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Chapter 145

Medical Master
     Chapter 145 Get a Promotion Successfully!

    In the surrounding.

    The people still focused their eyes on Fang Qiu. None of them spoke. They were all silent, staring at Fang Qiu with a dreamy look as if they were watching a world-beating performance.

    After a lap.

    Fang Qiu didn’t stop.

    He continued to move the water flow and repeated the previous steps.

    After moving for three full laps, Fang Qiu just released his internal Qi and the water flow that was floating in front of him immediately turned into a waterdrop and fell into the pool when it lost the support of the air.

    After finishing everything.

    Fang Qiu turned to look at Wan Shuquan.

    In contact with Fang Qiu’s gaze, Wan Shuquan nodded gratefully to Fang Qiu. Without saying anything, he kicked the wooden chair behind him, sat cross-legs immediately, and began to understand.

    Fang Qiu smiled.

    In fact, this time, Fang Qiu not only showed him the operation of internal Qi of the first-class Martial Superior but also mixed with the Qi of the sky and earth.

    Without any doubt.

    This Qi of the sky and earth was the most difficult thing to understand when a Martial Practitioner got a promotion to a Martial Superior. Countless people were trapped to the Martial Practitioner Level because of this and were unable to break through in their lifetime.


    This was just the reason why the treasure was welcomed by so many people.

    Because there was some Qi of the sky and earth in the treasure.

    If comparing the promotion from a Martial Practitioner to a Martial Superior with climbing a 10,000-meter-high mountain cliff with bare hands, then the Qi of the sky and earth was equivalent to the origin of force on the cliff.

    If he couldn’t realize the Qi of the sky and earth, he naturally wouldn’t know how to start when faced with the smooth mountain cliffs.

    But it would be different if he had Qi of the sky and earth.

    Either he realized it himself or got it from the treasure, as long as he had the Qi of the sky and earth, he would have the way and the origin of force to climb the mountains and cliffs.

    Fang Qiu knew this well.

    He also found that the reason why Wan Shuquan was trapped under Martial Superior Level was the Qi of the sky and earth, so he specially added it during the demonstration.

    To let Wan Shuquan feel and realize it by himself.

    Now it seemed that.

    Wan Shuquan obviously also noticed this.

    This made Fang Qiu very gratified.

    “Next, it will depend on yourself.”

    Fang Qiu thought in the heart.

    He was neither a relative nor a friend of Wan Shuquan. The reason why he helped Wan Shuquan was that he had seen an unyielding spirit of making a breakthrough in the competition.

    Unfortunately, in the end, he was still not able to break through after being knocked down and standing up again and again.

    Therefore, he decided to help Wan Shuquan.


    As Fang Qiu stopped, the people who were shocked began to talk about it. They all asked each other with their eyes still fixing on Fang Qiu.

    In their eyes, Fang Qiu was simply a mystery.

    He was so mysterious that he made people feel dreamy!

    In the pavilion.

    Elder Yi also noticed the situation of Wan Shuquan.

    Immediately, he walked out of the pavilion and shouted as he walked, “Keep silent. Someone is about to break through and get a promotion!”

    At the sound of this.

    All in an uproar!

    Everyone had seen the demonstration of Fang Qiu. “Why do we have no other feelings besides the feeling of dreaming, but Wan Shuquan is going to break through after seeing once?”

    As they were in an uproar, they all closed their mouths.

    Many people spontaneously guarded for Wan Shuquan. They began to look around warily, for fear that someone would suddenly appear and disturb Wan Shuquan.

    After all, there were good people as well as bad people in Wulin.

    At once, all the people became silent.

    Half a minute later.

    Wan Shuquan, who had been sitting cross-legs for cultivation, suddenly shook his body and opened his eyes and mouth.


    He let out a long roar, shaking the sky and earth.

    His eyes sparkled.

    “He has broken through it!”

    All the people present smiled.

    Wan Shuquan suddenly stood up, holding his fist in disbelief with his face full of excitement and joy.

    The first-class Martial Superior Level.

    He did it!

    After being excited, Wan Shuquan turned his eyes to look at the location of Fang Qiu. When he was about to thank the masked man, he found that the masked man had disappeared.


    At the same time, Elder Yi also found that Fang Qiu had disappeared.

    Immediately, he became anxious and shouted to the sky, “The mysterious martial artist, there will be another comparing-notes assembly on the same day next week. Please be sure to come. Each of us will be awaiting you respectfully! I have some doubts to ask you!”

    The shouting reverberated in the dark night sky.

    But no one answered.

    The people in the field all turned around and looked for Fang Qiu, but they could never find him.

    “You must hear it. You must come!”

    Elder Yi prayed inwardly.

    Fang Qiu’s movement just made him too shocked.

    “With simple guidance, he could produce a first-class Martial Superior. How capable is he to do this?”

    Just because Elder Yi knew Fang Qiu’s strength, he called himself ‘I’ instead of an honorific title when he was shouting.

    “Thank Senior for your guidance. I will remember it for the rest of my life!”

    Wan Shuquan also shouted.

    Then he took a deep bow.

    This shouting immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

    The first-class Martial Superior!

    “He is a real first-class Martial Superior!

    “Even in the entire Jiangjing city, there are only a few Martial Superiors.

    “Thus it can be seen that how rare Martial Superior is and how powerful Martial Superior is!”

    At the same time.

    They finally understood that the unnamed mysterious man was actually a top expert, at least at Martial Superior Level.

    It was rare to meet a first-class Martial Superior.

    As the people could not find Fang Qiu, they all came forward to congratulate Wan Shuquan.

    Wan Shuquan also returned salutes politely.

    After the congratulations.

    The people began to be confused again.

    “Since the unnamed senior is a super expert, then he shouldn’t be considered to win in the competition just now?”

    “Yes, for such an awesome expert, wasn’t it a bully if he went to the arena?”

    “And he fought so reluctantly. I thought he had lost.”

    “Yes, he can’t be considered to win.”


    They were all discussing with each other and many people were doubtful about how to judge this competition.

    But at the moment.

    Liang Yongjie, who had been on the arena, suddenly came out and said, “Everybody, I am arrogant today. But I am convinced since I lost to Senior John Doe. Because during the competition, Senior John Doe had been suppressing his own strength. I can feel that when I fought with him, his strength was always at Martial Practitioner Level.”

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    “No wonder they were locked in battle.”

    “It explains the matter.”

    “John Doe has an expert style as expected.”


    Elder Yi also stepped on the arena and said, “Everybody, our Jiangjing city has come an expert. The opportunity is rare, so we must grasp it and must ask for advice next week.”

    Everyone’s eyes lit up suddenly.

    They all made up their minds to come next week and couldn’t help looking forward to it.

    And the martial arts practitioner who was sitting next to Fang Qiu finally came to sense.

    “My god!”

    “That guy is so awesome!”

    “He had definitely discerned that, so he could win for four consecutive times. Awesome!”

    “Next time I have to develop a connection with him.”

    And the two rich second generations looked at each other, smiling bitterly.

    Although their rival Liang Yongjie had lost as they wished, they seemed to have offended an expert…

    “About the 200,000 yuan, it seems that he doesn’t care about it at all.”

    “I have judged wrongly. Since you don’t care about the 200,000, why did you sell the treasure? Wouldn’t it make us misunderstand?”

    In the dark.

    Fang Qiu, like a ghost, moved at the speed of wind in the desolated suburbs.

    He heard what Elder Yi had said as well as the thanks from Wan Shuquan, but he did not respond.


    The reason why he came to the comparing-notes assembly this time was to see what it was like and to meet the people of Wulin to deepen his understanding of Wulin.

    As a result.

    He was pulled out unwillingly by others.

    This made him very depressed.

    Of course, in the comparing-notes assembly, although Fang Qiu had found that Liang Yongjie from the neighboring province was a little arrogant, he hadn’t had evil intentions. It was only because he had strong strength and defeated an invincible person, which triggered the arrogance in his heart.

    Therefore, Fang Qiu did not attack him seriously or exclude him. Instead, Fang Qiu demonstrated the operation method of the internal Qi of Martial Superior in front of his eyes.

    “After all.”

    “Liang Yongjie’s strength is similar to Wan Shuquan’s and they are both talents who are about to break through to Martial Superior Level.”

    “It’s OK to let him see it.”

    After the demonstration.

    Fang Qiu knew that he would definitely attract their attention and would definitely become their focus, so he chose a time to leave quietly.

    He was afraid that his identity would be revealed if he continued to stay.

    As for next week, he was still not sure whether he would come to the comparing-notes assembly or not. He was still considering, so he didn’t respond to Elder Yi.


    He was still on his way back to school.

    Over there, it had caused a buzz among the entire Jiangjing Wulin.

    Someone wrote a posting about what had happened at the comparing-notes assembly and sent it out on the Jiangjing Wulin BBS in the first time when Fang Qiu left.

    Despite no photos and videos.

    Because there were many martial arts practitioners on the spot, the people of Jiangjing Wulin did not doubt it at all.

    After all, the comparing-notes assembly was held in the territory of Elder Yi.

    No one dared to make irresponsible remarks about what happened in the territory of Elder Yi.

    “Shock! A mysterious masked man appeared in the comparing-notes assembly, guiding a Martial Practitioner to rise to the first-class Martial Superior!”

    The title of this posting was just like the title of the entertainment report which made a fuss over a trifle, but it was true that this title could attract people’s attention easily.

    As the posting appeared.

    It immediately caught the eyes of the entire Jiangjing Wulin.

    Either the martial arts practitioners who were not qualified to participate in the comparing-notes assembly or those who didn’t have time or failed to join were all paying attention to the dynamics of the Jiangjing Wulin BBS.

    After all, everyone wanted to know the results of the comparing-notes assembly.

    But as a result.

    What they saw was not what they wanted to see but a posting that shocked them all.

    “A mysterious expert? How mysterious is he?”

    “Is the post starter a click bait? Do you have any real stuff?”

    “Really? Really?”

    “He is too awesome. He can actually guide a Martial Practitioner to become a first-class Martial Superior?”

    “Although I really want to believe and I believe that no one dares to talk nonsense in the territory of Elder Yi, I still have a skeptical attitude towards this matter. Who in this world can casually guide a Martial Practitioner to become a first-class Martial Superior? Is the post starter teasing me?”

    “The post starter is a primary school student, isn’t he? Do you know how big the gap is between the Martial Practitioner and the first-class Martial Superior and how difficult is it to cross the gap? That needs the Qi of the sky and earth! How can he get a promotion with casual guidance?”

    “If there is really such a person, I will be named after you!”