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Chapter 174 - Fang Qiu Won! Champion!

Medical Master
     Chapter 174 Fang Qiu Won! Champion!

    A question appeared immediately on the big screen.

    The two contestants fought for the right to answer like crazy.

    Strange enough, these two were very close in their strength as well as their speed in pressing the buzzer. They took turns to answer.

    No mistake was made.

    The outcome was finally decided after 17 questions.

    Han Yuxuan defeated Tao Yiran by one point.

    It was unfortunate for Tao Yiran to lose.

    Then, Fang Qiu and Su Zimo took their stand.

    They were both in the first place of their university and entered the quiz with full scores.

    The last match, the contestants were both very capable. But apparently, the confrontation between Fang Qiu and Su Zimo was more attractive.

    Su Zimo would be a perfect touchstone to test if Fang Qiu had fully recovered.

    The game began and Fang Qiu and Su Zimo both gave their best.

    However, Su Zimo was way slower than Fang Qiu.

    With a sharp pain in his stomach and the remaining toxin striking, Fang Qiu defeated Su Zimo by 5 points.

    The audience roared with applause.

    After this match, Fang Qiu had secured one place in the top three for himself.

    This had already been the best result for Jingjiang University of Chinese Medicine.

    “The next is the semi-final!”

    At this time, the host got on the stage and said, “Please give a round of applause to the three students in the semifinals.”

    “First, Han Yuxuan from Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine!”

    After her call,

    Loud applause came from under the stage but not many of the audience cheered.

    “The second, Jiang Mengjie, also from Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine!”


    All male students under the stage cheered in succession.

    Standing on the stage, Jiang Mengjie was a true beauty.

    Although she was from a different university, a girl deserved more encouragement.

    “The last one, Fang Qiu from University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.”

    The host turned to look at Fang Qiu as she introduced him.

    Loud cheering was tearing the roof apart.

    It was the home field of UJCM.

    And Fang Qiu was their strongest representative.

    And the last hope of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine and everyone.

    The top three was already a good result. Actually it was the best result UJCM ever had.

    However, considering Fang Qiu’s previous stunning performance, he had a good chance of getting into the final and score the championship.

    Everyone from UJCM was looking forward to this. As they clapped, they shouted silently inside.

    Fang Qiu, come on!

    The leaders of these eight universities appeared different about this result.

    Jiang Hai the Vice President of Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine was very excited.

    For him.

    The final result no longer mattered.

    It would be great if they could take the first place but no matter what Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine at least had the honor of the second place in this quiz.

    And two of the top three were from their school. It was very impressive.

    The leaders of the other universities were quite different.

    Except for the leaders of Huizhou University of Chinese Medicine and University of Zhongzhou Chinese Medicine, which respectively took the fourth and the fifth place, those of other universities all had a long straight face.

    They had no chance.

    Their ranking was final. All they could do was to watch the others compete. They felt awful about their situation.

    The cheering quieted down.

    On the stage,

    The host announced, “The semifinal starts now!”

    “The first round is between Fang Qiu and Jiang Mengjie!”

    As she said that,

    Fang Qiu and Jiang Mengjie shared a smile before taking their stand.

    Jiang Mengjie saw Fang Qiu’s pale face and felt very concerned.

    “Don’t lose to me.”

    Fang Qiu replied with a smile,

    “You, too.”

    Jiang Mengjie said softly.

    The competition began.

    Neither of them had held back.

    Fang Qiu didn’t. Neither did Jiang Mengjie.

    They showed their respect to the opponent by giving their best performance.

    This was a contest after all. Classmates were no excuses.

    In the end,

    Fang Qiu defeated Jiang Mengjie by one point.

    “Thank you for your modesty.”

    Jiang Mengjie stepped down in applause and said to Fang Qiu gently as she passed him.

    Fang Qiu smiled.

    The points looked nicer but the result was the same. It seemed pointless.

    He could have won with a bigger margin despite the acute pain in his stomach but he didn’t.

    His heart was soft after all. An old classmate was not a stranger.

    After a five-minute break, Fang Qiu took a seat under the stage and Jiang Mengjie was ready to confront Han Yuxuan.

    From the same university, the result didn’t matter much.

    Either to compete with Fang Qiu or to prove his superiority, Han Yuxuan defeated Jiang Mengjie by two points.

    One point more than Fang Qiu.

    Till then, Jiang Mengjie was eliminated and only Fang Qiu and Han Yuxuan were left on the stage.

    The final combat was imminent.

    “The next is the final round of this contest.”

    The host shouted passionately, “In the final round, each question is worth ten points. Contestants have two seconds to answer each question. After ten seconds, the question will disappear.”

    “Two contestants must press the buzzer within ten seconds to compete for the right to answer. Whoever reaches 100 points first wins.”

    Hearing that,

    The audience held their breath.

    On the stage,

    Fang Qiu and Han Yuxuan took their final stand.

    Taking a closer look,

    Han Yuxuan appeared very confident.

    His eyes on Fang Qiu had a little bit of fear accompanied by more arrogance.

    He lost to Fang Qiu by three points in the first round.

    Later, he was trampled by Fang Qiu again and again. Then, finally he took the final stand against Fang Qiu. It was time for him to show his strength. He couldn’t wait to find out who of them was better.

    His eyes were filled with confidence.

    Fang Qiu was still very pale.

    A sudden pain hit his stomach as he took the stand.

    He couldn’t help bending down and covering his stomach, appearing extremely weak and pale.

    What toxin on earth was this?

    How could it be this powerful?

    Even a master in the Guru Realm couldn’t handle it.

    Fang Qiu was very confused.

    Everyone had their eyes on the two on the stage.

    Seeing Fang Qiu’s condition, a frown climbed on their face.

    “This is the final. Please don’t have more trouble.”

    “What the heck is wrong with Fang Qiu?”

    “If Fang Qiu was not unwell, it should be easy for him to win. If he was still fast like yesterday, these people would have no chance to be arrogant.”

    “Maybe destiny has pity for them so it’s making Fang Qiu perform not as well as yesterday.”

    The audience prayed.

    They hoped Fang Qiu wouldn’t pass out during the final round.

    However, Fang Qiu’s performance in the last two round made them worry.

    Fang Qiu no longer had an absolute advantage in speed.

    Now they were competing on their knowledge and the result depended on who could provide the correct answer.

    On the stage,

    The host looked at Fang Qiu, appearing concerned. “Fang Qiu, you don’t look very well. Do you need some rest?”

    “No need.”

    Fang Qiu took a deep breath and shook his head despite the sharp pain. “Let’s start.”


    The host moved on quickly.

    She announced the start of the match.

    Stimulated by the pain, the right to answer switched back and forth between Fang Qiu and Han Yuxuan.

    Han Yuxuan seemed even faster than Fang Qiu, getting more opportunities to answer.

    However, he got two questions wrong and twenty points were deducted.

    Fang Qiu answered these two questions correctly.

    Han Yuxuan had 90 points in total and Fang Qiu didn’t hold back, thus in the end, they tied at 90 points.

    At this moment.

    Everyone felt nervous on and under the stage.

    That was a match point!

    The final winner would emerge after the next question.

    On the stage,

    Faced by Fang Qiu, Han Yuxuan took two deep breaths to calm himself down, ready to end Fang Qiu’s legend.

    This time he was to win!

    He came to this contest aiming at the championship.

    Although someone might call his victory unfair due to Fang Qiu’s food poisoning.

    Who cares? The food poisoning actually made it fair for everyone or they wouldn’t be able to get any question.

    He had no mental pressure about the victory.

    When it came to Fang Qiu.

    He was still covering his stomach with his hands.

    The sharp pain was still intense.

    If he was not poisoned, and the toxin in his body didn’t strike again, causing the acute pain which affected his speed, Han Yuxuan wouldn’t have had a chance here.

    What frustrated him the most was this poison was malicious but not deadly, keeping him suffering.

    “Damn it!”

    Feeling the pain, Fang Qiu clenched his teeth and shouted angrily inside. “Whoever drugged me, wait and see. Fang Qiu will win!”

    In an instant.

    He straightened his body.

    His bearing was imposing.

    His internal Qi was aroused, bursting freely, no longer controlling the toxin.

    All his attention was given to this final question.

    “Next question, please!”

    Following the host’s command,

    A not very difficult question appeared on the big screen.

    “Which function of Qi can arouse the entire internal organs and meridians’ physiological activities? A warming function, B propelling function, C defensive function, D containing function, or E gasifying function.”

    The question appeared.

    It was a simple question for everyone.

    These points were almost like a free gift.

    Fang Qiu and Han Yuxuan pressed the buzzer at the same time.


    A buzzer sounded.

    Everyone looked between the two of them, trying to figure out who had snatched the right to answer this question.

    Before they could respond.

    A familiar voice came to their ears.

    “The answer is B.”

    Hearing that,

    Everyone turned their heads.

    Was that Fang Qiu speaking?

    They turned around and saw.

    As expected, Fang Qiu’s buzzer was flashing red.


    The host announced excitedly.

    He won?

    Fang Qiu won?

    Fang Qiu got the championship?

    Our university got first place?

    After a short moment of astonishment, all the students of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine present jumped with excitement and cheered wildly.

    “We won! We won!”

    “Haha! I knew it! I knew Fang Qiu got this.”

    “This is great! I can finally raise my head up high in front of students from other universities. Our University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine is finally proud and elated.

    “Last time, our university was the second last, laughed by many from other schools. Which school present didn’t laugh at us? What can they say now? Our UJCM won!”

    “Why doesn’t the host announce the final result?”

    “What to announce? Without calculation, we know for sure that University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine will take first place for overall performance and the individual contest! We are the best!”


    In the VIP zone for university leaders, Chen Yinsheng and Qi Kaiwen heaved a sigh of relief at the same time. They couldn’t help beaming with joy.

    We won!

    Finally we won!

    “The first place! We’ve never taken first place before! Finally today we are the champion!”

    UJCM must take this opportunity to rise!