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Chapter 161 - A Sensation at Eight Universities!

Medical Master
     Chapter 161 A Sensation at Eight Universities!

    Just like University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    The other eight universities also kept paying attention to the results of the first round of the knowledge competition.

    As soon as the transcript was announced, the eight universities received the news.

    For a time.

    The ranking of the transcript caused a great sensation among each university.

    Jiangjing Medical University.

    The leaders of this university were very surprised to see the transcript.

    “UJCM actually took the first place this time?”

    “I heard that the test paper is very difficult this time. There is someone from UJCM getting full marks actually?”

    “Is Fang Qiu the student who proposed the apprentice plan?”

    “This student is so awesome!”

    Not just the school leaders.

    Students from the Medical University also learned about the results of the first round of the knowledge competition from the Internet.

    “No way. Didn’t UJCM rank last in the last competition?”

    “The score of full marks is too scary?”

    “The top students of the eight universities took the examination together. Only Fang Qiu from UJCM has got full marks. This is incredible!”

    “There is only one student of our Medical University who has entered the top ten. Isn’t this also shameful?”

    Almost all the students and leaders were unwilling to believe this fact.

    But the fact was just a fact and the transcript was in front of them. They could only be more bark than bite.


    University of Huizhou Chinese Medicine.

    “Although Tao Yiran and Wang Zhixing are in the top five and our university’s results are still at the upper or middle level, this No.1 is too awesome?”

    “The questions of the knowledge competition are all not easy. This Fang Qiu can actually get full marks?”

    “So is there anything fishy in this examination?”

    “It’s not possible.”

    “The test papers were made by another university and it was kept secret. I heard that the test papers were sent to University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine half an hour before the examination started.”

    “According to you, Fang Qiu is really a genius?”


    Huizhou Medical University.

    “None of the students from our university is actually in the top ten?”

    “Screwed. Our university is going to lose face in this Knowledge Competition of Freshmen!”

    “Anyway, we were in the top three in the last session. How could we fall so sharply this time? Who did the university send to the competition?”

    “Fang Qiu again!”

    “Why do I feel that this Fang Qiu is particularly fond of the limelight?”

    “I can see him everywhere. He really had me gone speechless.”

    “Although the results of our university are very bad, you can’t blame this on Fang Qiu. Besides, a piece of gold will finally be allowed to shine. Has Fang Qiu showed off in front of you?”

    “Alas. Hope the students who are participating in the knowledge competition will do better in the next competition.”


    University of Jingbei Chinese Medicine.

    “Haha, Han Yuxuan took the second place and the campus belle also took the seventh place.”

    “Although the results are good, we can’t be off guard. I didn’t expect University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine to take the first place. It seems that this year’s knowledge competition is very competitive.”

    “At least we don’t have to worry that our university’s ranking will be backward. Ha ha!”

    “Yes, but from the results of the first round, the students from our university may have really met some vigorous opponents.”

    “Indeed, from the views of the results, University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine is really thorny.”

    “Whether our university can take the first place or not, it depends on those students who participate in the knowledge competition, to see whether they can suppress Fang Qiu in the following competition.”


    University of Zhongzhou Chinese Medicine.

    “UJCM has actually risen. I can’t believe it!”

    “I remember in the last Knowledge Competition of Freshmen, there was only one person who entered the top ten in the first round of examination.”

    “Getting the first place by full marks, this person called Fang Qiu is so amazing!?”

    “Why do I feel that something is wrong? Last year, University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine was still backward. This year, the knowledge competition is held at their university and then they directly took the first place.”

    “Could it be anything fishy?”

    “The knowledge competition is jointly organized by the nine universities. Even if it is held in University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, it is not likely to do anything under the table.”

    “No matter there is something fishy or not, there are two students of our university who has entered the top five and one has entered the top three, which has already been very good. As long as they continue to work hard in the second and third rounds, it should not be difficult to take the first place in the knowledge competition, right?”

    Compared to the other universities.

    The students and leaders of University of Zhongzhou Chinese Medicine were very open.


    Those universities whose students hadn’t entered the top ten were very depressed.

    Because the results of this examination were completely beyond their expectations.

    It made them too surprised.

    Just when all the universities were discussing it.

    The test paper of this examination was quickly delivered back.

    As soon as the test paper arrived.

    The students of each university started trying to do it.

    There were even teachers involved.

    As a result.

    The students of each university were dumbfounded.

    “My god, so psychotic!”

    “Is this really the test paper of this examination?”

    “Such a difficult test paper should be given to the seniors and the fifth-year seniors to let them answer it.”

    “What terrifying questions. If I participated in the competition, I would fail the examination. Fang Qiu has actually gotten full marks. What a phycho!”

    “It’s OK that the front questions are difficult. What about the last question? Write “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” from memory? We are all busy studying. It’s already very good to completely understand the textbooks. How can we have time to read “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor”? Even if we have read it, who would recite it?”

    “I understand that the top ten students in this examination are all abnormal. They can actually get such high scores in such a difficult examination! They are more excellent than those of the previous year.”

    “Especially Fang Qiu. Couldn’t he start learning Chinese Medicine before he was born? He didn’t answer any question wrongly. He is really something!”


    With the spread of the test paper.

    The students of each university could not help exclaiming.

    They had never seen such difficult questions. Even some excellent students couldn’t do it. The students with poor scores couldn’t even read the questions.

    This made the universities that were shocked because Fang Qiu had got the first place with full marks even more shocked.

    In a room of a community in Jiangjing.

    Because it was the weekend, Xu Miaolin rested at home. He was sitting on the sofa and reading a book while drinking tea.

    “Water of West Lake and your tears…”

    Suddenly, Xu Miaolin’s mobile phone rang.

    “Senior, what’s up?”

    Getting the phone and glancing at the caller ID, Xu Miaolin picked up the phone.

    “Junior, where are you?”

    Qi Kaiwen’s words came.

    “I am reading a book. If you have something to say, just say it. If nothing, just hang up.”

    Xu Miaolin replied directly.


    Qi Kaiwen hurried to stop him and then laughed, saying, “Let me tell you a piece of good news.”

    “Go ahead.”

    “The results of the first round of the knowledge competition have come out. There is a student who has got full marks in our university. He has taken the first place!!!”

    Qi Kaiwen said excitedly.


    Xu Miaolin asked with a little curiosity, “Which student is so awesome?”

    “It’s the student who suggested the apprentice plan last time, Fang Qiu.”

    Qi Kaiwen said.


    Xu Miaolin replied indifferently and asked, “Senior, is there anything else?”

    “Can’t you be happy for your senior? The person in charge is actually your senior. You are my only junior.”

    Qi Kaiwen said depressedly, “I am calling you specially to tell you.”

    “I will hang up the phone.”

    Xu Miaolin hung up the phone directly.

    At the other end of the phone, Qi Kaiwen was speechless directly. Then he smirked and said, “If you are not happy for me, I will be happy for myself!” “Hey hey!”

    And here.

    After hanging up the phone, Xu Miaolin, who was calm originally, smiled.

    “This guy did well in the examination. He didn’t read books in vain.”

    After that, he continued reading.


    Under the hot discussion of countless people, it had been two o’clock in the afternoon.

    University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    After the lunch break.

    The students of the nine universities came together to the competition place for the second round of the quiz.

    It was a lecture meeting hall!

    This was the most luxurious meeting hall of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    The meeting hall was semi-circular and very large.

    There was a big rostrum at the back of the hall.

    On the rostrum.

    Nine long tables were placed in the shape of Chinese character “eight”.

    Inside each table were neatly placed nine chairs.

    It was the area for the participants from each university.

    Under the rostrum.

    There were rows of laddering seats.

    Although the second round of the quiz session was scheduled to start at 2:30.

    At this moment.

    In the entire meeting hall, it had already been very noisy because it was filled with students as onlookers.


    If there was a meeting or an activity, the university would either ask pure and obedient freshmen to join or directly force classes of seniors to come. Even if they were not willing to come, they had to.

    If they didn’t come, the university would deduct their points! So the university wasn’t afraid that they wouldn’t come.

    But today, the university didn’t need to force students to come at all because they were all vying to come.

    And they vied fiercely!

    They couldn’t be stopped.

    It seemed that the university had foreseen the situation.

    The university blocked one corner of the meeting hall and only allowed the people from other universities to enter. It was an specially prepared area for the spontaneous pleasure-seekers from other universities at the weekends.

    Time went quickly.

    At 2:20.

    The entire meeting room was full of people standing in it.

    The students who had got seats before were pushed so hard that they could only stand up and even the aisles were full of people.

    The area that the university had specially prepared for students of other universities was also full of people.

    Unwitting people may think that a star would come to the meeting room to have a concert.

    At 2:25.

    The leaders of the nine universities entered the hall from the side door.

    The front area had left enough seats and the students did not dare to cross the line.

    Seeing so many students come to watch the competition, the leaders of the universities were very shocked. But at the same time, they also hoped that their students could perform well and win the recognition of everyone.

    Seats were just enough.

    All the leaders just happened to fill the seats of the first two rows that were spared.

    At this time, the hostess came to the stage.

    Under the passionate introduction of the hostess, the students of the nine universities entered the hall in turn.

    The first one was the University of Jingbei Chinese Medicine where Jiang Mengjie was in. When Jiang Mengjie appeared, she immediately attracted a warm cheer.

    Followed by Jiangjing Medical University, University of Huizhou Chinese Medicine, University of Zhongzhou Chinese Medicine, and Huizhou Medical University…

    In addition to University of Jingbei Chinese Medicine.

    When the students from the other universities entered the hall, the onlookers in the meeting room all applauded warmly.

    But when the last one, University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine entered the hall.


    It immediately caused a great sensation in the entire meeting hall!

    All the students present of UJCM shouted extremely excitedly.

    At the beginning.

    The screams of the crowd included the names of UJCM and the names of the nine participants. But at the end, there were only two voices left in the audience.

    “Fang Qiu!”

    “Jiang Miaoyu!”

    The boys shouted Jiang Miaoyu’s name loudly and the girls shouted Fang Qiu’s name loudly.

    This scene made the students from the other universities look at each other in dismay.

    “Are they students?”

    “They are just stars!”