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Chapter 142

Medical Master
     Chapter 142 You Look Very Disdainful!

    “Unfortunately, Wan Shuquan has participated in three rounds in a row and he has exerted too much physical strength. If it is in his heyday, the results of this competition may be different.”

    “Liang Yongjie has given him time to rest, but he did not cherish it.”



    Hearing the discussion of the people, Fang Qiu shook his head secretly.

    “Although there are several experts here, their perspectives seem not to match their strengths.”

    In Fang Qiu’s view.

    “Liang Yongjie is not so kind.

    “The reason why he spoke arrogantly as he came on the arena was to stimulate Wan Shuquan.

    “It sounds like he is really kind and generous.

    “But five minutes?

    “What can Wan Shuquan do?

    “Having consumed so much physical strength, can he recover within five minutes?

    “Martial arts practitioners have internal force, not internal Qi.

    “Internal force is not easy to recover.

    “Therefore, Liang Yongjie was using bait to stimulate Wan Shuquan and to raise his own identity and military quality. At the same time, he can use this competition to make a name in the Jiangjing Wulin.”

    “The average person really can’t see through it.”

    Although he had seen through it.

    He did not say it out either.

    It wouldn’t do him good to say it but would attract hostility instead.

    On the arena.

    The two of them were still fighting like crazy.

    Just as everyone was watching the battle spellbound, Liang Yongjie suddenly smiled.

    He clenched his right fist and violently attacked Wan Shuquan’s head.

    Wan Shuquan immediately defended.

    But at this very moment.

    Liang Yongjie suddenly changed his attack. He clenched his fist, grabbed Wan Shuquan’s left hand in front of his eyes, and then pulled down. While his body was going down, he turned over. As his left foot bypassed his right heel, he kicked Liang Yongjie’s body under him instantly.

    At the same time.

    Liang Yongjie reached out his right hand and squeezed his palm into a crane shape, heavily pointing at Wan Shuquan’s back.


    Wan Shuquan fell to the ground by surprise.

    This scene made all the people watching the competition amazed.

    “Is this the Crane-shaped Fist in Xingyi Fist?”

    “So amazing!”

    “His speed is really fast!”

    “Liang Yongjie is really something!”

    All of them praised Liang Yongjie.

    But here.

    Fang Qiu secretly shook his head.

    “This is indeed the Crane-shaped Fist, but it should not be done like this.

    “If the actual combat experience of his opponent was stronger, this attack could be easily broken.

    “Originally, to make this attack, he should lower down the opponent’s body and then roll forward himself to turn over from the opponent’s back, suppressing the opponent with his own weight. After that, he will take another attack.

    “If Liang Yongjie followed the correct routine, he could maintain a defense status at any time without revealing any flaws.

    “But after Liang Yongjie changed like this, it was full of flaws.

    Needless to think too much.

    The reason why Liang Yongjie did this was to highlight his strength.

    Just when everyone was amazed.

    Wan Shuquan, who had fallen to the ground, quickly stood up.

    Liang Yongjie secretly sneered and immediately took the initiative to attack him.

    Wan Shuquan, who had almost been exhausted, was knocked down again after blocking few moves.

    Although it was comparing notes.

    But the fists and kicks were merciless, so someone would inevitably be hurt.

    What was more, it was easier for Wan Shuquan to get hurt in the case of lack of physical strength.

    He fell down.

    He stood up again!

    Wan Shuquan had not given up!

    Liang Yongjie continued to attack fiercely.

    Wan Shuquan was shaken away again within three moves.

    This time, Wan Shuquan was directly shaken to cough in a muffled voice. Apparently, he was injured.

    But he still hadn’t given up.

    He stood up again!

    Seeing this, Liang Yongjie was angry.

    “This is just comparing notes. He has already fallen to ground three times. Why does he still stand up?

    “He is despising me!”

    His heart was burning with anger.

    Liang Yongjie continued to make attacks and did not give any opportunity at all for Wan Shuquan to respond.

    The fourth time, Wan Shuquan was knocked down.

    He stood up again and then was hit again. He stood up again and then was hit again.

    After so many times.

    Wan Shuquan had begun to vomit blood.

    The people around couldn’t stand it anymore.

    Liang Yongjie still had not stopped.

    At last.

    After falling down so many times, Wan Shuquan was hit away by Liang Yongjie’s merciless fist.

    He still wanted to get up, but he couldn’t.

    Liang Yongjie, who was filled with anger, continued to move forward and seemed to attack Wan Shuquan again.

    Everyone around was angry.

    “It’s time to stop! “You should stop in time and you can’t hurt others, don’t you know?!” .

    “Yes, you have hit him like that and you still continued?”

    “He has vomited blood. Why do you still want to attack him?”

    “This is comparing notes, not risking lives!”

    Everyone got up and shouted.

    Liang Yongjie seemed not to hear and rushed to Wan Shuquan immediately.

    Just as he was about to make an attack, the hostess rushed to the arena and said hastily, “The competition has ended and Liang Yongjie from the neighboring province won!”

    Hearing that.

    Liang Yongjie just stopped unwillingly.

    Under the arena, everyone was very angry.

    They glared at Liang Yongjie who was wearing an arrogant look.

    But none of them said anything because martial arts practitioners never flaunted eloquence.

    It was all about fists and kicks.

    Everyone knew that Liang Yongjie’s strength was too strong and anyone present couldn’t necessarily beat him.

    “Unless there is an expert of Martial Superior Level competing with him!

    “However, how is it possible for an expert of Martial Superior Level to come to the arena in this basic competition?”


    Wan Shuquan, assisted by two waitresses, stepped down.

    On the arena.

    Liang Yongjie smiled and turned around with an arrogant look, looking around at everyone.

    “Who is the next one?”

    As the arrogant word was heard.

    The people under the arena looked at each other. None of them dared to go up.

    Although they all wanted to teach Liang Yongjie a lesson, they didn’t have that strength.


    Seeing no one answered, Liang Yongjie snorted disdainfully and said, “Is there no capable person in Jiangjing Wulin?”

    Everyone was angry and they could no longer control the anger in their hearts.

    “This is just too insulting!

    “Moreover, what he insulted is the entire Jiangjing Wulin.”

    “As a martial arts practitioner, he should have arrogance, but he is so arrogant that he is looking down his nose at everybody. It’s the first time for us to see.

    “Moreover, he is carrying out a provocation in our province!”

    “Damn it. If I have that strength, I will definitely go to the arena and beat him.”

    “Yes, why haven’t those experts at Martial Superior Level come on the arena?”

    “This guy not only talks wildly but also looks down on our Jiangjing Wulin. Could we just sit still and await our doom like this?”

    Everyone was angry.

    “It’s not because the experts don’t want to go to the arena, but because they can’t.”

    The spirited old man with white hair and white beard shook his head and sighed, saying, “If an expert really comes to the arena to teach him a lesson and this news is spread to the neighboring province, it will be a joke. People from the neighboring province will say we are bullying them.”

    “Could we let him be arrogant like this?”

    One person asked.

    The old man shook his head and sighed.

    Everyone was helpless.

    For this round, it was not appropriate to come or not come.

    It was like a fishbone stuck in the throat, which made the people present very uncomfortable.

    On the arena.

    Liang Yongjie sneered with disdain, despising everyone around him.

    As he looked around, his eyes suddenly settled on Fang Qiu.

    He stared at Fang Qiu for a long while.

    Especially in his eyes, there was no anger but some disdain.

    “Boy, looks like you are very disdainful to me. If you are not convinced, come up and let’s fight.”

    Liang Yongjie pointed to Fang Qiu, provoking him.

    At this moment.

    All the eyes were concentrated on Fang Qiu.

    But Fang Qiu was dumbfounded.

    “Where do you see that I’m disdainful?”

    Liang Yongjie’s word was like a gorgeous spotlight, instantly making Fang Qiu become the focus of attention.

    The middle-aged martial arts practitioner next to him was also shocked.

    He hurried to keep away from Fang Qiu.

    He also looked at Fang Qiu in surprise.


    “This person looks a little familiar. I seem to have seen him somewhere.”

    In the crowd, a voice of surprise came suddenly.

    “He looks mysterious.”

    “Yes, this dress is completely like he is fear of being infected by infectious diseases.”

    “Why does he even cover his head?”

    “This sportswear is pretty nice. Looks like he is not old.”

    The crowd began to discuss him.

    “Sportswear means not very old?”

    At this time.

    The young man that shouted before suddenly stood up as if he suddenly thought of something. As his whole body shook, he stretched his finger to Fang Qiu with a rush and shouted, “I remember now. He is the one who sold the treasure!”


    At the sound of this.

    All the people present were shocked!

    “The one who sold the treasure?

    “He is the one that sold the treasure in the trade fair last time?

    “The man who struck the car away with a volley palm?

    As everyone was shocked.

    They suddenly stood up, staring at Fang Qiu.

    Their eyes were full of shock.

    The middle-aged martial arts practitioner, who had been sitting beside Fang Qiu and kindly helped him out of embarrassment during the first stake, was also shocked, looking at Fang Qiu with his round eyes.

    Not far away from here.

    The two rich second generations and He Gaoming who were sitting at the same table were also stunned.

    “It’s him! “I remember that when he sold the treasure, he was also wearing these clothes!”

    The young man shouted again.

    Everyone’s eyes were brighter.

    Hearing that.

    Fang Qiu was very speechless.

    However, since he had been recognized, he didn’t need to deny it.

    Anyway, no one knew his true colors.

    Fang Qiu stood up and clenched a fist to everyone without saying anything.

    In this way, he actually admitted his identity.

    Seeing this.

    Everyone’s eyes flashed with light.

    “It is really him!”

    “Brother, do you still have a treasure? Would you sell me one?”

    “Count me in. Money is not a problem. I will take all the treasures that you have.”

    “You should have more. Since you have come here, why not just take one for auction to liven the atmosphere?”

    Many people asked one after another.

    But when their questioning voices just fell, a burst of laughter around was heard.

    “It’s not so easy to get the treasure.”

    “Yes, it’s already very good to get a treasure.”

    “Could a person that used to sell a treasure become a professional seller of treasures?”

    Hearing their laughter.

    Those who wanted to buy the treasures with sparkling eyes suddenly smiled embarrassedly and sat down.

    Fang Qiu also shrugged at those few people in due time.

    It caused a burst of laughter again.

    Those few people were red-faced.

    At the same time.

    Liang Yongjie, who provoked Fang Qiu on the arena, after hearing that this person had actually sold a treasure, was also shocked. He began to carefully look up and down at Fang Qiu and the contempt to Fang Qiu in his heart also disappeared immediately.


    The laughter in the crowd just fell.

    One of the rich second generations who sat at the same table with He Gaoming suddenly stood up, clenched a fist to Fang Qiu, pointed to Liang Yongjie on the arena, and shouted, “Senior, the person I told you last time is him. If you can beat him, I will present 200,000 respectfully with both hands!”

    Everyone was stunned at first.

    Immediately, all in an uproar.

    Everyone’s gaze was still concentrated on Fang Qiu.

    Unlike before when they were curious about the identity of Fang Qiu, now what everyone was curious about was whether Fang Qiu would dare to accept the challenge。

    Firstly, Liang Yongjie’s arrogant provocative voice still lingered in their ears.

    The seniors at Martial Superior Level could not come on the arena casually, but Liang Yongjie’s provocation against the entire Jiangjing Wulin was deeply stimulating every martial arts practitioner present.

    The reputation of Jiangjing Wulin was depending on this masked person.

    Secondly, the competition also had an extra 200,000 bet.

    In the eyes of everyone.

    The rich second generation apparently had already fixed the deal with Fang Qiu, so he dared to say it out loud.

    If Fang Qiu refused, it would be admitting defeat.

    This would not only lose Fang Qiu’s own face but also the face of Jiangjing Wulin.

    This drove the masked man up the wall.

    He had no choice but to accept the challenge.

    “If I really don’t go up and let Jiangjing Wulin lose face, I can’t stay in Wulin.”

    Having realized the situation.

    Fang Qiu glanced at the rich second generation coldly. Without any word, he clenched a fist to everyone.

    After that, he stepped out and directly went on the arena.