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Chapter 148 - You Can Live Until 100 Years Old!

Medical Master
     Chapter 148 You Can Live Until 100 Years Old!

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu immediately became speechless.

    “Why tell him about the spending and purchasing?”


    The car threaded and came into a shanty area.

    The shanty town was an urban area within the city district with a large density of the bungalows with a long shelf-life. The quality of the houses was poor, and the construction area per capita was small. The infrastructure was incomplete with inconvenient transportation, it had huge public security and fire hazard and the environment was impoverished, dirty and chaotic.

    This place was similar to the slums within developing countries such as Brazil and India.

    Upon arrival.

    Fang Qiu was very surprised.

    He did not even know that there was such a shanty area in Jiangjing.

    Although the traffic was not convenient, Xu Miaolin managed to familiarize the way and came to a slightly broader site that looked like a garbage dumpsite.

    The car just arrived.

    Fang Qiu saw a big group of children immediately surrounding them.

    “Doctor Xu, Doctor Xu…”

    The children were hopping around and yelling happily to see Xu Miaolin.

    Looking at these children.

    Xu Miaolin smiled and got out of the car. She walked to the back of the vehicle with the children surrounding her, opened the trunk and took out an enormous bag.

    There were all kinds of toys in the bag.

    It consisted of toys as big as a doll and as small as a car.

    Xu Miaolin opened the sack with a smile and distributed a toy to each kid.

    These children were different from children from ordinary families in the city. They would not fight nor claim for extra but only one toy in each of their hands. They would not cry even if the toy was not their favorite. Instead, they would surround each other and shared their toys.

    Fang Qiu got off the car.

    He could feel the warmth in his heart while looking at the happy faces of the children with the toys in their hands.

    “Thank you, Doctor Xu!”

    “Thank you, Doctor Xu!”

    The children were also very polite after receiving the toys, they smiled shyly and thanked Xu Miaolin.

    Xu Miaolin was the same.

    She smiled happily.

    Just like the kids.

    Fang Qiu walked forward.

    “This is the slum area of the Jiangjing city.”

    Looking at the children around her, Xu Miaolin said, “It is also the place I volunteer to treat.”

    To have heard what was said.

    Fang Qiu was awfully inspired.

    Xu Miaolin turned her head around and pointed at the two sacks of rice in the trunk and said, “One sack each, can?”

    “I can do it alone.”

    Fang Qiu said.


    Xu Miaolin was shocked.

    Fang Qiu directly reached out to grab a sack of rice with one hand, swinging it onto his shoulder and carried it.

    “So strong of you!”

    Xu Miaolin looked at Fang Qiu in awe for a while and said, “Let’s go. Visit an old man with me.”

    Finished saying that.

    Both of them stepped out and walked on the muddy road.

    There were indiscriminately-built houses on both sides.

    There was a simple homemade stove in front of almost every house.

    Some of them were making a fire to cook while some were chopping the firewood.

    They barely took a few steps.

    A voice came in.

    “Doctor Xu, you’re here early?”

    An extremely thin middle-aged man whose bone could be seen happily greeted Xu Miaolin.

    “I’m here.”

    Xu Miaolin responded with a smile.

    “I will call for you when the meal is ready!”

    The middle-aged man said.

    “Haha, thank you!”

    Xu Miaolin said with a smile, “I just ate something, and I have to hurry up for the consultation!”

    “Doesn’t matter. Eat more!”

    The middle-aged man warmly invited again, and Xu Miaolin rejected again with a smile.

    It was difficult for these people to have a full meal. How would she bear to eat?

    Along the way.

    Many of them immediately stopped their work and greeted Xu Miaolin with a smile when they saw her. Everyone called her Doctor Xu and she would also chat with them with a smile.

    Not too far away.

    Walking for around 10 minutes.

    10 minutes later.

    Fang Qiu came to a shack with the guidance of Xu Miaolin.

    That was right.

    It was a shack.

    This place could not be considered as a house at all.

    There was no wall, and the broken tarpaulin was supported by bamboo rafts and wood on all four sides. Looking around, he could see the holes in this tarpaulin.

    There was a simple wooden bracket on the top, holding the tarpaulin and there were also a few planks used to hold the tarpaulin.

    Looking into the shack again.

    There were a few pieces of broken sheets covering the cotton wadding on a very narrow wooden bed with a cotton cover that did not even have a quilt.

    In the middle.

    There was a fire with a black lacquered teapot hanging over the fire.

    There was an older woman with a long hair and a white beard who dressed thickly in a worn cotton cap, sitting in front of the fire.

    On closer observation.

    The older woman was skinny in full attire. Perhaps she was afraid of the cold.

    “Doctor Xu, you’re here?”

    The old woman smiled happily when she saw Xu Miaolin and Fang Qiu.

    “Well, I brought you two bags of rice today. You don’t eat only one meal a day anymore. It is hard to labor with an empty stomach. You need to have enough food.”

    Xu Miaolin persuaded with a smile while directing Fang Qiu to put the rice down.

    But here.

    The older woman stood up in trepidation.

    “Young man, you’re really strong!”

    After Fang Qiu let go of the rice, the old woman praised with a smile. “When I was young, I was as capable as you. But, I’m old now!”

    Fang Qiu reverently saluted at the older woman.

    The older woman walked towards Xu Miaolin and took her by the hands. She said kindly, “You bring me so much rice. I can’t eat it all by myself. You always remember me, but I…”

    “Don’t worry about it.”

    Xu Miaolin patted the old woman’s hand and said, “This is what we should do. You should take good care of your body.”

    The old woman gratefully nodded.

    “Come on. Let me check your pulse first.”

    Xu Miaolin helped the woman to sit down and began to check the old woman’s pulse.

    Everything was as usual.

    Such a situation had already occurred a lot of time without knowingly.

    A minute later.

    “Nothing serious.”

    After checking the pulse, Xu Miaolin said to the old man with a smile, “Your body is well, you can live up to 100 years old.”


    The old woman quickly waved her hand and said, “It’s almost there, and it’s a sin to live such a long time.”

    “Don’t worry. Your life will be better in the future.”

    Xu Miaolin comforted.

    “Alright, alright.”

    The old woman waved and said, “Go ahead and busy with your chores. Don’t waste your time here, everyone needs you.”

    “Alright, I will visit you next time.”

    Xu Miaolin nodded. She stood up and said, “Remember to eat.”

    The old woman smiled and nodded.


    Both of them left the shack.

    “How long do you think these two bags of rice can last her for?”

    On the way, Xu Miaolin asked.

    “A few months.”

    Fang Qiu spoke his mind.

    “Two weeks.”

    Xu Miaolin shook her head and sighed.


    Fang Qiu was confused.

    “You don’t know. This older woman only ate one meal each day. Although it’s poor here, many children have not enough to eat. Some children come to her when they are hungry, and she will take out her ration for the children to eat. She will cook if there is no ready-made.”

    Xu Miaolin explained.

    Fang Qiu nodded in silence.

    Without a word.

    Looking at these children and the people who lived here, he didn’t know why but he always felt uncomfortable.

    Fortunately, these people could still sustain their basic living.

    They could barely survive and that was it.

    There were still many people in the world who needed help!

    Fang Qiu deeply sighed and caught up with Xu Miaolin’s footsteps.

    Both of them chatted while walking, and soon they came to a site in the middle of the shanty area, where a wooden table and several stools had been set up.

    This relatively spacious site was a yellow land that was rarely seen in the city.

    The size was not big.

    It was over 20 square meters.

    In the center of the site, there was a red lacquered wooden table that looked similar to the desks of the students in the impoverished mountainous areas. They looked old but clean.

    “Where is this?”

    Fang Qiu doubted.

    There were shacks all around here, and the venue was empty. “Why are this wooden table and two stools placed here?”

    “This is where I volunteer to offer my consultation.”

    Xu Miaolin answered.

    Then, she sat down by the table and took out a plastic bag with a damp towel from her carry-on bag.

    Looking at the skillful action of Xu Miaolin, Fang Qiu gently inhaled.

    It seemed that Xu Miaolin had been volunteering here for a long time. Otherwise, people here would not know her.

    With the appearance of Xu Miaolin.

    The residents at the nearby shacks immediately came forward to greet them. Many people immediately rushed to announce the others.

    Just a short five minutes.

    This was not a large field, but suddenly, a large group of people gathered.

    These people laughed and greeted Xu Miaolin. And, they began to queue quietly. Although there were many people, they were very orderly and of good-quality. There was not a single sense of clutter.

    “Is this the difference in life?”

    Fang Qiu secretly sighed.

    “This is life. The more you have, the more you desire. You would feel more easily contented when you have less. The purest kind of simplicity among people has been vividly reflected at this moment.”

    As compared to the city, it seemed to be two completely different worlds.


    Xu Miaolin set up the table with the medical instruments, took out a towel from the plastic bag, carefully wiped her hands and prepared to start the consultation.

    “You should know about the elements of the pulse. Tell me about these elements.”

    Xu Miaolin looked at Fang Qiu and said.

    “The elements of the pulse refer to the fundamental components of the pulse, including four aspects which are the position, count, shape, and status.”

    Fang Qiu nodded and immediately answered, “The identification of the pulse has mainly based on the feeling of the individual’s fingers. It is related to the frequency of the pulse, the rhythm, the location of the appearance, length and width of the pulse, the fulness of the blood vessels, the tension level, the smooth flowing of blood, the important element of heart fluctuations and other factors. The elements of the pulse can be mastered by understanding the characteristics and formation mechanism of the various pulse.”

    Xu Miaolin nodded and said, “Continue.”

    “The first aspect, the position of the pulse!”

    “A pulse position refers to the location and length of the pulse beat. The pulse appearance needs to be observed for its depth and length in every diagnosis. The position of a normal pulse doesn’t float, and it can be easily obtained while the inch, bar, and cubit have a pulse. If the pulse position is shallow, it is a floating pulse. If the pulse position is deep, it is a drowning pulse. If the pulse exceeds the inch, bar, and cubit, it is a long pulse. If the pulse is less than the inch, bar, and cubit, it is a short pulse.”

    “The second aspect, the count of the pulse!”

    “The count of the pulse refers to the number and rhythm of the pulse beats. For normal adults, the frequency of the pulse is about 70-90 times per minute. Additionally, the rhythm is uniform and without rest. If the pulse beats more than five times within a breath, it is considered a rapid pulse. While having less than four pulses within one breath is a slow pulse. When there is a halt, they can be differentiated by irregular pulse, slow and intermittent pulse, and slow, intermittent pulse. If the rhythm of the pulse isn’t uniform is irregular, and there will be a scattered pulse, astringent pulse, etc.”

    “The third aspect, the shape of the pulse!”

    “The shape of the pulse is the width of the straight pulse beat. The shape and the hardness of the shape should be observed during every consultation. The shape of the pulse is mainly related to the fullness of the pulse, the amplitude of the fluctuation of the pulse, etc. If the pulse is full and the amplitude of the pulse is larger, it is considered a bounding pulse. When a pulse is less filled, with a smaller fluctuation is considered a fine pulse. When the elasticity of the pulse is poor, hardened, and strong, it is considered a string pulse. Whereby a soft and weak pulse is a moist pulse, slow pulse, etc.”

    “The fourth aspect, the status of the pulse!”

    “The status of the pulse refers to the strength and smoothness of the pulse, and the pulse status contains many elements, such as the axial and radial strength of the pulsation. The pulse fluency is mainly affected by the heart and resistance, as well as, the elasticity of the blood vessels, the tension caused by the influence of tension, etc. The strength and fluency of the pulse should be checked in each diagnosis. A normal pulse should be smooth with moderate strength. It is a true pulse when it is strong and a weak pulse when it appears weak. A pulse that appears to flow smoothly is a smooth pulse. And, a pulse that is not smooth and difficult is an astringent pulse, etc.”

    After that, Fang Qiu stopped.

    “That’s great.”

    Xu Miaolin nodded with satisfaction. Then, she became serious and said with a stern look, “Today, I will tell you what the pulse is!”

    After finishing that.

    She officially began to treat the patients.

    The first patient sat down.

    After Xu Miaolin finished examining the pulse, she told Fang Qiu, “This is a floating pulse, recognize it!”

    Fang Qiu immediately reached for the pulse.