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Chapter 164 - UJCM Was Suspected of Cheating!

Medical Master
     Chapter 164 UJCM Was Suspected of Cheating!

    In the other side.

    Leaders and candidates from other schools also spontaneously applauded.

    Not for UICM, but for Fang Qiu.

    In the first round, UJCM had the highest total scores, but they still didn’t mind at all.

    They had to admit that Fang Qiu’s strength was really strong as he did know what they didn’t

    Chen Yinsheng and Qi Kaiwen, as well as several other leaders of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, were even happier. Their school had performed well twice!

    The No.1 in test results, and the No.1 in the first round.

    UJCM was about to rise!

    They hoped that this advantage would continue to be maintained in the second round!

    When the applause stopped, the hostess announced, “Next, we will enter the second round.”

    “The second round is a race to be the first to answer.”

    As the hostess introduced, the staff quickly got on the stage and installed the prepared answering device in advance.

    “We have prepared a wireless responder for each school team. When the game starts and after I finish reading the topic and announce the start of the answering, the nine groups of participants enter the answer phase. The one who presses the responder first win the right of answeing the question. To answer before I finish reading will be regarded invalid, and if someone breaks the rule three times, he or she will be banned from answering the next three questions.”

    “There is a total of 30 questions in this round, and each right answer to a question will earn you 1 point. Giving a wrong answer will make you lose 1 point. Each of you have to give your answer in 10 seconds. If time is out, it will be regarded as giving the wrong answer.”

    The rules were announced.

    The people under the stage rioted.

    Racing to answer!

    There would be a good show.

    Unlike the previous competition, which was fair and peaceful, this time, the nine schools were to directly face each other.

    Who would gain the victory at the end?

    The audience felt excited when thinking about it!

    “The oldest! The youngest! Come on!”

    Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian under the stage secretly cheered for Fang Qiu and Zhu Benzheng.

    As they were in expectations, the staff had placed the responders on nine tables according to the position of the people recommended by each school.

    “Are you ready?”

    The hostess asked.

    Candidates all nodded.

    “Okay, the second round, racing to answer, start right away.”

    As she was saying, the hostess immediately took out a thick stack of hand cards from her pocket and looked at them and said, “The first question.”

    “In the ‘Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor’, the earliest book which successfully applied dialectical treatment is: A, Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor; B, Classics on Medcial Problems; C, Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases; D, Key to Therapeutics of Children’s Diseases; E, Febrile Disease Ordinance.”

    “Please answer!”


    Almost at the same time, a sound rang out.

    Looking up, the sign of “Huizhou University of Chinese Medicine” on the big screen of the projector was lit up.

    The person responsible for answering the question was Wang Zhixing.

    “Please answer the question, the participant of Huizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

    The hostess said.

    Several students from Huizhou University of Chinese Medicine quickly made a discussion and got an answer.

    It was answered by Wang Zhixing.

    Wang Zhixing stood up and replied with a smile.

    “The answer is C.”

    “Correct answer!”

    The host immediately said, “You got one point.”

    Candidates from other schools all sighed.

    This was simply a question so easy to answer. Everyone could answer it correctly, but unfortunately, they did not grab the chance.

    At the side of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    Who was responsible for answering was Jiang Miaoyu, for everyone recommended her.

    Seeing that they missed the first question, she quickly adjusted her mind and sitting posture and prepared for the second question.

    “Please listen to the second question.”

    The hostess said, “The method of treating Yin for the Yang disease applies to: A, Disease with exuberance in Yang; B, Disease with exuberance in Yin; C, Disease with debilitation in Yin; D, Disease with debilitation in Yang; E, Disease with debilitation in both Yin and Yang.”

    “Please answer.”


    On the screen, the icon of the University of Zhongzhou Chinese Medicine was brightened.

    “The answer is C.”

    Without discussing with his classmates at all, Su Zimo directly stood up and replied.

    This question was much simpler than that of seeking Yang in Yin. It was what they all knew.

    “Correct, add one point!”

    “Next question.”

    “The face of the patient with floating Yang syndrome looks like A, dark; B, red with red eyes; C, red like wearing makeups; D, flushed.”

    “Please answer.”


    The icon of Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine was brightened.

    Han Yuxuan did not discuss with his classmates either. He stood up directly, and confidently replied, “C.”

    “Correct, add one point.”

    Seeing that other schools had got one point at each time, Jiang Miaoyu was anxious.

    The task of getting the chance to answer was on her, but she had never been able to grab it, which made her embarrassed.

    She felt that she was already very fast but still could not compete with others.

    She did not grab the chance to answer the fourth question.

    She was even more nervous, and her hand on the responder was held tight.

    Fang Qiu felt distressed looking at her.

    “Let me do it.”

    Fang Qiu said softly.

    He stood up, took the responder and put it in front of himself.


    Jiang Miaoyu looked at Fang Qiu with hesitation.

    She knew that Fang Qiu was helping her.

    If he could not grab the following chances, he would be blamed, but if he got them, he would help UJCM and her.

    However, she could not put Fang Qiu in trouble.

    While Fang Qiu smiled at Jiang Miaoyu and signaled her to relax.

    “The fifth question!”

    Jiang Miaoyu still wanted to say something, but the hostess had already began to read the fifth question.

    “The common features of Knot, Intermittent, and Abrupt pulse are: A, pulse comes at one time; B, the pulse stops in a certain time; C, the pulse is indeterminate; D, the pulse comes slowly.”

    This question was simple, because Fang Qiu had already made clear of the types of pulse last Saturday!

    “Please answer.”

    Just at the moment the hostess’s words fell.


    On the big screen.

    The icon of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine was brightened!

    All the people of UJCM on and off stage were relieved.

    Finally, they grabbed a chance.

    It already came to the fifth question. If they could not grab it, the chances for them to score would be less and less, and the first place they had won in the first round might be handed over to other schools.

    Fortunately, they finally got it.

    Jiang Miaoyu, who had been very worried about Fang Qiu, finally relaxed and turned her head to Fang Qiu with a smile.

    Fang Qiu smiled back.

    He stood up and said, “The answer is A.”

    “Correct, add one point!”

    The hostess continued to speak, “The following question…”

    Just as she finished reading the question.


    The sound rang in an instant.

    On the screen, the icon of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine was brightened!

    It was UJCM again!

    The people of UJCM off the stage all smiled, and they hoped that things would went on well like this in the following time and it would be best if they could win the points back.

    In order to respect his classmates, Fang Qiu turned to others to discuss the answer.

    Finally, there was a unified answer, and he stood up and replied.

    His answer was correct.

    UJCM had another point.

    Next question.


    UJCM grabbed it again!

    Everyone was shocked by this.

    In the case of missing three questions, Fang Qiu grabbed three chances to answer the questions and earned them three points.

    This was too fast.

    Wouldn’t he really grab all the questions?

    Everyone looked at the faces of the students from other schools and found them obviously anxious.

    “The eighth question!”

    The hostess opened her mouth again.

    But before she started reading it, a student of Huizhou University of Chinese Medicine suddenly stood up and raised his hand.

    Taking a closer look.

    It was Wang Zhixing.

    “Is there any problem, boy?”

    The hostess asked.

    “I suspect there is a problem with the responder.”

    Wang Zhixing stared at Fang Qiu and said, “I require to check the answering machine of University Jiangjing Chinese Medicine!”

    His words shocked everybody!

    Checking the answering machine of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine?

    He was suspecting that UJCM was cheating!

    And he stood up and doubted them in public. It was really a slap on their faces.

    This was super awkward.

    Here was the home of UCJM, and 90% of the people present were from UJCM.

    “What’s your proof?”

    “Since you can’t grab it yourself, you blame others for cheating? Aren’t you ashamed?”

    “Is this person sane? Why blaming others for his own problem?”

    “Once you have a problem, you should find the reason in yourself. Don’t blame the earth for losing its gravity when you have a constipation!”


    Facing the discussion among the audience, Wang Zhixing looked indiffirent.

    He was still looking at the answering device on Fang Qiu’s hand.

    Upon seeing it, Fang Qiu chuckled and shook his head.

    What’s different was that all the candidates from other schools actually looked at Wang Zhixing gratefully at the same time.


    They also suspected that there was something tricky with the responder.

    Otherwise, how could Fang Qiu grab three questions?

    This was the competition of the nine schools. Fang Qiu best other eight people for three consecutive times. It was too strange!

    Since they were in the place of UFJM, the answering machine belonged to the school, and the screen program was set by the school as well, so there were many possible cheatings in the whole thing.

    “It seems that this classmate is very confident about his speed?”

    The hostess quickly said with a smile, trying to resolve the awkward atmosphere.


    Wang Zhixing said directly, “Yes, I am a game master. I also won a reputation in the game circle. The average people’s hand speed is not comparable to mine. How could him win over me in terms of this? So, I suspected that there was something tricky with the answering machine!”

    As the words resounded, disapproving voice off the stage suddenly became cold.

    Wang Zhixing’s words were a bit aggrevise!

    “You had a reputation in the game circle?”

    “I could play against five players in LoL!”

    “If you’re not convinced, et’s battle in video games!”

    “Although in my team, my performance is not the best, but I definitely have the fastest hand speed; otherwise my teammates would not have had me grab these questions.”

    Wang Zhixing continued to say, “So I asked to check the answering machine of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.”

    “That’s it.”

    In order to resolve this dispute, the hostess said, “We can immediately give University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine a new responder. As for the responder in their hands, the staff will check it and the results will be announced at the end of the round. How about it?”


    Wang Zhixing nodded.

    Then the hostess looked at Fang Qiu.

    “I’m ok with that.”

    Fang Qiu smiled and said.

    The hostess nodded with gratitude.


    The staff fetched a brand-new responder and changed the one in Fang Qiu’s hand with it.

    “The competition continues.”

    In order to prevent the recurrence of other problems, the hostess quickly said, “The eighth question.”

    “The main syndrome that the anti-dampness drugs aim at is: A, syndrome of internal stagnation of fluid-dampness; B, syndrome of diarrhea; C, syndrome of damp-warm; D, syndrome of accumulation of dampness in middle-Jiao, and E, syndrome of damp arthralgia.”

    “Please answer.”


    With the sound of the responder spreading.

    On the big screen, the name of UJCM was brightened again!

    Holy crap!

    It was UJCM again!

    It was Fang Qiu again!


    The audience suddenly laughed and glared at Wang Zhixing.

    The faces of the students of other school all changed.

    They all frowned.

    No one thought that after changing the responder, the chance was actually grabbed by Fang Qiu again.

    This was too strange!

    “Please answer.”


    Fang Qiu directly answered.

    “Correct, add one point.”

    The hostess announced.

    But when her words just sounded, Wang Zhixing stood up again.

    “Hostess, I doubt there are still problems with it.”

    This time, Wang Zhixing no longer targeted the responders, but directly targeted at the school. He said, “We are in the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. The answering devices were also prepared by your school, and four consecutive questions have been grabbed by your student. Even though you changed a new responder, it is possible there is something tricky with the new one as well, and I am even more sceptical that the powerful program behind it is set to make UJCM the first, so I am not convinced!”

    This was simply a direct identification that UJCM was cheating!

    Before, Wang Zhixing was not so aggressive, but now, he spoke so straightforward!

    This time, the whole place was boiling with discussion.

    “Shit! Is this person out of his mind?”

    “He even directly suspected our school?”

    “What does he mean by this? Is he saying that the staff of our school deliberately set up the procedures to make our participant the first to answer?”

    “Is this man crazy?”

    Everybody was discussing him with despise.

    While at this time.


    A student of Jiangchang University of Chinese Medicine also stood up and said, “I also feel that there is something wrong.”