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Chapter 135

Medical Master
     Chapter 135 Searching for the Mysterious Man!

    “Oh, you’re talking about that!”

    Chen Yinsheng nodded.

    The mysterious man should take action once again.

    He was indeed the school’s savior!

    So Chen Yinsheng said to the fire chief with a smile, “The students were right. There is really a mysterious man at the school. If you say that the mysterious man saved someone and put out the fire, I believe it.”

    The military officer took one step back quickly.

    He looked at Chen Yinsheng as if the latter was insane.

    “This…… I can’t explain it clearly to you.”

    Chen Yusheng said helplessly.

    In fact, he did not know how to explain.

    The event itself was so strange that no one would believe it.

    “Although the fire was not put out by you, please help us to identify the cause of the accident since you are all here.”

    The fire chief nodded and stopped talking about the bizarre subject about the mysterious man.


    They all went up to the sixth floor.

    The cause of the accident was quickly identified by the firemen’s examination. The circuit aging had not been repaired for many years, and the current overload, resulting in the fire.

    Soon, the check was done.

    The firemen continued to check the fire equipment on every floor of the building.

    It turned out that the fire-fighting equipment on all floors was broken and was just for show.

    As Chen Yinsheng saw this scene, his face darkened.

    To his surprise, the fire brigade found out such a serious problem. As the Vice President, how could he tolerate it?

    “Who’s in charge of the school’s fire department?”

    Chen Yinsheng was furious and shouted to his subordinates, “Why would this happen when the school has spent so much money on fire safety. Check it! We must find out what’s going on!”

    The man following him took note hurriedly.

    At last.

    Chen Yinsheng smiled forcibly as he sent the fire brigade away. Before leaving, the fire chief repeatedly told him that this was the school, where he must do a good job in fire safety and make no more mistakes.

    After the firefighters left, Chen Yinsheng hastened to pacify the frightened students gathered under the girls’ dormitory. He didn’t say anything about punishment.

    Then he told them to go back to their dormitories and sleep.

    As for the students in the dormitory that caught fire and those in the several dormitories around it, the school would arrange them to sleep in other places.

    After finishing doing everything, Chen Yinsheng then turned away.

    When he left, his face was livid.

    The students gathered under the girls’ dormitory building quickly dispersed with the end of the incident.

    Fang Qiu was about to turn and leave.

    Right then, Zhou Xiaotian, Sun Hao, and Zhu Benzheng walked out of the crowd. No one knew when they came here. Seeing Fang Qiu standing at the outermost edge, they immediately walked up to him.

    “Where have you been just now?”

    Sun Hao patted Fang Qiu’s shoulder and asked excitedly, “Have you seen the mysterious man?”

    “Yes, I have.”

    Fang Qiu nodded naturally and said, “I’ve been here all this time.”

    “The mysterious man is great!”

    Sun Hao said, his eyes shining, “That’s why I thought it was Hollywood coming to our school to shot a blockbuster.”

    “Of course, my idol is great. Do I need you to tell me that?”

    Zhou Xiaotian chimed in at once.

    “The mysterious man is my idol, too.”

    Sun Hao rolled his eyes at Zhou Xiaotian.

    “And mine!”

    Zhu Benzheng echoed, “But the mysterious man isn’t a superman. How can a superman compare to him? Superman is a fantasy, but the mysterious man really exists. In my eyes, the mysterious man is chivalrous. The great man of righteousness will do everything for the country and the people!”

    Hearing that, Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian immediately gave Zhu Benzheng thumbs up.

    “You do have a unique style!”

    “You said what we thought!” thought they.

    Without a doubt.


    The mysterious man had become an idol for many people.

    After the fire disaster ended, the posts on the campus forum were all asking for videoes.

    Because this matter escalated, almost everyone in the school knew about it. So no one posted about what happened. At the same time, because this thing happened so suddenly and the appearance of the mysterious man shocked everyone too much, all the people present forgot to record video.

    The impossible thing just magically happened.

    Forgetting to record video made everybody depressed!

    One by one, they vowed to record it the next time something like this happened.


    Everyone suddenly thought of the previous post which was used to search for the mysterious man. They all hurriedly clicked the post to see if they could find the mysterious man this time!

    The post titled “Searching Range Narrowed Down, the Mysterious Man Is Among Those Guys”.

    Along with the mysterious man’s reappearance, the post, which had gone down in popularity, soon became popular again as many people flooded in.

    The forum moderator simply put the post on the top.

    Everyone remembered one thing clearly.

    In the last check, there were 55 people listed on the post who could have been the mysterious man.

    Then, as long as they sifted the 55 people, they had a good chance of locking on the mysterious man.

    “Post writer, come out to work!”

    “Please update! Update!”

    “We’re waiting for the post writer to update! The fire in the girls’ dormitory aroused the attention of all the teachers and students. I believe we can exclude quite a few people this time.”

    “More than exclusion. As I see, we can certainly lock on the mysterious man this time.”

    “Li Tianyun from class one of the English language department of the school of foreign languages is my classmate. He’s been with me today, from the moment the fire started to the moment it ended. He can be excluded.”

    “Zhang Yingchun from class three of acupuncture and massage major of the School of Acupuncture and Massage can be excluded.”

    Although they did not know whether the person who first posted the post was there or not, the students who flooded into the post were unusually enthusiastic. They gave out what they knew one by one and kept excluding suspects in the post.


    On the other side.

    Far away, Li Ji soon received the news of the mysterious man’s reappearance.

    Because Li Ji always had the mysterious man on the brain, he had been requesting people in the school to find out the news about the mysterious man. Therefore, as soon as the mysterious man appeared, the news reached Li Ji’s ears.

    “The mysterious man has appeared!”

    In the night, after receiving the message, Li Ji rushed directly into a room.

    In the room.

    Luo Shu, who was lying on the bed, straightened up violently and asked instantly, “Is it that senior?”


    Li Ji said excitedly, “I received news that a girls’ dormitory of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine was on fire. A girl was forced to stand on the balcony of the sixth floor and was about to fall. Just at the critical moment, the senior appeared. He flew straight to the sixth floor to save the girl and put out the fire.”


    Luo Shu said with a thumbs up, “It seems that the senior is indeed a righteous man and will appear wherever there is a disaster. It’s just that his activities seem to be confined to school. He doesn’t know that in this big world, there are a lot of places that need his help. Unfortunately, he won’t…”

    “Although the senior refused us, there is still a long way for us to go. We must take our time.”

    Li Ji said with a nod.

    Soon, he took out his mobile phone, logged on the campus forum of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, and looked at it carefully.

    At the same time.

    Chen Cong, who had been defeated by the mysterious man, inquired about the situation of the fire immediately.

    He wasn’t there at the time.

    Thinking of that, he felt regretful now. If he had been on the spot, even if he couldn’t talk to the mysterious man, at least he could have learned something from the mysterious man’s actions.

    He had learned a great deal from the advice the mysterious man had given him the last time.

    If he got another chance like this, he was sure that his ability could be improved.

    Unfortunately, he missed this opportunity.

    They were not alone.

    Almost all the people in the school were following the incident of the mysterious man putting out the fire.

    Even the female student, who was nearly forced to fall from the sixth floor by the fire, became a big name in the school. Many people came to her, asking about the mysterious man.

    “How did you feel when the mysterious man held you? Was his abdominal muscle apparent?”

    Someone even asked if the mysterious man smelled.

    In the post on the forum.

    There was wave after wave of heated discussion about the mysterious man.

    But the post writer never updated his post.

    Until 10:30 in the evening.

    Before the school turned out the lights, the post writer made a simple reply.

    “Too many replies make it too hard to search for the mysterious man. I’ll update the post tomorrow.”

    The next day.

    Countless people were waiting for the post to be updated.

    Unexpectedly, they waited until 3 p.m.

    “This time, ten suspects are excluded, with 45 people remaining on the list.”

    As the post was updated, all those waiting for updates and those following the mysterious man were disappointed.

    In their views.

    This time, they could definitely lock on the mysterious man.

    However, there were still so many people left that they couldn’t lock on the mysterious man.

    The post writer seemed to feel the disappointment of the crowd.

    So he replied again.

    “It happened so suddenly. At that time, the situation was so chaotic that no one noticed where their classmates have been. That’s why we missed a great opportunity and only excluded ten people.”

    Seeing the reply of the post writer, everyone showed understanding.

    That was the case, after all. No one was to blame.

    “After this incident, I hope everyone can be more vigilant. The next time the mysterious man shows up, be sure to keep an eye out for the 45 students on the list. I hope we can work together to lock on the mysterious man!”

    Finally, in the post writer’s appeal, everybody expressed the determination to lock on the mysterious man next time in succession.

    And at the same time.

    As there were no classes in the afternoon, Fang Qiu had been staying in the dormitory reading.


    Suddenly, the phone rang.


    Fang Qiu answered.

    “I’m He Gaoming from the Dayin Detective Agency.”

    At the other end of the line came a slightly deep voice.

    “What’s the matter?”

    Fang Qiu asked.

    “The matter has been ascertained. Come out and meet me.”

    He Gaoming said.

    “So soon?”

    Fang Qiu asked doubtfully.

    “Didn’t you promise to handle that in ten days?”

    “It’s only been three days!” he thought.

    “I’m a professional!”

    He Gaoming curled his lip and said, “I’m sending you the location.”

    After saying that, he hung up the phone.

    Fang Qiu got up, and before he could get out of the dormitory, He Gaoming’s location information was sent to his mobile phone.

    He took a taxi at the school gate to get there.


    Fang Qiu came to the entrance of a small alley.

    After walking a few steps, he saw He Gaoming.

    At the moment.

    He Gaoming was sitting alone in front of a small stall with an empty bowl on the table in front of him. It looked like he had just finished his noodles.

    He was looking around as if waiting for someone.

    “One more bowl of noodles, boss.”

    As soon as Fang Qiu came to the table, He Gaoming’s eyes lit up, and he immediately shouted at the boss.


    The boss replied.

    “I am not hungry.”

    Fang Qiu sat down and said.

    “Of course, I know you’re not hungry. This is for me.”

    He Gaoming said naturally.