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Chapter 160 - Full Marks!

Medical Master
     Chapter 160 Full Marks!

    Here, in the meeting room.

    “Time is almost up. There are more and more students who hand in their test papers in advance.”

    Zhang Guodong, who had been watching the monitor, said with a smile.

    Regardless of the psycho, Fang Qiu.

    As far as the current situation was concerned, his student was the third one to go out of the examination room. “This result is not bad.”

    “Yes, although the test paper is very difficult, the freshmen of this session are very potential!”

    Jiang Hai also smiled.

    Han Yuxuan from his university was the second one to hand in the test paper and Jiang Mengxi was the fifth one. Two of the nine students were in the top five in time using. How could he not smile?

    As for the other leaders.

    They couldn’t smile.

    At this time.

    Chen Yinsheng also leaned over.

    Taking a close look, he found that three of the six people who had handed in the test papers were actually from his university, so he was very happy.

    Although he was very happy.

    Chen Yinsheng did not show it. Instead, he said calmly while drinking tea, “It seems that the students of this session are still very good.”

    Hearing that.

    The leaders of the other universities secretly curled their lips and none of them answered Chen Yinsheng’s words.

    “Let your parade dissipate in the air!”

    Soon afterwards.

    More and more students handed in their test papers in advance.

    The time limit of examination was 90 minutes. Even if there was only one minute left before the end of the examination, it was considered as handing in the test paper in advance.

    Although at the beginning, University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine performed very well.


    The students from University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine who handed in the test papers in advance were the least.

    This result made Chen Yinsheng, who was secretly happy originally, look awful. On the contrary, those leaders of the other universities who originally looked grave gradually looked better as their respective students handed in the test papers.

    Time flew by quickly.

    The examination time of one and a half hours ended!

    Many students who had not finished the test paper could only stop writing and hand in the papers.


    Everyone walked out of the examination room.

    The groups of each university were divided again.

    “Aren’t these questions this time too difficult?”

    “Yes, if I can get a passing score, I will be satisfied.”

    “It’s totally not at the same level of the test at my university. It’s really hard.”

    At the beginning, the students were all talking about the difficulty of this examination.

    But a short while later.

    Their attention had shifted from the questions to the participants.

    “Tao Yiran, since you answered questions so fast, you should be the first one in time using?”

    A student from University of Huizhou Chinese Medicine asked Tao Yiran.

    “Alas. I have failed to live up to your expectations because I am not the first.”

    Tao Yiran smiled bitterly.

    “Who is that?”

    Someone asked again.

    “Fang Qiu.”

    A student from University of Huizhou Chinese Medicine, who was in the same examination room with Fang Qiu, said, “He is too abnormal! I am very close to him. From the minute when the exam started, I have not seen his hand stop. He kept writing and writing. After writing for an hour, he finally stopped. But I didn’t expect that he directly handed in the test paper.”

    At the sound of this.

    The other students of University of Huizhou Chinese Medicine were all shocked.

    “So awesome?!”

    On the other side.

    Other universities were also talking about him like crazy.

    Because there were three students of each university in the same examination room with Fang Qiu, the abnormal speed of Fang Qiu was quickly spread to the ears of every participant who took the exam, which made the participants of each university very shocked.

    It also caused their vigilance and fighting spirit.

    But Fang Qiu, the focus of everyone’s attention, had found a secluded place to read books.

    He totally didn’t know his fast speed would cause such a heated discussion.

    In principle.

    During the one hour after the end of the examination, it was the time for the teachers to correct the test papers.

    At this time, the onlookers of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine gradually dispersed.

    The participants from all the universities also agreed to go to the big meeting room to take a break.


    After an hour.

    The correction of the test papers had been completed.

    The results statistics came out.

    It was sent to the meeting room where the leaders of the universities were at once.

    “Leaders, the results have come out!”

    Nine teachers from different universities walked into the meeting room with corrected test papers and one of the teachers took the transcript.

    “Who is in the first place?”

    Jiang Hai immediately asked.

    “Who is in the first place?”

    Zhang Guodong also asked.

    Other leaders, at the same time, all rushed to ask.

    Although University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine had taken a big advantage in the examination time, in the absence of the same points, the time was not the key to the examination. The most important thing was the score.

    “What is the point of fast?”

    “Scores are the most important.”

    “The faster he did, the easier it is to be wrong.”

    All the leaders were expecting their students to be No.1.

    As for Fang Qiu, they didn’t think that he could get the first place since he answered so fast.

    Chen Yinsheng was also very worried, but the only student he could think of was Fang Qiu.

    The teacher holding the transcript spoke at this moment.

    “No.1 is Fang Qiu!”


    The leaders of the universities didn’t believe it at all.

    They felt that they had heard it wrongly.

    “Fang Qiu, the student of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. Fang Qiu!”

    The teacher replied again.

    Hearing that.

    Chen Yinsheng picked his eyelids, glanced in smug satisfaction at the leaders who were stunned, and laughed happily.

    But the leaders of the other universities were all stunned.

    “He was the first one to hand in the test paper and still could get the first place of the examination?”

    “What should we do?”

    “Is he still a human?”

    At this time, Jiang Hai thought of something and hurriedly asked, “What is the score of Fang Qiu?”

    In his opinion.

    “Han Yuxuan spent 15 minutes more than Fang Qiu, so in terms of answering the questions, his answers must be more accurate than Fang Qiu’s. By rights, Han Yuxuan should take the first place.”

    “Could Han Yuxuan play below par and answer several questions incorrectly?”

    “One hundred points. Full marks.”

    Hearing Jiang Hai’s question, the teacher who was holding the transcript replied immediately.

    At the sound of this.

    The leaders of the universities present, including Chen Yinsheng, were even more shocked.

    “Full marks???”

    “What’s going on here?”

    “How could it be?”

    “This set of questions are more difficult than the ones of the previous year. How can any student get full marks?”

    “Yes. And it only took him 60 minutes to hand in the test paper.”

    “Did you correct wrongly?”

    “It’s just incredible!”

    A variety of shocked questions were spread.

    “We have brought the test papers and transcript. You can see them in person.”

    As they said.

    The nine teachers who corrected the test papers put the test papers and transcript on the meeting table.

    The leaders of the universities immediately went to see the transcript.

    Everyone didn’t care about the test papers.

    Because the test papers were corrected by the teachers of the nine universities. It was absolutely impossible to have correction mistakes since one piece of test paper was corrected by all the nine teachers.

    On the transcript, the ranking was clear at a glance.

    “The first place: Fang Qiu, 100 points.”

    “The second place: Han Yuxuan, 93 points.”

    “The third place: Su Zimo, 92 points.”

    “Another third place: Tao Yiran, 92 points.”

    “The fifth place: Wang Zhixing, 89 points.”

    “Another fifth place: Zhao Yancheng, 89 points.”

    “The seventh place: Jiang Miaoyu, 88 points.”

    “Another seventh place: Jiang Mengjie, 88 points.”

    “The ninth place: Ruan Sijing, 87 points.”


    Seeing the transcript.

    Chen Yinsheng, Jiang Hai, Song Wenhua, and Zhang Guodong all smiled.

    The students from their four universities actually occupied the top 10 and two of them were tied for first place.

    In addition to UJCM, the most satisfied person was Jiang Hai because his students Han Yuxuan and Jiang Mengjie, respectively got the second and fifth places, which were already very good.

    Zhang Guodong and Song Wenhua were also very satisfied.

    At least, from the transcript, their students have gained the upper hand.

    The leaders of the other universities all looked grave.

    “As the saying goes, several people are happy while several are depressed.”

    “There are always high scores and low scores in an examination.”

    After a while.

    “All right.”

    After the leaders of the universities see all the rankings, Chen Yinsheng said, “Post the transcript up and let the participants go and see it themselves so that we don’t need to announce it in public.”

    The leaders of the universities nodded in agreement.

    The transcript was quickly pasted up on the notice board of the university.

    All the participants came to see the results.

    “The first place: Fang Qiu…… 100 points.”

    The participants from all the universities around the notice board, were all surprised when they saw No.1.

    “My god! This guy is so awesome! It only took him 60 minutes, but he also can get full marks. I admire him.”

    Tao Yiran was very surprised, but he was not envious as he said that. Instead, he smiled and officially placed Fang Qiu in the position of his first vigorous opponent.

    “Full marks???”

    Han Yuxuan looked at Fang Qiu’s score and picked his brows slightly.

    Although he was in second place, he was very unhappy.

    They actually had a difference of 7 points.

    “What caused the seven-point gap?”

    “Is it the last dictation question?”

    As he thought, Han Yuxuan turned around and left without expression.

    “So awesome. Fang Qiu has unexpectedly got full marks of such a difficult test paper.”

    Ruan Sijing, a gentle and quiet girl, looked at the transcript on the notice board, staring at the name of Fang Qiu with excitement and muttering to herself, “If this person is at the same university with me, I can learn from him and increase my scores.”

    “It’s not easy. It has taken me so much time and energy, but I just took a third place.”

    Su Zimo faintly smiled as he shook his head. From his look and words, it seemed that he didn’t care about it so much.

    “Mr. Fang. Sure enough, you had always been giving ground to me.”

    When Jiang Mengjie saw the transcript, she did not check her score at all. Instead, she smiled as she set her gaze on Fang Qiu, who had taken the first place.

    “Fang Qiu.”

    Wang Zhixing frowned and looked at the transcript with a grave look.


    “Han Yuxuan is an apprentice of an highly-skilled doctor. Su Zimo and Tao Yiran are both the descendants of the family of Chinese Medicine. I’m convinced if I lose to them.”

    “But who are you?”

    “He has no background. Why should I lose to him?”

    “I have been reading medical books since I was a child. Why is he more excellent than me since he switched to the profession of Chinese Medicine?”

    He became more and more excited, more and more indignant as he thought of it.

    Wang Zhixing directly turned around and left after snorting coldly with a grave face.

    At this time.

    The other students of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine also come to see the transcript curiously.

    When they saw Fang Qiu was in the first place.

    These students immediately couldn’t help being excited and happy.

    Some of them even took a photo of the transcript directly and posted it on the campus BBC.


    As the posting was sent out.

    What’s more, the news was spread by word of mouth among the students in the university.


    It caused a great sensation at the university.

    “The first place.”

    “Full marks!”

    “Fang Qiu is too awesome. He has won credit for our university!”

    “Haha, the first place. No.1 is from our UJCM!”

    “What did I see? I suspected that Fang Qiu handed in the test paper sixty minutes after the examination started because the test paper was so difficult that he gave up it. But now what am I seeing?”

    “So awesome. UJCM is invincible. Fang Qiu is invincible!”

    “Please calm down. Although Fang Qiu has taken first place, the overall results of our university are still backward. They still need to continue to work hard.”