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Chapter 155 - Cooperate Again

Medical Master
     Chapter 155 Cooperate Again

    Everyone knew that the students of Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine sang very well.

    However, Chen Yinsheng said that compared with his students, they were not good enough, which meant that students from University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine could sing better. Really?

    They couldn’t believe it.

    Not to mention the leaders.

    Even the students of those universities did not believe it.

    Except for Jiang Mengjie.

    After all.

    Jiang Mengjie had heard Fang Qiu singing in person, so she deeply knew how nice Fang Qiu sang.

    “If this is the case, then the students of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, how about coming and performing a song?”

    Jiang Hai smiled heedlessly.

    Hearing this.

    Chen Yinsheng looked at Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu smiled.

    He had already seen the situation clearly, so he immediately stood up when Chen Yinsheng looked over.

    As a student at his school, he could not hesitate.

    “Dear leaders and students, since everyone wants to see, I will perform.”

    Standing up straight, Fang Qiu modestly nodded to the leaders and students of the surrounding schools, and then said, “Because I was not prepared before, I will also sing the school song of our school.”

    Everyone was confused in their hearts.

    Not prepared before?

    How could Chen Yinsheng dare to say such a big talk without preparation?

    Didn’t he worry that Fang Qiu would fail him?

    What was most shocking to everyone was that in this case, Fang Qiu actually dared to take the initiative to sing the school song. If he sang well, then it would be fine. If he sang badly, he would bring great shame to the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    In that moment.

    Everyone’s attention was concentrated on Fang Qiu.

    They were all anticipating his singing.

    But at the moment.

    Jiang Miaoyu, who had been sitting next to Fang Qiu, also stood up.

    “I will sing along with Fang Qiu.”

    Jiang Miaoyu took the initiative to speak.

    Hearing that.

    Everyone was shocked.

    How come another one stood up?

    And she was a beauty!


    The other seven students from University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine were somewhat excited about it.

    Two people who sang the best in their school would like to sing together.

    Not to mention Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine.

    Even if all the students in the school were added, they would definitely not match them.

    Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu exchanged a glance.

    And they nodded at the same time.

    After adjusting the breathing slightly, they two looked at each other and nodded lightly, then began to sing to the beat.

    “The virtue of medicine was so great that the whole world is moved for it.

    “The three legs of our tripod are energy, vigor, and spirit.”

    As they began singing.

    A desolation and quaint feeling was sweeping everyone’s mind in an instant.

    Like hearing the call from ancient times.

    Everyone was stunned.

    They were shocked by the ancient desolation and simplicity.

    And here.

    Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu continued to sing.

    “Thousands of chasing come from one will. Our medicine is inherited from Qibo and Huangdi.

    “The blessing spread down in centuries and protect millions of people, prospering our country.

    “Rising along with the tide from the west is the rich east of the Yangtze River.

    “The towering Arctic Pavilion is standing in the magnificent city of Jiangjing.”

    Singing these words.

    The leaders and students of all the schools present were all immersed in the quaint Chinese medicine atmosphere, and they were all enjoying as if they were not listening to a song, but a piece of melodious music.

    “Heaven has opened the grace of education, and our cause will never end.

    “Hearty wishes for an endless career like the rising sun shining in the sky.”

    The song ended perfectly.

    In the absence of any accompaniment, the voices of the two people were like musical instruments. Fang Qiu deliberately sang the songs steadily and melodiously. The sound of Jiang Miaoyu was like the gorgeous flowers and a few bird crisping in the antique world.

    People were addicted to it and could not extricate themselves.

    The song ended.

    Everyone needed a long time to relish.

    From the voices of the two people, they heard the voices of Chinese medicine practitioners and heard what the real Chinese doctor should do for the family, the country, the earth, and everything.

    That was a fraternity that belonged only to Chinese Medicine.

    That was the great good that belonged to the world.

    It was a shock that could not be expressed in words.

    And here.

    Because he had been caring about the two people, although Chen Yinsheng was shocked, he did not fall into it.

    Seeing the leaders and students of the schools lost in their performance.

    Chen Yinsheng laughed so happily.

    “You want to compete with your talents?”


    “Compared talents with our school is simply asking for trouble.”

    “You just thought that I was going to talk big, huh? Now I want to see who dares to say that I bragged.”

    At the same time as he was feeling proud.

    Chen Yinsheng looked at the leaders of other schools with his proud face, and then glanced up at the students of all the schools, posing with a smug face, and say nothing.

    And here.

    All the people also came back from the singing of Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu.

    “Listen up!”

    “Yeah, this is the second time I am shocked when I hear a song!”

    “When is the first time?”

    “It was played on TV before. When an old artist sang ancient war songs, I heard him sing as if I were on the battlefield, surrounded by murderous scenes, and thousands of iron rides and rushing scenes and I also felt the brave momentum of going forward.”

    “What about today?”

    “I can’t explain that kind of feeling. Listening to their song, I feel like I have returned to the past. When Chinese medicine rose, a physician went to everywhere to cure people by himself. I saw the life of Chinese medicine. I felt the fraternity of Chinese medicine. I also feel the power and magic of Chinese medicine.”

    “I felt it too!”

    “Me too!”

    “They are so good! In the absence of accompaniment, they can still sing so well!”

    “Is this a violation?”

    “Yeah, with their voices, they can be singers and hold concerts. If they sing to compete with us, who can beat them?”

    “Especially Fang Qiu. His voice is too in line with the mood of the lyrics.”

    “I think Jiang Miaoyu sings better. Although Fang Qiu sang the mood of the song, the completion of this song is not likely to be so high without the sound of Jiang Miaoyu.”

    “Both of them were amazing.”

    When they got back on their feet.

    Everyone’s eyes were once again concentrated on Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu.

    Two students who got full grades in the test.

    One of them was the student of a famous teacher, and the other not only proposed a very constructive suggestion that had great help to TCM college, but he was also specially hired as a doctor when he was a freshman and received a pennant sent by a patient in his consultation.

    Both of their shining points were constantly echoing in the mind of everyone.


    After having so many dazzling flashing points, the two of them still had this kind of extraordinary voices and techniques of singing.

    In that moment.

    Everyone had no idea what adjectives to use to describe them.

    If there was a word to describe them, then it should only be: perfect.

    In the crowd.

    “I didn’t expect that Jiang Miaoyu sings so good.”

    Jiang Mengjie looked at Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu. There was a strange emotion in her eyes. It seemed that it was a pity that why it was not her, but Jiang Miaoyu.

    “Thank you all.”

    Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu looked at each other and smiled, and then thanked everyone again.

    See you.

    The crowd remembered that they just forgot to applaud.

    The next moment.


    The class immediately burst into a round of warm applause.

    Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu smiled and sat down.


    Students and leaders of Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine did not speak.

    They knew.

    They lost this battle.


    This was just a little episode for them. This time it’s not a singing contest but a medical competition!

    Since they didn’t get beat them in singing, they could only rely on their real strength.

    “All right!”

    Chen Yinsheng smiled at Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu and nodded to them. He was about to say something.

    Song Wenhua, the vice president of Zhongzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, suddenly stood up and said, “Since everyone has prepared a talent show, then University of Zhongzhou Chinese Medicine will perform, too.”

    Hearing that.

    Chen Yinsheng was shocked.

    He did not want to make any more mistakes.

    He quickly said, “President Song, it’s just a sideshow, so don’t be so serious. Let’s talk about the rules of knowledge competition. After all, the knowledge competition is the main event. As for the performances, we will perform again when we have dinner.”

    Chen Yinsheng’s reaction was flawless.

    As he said.

    The purpose of the eight schools gathered at University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine was to compete for the new knowledge competition, not the talent show.

    If they continued to perform in such a turn, wasn’t it like getting the cat while losing the cow?

    Hearing that.

    Song Wenhua, who had stood up and was ready to lead the students to perform, only had to accept his words. He just nodded and gave up the idea of performing talents.

    Anyway, the talent show of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine had performed so well, and it was hard to exceed their performance. It was better not to play.

    “Well, University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine is the host of this knowledge contest for freshmen. Then, President Chen, please tell us the rules of this new knowledge competition.”

    Jiang Hai made a sound and broke the awkward atmosphere in the conference room.

    “All right!”

    Chen Yinsheng nodded with a smile, then turned and looked at all the students in the conference room, “Today is Thursday. Because the knowledge competition is scheduled for Saturday, you’ll have a day for rest and preparation.”

    “At 9 am on Saturday, the knowledge competition will officially begin.”

    Speaking of it.

    Chen Yinsheng smiled and continued, “Everyone knows the basic rules of the knowledge competition, so I will not emphasize it.”

    “But I still have to reiterate.”

    “The knowledge competition is divided into three rounds.

    “The first round is based on a test, and the maximum score is 100.

    “The test papers will be selected by the schools we have jointly selected, and the questions will be delivered tomorrow.”

    Hearing that.

    The leaders of the schools all nodded.

    As for the new knowledge contest, they have already begun their preparations. The school that issued the test questions was a Chinese medicine university other than the nine schools. Because this was the reason for the joint deliberation decision of the schools, and everyone agreed.

    In the first place, the test questions could be kept secret.

    Secondly, the eight schools did not know that the questions of this test would fall on which category. It was not clear how difficult the test questions were.


    It’s fair.

    Like the leaders, the students nodded with satisfaction.

    After all, this was a competition.

    Everyone wanted fairness and justice.

    “In Saturday afternoon, we will hold the second round of the competition.”

    Chen Yinsheng continued, “The second round of competition is a team knowledge competition.”

    “In the second round, there are three modes.

    “The first mode: team competition.

    “The second mode: answer race.

    “The third mode: the risk question.”

    Speaking of it.

    Chen Yinsheng paused and said, “For these modes, everyone must know them very clearly, so I will not go into detailed explanations.”

    The leaders and students of the schools nodded.