge in the west part of the city.

    Yes, the name Fang Qiu just wrote down belonged to the last patient he saw at the hospital.

    He saw his name on the registration slip, and Fang Qiu remembered all his personal information.

    He finished writing.

    Then Fang Qiu slid the paper back to the young man.

    The young man took a quick glance at it, then frowned.

    Judging from the information he just wrote down, this Weidong seemed to be a homeless guy.

    But for him.

    It wasn’t difficult at all to look into a homeless man.

    But because of how easy it would be, he was a little confused.

    “What exactly do you want to know?”

    The young man asked again.

    He didn’t ask what was the relationship between the client and the target, although he was curious, he couldn’t ask about this out of professional demeanor.

    Even if he needed to look into an ant, he would do it immediately as long as he got paid.

    The worst thing he would do was questioning the client’s mentality in his heart.

    “I need all the behavior record of this man from his birth to the day before you give me the result, all of them.”

    Fang Qiu said again.

    “Thirty thousand yuan.”

    The young man told him the price directly, and said, “Twenty thousand for front money, then pay me the rest when you get the information.”

    Then he added. “If you think this is too expensive, think about how hard it will be to gather so much information.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.

    The number was close to what he expected.

    “How long will it take to get the result?”

    Fang Qiu asked.

    “Ten days.”

    The young man thought for a second and said.


    Fang Qiu took out thirty thousand yuan from the fifty thousand yuan he withdrew from the bank and smashed them on the desk.

    Then he wrote down his phone number on the paper.

    “I’ll come back ten days later.”

    After he finished the sentence, he stood up and was about to leave.

    The young man was shocked by what Fang Qiu just did.

    Holy crap!

    This dude must be a rich second generation?

    Was he this rich?

    And so dumb!


    The young man stopped Fang Qiu and asked, “Don’t we need to sign a contract or something? I might take your money and run away, or deny the whole deal.”

    “Will you?”

    Fang Qiu stopped and turned around to look at the fatty, then laughed and said, “Beside, you can’t run away from me!”

    The intimidation in his words shocked the young man a lot.

    Only after Fang Qiu left did he realized.

    “Fuck, I just got threatened by a rich dumbass!”

    The young man said while shaking his head.

    But he was quite intimidated by what he said.

    “You are lucky that you met a man with a good reputation and efficiency like me, or you will suffer great losses with your temper!”

    The young man mumbled to himself, then put away the money.

    Was Fang Qiu a dumbass?

    Of course not.

    From the moment he stepped into the room he knew that the young man was a martial arts practitioner.

    If he was a martial arts practitioner then he must get some skills.

    But a martial arts practitioner want to run away with his money?

    What a joke!

    He left the detective agency.

    Then he took a cab back to school.

    The reason why he made great efforts to find a detective agency to look into Weidong was to find out whether what Weidong said when he was treating him was true or not.

    If it was true, then the money in his bank card could be used in a right way.

    Thirty thousand yuan was a lot, but it was worth it.