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Chapter 134

Medical Master
     Chapter 134 Is There Something Wrong with the Students’ Brains?


    Fang Qiu was so angry that he couldn’t help swearing.

    After retreating for several meters, he put down the fire extinguisher.

    Then he looked around.

    He instantly saw the hydrant on the side wall.

    Immediately, he punched open the hydrant, and then quickly turned the valve of the sprinkler.

    Unexpectedly, no water came out!

    “Damn, this is a decoration!”

    Fang Qiu was pissed off.

    It was okay if the fire extinguisher was empty, but even the sprinkler was empty. What the hell was going on?

    The school didn’t take the lives of students seriously!

    He was furious.

    But clearly, it was not the time for him to get angry, given the current situation.

    He had no other choice.

    He returned to the spot and grabbed the two huge trash cans again. Then he jumped from a window on the sixth floor and dashed toward the Central Lake again.

    Two more cans of water.

    Fang Qiu lifted two cans of water and poured it onto the fire.

    He turned and fetched the water again.

    All the people were transfixed by Fang Qiu’s terrifying speed and utterly incredible performance. Everyone looked at him dumbfounded and even forgot to put out the fire.

    Fang Qiu flew here and there.

    He fetched water for three times.

    He then finally put out the fire in the dormitory.

    Seeing that the fire was completely stopped, he stood on the balcony, breathing softly and wiping the sweat from his forehead.

    Finally, he managed to put out the fire.

    Although two dormitories nearby and several upstairs dormitories were not on fire, they were too smoky to live in.


    All the onlookers were deeply shocked to see Fang Qiu not only save the girl but also put out the fire on his own.

    “Clap, clap, clap…”

    All the people clapped spontaneously with excitement.

    Finally, the fire went out.

    As they looked up at the figure of the mysterious man standing on the balcony, their eyes were full of awe.

    If it weren’t for the mysterious man, they wouldn’t know how fierce the fire would be tonight.

    Without the mysterious man, the female student would have died.

    Fortunately, it was over.

    And the black figure was the terminator of all these.

    No one knew his name. They only knew him as the mysterious man.

    They had the mysterious man in their school. What a blessing!

    In their eyes, the mysterious man was an omnipotent hero!

    And a superhero!


    To the thunderous applause of the crowd, Fang Qiu jumped down from the sixth floor, carrying two huge trash cans in his hands.

    He landed on the ground.

    Then, he put the trash cans where they were.



    Fang Qiu stepped the ground with great force, and his internal Qi surged out.

    The two piles of rubbish on the ground were immediately shaken off the ground.

    But at that moment.

    Fang Qiu waved his hand.

    His hand seemed to make a gust of wind. With a wave of his hand, the two piles of rubbish that had been thrown into the air were suddenly swept back into the two wet trash cans.

    There was no litter on the ground.

    It was even cleaner than before.

    The scene again stunned everyone.

    Holy crap!

    How did he do that?!

    The cleaning wouldn’t take much trouble.

    Having done all of this, Fang Qiu took a step to go.

    “No! Don’t go!”

    “Don’t go! Manito! Say something please!”

    “Wait for me, the mysterious man…”

    The crowd quickly shouted as they saw that the mysterious man was about to leave.

    And they all came up and surrounded the mysterious man.

    Apparently, they were not going to let him go tonight.

    Grateful as they were to him, they must see who he really was.

    Fang Qiu heard the shouts of the crowd but showed no sign of stopping.

    Instead, he flew straight out of the crowd and quickly disappeared into the darkness.

    Watching this, those who came after Fang Qiu and tried to stop him were all disappointed.


    They heaved a sigh with disappointment.

    Because they almost caught him!

    They finally saw the mysterious man again but let him go again.

    The sense of loss among the crowd was palpable.


    Suddenly, there were the shrill sounds of sirens.

    The fire engine arrived.

    The student called the police as soon as he discovered the fire, and now the fire engine was finally here.

    After leaving, Fang Qiu went back to where he hid his clothes. After quickly changing back to his previous clothes, he held the books and quietly returned to the scene of the fire.

    The moment he arrived here, the fire engine stopped right under the girls’ dormitory.


    As soon as the door opened, a firefighter in a fireman’s suit, who looked like he was 27 or 28 years old, jumped out of the passenger seat and grabbed a student, asking anxiously, “Where’s the fire, where?”

    Other firefighters quickly got out of the vehicle and got their equipment ready.

    The student who was caught was stunned.


    He said, pointing to the sixth floor of the girls’ dormitory, “It’s the dormitory that’s been burned to black.”

    The fireman looked up at once.

    He found, however, that the fire had been put out, leaving nothing but darkness, not even a spark.

    “The fire has been put out.”

    The fireman said with relief.

    His eyes were still on the dormitory which was blackened by the fire.


    “There seems to be something wrong.”

    Originally, the firefighter thought it was a small fire, and the students put it out. But with a careful look, he found that the whole dormitory was burned dark, even the outer wall was mostly black, and the door of the dormitory had been thoroughly burned. He could see through the balcony that the curtains had been burned and that there was a layer of black ash on the balcony.

    As a fireman, he could tell at a glance that this was definitely a big fire, the kind that would be hard to put out.

    It couldn’t be extinguished without professional equipment.

    “How was the fire put out?”

    The firefighter asked the students nearby in surprise. “Are there any fire-fighting facilities in your dormitory building? Technically, the fire can’t be extinguished without professional equipment.”

    While he was asking, many students came crowding around him.

    “The mysterious man!”

    “It was put out by the mysterious man!”

    “Just now, just before you came, the mysterious man flew back and forth several times before he put out the fire.”

    The students danced with joy, telling how the mysterious man did this great deed.

    They looked as frenetic as they could.

    “Mysterious man?”

    The fireman was stunned and asked in surprise, “The mysterious man alone? Impossible!”

    “Yes! Yeah! He made it alone!”

    “We all watched him put out the fire by himself.”

    “And there was a girl in the dormitory before the fire was put out. It was the mysterious man who flew up to save the girl from the sea of fire. He stepped on the ground and jumped to the sixth floor. He’s awesome!”

    “Yeah, the mysterious man is really great. He not only saved the girl but also fetched water from Central Lake with two large trash cans. He flew to the sixth floor four times before he put out the fire.”

    “He ended up doing something amazing. The garbage all over the ground was shaken off the ground by his feet, and then with a wave of his hands, all the garbage flew back into the trash cans.”

    “He’s gorgeous!”

    Speaking of the mysterious man, the students were suddenly in high spirits and kept voicing their opinions.

    From their words, they seemed to regard the mysterious man as their pride.


    The firefighter was confused, as were other firefighters.

    He quickly reached out his hand to stop the students from talking. Then he looked at the group with a strange look in his eyes and said, “You mean, in your school, there is a mysterious man who can not only leap onto roofs and vault over walls but also directly jump onto the sixth floor which is more than 20 meters high?”

    “Hmm, hmm!”

    The students all around nodded and answered in unison.

    For fear that the fireman didn’t believe them, they nodded their heads hard.

    “He flew to the sixth floor and saved someone from the fire?”

    The fireman asked again.

    “Hmm, hmm!”

    Again the students nodded and answered in unison.

    “Then the mysterious man went over there, took the two trash cans, and fetched two cans of water in the lake. He then flew to the sixth floor with a can in each hand?”

    The fireman continued to ask.

    “Hmm, hmm!”

    The crowd nodded again.

    “So the mysterious man ran back and forth four times and put out the fire?”

    The fireman continued to ask.

    “Hmm, hmm!”

    The students nodded in agreement again.

    “At last, he shook the garbage off the ground with his feet, and all the garbage went back into the trash cans with a wave of his hand?”

    The fireman asked at last.

    The more he asked, the more complicated the look in his eyes became.

    His tone became more complex as well.

    “Hmm, hmm!”

    “That’s it!”

    “I was startled then.”

    “Yeah, the mysterious man is as good as a superman.”

    After the students nodded and answered in unison, they talked to each other enthusiastically again.


    The fireman asked with a complicated look and a wry smile as he looked at the earnest students, “Are you kidding me?”

    The students were stunned.

    “No! Not at all!”

    Then they shook their heads at once.

    One of them said with a severe look, “We are telling the truth, and there is nothing false about it!”

    “Why don’t you believe it? Why should we lie to you?”

    “Yes, otherwise, how could such a big fire be put out?”

    Several students spoke with growing anxiety lest the fireman should think they had cheated him.

    All the firemen shook their heads and smiled bitterly at each other.

    How could they believe such nonsense from the students?

    There was a mysterious man at the school who could fly around. Furthermore, he saved the girl, put out the fire, and put the rubbish back in its place before leaving.

    These words didn’t sound real at all!

    All this was more like a movie!

    Seeing that the firefighters did not believe them, the students explained excitedly again.

    At this time, a group of school leaders headed by Chen Yinsheng hurried over.

    “Has anyone been hurt?”

    “How’s it going?”

    As soon as the school leaders arrived here, they inquired with concern.

    They were relieved to know that no one was hurt.

    Chen Yinsheng went straight up, grabbed the fire chief’s hand, and thanked him. “Thanks to all of you. But for your timely arrival, the fire could not have been stopped so soon. On behalf of the students and leaders of our school, I thank you.”

    The fire chief was embarrassed.

    He said hurriedly, “When we came, the fire was put out. We did not put it out.”

    Chen Yinsheng was shocked.

    Right at this moment, the fire chief leaned over him and whispered mysteriously, “Is there something wrong with the brains of the students at your school?”

    Chen Yinsheng’s mind went blank.

    He did not know what it meant.

    “Why did he swear at my students?” thought Chen Yinsheng.

    “Don’t get me wrong!”

    The fire chief quickly explained, “When we came to the scene to learn about the situation, we heard from the students that there was a mysterious man who could leap onto roofs and vault over walls. That man fetched water with trash cans, saved someone, and put out the fire.”