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Chapter 141

Medical Master
     Chapter 141 Constantly Win…

    With the announcement of the results.


    The four waitresses appeared again.

    One of them went to Fang Qiu.

    “Congratulations, you have won 1,000 yuan.”

    The waitress took a thousand yuan from the tray with a smile and handed it to Fang Qiu.

    “Thank you.”

    Fang Qiu took over the money with a smile.

    The middle-aged martial arts practitioner next to him, however, looked at him in surprise.

    What he staked on was the first one.

    But he was lost.

    “The one that seemed to win absolutely has actually lost while a newcomer who casually staked has actually won.

    “Little brother, did you discern it or did you casually stake on it?”

    The middle-aged martial arts practitioner asked curiously.

    “Just casually staked on it.”

    Fang Qiu smiled.

    In fact.

    He discerned it indeed.

    When the two martial arts practitioners walked to the arena, he clearly saw that the martial arts practitioner named Wan Shuquan had a stronger ability than Jin Yihan did and he had almost broken through to Martial Superior Level.

    As for Jin Yihan, although his strength was not bad, there was still a distance from breaking through Martial Superior Level.

    Therefore, Fang Qiu just staked on Wan Shuquan.

    Although he knew that clearly in his heart.

    He did not say it out, for fear that he would destroy the good intention of the owner.

    “If I really said it out and everyone followed me to stake, wouldn’t it make the comparing-notes assembly become a gambling assembly?”

    “If I could really discern it, wouldn’t I stake more?”

    Fang Qiu said again.

    “Make sense.”

    The middle-aged martial arts practitioner nodded with understanding.

    Just at this time.

    The beautiful hostess walked onto the arena.

    “The first round of the competition ended. The winner is Wan Shuquan.”

    The beautiful hostess pointed to Wan Shuquan with a smile. Wan Shuquan also smiled, but he did not step down.

    “Next, we are going to have a second round of the competition.”

    The beautiful hostess said, “Because Wan Shuquan has won in the first round, he will continue to participate in the second round. His opponent is Zhou Tai.”

    While she was speaking.

    A young man came to the arena.

    He was wearing a black uniform and looked like thirty-eight or thirty-nine years old.

    “Zhou Tai.”

    “Record: Among a total of fifteen matches, he has won fourteen times.”

    Hearing that.

    Everyone nodded with amazement.

    “Fifteen matches, fourteen wins. His strength is very strong!”

    “I have seen him once. His strength is really strong and he can always suppress his opponents.”

    “I heard that Zhou Tai’s kung fu is concentrated in his hands. His press seems very awesome.”

    “Wan Shuquan has just won a round and consumed a lot of physical strength. If he competes with Zhou Tai, I am afraid that he will lose.”


    As everyone discussed.

    The stakes continued.

    Everyone was optimistic about Zhou Tai, so they staked on him one after another.

    The martial arts practitioner next to Fang Qiu also followed the stakes.

    When the beautiful waitress came to Fang Qiu again.

    She looked at Fang Qiu, thinking that he would take a few pieces out of the one thousand yuan in his hand and stake them. After all, he had won the money.

    But Fang Qiu was not honest. He unexpectedly stuffed the money into his pocket.

    Then he groped for a long time and took out fifty yuan again.

    “I will stake fifty yuan on Wan Shuquan.”

    Fang Qiu filled out the stake slip.

    The beautiful waitress was very speechless.

    “You have obviously won a thousand yuan, but you still only staked 50 yuan.

    “This martial arts practitioner is too stingy!”

    But what made her more speechless was more than that.

    Fang Qiu won again…

    It only took three to five minutes for martial arts practitioners to compare notes.

    In a moment.

    Wan Shuquan won in the second round.

    The beautiful waitress sent another thousand yuan to Fang Qiu. It was her third time to come to Fang Qiu in surprise.

    “This is your reward, please take it.”

    “Thank you.”

    Fang Qiu put the money away with a smile.

    This made the martial arts practitioner at the side dumbfounded again.

    “My god!

    “This fellow has won again.

    “He is so lucky!”

    The next was the third round.

    Wan Shuquan, who had won twice in a row, still stayed in the arena.

    The one who came to the arena next was an expert who had won all in 17 competitions.

    And he was praised by the hostess as the No.1 at Martial Superior Level.

    His name was Lin Zixiang.

    Stakes continued.

    “Little brother, which one will you stake on this time?”

    Seeing that Fang Qiu had won twice, the middle-aged martial arts practitioner who had lost twice immediately came forward to ask.

    Fang Qiu looked up at the two people on the arena.

    He hesitated for a while.

    He could tell that Wan Shuquan would almost break through Martial Superior Level indeed, only a little bit away from that. It seemed that the purpose of attending the competition for him was to make a breakthrough.

    The man named Lin Zixiang was also very capable, on a par with Wan Shuquan.

    But in comparison, Fang Qiu was still optimistic about Wan Shuquan.

    “Because the one who wants to make a breakthrough has a power of feeling relieved and intoxicated.

    “This kind of person can’t be beaten.”

    Thinking of this, Fang Qiu took out fifty yuan once again and staked it on Wan Shuquan.

    Another fifty yuan.

    The waitress was expressionless.

    She criticized inwardly, “This fellow must have specially exchanged for a dozen fifty yuan!”

    At the side.

    The middle-aged martial arts practitioner thought for a while and then also took out fifty yuan, staking it on Wan Shuquan. Just when the waitress was going to leave speechlessly, he stopped the waitress and took out five hundred yuan, staking it on Liang Yongjie.

    “Hey hey.”

    After that, he smirked at Fang Qiu.

    As a result.

    Wan Shuquan won again…

    At this moment, the beautiful waitress who brought the money and the middle-aged martial arts practitioner sitting beside Fang Qiu were all dumbfounded.

    “It actually works!”

    “He is so lucky!”

    The waitress secretly whispered.

    “Tut, l still earn 450. I don’t lose money… Ha ha!”

    The middle-aged martial arts practitioner laughed very happily.

    He had never been so happy even when his own company made money.

    Fang Qiu was speechless.

    “This guy is so sly. How can he lose if he staked like this?

    “However, this is a way to make money, but none of the martial arts practitioners here has done this seemingly.

    “They all have high qualities!”

    The third round ended.

    “Do you want to continue?”

    The hostess came to the arena again and asked Wan Shuquan who had won three times in a row and had already been a little exhausted.


    Wan Shuquan nodded with absolute certainty.

    For a time, the applause burst out.

    “He is so close.”

    Fang Qiu thought in the heart.

    He could see that after every round, Wan Shuquan’s strength had a slight improvement, but he could never cross the threshold, so even if he was exhausted, he still insisted.

    “He still hasn’t comprehended the trace of Qi of the sky and earth!”


    The hostess screamed “Great” with a smile and then said, “The next is an expert from the neighbouring province. He has never been defeated in the neighboring province. Among a total of 100 competition, he has won 99 times and tied once.”

    “He is a real No.1 at Martial Superior Level. He comes here today to meet friends by kung fu!”

    Hearing that.

    Everyone was shocked.

    “Is there such an awesome person?

    “He has never been defeated in 100 competitions?

    “Judging from this record, the person who is about to come to the arena can really be regarded as the No.1 at Martial Superior Level!”

    “Let’s welcome Liang Yongjie!”

    On the arena, the hostess shouted enthusiastically.

    Just after that.

    A young man in sportswear stepped onto the arena with a cold face.

    Seeing that Liang Yongjie was so young, everyone was surprised again.

    “Young as he is, but he is so awesome. What an amazing talent!”


    When Wan Shuquan, who looked tired as he had participated in three rounds in a row, saw Liang Yongjie, the tiredness on his face disappeared in an instant. Instead, he had plenty of fighting will.

    “Well, the competition was about to start. Now it is time for you to bet.”

    Said the hostess.

    The four waitresses appeared again.

    This time, Fang Qiu still staked fifty yuan.

    Unlike before, he did not stake on Wan Shuquan anymore but staked on Liang Yongjie instead.

    The waitress was curious.

    “He has staked on Wan Shuquan for three consecutive times.”

    In her opinion.

    “Fang Qiu is either really lucky or he is a loyal fan of Wan Shuquan, so he staked on Wan Shuquan in three consecutive rounds.

    “But why does he suddenly change his mind in the fourth round?”

    “Brother, why don’t you stake on Wan Shuquan?”

    Asked the middle-aged martial arts practitioner who was also curious beside Fang Qiu.

    The waitress also stared at Fang Qiu because she wanted to hear why Fang Qiu changed his mind.

    “Wan Shuquan has become so tired. Liang Yongjie is awaiting the arrival of his weary visitor.”

    Fang Qiu asked a little puzzledly, “Isn’t the result of this competition very obvious?”

    The middle-aged martial arts practitioner was dumbfounded.

    Then he was embarrassed.

    “Why didn’t I understand such a simple truth?


    “Wan Shuquan has fought for three consecutive times.

    “His physical strength has almost been exhausted and Liang Yongjie is an unbeaten expert. Anyone will stake on Liang Yongjie.”

    “I stake 500 on Liang Yongjie!”

    Before the waitress spoke, the middle-aged martial arts practitioner hastily handed over the money.

    After he staked, the waitress left.

    In fact.

    In addition to awaiting the arrival of the weary visitor, Fang Qiu really discerned that Liang Yongjie was indeed an expert. Even if Wan Shuquan was so close to Martial Superior Level, their difference was not about the strength. Even in his heyday, he couldn’t necessarily beat Liang Yongjie.

    It was just because Fang Qiu had seen this, he staked the money on Liang Yongjie.


    The competition started.

    The hostess stepped down.

    “I will give you five minutes to rest.”

    Said Liang Yongjie as he looked at Wan Shuquan. “I don’t bully the weak.”

    “Not bully the weak?”

    His word vividly displayed the arrogance in his heart.

    But at the same time, it deeply stimulated Wan Shuquan.

    “It hasn’t started yet.

    “He directly attributed me to the weak. How can I stand it?”

    “Let’s start!”

    Wan Shuquan said with a fit of the sulk.

    “I don’t beat the weak.”

    Liang Yongjie was still arrogant.


    Wan Shuquan darkened his face and moved his foot. Then he strode the Eight-Diagrams Steps and waved his fists to attack Liang Yongjie directly.

    “Attack directly?”

    Liang Yongjie curled his lips in disdain.

    He didn’t hesitate any longer. He moved his hands like two snakes and collided with Wan Shuquan at an extremely fast speed.

    Because there wasn’t much difference in their strength, the two of them fought particularly fiercely.

    “Pah pah pah…”

    The explosive crash spread constantly like raindrops.

    Everyone was attracted in an instant.

    They saw that.

    On the arena, the two of them collided with each other very quickly. Although it was very fierce, the two of them did not move their footsteps at all. They just stood in place and fought hard.

    “So fast!”

    “Yes, these two people are too capable!”

    “It looks like Wan Shuquan still has so much combat power after three rounds. Awesome! “But it seems that none of them can get the upper hand.”

    “No. Although they seem to be on a tie, in fact, Wan Shuquan has been on the back foot from the beginning.”


    “Look. Wan Shuquan made an attack first, but now he even can’t find a gap to attack Liang Yongjie. Instead, he has been forced to defend. Although he temporarily defends Liang Yongjie’s attack by his strong strength, he will be defeated soon if this continues.”

    Everyone took a look.

    “This is really the case.”

    Because the attack speed of the two of them was too fast, all of the others hadn’t seen it at first.