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Chapter 133

Medical Master
     Chapter 133 The Mysterious Man, Come out to Save the Girl!

    Sun Li was stunned.

    “To take part in the sports meeting in his own name?”

    Although this move could win glory for the school, it directly skipped the Institute of Physical Culture. Only Fang Qiu himself and the school reaped the benefits, and it had nothing to do with the Institute of Physical Culture.

    Then why did they bother to invite Fang Qiu?

    “He won’t, right?”

    Fang Qiu smiled.

    “If that’s the case, why should you fool me if you won’t win glory for the school?”

    “I’m gonna go.”

    He directly turned away after saying so.

    Sun Li was embarrassed.

    Of course, the reason why Mr. Ma was so active in persuading Fang Qiu to participate in the sports meeting was to let him join the track team and bring honor to himself.

    If Fang Qiu would participate in it in his own name, the honor would not belong to Mr. Ma. Without benefit, how could Mr. Ma behave so actively?

    Fang Qiu’s question hit the nail on the head!

    Looking at the back of Fang Qiu, Sun Li laughed bitterly.


    The PE class was over.

    Finally, Sun Li found Fang Qiu again, hoping that he would seriously consider it.

    Fang Qiu just smiled faintly and made no response to Sun Li’s persuasion.

    After two classes in the afternoon, Zhou Xiaotian and his companions went straight to Yaowang Mountain to work.

    After finishing the meal by himself, Fang Qiu went to evening study and continued reading.

    At 9:30 p.m.

    He finished his evening study.

    As he was packing up his books and walking out, a frightened roar suddenly came from outside the classroom.


    “It’s on fire! Come and put out the fire…”

    Hearing the roar, Fang Qiu narrowed his eyes. Without saying a word, he rushed out of the teaching building with books in his arms and looked up into the distance.

    At once, he saw a blazing fire and a billowing cloud of smoke.

    The fire was in the girls’ dormitory.

    Looking from afar, he could clearly see the fire coming out of the dormitory crazily.

    No one was in the dormitory!

    Fang Qiu prayed eagerly in his heart and ran toward the girls’ dormitory along with the stream of people.

    By the time he reached the building, a large crowd had gathered around it.

    Many girls were wearing pajamas with hair disheveled.

    They looked alarmed.

    And they just ran out of the building.

    Suddenly, a person shouted, pointing to the smoking balcony.

    “There’s someone on the balcony!!!”


    Everyone present was shocked.


    The fire was so fierce, and the smoke was so thick. No one could get in or get out of the building. If that girl jumped down from the sixth floor, she would be seriously injured if not die!

    The crowd looked up.

    Wobbling, a girl emerged from the balcony. She kept tilting outward, as if preparing to jump.

    Seeing this scene, everyone downstairs was panicking.

    “Don’t jump, don’t jump!

    “Hold on a little longer. Don’t jump.”


    A lot of boys ignored the fact that this was the girl’s dormitory and ran to the building without hesitation.

    They were going up to the sixth floor to save the girl.

    But they were stopped by calm people.

    “You can’t go there! Now the whole building is power-off, and the sixth-floor corridor is pervaded by smoke. It’s dangerous for you to go in like that!”

    “But I can’t just watch my classmate die!”

    A boy said excitedly.

    Everyone was worried.


    They couldn’t watch their classmate die!

    But the fire engine hadn’t arrived yet.

    They couldn’t go in.

    What should they do?

    “Oh, the mysterious man!”

    Suddenly, a man shouted in surprise.

    After hearing that, everyone was first stunned and then immediately rejoiced.


    The mysterious man!

    As long as the mysterious man appeared, the girl could be saved.

    He saved the girl who planned to jump off the building!

    “Mysterious man, come out, help!”

    A student suddenly shouted.

    The other students all yelled wildly.

    “Where are you, the mysterious man? Come out and help!”

    “Come out and help, mysterious man!”

    The sounds instantly merged into a huge wave.

    As the students echoed each other’s words, the sound spread around.

    Within one minute.

    Students in every corner of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine was calling the mysterious man.

    Some even shouted as they ran.

    In the crowd, Fang Qiu no longer hesitated.

    He moved quietly away from the crowd. Then, he hurried to the place where he hid his clothes, quickly changed his clothes, and ran away.

    Under the girls’ dormitory.

    People shouted and turned their heads around, looking for the figure of the mysterious man.

    Just then.

    A few people in the outermost part of the crowd suddenly saw a masked man in black, drifting here from the night.

    They were stunned at first.

    Then they looked delighted.

    “The mysterious man is coming!!!”

    A cry of great excitement spread around.

    Instantly, all the people present were shocked.

    Everyone turned their heads toward the dark figure.

    Seeing the familiar figure, all the people could not help but be excited.

    The mysterious man revealed himself!

    Finally, he appeared!

    The mysterious man finally showed up!

    If he had come a little later, the female student would have had no choice but to jump down from the sixth floor.

    Some of the female students were so excited that they burst into tears of joy.

    All the people shouted excitedly.

    Fang Qiu rushed to the periphery of the crowd without saying a word and immediately leaped high into the air.



    The female student was forced onto the balcony by the fire and smoke. She covered her ears with both hands and closed her eyes, screaming in panic.

    Behind her.

    In the dormitory which was connected with the balcony, a horrible tongue of flame suddenly made its appearance.


    A loud sound was heard.

    The tongue of flame shot out, and the airflow instantly rushed over the girl’s body.

    In a panic, the female student could no longer control her body. She leaned forward and was about to fall.

    “Ah! Don’t jump!”

    This scene frightened all the onlookers.

    The female student was on the sixth floor.

    If she did fall, she would be seriously hurt!

    Everyone looked eagerly at the mysterious man.

    They prayed that the mysterious man would succeed in saving the girl.

    Fang Qiu stepped on the wall and went straight up to the sixth floor.

    He did not hesitate.

    He grabbed the girl’s arm and took her into his arms.

    Just then, there was another roar.

    Flames spurted from the dormitory.

    “Ah! Watch out!”

    Everyone below shouted.

    But at that moment.

    With a jerk of his feet, Fang Qiu rushed out of the balcony with the girl in his arms.

    Silence reigned.

    Everyone stared blankly at Fang Qiu and the female student, who were twenty meters away from the ground.

    Their hearts had been lifted to the highest point.

    It was so high. Would they be all right?

    The next moment.

    Fang Qiu twisted and turned in the air.

    With his toes down, he landed safely as light as a feather.


    “All right. Great, it’s all right!”

    “Finally, the girl was saved! That was a close call! I was scared to death!”

    “The mysterious man is so powerful! Long live the mysterious man!”

    Everyone’s panic was followed by wild cheering.

    It was great that the girl was fine!

    As soon as Fang Qiu landed, the girl in his arms suddenly flung her arms around him, buried her head in his chest, and burst into tears.

    Anyway, she wouldn’t let go of him!

    She was only a college student.

    Just now, she literally walked through the gate of hell and nearly got burned.

    Now that she had finally landed, she could no longer control her emotions.

    She started to cry.

    However, Fang Qiu was beset by this.

    The girl held him tightly and refused to let go.

    As a result, he was unable to leave the scene immediately as before.

    As expected, all the people came up and surrounded him.

    They looked up and down at the mysterious man.

    But it was not the time to catch the mysterious man now.

    The girl’s roommates rushed in and comforted her.

    “You’re fine, you’re fine. Don’t cry.”

    “Hmm, it’s no big deal. The items were burned, but we can buy new things. It’s great that you’re fine.”

    The girl’s roommates finally managed to stop the girl from crying.

    When she calmed down, a girl asked.

    “What the hell is going on here? How could our dormitory suddenly catch fire?”

    None of them were in the dormitory when the fire broke out, so they didn’t know anything.

    The surrounding people who were observing the mysterious man perked up their ears, wondering what caused the fire.

    “I… I cooked noodles in the dormitory, but the electrical device short-circuited and set fire to my books and clothes…”

    The female student replied with tears.

    Hearing that, everyone saw the light.

    It explained the matter.

    The university had a written rule that students were not allowed to use such equipment in the dormitory. Now she had no one but herself to blame.

    At the same time.

    Fang Qiu looked up.

    He saw that the blazing fire was burning ever more brightly and was about to set another dormitory on fire.

    It couldn’t go on like this.

    He must stop the fire from spreading.

    He looked around at once.

    His eyes suddenly lit up as he saw the two large plastic trash cans not far away.

    He calculated the distance between the trash cans and Central Lake.

    Immediately, his internal Qi surged.

    The impact shook off the girl holding him so tightly. Then, under the gaze and amidst the cries of surprise of everyone, he leaped over the crowd to the side of the two big trash cans.

    Holding one in each hand, he emptied the trash cans.


    His feet exerted force. After that, he carried the two big trash cans and ran toward the Central Lake not far away.

    Seeing this, no one knew why.

    “What’s the mysterious man doing?”

    “He wasn’t going to put out the fire, was he?”

    “Both trash cans are as tall as a normal man. Although they’re able to contain a great deal of water, can he carry them?”

    People were talking to each other.

    A lot of people ran after Fang Qiu, trying to see what the mysterious man was doing.

    But Fang Qiu was too fast. In the blink of an eye, he rushed in the Central Lake.

    The next moment.

    Everyone was shocked!

    The mysterious man stepped on the water with both feet, and his hands moved, pressing the two huge trash cans directly into the lake.

    Then he jerked them upward.

    Two cans full of water were lifted by him.

    Did he really do that?

    And was he still standing on the water?

    Everyone was stunned!

    What on earth was going on?

    How could anyone lift two cans of water that heavy and still stand on the surface of the water? Shouldn’t he sink?

    What the hell was going on?

    The crowd looked at all these with wide open eyes.

    Fang Qiu carried two cans of water and rushed to the girls’ dormitory.

    After arriving at the girls’ dormitory, he immediately leaped into the air and violently jumped to the sixth floor. He poured two large cans of water on the sky-high fire under the eyes of all the people who were too frightened to make a sound.

    Two cans of water, however, only put out a little fire.

    “It can’t go on like this.”

    Seeing that the fire was too big, Fang Qiu furrowed his brows and murmured, “Every dormitory building should have fire extinguishers.”

    At the thought of this, he dashed into the corridor at once.

    Sure enough, he saw a fire extinguisher under the wall at the foot of the stairs.

    He took out the fire extinguisher.

    He immediately followed the correct operational approach and prepared to put out the fire.

    But when he came to the door of the burning dormitory, he found that the fire extinguisher was empty!