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Chapter 169 - Fang Qiu Was Poisoned!

Medical Master
     Chapter 169 Fang Qiu Was Poisoned!

    After drawing.

    Fang Qiu stepped back and did not open it immediately.

    Each other school sent one of their students to come and draw lots.

    “Please open the paper balls in your hand, and face to the audience, showing them who got the number 1.”

    Seeing all people finished, the hostess immediately said.

    Hearing that, the nine people did not hesitate and immediately opened the paper balls in their hand.

    As a result.

    When opening the paper ball in his hand, Fang Qiu was stunned.

    “Oh, my god. This actually works?!”

    While the other eight people were searching for the number one, Fang Qiu speechlessly and slowly raised his hand, with a piece of paper.

    Number 1 was written on the paper!

    The cameras immediately focused on Fang Qiu.

    He appeared on the big screen with the bright red “1” in his hand.

    The audience was shocked in a second.

    What?! Holy crap!

    Oh my god!!!!!

    Oh my god!!!

    The luck of Fang Qiu was against god!

    No one had ever imagined that he could grab number 1.

    “No.1 is Fang Qiu!”

    Seeing the number in Fang Qiu’s hand, the hostess was shocked for a moment, then smiled and announced.

    Hearing that.

    The other eight people who just knew the result turned their heads to Fang Qiu, and stared at the paper in his hand, feeling astonished and helpless.

    How did he do that?!

    He killed the answering machine, so the crew changed it to finger play.

    He won in the finger play.

    Then, they changed to drawing lots!

    Then, he got it again!

    “He is going to eat all the meat without leaving any soup to others!”

    Fang Qiu was also wearing a bitter smile because he also had no idea that he had such good luck.

    So good that he got the one chance out of nine.

    This… this was simply amazing!

    After a long silence.

    Students in other schools could only sigh helplessly and accept reality.

    They had to admire his luck!

    They were not to blame!

    The second round continued after everyone’s sigh and astonishment.

    After discussing, Fang Qiu still chose the hardest type A question.

    But since they chose the prescription question, they could not choose it again, so they chose the theoretical question.

    Maybe because Fang Qiu performed too well lately.

    In this round, all the questions were given to Fang Qiu to answer.

    As a result.

    They didn’t have to discuss.

    Fang Qiu spent only 50 seconds and answered the ten questions right.

    The speed made all present people amazed.

    Five seconds per question. Except for Fang Qiu and the leaders, none of the students could do this.

    As before.

    The audience burst into applause.

    They applauded for Fang Qiu’s excellent performance.

    After UJCM finished, the other schools continued.

    20 minutes later.

    The second round was over.

    The final scores were quickly tallied up and shown on the big screen.

    Everyone could see it, bright and clear.

    “University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, 17 points in the first round, 26 points in the second round, 45 points in the first round of selecting answer and 50 points in the second round of selecting answer. It won first place with a super high score of 138 points.”

    “Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine got 16 points for the first round, 1 point for the second round, 40 points for the first round of selecting answer and 40 points for the second round of selecting answer. With a total score of 97, it won second place.”

    “Huizhou University of Chinese Medicine got 15points for the first round, 1 point for the second round, 27 points for the first round of selecting answer and 40 points for the second round of selecting answer. With a total score of 83, it won third place.”


    Seeing the final score.

    The audience burst into applause.

    Each student came to watch UJCM excitedly cheered.

    “So powerful!”

    “Too awesome!”

    UJCM hardly had such a highlight moment.

    All the credit went to one man.

    That was Fang Qiu!

    From the previous exams to now, he defeated all other students, leading University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine to the top and other schools could only follow behind.

    Fang Qiu’s strength did not only gain honors for UJCM but also gained a good reputation for his schoolmates.

    This moment, no student in UJCM was not feeling proud!

    All the school, from the leadership to the students, all felt proud of their own.

    As for other schools.

    From the school leaders to students, they all helplessly sighed unceasingly.

    All though UJCM had home advantage, they had to admit that the freshmen in UJCM this year were too strong.

    Especially Fang Qiu.

    He was just a freak.

    He used his own strength to fight with the eight schools.

    And he didn’t lose!

    Who’s to blame!

    As the second round ended in the afternoon, the final result spread immediately through every channel to the nine schools.

    The Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine.

    “I didn’t expect the Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine to be so strong. Although we won second place, their score was too high, right? It’s a shame!”

    “Fang Qiu is a monster.”

    “This year’s UJCM is too strong!”


    The Huizhou University of Chinese Medicine.

    “Third place is OK. As logn as we’re not the last.”

    “Tao Yiran and Wang Zhixing are both strong, but why did they fall behind so much?”

    “This year’s freshmen knowledge competition was such a surprise!”


    University of Zhongzhou Chinese Medicine.

    “We only got fourth place. Su Zimo was so strong, and Ruan Jingsi assisted him, so how could they get the fourth place? They cooperated together but still lost to Fang Qiu???”

    “It’s Fang Qiu again, and he got first place in the test before. How will he be so strong? I really want to meet him!”


    The schools that were ranked higher didn’t overreact and were all relatively calm.

    However, those schools who were ranked low felt differently.

    Especially Zhongzhou Medical University.

    They finally got the type A questions in the selecting answer, but they got 0 points, and their score was the least in the end.

    Learning about the scores and rankings.

    Students at Zhongzhou Medical University were furious.

    “Shit, did those bastards feed on shit? I wouldn’t have done that!”

    “Such a good chance, and they got a zero? What a shame!”

    “The freshmen of this year are so lame!”

    “Ayy. Our school may be ranked last in the end. Who is Fang Qiu? How could he be so strong?”


    The nine schools were in hot discussion.

    While Fang Qiu and other people in UJCM were about to eat lunch in the school canteen.

    Students in other schools all returned to the hotels to rest and have meetings for the personal competition.

    Although they were disappointed.

    But none of the eight schools gave up.

    Because they knew, no matter how bad the score today was, tomorrow, they also had the opportunity to turn the tide.

    No one knew who would win and who would lose before the end!

    But Fang Qiu was a stumbling block!

    And it’s extra-large.

    Which made others depressed.

    Six o’clock in the afternoon.

    In the temporary canteen of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    After receiving the students and leaders of eight schools the day before yesterday, the canteen was not closed but directly became the special canteen for the nine students include Fang Qiu who took part in the knowledge competition.

    During the competition, the nine people’s three meals were all prepared by the school, mainly in case they eat something that made their stomach ache during the game, and influenced their performances.

    Learning in school for so many years, from junior high to senior high, and to university, they finally knew that the meal in school could be so tasty.

    Everyone got a big lunch box.

    The food was carefully prepared.

    “The youngest, thank you for today.”

    Zhu Benzheng took his own lunch box, and took it to Fang Qiu’a side and sat down, sighing, “We would have known what will happen if it wasn’t for you today.”


    Jiang Miaoyu said with a smile, “In particular in the first and second answering round, you were excellent!”

    Other students also praised Fang Qiu.

    Except for Zhao Yancheng.

    In his eyes, Fang Qiu had become his strongest rival, although he admitted that without Fang Qiu they would not get such a great result, and he respected Fang Qiu.

    But the following was a personal competition, and as the descendant of a traditional Chinese medicine family, no matter what he wanted, he had to compete with Fang Qiu.

    To see what was their difference!

    The crowd talked while eating.

    They summed up the results today and looked forward to the competition tomorrow.

    However, during the eating, Fang Qiu suddenly frowned, and put down the chopsticks in his hand suddenly. He covered his belly with a pale face, and sweat emerged on his forehead.

    Food poisoning!

    Fang Qiu gritted his teeth, feeling a roll of fierce pain from his stomach.

    He quickly shifted his internal Qi, and wrapped the food that he just ate, to prevent it from spreading.

    Seeing Fang Qiu suddenly change his face, Zhu Benzheng was suddenly startled, and he hurriedly put down the chopsticks in hand, holding Fang Qiu anxiously and asking, “The youngest, what’s wrong with you?”

    “What’s the matter?”

    Jiang Miaoyu dropped her chopsticks quickly, stood up and asked, “Fang Qiu, are you not feeling well? Where?”

    Hearing that.

    Fang Qiu clenched his teeth to fight the sharp pain, raised his head and said, “It’s poisoned, drop your chopsticks!”

    The others stopped hearing that.

    Then, they noticed Fang Qiu’s terrible face.

    They were all horrified by his look.

    “I’ll tell the teachers!”

    A student stood up and rushed out.

    Soon, Chen Yinsheng and Qi Kaiwen, who were eating in aother room, rushed over to them hurriedly.

    “How’s it going?”

    Once going into the room, Chen Yinsheng came to Fang Qiu immediately and asked.

    Fang Qiu was the pillar of the knowledge competition, so it would not be okay if anything happened to him.

    If something did go wrong, what about the rest of the game?

    Qi Kaiwen also felt anxious. Seeing Fang Qiu’s pale face, and after listening to other students accounts, he hurriedly said, “Quick, send him to the hospital to pump his stomach.”


    Fang Qiu shook his head with a pale face.

    He knew.

    It’s too late to pump his stomach now.

    Although the poisonous food was wrapped in internal gas, the digestion of the food in the stomach could not be stopped. Some of the toxins in the digested food had already entered the blood.

    Even knowing that Chen Yinsheng and Qi Kaiwen were being good to him, Fang Qiu dared not to trust anyone now.

    He only trusted himself.

    “No, you must pump your stomach now.”

    Chen Yinsheng ordered in a tough tone.

    Fang Qiu shook his head again, suppressed the sharp pain in his stomach, and took out the phone in his pocket to Zhu Benzheng, saying, “Call my teacher, and tell him to come and rescue me!”

    “Your teacher?”

    Zhu Benzheng hurriedly looked through Fang Qiu’s contacts and asked, “Who is your teacher?”

    “Contacts! Xu Miaolin!”

    Fang Qiu said.