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Chapter 144

Medical Master
     Chapter 144 Watch Carefully! It’s up to You Whether You Can Understand!

    Before, Liang Yongjie stretched out his hands and feet, attacking Fang Qiu fiercely.

    But this time, in order to restrain Fang Qiu, he directly changed his moves with his feet defending and his hands attacking. While he was attacking fiercely as well as defending, his two defensive hands were ready to counterattack at any time.

    A thought came to his mind.

    Fang Qiu changed his moves immediately.

    In an instant, he was tied with Liang Yongjie.

    They were fighting fiercely on the arena.

    Under the arena, however, all in an uproar.

    “Sure enough, he is learning while fighting.”

    “So awesome. He can actually attack Liang Yongjie with Liang Yongjie’s fighting skills.”

    “How can there be such a person in the world? He can even learn fighting skills in such a short period of time. How can we—a group of hard-working people live?”

    Everyone around exclaimed.

    But on the arena.

    Liang Yongjie was even more shocked.

    He also did not expect that Fang Qiu was really learning his fighting skills, which made him very uncomfortable.

    “Since you want to learn, don’t blame me!”

    Liang Yongjie was angry.

    He changed his moves again.

    As his tiptoe touched the arena, he rushed forward by the tiptoe’s strength. His body twisted in midair and his hands and feet quickly smashed out, attacking Fang Qiu dazzlingly from different tricky angles.

    Fang Qiu continued to observe.

    But this time, Liang Yongjie’s offensive was so fast and fierce that he forced Fang Qiu back for a few steps.

    When the two of them fought in the center of the arena.

    Fang Qiu learned it again.

    He attacked back with the same fighting skills.

    At the next moment.

    Liang Yongjie smiled.

    “The purpose of each sect is to hold back a trick. Even if you have learned 90% of it, I will definitely defeat you by the last 10%!”

    As they were fiercely fighting.

    Liang Yongjie, who was laughing in his heart, suddenly stopped his footsteps.

    He swept his leg while clenching his right fist. When Fang Qiu jumped high to avoid his sweep leg, he slammed his fist toward Fang Qiu’s chest.

    Having been familiar with Liang Yongjie’s fighting skills.

    Fang Qiu was confident for a reason.

    With a volley punch.


    A crisp sound came.

    Fang Qiu’s feet landed. But at this time, Liang Yongjie, who should have defended Fang Qiu’s fist, suddenly changed his body and threw his left fist that was hidden in the waist, striking toward Fang Qiu’s chest.


    Fang Qiu was lost.

    “In the practical skills and routines that I have learned from Liang Yongjie, he doesn’t have this change of movements, which means that Liang Yongjie has found that I’m learning his skills so he hid his strength.”


    Fang Qiu was hit by Liang Yongjie’s fist by surprise.

    Under the arena.

    The people all sighed with emotions.

    “John Doe is also very awesome, but unfortunately, he will be defeated!”

    “Yes. It is really very difficult to learn while fighting and it is impossible to do it without enough talent. But how can it be so easy to learn from people of Wulin? Any martial arts practitioner will hide his most powerful and most unexpected skill. They won’t use it unless it’s absolutely necessary. Although John Doe has learned most of Liang Yongjie’s fighting skills, after all, he did not learn this last move!”

    “Since we can discern it, Liang Yongjie, who is in the combat, must have found that John Doe is learning his skills, so he made such a move!”

    “He will lose!”

    “Unfortunately, if John Doe grows up for a few more years, he will inevitably be famous!”

    The people all sighed with emotions.

    In their eyes.

    This punch was enough to make Fang Qiu fall to the ground.

    Then there would be nothing to watch.

    But when they thought that Fang Qiu was going to be defeated and all sighed as well as shaking their heads.

    On the arena.

    A scene that shocked everyone happened.

    They saw that.

    When Fang Qiu’s feet just landed, Liang Yongjie slammed his fist on Fang Qiu’s chest.

    But the result was not as expected as everyone expected.

    Fang Qiu did not fall to the ground. He even didn’t move a footstep.

    Instead, he completely blocked Liang Yongjie’s offensive with his back straight.

    What made them even more shocked was that.

    As he was punched heavily by Liang Yongjie, Fang Qiu not only did not feel any discomfort but also suddenly laughed as if nothing had happened.

    “You actually have this move? Is this the last move?”

    Fang Qiu said in surprise with a smile.

    In a short while.

    In his chest, the internal force broke out.


    When Liang Yongjie was about to stop and win the competition, he suddenly felt that Fang Qiu’s chest burst out a powerful force.

    This force was too strong.

    He couldn’t resist it completely.

    Only in an instant, under the assault of this force, Liang Yongjie’s body was directly shaken far away and fell on the arena.

    Under the arena.

    Regrets and sighs abruptly stopped.

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    No one had expected that this competition actually had such an ending.

    “This is just a big amazing reversal!”

    “Jesus! What have I seen?”

    “What’s going on? How did Liang Yongjie fly out suddenly?”

    “Fuck. It actually works!”

    “Should John Doe be defeated? Why has he won?”

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    Without shock.

    Because the scene in front of their eyes had completely exceeded their expectations and they couldn’t react at all.

    But on the other side.

    In the pavilion.

    “Force Point Everywhere?”

    Seeing the scene on the arena, Elder Yi, who had been watching the competition, suddenly lit up his eyes.

    “What… What Force Point Everywhere?”

    Beside Elder Yi, a person who was also dumbfounded asked offhandedly.

    “For Kung Fu practitioners, their waists, crotches, and knees are the engines and the internal force all comes from these places.”

    Elder Yi looked at Fang Qiu who was on the arena and explained, “And the higher level is that everywhere of a human body is the waist, crotch, and knee. As long as it is a part of the body, it can exert strength.”

    “He is like this.”


    On the arena.

    Liang Yongjie, who had flown out, did not stand up for a long time.

    Upon seeing it, the hostess walked to the arena hurriedly.

    “The competition ended. The winner is John Doe.”

    The hostess announced.

    “The masked man won.

    “The masked man actually won.”

    All the people were stunned first and then they immediately applauded with excitement.

    They thought that they would lose money, but actually, he won!

    However, it was because everyone had staked on the masked man seemingly, they all didn’t get a reward.

    But at least, the face of the Jiangjing Wulin had been earned back.

    This was the most exciting thing for them.

    On the arena.

    The hostess walked to Fang Qiu. When she was about to ask questions, she found that Fang Qiu was staring at a place under the arena.

    She turned her eyes.

    “That is a familiar face.”

    “Wan Shuquan!”

    After winning three rounds in a row and losing once, Wan Shuquan stepped down assisted by the waitress, sitting and resting at the round table next to the arena.

    It seemed that Wan Shuquan had recovered a lot.

    When Fang Qiu looked at him, he was also looking at Fang Qiu.

    He was very puzzled.

    “Why is he looking at me?”

    The hostess was also puzzled and asked, “Mr. John Doe…”

    As a result.

    Before the hostess finished speaking, Fang Qiu spoke first.

    “Watch carefully! It’s up to you whether you can understand.”

    Fang Qiu shouted loudly.

    Wan Shuquan was dumbfounded.

    All the martial arts practitioners around were dumbfounded.

    “Watch what?

    “Understand what?”

    As they were puzzled, they looked at the direction that Fang Qiu looked. They saw that Wan Shuquan was picking his brows with a happy but puzzled face.

    At this time.

    Fang Qiu stepped out, walking down the arena and coming to the garden.

    He glanced at the pool under the garden and then reached out his right thumb into the water.

    Everyone was even more puzzled.

    “What’s the masked man doing?”

    “Didn’t he just win? Why isn’t he enjoying the victory on the arena? Why does he run to the pool instead?”

    Wan Shuquan stared at Fang Qiu, seemingly thinking of something.


    Inserting his right thumb into the water, Fang Qiu slowly stirred the water and then lifted his right hand suddenly.

    The next moment, all the people present were shocked!

    They saw that.

    With the rise of Fang Qiu’s right hand, a stream of water flows as thin as a thumb was actually pulled up by Fang Qiu from the pool, just like pulling a line.

    Under the control and guidance of Fang Qiu’s fingers, that stream of water flow surged in midair and flowed flexibly.

    It was like a small water dragon.

    Playing and swimming.

    This scene made all the people present shocked.

    They had never seen such a scene!

    Although they were all martial arts practitioners, their strength was not strong, which was only limited to internal force and they had never touched internal Qi as well as the force of the sky and earth.

    Naturally, they didn’t know a martial arts practitioner could actually do this.

    “What is that?”

    “Is this martial arts or magic arts?”

    “Too awesome. He can pull the water out of the pool and make it float in the air!”

    “My god, what kung fu is this?”

    “Is it an illusion? Tell me, is this an illusion?”

    Everyone was looking at this scene, stunned. And they all murmured in shock. Some people even questioned themselves because of this scene.

    They questioned whether they were living in the real world.

    Because all of this was too dreamy.

    Despite them, they couldn’t accept it for a while.


    Fang Qiu did not pay attention to them, continuing the movements of his hands.

    They fixed their eyes on that.

    Under the guidance of Fang Qiu, the water flow went up along his right thumb.

    In the pavilion not far away.

    “Lung Meridian of Hand-Taiyin!”

    Seeing this scene, Elder Yi shouted in great shock.

    Elder Yi, as a senior who was the strongest among all those present in addition to Fang Qiu and was admired by all, his understanding of Wulin was far beyond ordinary people.

    Therefore, he found it in the first place.

    This scene that the masked man made was the first pulse that a martial arts practitioner must get through if he wanted to break through to the first-class Martial Superior.

    Hearing Elder Yi’s shouting.

    The martial arts practitioners in the field immediately came to sense from the shock.

    Even so, the shock in their hearts still didn’t decline at all, even stronger than before. And they were confused about what Elder Yi had said.

    They had no idea what the Lung Meridian of Hand-Taiyin was.

    On the other side.

    Under Fang Qiu’s guidance, Wan Shuquan, who had been staring at Fang Qiu, lit up his eyes after shock. As an urgent expression emerged in his eyes, he was still staring at Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu continued to control the water flow.

    From the right hand, it went up along the Lung Meridian of Hand-Taiyin and surged to the Zhongfu point.

    Zhongfu point, which belongs to Lung Meridian of Hand-Taiyin, is located in the flat first intercostal space of the chest, the outer inferior fossa of the clavicle, and 6 inches away from the midline before. In the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor, it is generally called Yunmen Zhongfu.

    The water was flowing.

    After flowing on the Zhongfu point of his right shoulder for a while, it flowed out again and quickly jumped to the Zhongfu point of his left shoulder.


    The water flow went along the Lung Meridian of Hand-Taiyin of Fang Qiu’s left hand down to the Shaoshang Point at the end of his thumb.

    After staying for a while.

    The water flow surged again and returned to the Shaoshang Point of his right thumb.

    In this case, it was right a circle.

    Wan Shuquan became more and more fascinated as he watched it. He was so excited that he couldn’t help trembling.

    He understood now.

    “The masked man is guiding and teaching me!”

    Only the scene in front of his eyes had benefited him a lot. He even felt that he was going to break through.