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Chapter 156 - So Amazing?!

Medical Master
     Chapter 156 So Amazing?!

    “On Sunday, we will hold the third round, the final round of the competition.”

    Chen Yinsheng said again, “the third round, is single-person knowledge contest.”

    “First of all, it is a hand-lifting competition.”

    “Then there is an answer race.”

    “The last is a one-on-one ace match.”

    “The final winner of the third round is the champion of this knowledge competition.”

    “In the afternoon of the end of the knowledge contest, we will hold a grand award ceremony.”

    Chen Yinsheng looked at the room and smiled at the audience. He finally set his sights on the leaders of the eight schools and asked, “Are you satisfied with the arrangement of the knowledge competition in our school?”

    “It’s good.”

    Jiang Hai took the lead in applauding and said, “The process is well arranged.”

    “Well, this process is very well arranged, although the rules are still similar to the previous ones, it changed a bit. It’s so much better.”

    Zhang Guodong, the vice president of the Huizhou University of Chinese Medicine, also nodded.

    Other leaders also nodded and agreed.

    Although this knowledge competition was still following the usual practice, University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine had divided the knowledge competition that should have ended in one day into two days, leaving enough time for all participating students. It realized a combination of work and rest.

    The leaders of the schools naturally had nothing else to say.


    Chen Yinsheng nodded with a smile and said, “Today’s meeting will end here. Let me take you on a tour together of the campus of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, alright?”

    The school leaders and students all nodded and stood up.

    Everybody knew.

    This was the convention.

    In the first place, the leaders and students of each school could familiarize themselves with the environment of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. Secondly, they could also feel the learning atmosphere of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.


    After everyone left the meeting room.

    Under the leadership of Chen Yinsheng, a large group of people began to explore on campus.

    “This is the teaching building of our school.”

    Just going out of the conference room, Chen Yinsheng pointed to the teaching building not far away and said, “Students are here for class, and occasionally old professors will start classes.”

    “The other side is the male dormitory of our school.”

    “That is a female dormitory.”


    Chen Yinsheng introduced all the way.

    Every time they walked to a building, he would introduce with a smile.

    From the teaching building, the office building to the dormitory, and the dining hall to the stadium, the Central Lake and Yaowang Mountain, all of them were introduced.

    And here.

    Because of the school day, there were many students on campus.

    Wherever the people of the eight schools went, the students of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine looked far from them and pointed at them.

    Especially when they saw Jiang Mengjie.

    The boys in the school were crazy.

    Even the girls were extremely envious and jealous.

    “So beautiful!”

    “Which school does that girl come from? She looks so beautiful!”

    “I didn’t expect that other schools actually have such a beautiful female student. She might match up to Jiang Miaoyu, right?”

    “I think she is much more beautiful than Jiang Miaoyu!”

    “I think they all look good.”


    Jiang Mengjie didn’t know that her pure and incomparably beautiful face caused a sensation in University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    She even attracted a group of people to keep on shooting.

    They were going to tell the students about the news that a peerless beauty came to the school.

    Soon, a hot post appeared on the forum of the school.

    “Gorgeous! The most beautiful girl of Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine, Jiang Mengjie!”

    Students clicked on the post to see it.

    “Name: Jiang Mengjie.”

    “School: Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine (New campus belle).”

    “Attribute: Straight A student (in the test before the knowledge contest, she obtained the first score.)”

    “Other information: Not available.”

    The people who posted the message had got the information from nowhere, and directly told Jiang Mengjie’s message.

    The followings were dense pictures.

    There were no traces of retouching, complete without make-up photos.

    Among them, there was Jiang Mengjie wearing a school uniform. Because the weather was too hot, she tied her top to the waist, pretty like a fairy.

    There were even big headshots at close range.

    The photos, one by one, filled the entire thread.

    This post was immediately detonated on the campus forum.

    “Holy crap, a goddess!”

    “She’s so beautiful! Who is she?”

    “Is she at our school? Where is she now? I am going to find her!!!”

    “How good-looking she is!”

    “Why looking at her face? Look at her figure! This waist, this hip, this long leg… She is simply the perfect goddess in my heart.”

    “She’s so tall! She’s more than 170 centimeters, right? How do we live as short guys?”

    “Shit, what’s wrong with being short? I am 168 cm, but I just like her. Sincerity can make metal and stone crack. I believe that as long as I work hard, I will definitely let her like me. No one can take over my place! Tell me where she is now, I want to tell her I like her!”

    “The previous poster is crazy.”

    “I agree.”

    Soon, the topic changed to whether Jiang Mengjie is more beautiful than Jiang Miaoyu.

    “You said that she is more beautiful than Jiang Miaoyu?”

    “They are both beautiful!”

    “I think Jiang Mengjie is more beautiful than Jiang Miaoyu. She is my type.”

    “My goddess Jiang Miaoyu is very beautiful!”

    “Are you guys crazy? Why comparing two campus belles? Who asks this question must want to find troubles!”

    “I don’t care. Anyway, I support Jiang Mengjie.”

    “I support Jiang Mengjie.”

    “I support Jiang Mengjie too.”

    “I support Jiang Miaoyu.”

    “I do too.”


    Unconsciously, the forum turned out to be in chaos.

    It could be seen how idle adolescent college students were.

    And here.

    Chen Yinsheng was still guiding the leaders and students of the eight schools to tour the campus.

    They went all the way to 6 pm.

    Chen Yinsheng took the crowd and went to a canteen specially prepared for the knowledge competition to entertain the leaders and students of the school.

    “I am sorry if not being considerate. Leaders and classmates, please feel free to ask whatever you want.”

    Before eating, Chen Yinsheng said with a smile.

    People exchanged their greetings, and Chen Yinsheng went to arrange the meal.

    In fact.

    Although it was not the same as the real canteen, the food was ordered from the second floor of the cafeteria. It tasted better than that of the hotels and restaurants outside the school.

    Not long after.

    Several staff members quickly set up a projector in this temporary canteen.

    As the light on the projector flashed.

    A video played out.

    It turned out to be a video of the opening ceremony of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    Anyway, the food was not served yet.

    Everyone could only watch the video when they had nothing to do, and they were stunned.

    “Jiang Miaoyu?”

    “It’s Jiang Miaoyu!”

    In the video, when Jiang Miaoyu was the first to appear, everyone turned to look at Jiang Miaoyu, and then focused on the video.

    After Jiang Miaoyu finished singing.

    Everyone felt it’s beautiful. They nodded with a smile and secretly admired.

    The video then continued.

    Everyone watched while talking and laughing.

    However, when Fang Qiu appeared, all the people stopped and were staring at the video without looking at Fang Qiu.

    And then.

    Fang Qiu finished his song.

    The leaders and students of the schools were all shocked.

    “Holy crap! That’s impressive.”

    In the beginning.

    They thought that when Fang Qiu sang in the conference room, it was already supernormal.

    As soon as they saw the video of the opening ceremony, they understood that they were wrong.

    They were so wrong.

    In the case of accompaniment, Fang Qiu’s singing skill had completely exceeded their imagination.

    He could match up to a singer!

    The leaders of the schools that had already prepared for the performance had exchanged glances quickly.


    They ordered their students altogether.

    “Cancel the performance!”

    What’s the point of performing!

    Originally, they all wanted to suppress the students of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine from the aspect of talent before the start of the knowledge competition.

    These leaders were very clear that before the official start of the knowledge competition, the emotional moods of the participants were very important. Once they were suppressed, they would be very upset. If they were unhappy, they would be emotional, and being emotional would lead to mistakes.

    A small mistake could often determine the direction of the entire knowledge competition.

    “If you give me a hard time, I will give you a stumbling block.”

    It was all normal.

    But this was a situation that’s evenly matched.

    However, now it hit the muzzle!

    The show they wanted to perform in front of Fang Qiu’s performance was simply shameful.

    It’s better to cancel it directly than go performing and be humiliated.

    The leaders were experienced and astute.

    While the students of each school were very depressed.

    In order to compete for talents this time, they had been preparing for a long time.

    But now.

    It was all in vain.

    And they didn’t even stand up. They were directly smashed by Fang Qiu’s performance.


    As the video of the Start-of-Term Ceremony finished.

    Meals were also officially served.

    At this time, Chen Yinsheng returned to the temporary canteen, sitting at the same table with the leaders of all the schools, chatting with each other with a smile, and eating it.

    The students sat at the tables with their schoolmates.

    They all eat well.

    Half an hour later.

    Seeing that everyone was almost finished, Chen Yinsheng stood up and toasted to the leaders of the school. Then he smiled and said, “There is a talent show, right? After having food and drink, let us appreciate it!”

    After saying that.

    The leaders of the other eight schools were sitting at the same table and despising Chen Yinsheng.

    Why speaking only of their shortcomings!

    “Yes, President Song, University of Zhongzhou Chinese Medicine is ready for a talent show, right?”

    Jiang Hai, the vice president of the Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine, immediately said.

    This kind of excellent opportunity to fight against opponents was something Jiang Hai could not miss.

    He wanted to be distinguished by taking the initiative to present a talent show, but was suppressed by University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine at the meeting?

    His own students were suppressed.

    He also had to pull a few down with him!

    Song Wenhua, who was named by Jiang Hai, almost squirted out some blood in his heart. He quickly said, “My students have not been rehearsed. As for the talent show which is mentioned before, I just hoped that the students would come to warm up the atmosphere. So we will not show it now.”

    “Yes, yes.”

    Zhang Guodong, the vice president of the Huizhou University of Chinese Medicine, also said quickly, “We are here for the knowledge competition. We didn’t really get ready for talent show.”

    “We are all full, and doing sports will hurt our body now. We doctors can’t hurt the children!”

    “Yes, yes. We have just arrived today, and the students are still somewhat uncomfortable. This talent show is okay to be canceled.”

    “The day after tomorrow, we will have a knowledge contest, so let the children rest more, and the performance is tiring!”


    In addition to Jiang Hai, the leaders of other schools had quickly expressed their views.

    They strived to destroy the talent show in the bud.