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Chapter 159 - Who Is the First One?

Medical Master
     Chapter 159 Who Is the First One?

    “Mr. Qi, don’t keep me guessing. Just tell us if you get some news.”

    Chen Yinsheng urged him with a smile.


    Qi Kaiwen nodded and said, “Do you still remember the terrifying test paper of the previous year? Earlier, I took the test paper to Fang Qiu and he scored 86.5 points. What’s more, he only spent 45 minutes on the examination!”


    All of them were shocked as they heard that.

    They remembered very clearly that the bleakness of the results in that year was unprecedented.

    A passing score was counted as a high score.

    The highest score that one student got seemed to be just over 80 points.

    And it took most of them a full hour to finish.

    “Fang Qiu actually only spent forty-five minutes and got 86.5 points?”

    They were completely dumbfounded.

    “He is actually excellent like that?”

    The leaders of each university were too shocked to believe.

    Hearing what Qi Kaiwen said, Chen Yinsheng finally felt reassured.

    Seeing Fang Qiu hand in his test paper so fast, he was very anxious. After all, this examination was related to the honor of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. In his opinion, Fang Qiu handing in the test paper so easily was really frivolous.


    “Since he could get a high score in the terrifying test paper of the previous year. Seems that he should be confident to hand in the test paper so fast.”

    The worry in his heart decreased by more than half.

    But Chen Yinsheng was still a little worried.

    He was afraid that Fang Qiu was so hurried that he made mistakes when answering questions.

    In the examination room.

    After handing in the test paper, Fang Qiu directly stepped out of the examination room.

    Just when he appeared.

    The students of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, who were standing outside the examination room, were immediately dumbfounded.

    Everyone’s eyes were focused on Fang Qiu.

    “Fang Qiu?”

    A curious girl shouted.

    Fang Qiu turned his head and took a look.

    “Are you done?”

    The girl asked curiously.


    Fang Qiu nodded his head.

    Seeing that.

    All the onlookers present were stunned.

    “No way?”

    “So fast?”

    “Doesn’t it take one and half hour to finish the test? But it has only been an hour.”

    The onlookers all discussed in disbelief.

    Some busybodies lost no time spreading the news that Fang Qiu had walked out of the examination room.

    Without a doubt.

    At this critical moment, what all the students of the university most concerned was the Knowledge Competition of Freshmen. And just because of everyone’s concern, the news was quickly spread throughout the campus.

    New postings immediately appeared on the BBS.

    “The first round of written examination of the knowledge competition, Fang Qiu from our university walked out of the examination room first. It only took him 60 minutes!”

    For a time.

    All the people in the university who saw the posting were extremely surprised.

    But what’s more, they were doubtful.

    “Screwed. Couldn’t Fang Qiu give up?”

    “I have heard that the difficulty of this examination is unprecedented. Even the sophomores and juniors may not be able to finish it. How could Fang Qiu come out so soon?”

    “Could it be because the examination is too difficult, he didn’t want to answer? But it is related to the honor of the university. How can he be so casual?”

    “Don’t rush to deny it. Maybe Fang Qiu has finished the test paper?”

    “How is it possible?”

    “Yes, the questions are so difficult. Even if Fang Qiu got full marks in the previous examination and took the first place, it is impossible to finish it all?”

    “Will our university lose again? Alas. For the last knowledge competition, the results of our university were so bad. If we rank last again this time, how can I have the nerve to say that I am a student of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine afterwards?”

    “We can’t do anything about it. He has already come out. Even if he wants to go back now, he just can’t.”

    “Yes. I hope that the other students will try their best and make up the scores that Fang Qiu has lost.”


    The students were not optimistic about Fang Qiu at all, who should have drawn cheers.


    He had no choice.

    After all, Fang Qiu’s speed was so amazing that people couldn’t believe it. “How could he finish the test paper in such a short period of time? Let alone a high score.”

    “It’s true that things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme.”


    The news was known by the president of the student union—Li Qingshi.

    “Humph, it’s really a shame!”

    Upon hearing the news, Li Qingshi immediately snorted coldly and swore secretly, “When the knowledge competition ends, if you can’t get a good result, I will diss you!”


    Li Qingshi planned to figure out a way to get Fang Qiu some purgative to suppress his spirit so that he would fail the examination and become a public enemy of the university.

    However, he thought this method was too insidious after that.

    It was a little unconscionable.

    So, he didn’t do it.

    “Now it seems.”

    “It was better to let him eat purgative!”

    “Otherwise, we won’t lose face!”


    The examination continued.

    Fifteen minutes after Fang Qiu walked out of the examination room.

    In the second examination room.

    Han Yuxuan, from University of Jingbei Chinese Medicine, who was apprenticed to Wei Qi, the highly-skilled doctor in bonesetting, stood up proudly to hand in the test paper under the others’ gaze.

    It caused a lot of amazement and envy from the students of the same examination room.

    He handed in the test paper in seventy-five minutes.

    In the view of the students in the second examination room, it was really amazing.

    He enjoyed the envious eyes of everyone.

    Han Yuxuan, who had handed in his test paper, walked to the platform with a smile, handed in his test paper, and walked out of the examination room.

    He came to the cabinet where the school bags were placed at the corner of the corridor outside the examination room. When he was going to take the bag and leave, he suddenly thought of something seemingly. He lifted the bag as he turned around to look at the teacher who had been watching the bags. He asked confidently, “Ms, am I the first one to hand in the test paper?”

    But the teacher shook her head and whispered, “No.”


    Hearing what she said.

    Han Yuxuan’s face darkened.

    “Who is the first one?”

    Han Yuxuan asked as he frowned.

    “Fang Qiu from our university.”

    The teacher replied in a low voice.

    “Fang Qiu?”

    Hearing this name, Han Yuxuan was dumbfounded.

    “It’s actually him?

    He did not expect that this person was faster than him in handing in the test paper.

    Because the questions were very difficult.

    But for him, it was nothing.

    After all.

    His master was Wei Qi, one of the only 50 highly-skilled doctors in the country.

    Whether in writing from memory or in dealing with various uncommon questions, he could do it without any hitch.

    It was also just because of this.

    He always thought that he must be the first to hand in the test paper.

    But he did not expect.

    Fang Qiu actually handed in the test paper before him.

    This made him feel a little unbelievable and unacceptable.

    But the fact had already been there. He had no choice but to accept it.

    As he was depressed, he carried his own bag and was going to leave.

    At this time.

    A figure suddenly came out of the third examination room.

    Taking a closer look.

    The person was obviously Tao Yiran from University of Huizhou Chinese Medicine.

    He remembered very clearly that Tao Yiran was a descendant of the Chinese Medicine family—Tao’s family and was in the first place of University of Huizhou Chinese Medicine by full marks in the test. Thus, he was selected to participate in the knowledge competition.

    He had always been regarding Tao Yiran as the key vigilant target. “After all, an average person is not comparable to him, who has the foundation of the Chinese Medicine family.”

    But he did not expect.

    In this first round of examination, he won his own vigilant target, but lost to another guy!

    “It is actually you?”

    When Tao Yiran, who came out of the examination room, saw Han Yuxuan, he was slightly surprised and then said in surprise, “You deserve to be the apprentice of Master Wei Qi because you have handed in the test paper so early. I admire you and I’m willing to be the second.”

    Hearing that.

    The muscles on Han Yuxuan’s face twitched and then he said indifferently, “You are the third one.”

    “The third one?”

    Tao Yiran was immediately dumbfounded when he heard the words.

    “Could there be someone who walked out of the examination room before Han Yuxuan?”

    “This is impossible!”

    “Do you mean that there is someone before you?” he asked.


    Han Yuxuan replied.


    Tao Yiran hurriedly asked, “Who was so capable that he was actually faster than you and me?”

    “Fang Qiu.”

    Han Yuxuan sighed and said.

    “It’s him!”

    Tao Yiran was shocked.

    “Because Fang Qiu has no background and no strong master to back him up. Although at the beginning, he also regarded Fang Qiu as a strong competitor, after seeing Fang Qiu’s talent show, he imperceptibly focused his attention on the singing ability of Fang Qiu and forgot for a time that Fang Qiu was in the first place of University of Jiangijng Chinese Medicine.”

    Thinking about it now.

    He naturally understood.


    He was still a little surprised in his heart.

    “Fang Qiu doesn’t have any background. How can he leave Han Yuxuan, the apprentice of a highly-skilled doctor and me, the descendant of the Chinese Medicine family behind?”

    Just when the two of them talked.

    From the third examination room, another person came out.

    Taking a close look.

    This person was obviously Zhao Yancheng, who tied with Fang Qiu for the first place by the full marks at the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.


    Just when he walked out of the examination room.

    Zhao Yan looked at Han Yuxuan and Tao Yiran in surprise and said inwardly, “I thought I would be the second one, but I did not expect that I’m the third one.”

    He was in the same examination room as Tao Yiran.

    When Tao Yiran handed in the test paper, Zhao Yancheng only had a few dozen words to write before he finished the test paper. Although he felt pity inwardly, he still carefully answered the last big question before he left.

    He originally thought that.

    Tao Yiran was already fast enough. If he couldn’t be the first one, being the second one was also very good.

    But he did not expect.

    He was actually the third one.

    “Needless to say.”

    Just as Zhao Yancheng came over and was about to ask, Tao Yiran said directly, “You are not the third one.”


    Zhao Yancheng was surprised.

    “There are only three people here. If I’m not the third one, what place should I be?”

    “Who is the third one?”


    Tao Yiran sighed slightly and said, “You should ask who is the first one.”

    “The first one?”

    Zhao Yancheng picked his brows and asked in disbelief, “Could there be anyone who was earlier than you?”

    The two of them nodded at the same time.

    “There is such an awesome person?”

    Zhao Yancheng immediately turned to the teacher next to him and respectfully asked, “Ms, may I ask who is the first student walking out of the examination room? How much time did he spend?”

    “It’s Fang Qiu. He should be 15 minutes earlier than you.”

    The teacher replied truthfully.

    Hearing what she said.

    Not only Zhao Yancheng.

    Even Han Yuxuan and Tao Yiran were both shocked.

    “He is actually much earlier than us so much?”

    “In other words, Fang Qiu only spent an hour to hand in the test paper?”

    Han Yuxuan asked with amazement.

    “Yes, it happened to be an hour when he came out.”

    The teacher nodded.

    Hearing that, the three of them were dumbfounded in place and didn’t say anything for a long time.

    Zhao Yancheng did not expect that the first one was actually Fang Qiu of his university.

    He thought that he was the first one at his university. Since he couldn’t be faster than the student from another university, the others of UJCM couldn’t be faster naturally.

    But it never occurred to him that.

    “Fang Qiu!”

    Zhao Yancheng repeated this name in his heart and he felt that he had encountered a vigorous opponent.

    At this time.

    Jiang Mengjie and Jiang Miaoyu, who were in the second examination room and the third examination room separately, came out from the examination rooms at the same time.

    Just when they walked out of the examination rooms.

    The two of them caught each other’s eyes.

    Seeing each other, the two of them were surprised at first and then they both smiled as they looked at each other.

    Seeing the two girls come out, Tao Yiran immediately said mysteriously, “Do you know who is the first one?”


    Jiang Mengjie replied.

    Because they were all in the third examination room, Jiang Mengjie knew the time that Tao Yiran and Zhao Yancheng had used. So, she answered it directly as what she was thinking.

    But Jiang Miaoyu looked at Han Yuxuan because only he handed in the test paper earlier than her in the second examination room.

    “Ha ha, guess wrongly? It is Fang Qiu.”

    Tao Yiran said with a smile, “I didn’t expect that diamond cuts diamond. I also didn’t expect that I actually lost to him.”

    “It’s him.”

    Jiang Mengjie smiled sweetly.

    “It’s him.”

    Jiang Miaoyu also smiled.

    Both of them were also very happy for Fang Qiu.