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Chapter 175 - I Don’t Accept This!

Medical Master
     Chapter 175 I Don’t Accept This!

    On the stage.

    After answering the last question.

    Fang Qiu couldn’t help swaying. He quickly reached out to hold on to the quiz stand to support his weak body and moved his internal Qi to control the toxin.


    Fang Qiu heaved a long sigh, with sparkles shining in his eyes.

    I won!

    “Whoever that poisoned me, can you see this?”

    After today, wait for my revenge!

    In front of Fang Qiu, the once arrogant Han Yuxuan was in shock, his face darkened.

    He lost?

    How could he lose?

    He couldn’t understand.

    “Here I announce.”

    As the audience was celebrating loudly, the host announced excitedly, “The champion of this year’s freshman quiz individual contest is Fang Qiu!”

    The audience responded with a thunderous round of applause.

    Everyone stood up, clapping.

    Jiang Miaoyu, Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, and Zhou Xiaotian were all clapping with excitement.

    Even the very proud Zhao Yancheng voluntarily clapped, fully convinced.

    “After all three rounds of competition, the first place of overall performance was Jiangjing…”

    Before the host could finish.

    All of a sudden, someone shouted out loud.


    The host was interrupted by the shout. Everyone turned around following the voice.

    They saw…

    Han Yuxuan said furiously, his face darkened and eyes squinted.

    “I don’t accept this!”

    He gazed at Fang Qiu intensely, his face being cold and gloomy.

    “Don’t accept?”

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    Not only the students and the host, but even university leaders present under the stage were also shocked.

    The competition was over.

    What did Han Yuxuan want?

    Why didn’t he accept the result? The competition took place in front of so many people. There was nothing unfair. On what ground did he refuse to accept this?

    The audience fell silent at once.

    Han Yuxuan pointed his finger at Du Zhong and continued with emotion, “He won because he was fast. I’m here to attend a quiz, not a speed contest. I could answer all the questions he answered correctly too. I also have the knowledge he has. Why is his quick hand making him the champion? I don’t accept this!”

    After hearing that, the crowd burst into an uproar.

    They looked at Han Yuxuan with contempt. Some of them actually looked down upon him. But to be honest, he did have a point.

    Everyone knew he was kind of right.

    However, this was the rule and the rule was part of the game.

    If he didn’t accept this rule, why didn’t he say anything at the beginning and choose a fairer way? Why did he jump out now after losing the competition?

    “Han Yuxuan, you must understand that rules are part of the game. In a match, nothing is an external factor. The rules we are using for this quiz have always been the same. I gave you an opportunity to make a change but you said no. Since you didn’t object against the rules earlier, is it a bit not gentlemanly to question the fairness of the rules after losing the game?” asked the host angrily.

    “Why are there always problems whenever she hosts a contest?”

    Han Yuxuan clenched his teeth and repeated himself. “I don’t accept!”

    He couldn’t retort the host but he wasn’t willing to accept this defeat dealt by Fang Qiu.

    “What do you want?”

    As everyone was in shock, Fang Qiu took a deep breath and asked, his hands still pressing tightly on his stomach.


    Han Yuxuan snorted coldly and replied. “The basic knowledge of Chinese medicine is no big deal. The difficult part is to put it into practice. I heard you are a bone-setting doctor. I know a few things about setting bones. I challenge you to a bone setting competition if you dare!”

    Upon hearing that, all the people present were shocked!

    Han Yuxuan dared to issue a challenge after his defeat?

    He wanted to compete on bone-setting?

    Did Fang Qiu know anything about bone setting?

    Those who didn’t really know Fang Qiu feel confused. It sounded to them that Fang Qiu could set bones and he was actually pretty good at it.

    What would Fang Qiu do?

    For a moment, everyone glanced between Fang Qiu and Han Yuxuan.

    In the VIP zone for university leaders, Chen Yinsheng and Qi Kaiwen turned to Jiang Hai, the Vice President of Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine, with a trace of anger.

    “Present Jiang, shouldn’t you step out to stop your student? Don’t be a sore loser.”

    Said Chen Yinsheng in a lowered voice.

    “Not at all.”

    Jiang Hai laughed and continued, “I admit our defeat. Our university ranked second in this quiz. The freshmen quiz is over. Whatever is happening on the stage has nothing to do with our Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine. It’s merely a friendly competition between two students. It’s okay for students to compete and improve together.”

    Obvious, he was ready to watch a show.

    Jiang Hai looked at Han Yuxuan on the stage with a smile, very confident.


    Chen Yinsheng snorted coldly and said no more.

    At this point, if he continued to interfere, it would be taken as a sign of UJCM’s lack of courage.

    Then, it all came down to Fang Qiu.

    When everyone was waiting for Fang Qiu’s answer.

    Having watched this whole competition, Jiang Miaoyu suddenly stepped on the stage and held Fang Qiu by the arm.

    The audience was more confused.

    What’s going on?

    Jiang Miaoyu looked at Fang Qiu’s pale face, her heart aching. She then looked up at Han Yuxuan with anger and said grimly, “Can’t you see he’s unwell?”

    “He’s been suffering from food poisoning since last night.”

    “He’s been forcing himself to complete this contest today. Why was he so brilliant yesterday but lost so many opportunities today? He is poisoned!”

    “Despite this, he won and you lost. How dare you not accept this?”

    “You lost. Everyone saw it. Nothing is unfair about it. Why are you causing trouble now? Do you want to take advantage of his illness?”

    As soon as she finished, the whole room was in an uproar.

    “Food poisoning?”

    “How did Fang Qiu get food poisoned? Holy crap! I was wondering why Fang Qiu acted so strangely today. He’s suffering from food poisoning.”

    “What’s the matter with the school? How did they let Fang Qiu suffer from food poisoning?”

    “He won the championship despite the food poisoning. How impressive!”

    “I see. Fang Qiu has been fighting against his illness. No wonder he couldn’t press the buzzer fast enough.”

    “This Han Yuxuan is shameless. Fang Qiu is apparently very ill and he issued him a challenge in public. Shameless!”

    “Jiang Miaoyu is right. This man is trying to take advantage of the sick.”

    Fang Qiu looked at Jiang Miaoyu.

    He felt warm.

    He didn’t expect Jiang Miaoyu to stand up now to defend him.

    At that moment, Jiang Mengjie also returned to the stage and stood right next to Fang Qiu. She gazed at Han Yuxuan coldly and said, “We can handle a defeat. Don’t push it too far.”

    Jiang Mengjie’s appearance stunned everyone.

    Especially those from Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine. They didn’t understand why she was speaking for Fang Qiu.

    Jiang Hai’s face darkened.

    Fang Qiu gave Jiang Mengjie a smile of gratitude.

    Jiang Mengjie nodded and continued her cold gaze at Han Yuxuan.

    The crowd was aroused.

    Look at that!

    Even your own people couldn’t bear this. How were you going to insist on a rematch?

    Fang Qiu was poisoned. How could you take advantage of this?

    Questioned and resisted by all, Han Yuxuan didn’t care. He was determined to compete with Fang Qiu.

    He locked his eyes on Fang Qiu and said coldly, “Suffering from food poisoning, you won the championship? Who are you fooling?”

    “I used to believe you, but now I don’t. I think you are using this to paralyze us!”

    “Let me ask you again. Do you have the balls to compete with me?”

    His question was very aggressive.

    The atmosphere on the stage suddenly became oppressed.

    A stream of anger was about to erupt.

    Before Jiang Miaoyu and Jiang Mengjie could say anything, Fang Qiu clenched his teeth and smiled at Han Yuxuan, suppressing the pain. “As you’ve asked for it, of course I’ll compete with you. How do you want to do it?”

    Without a doubt.

    Under any circumstance, Fang Qiu became stronger when facing the strong.

    In the face of any difficulty, he would never step back.

    This was the way of martial artists. This was the way of real men.

    Especially that man who had poisoned him. He wanted that person to see how far Fang Qiu could advance!

    Upon hearing that, everyone turned to Fang Qiu, very concerned.

    How could you agree to it?

    You were still suffering from food poisoning!

    “This is my youngest!”

    Zhu Benzheng said with emotion after a long sigh.

    He remembered how he confronted Li Qingshi on the playground in front of the entire school.

    How similar was then and that day?

    The youngest would never step back.

    “Like a man.”

    Han Yuxuan laughed grimly and continued, “Bone setting is all about techniques and strength. Techniques are hard to judge. Let’s compete on strength.”

    “A bone setter must master the perfect strength for bone setting. A little bit extra would be too much, causing bones to be over-set. And a little bit less would be too weak, unable to put the bone back to the right spot.”

    “Do you have the courage to compete with me on strength?”

    Han Yuxuan challenged again.

    “As you wish.”

    Fang Qiu responded.


    Should he be afraid of Han Yuxuan when it came to strength?

    Of course not!

    Hearing Fang Qiu’s answer, Han Yuxuan stepped down and took out a strength-measuring device from his bag.

    “This is a strength measurer I’ve brought. Brand new. I’ve never used it before.”

    Back on the stage, Han Yuxuan continued, “This strength measurer can record the biggest strength.”

    In the beginning, he wanted to practice his control of strength so he brought this strength measurer.

    When he first arrived at University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, he heard Fang Qiu was specially recruited into the hospital as a bone setting physician. During the first round of the quiz, despite the insanely difficult questions, Fang Qiu submitted his paper the first and took first place with full points.

    Han Yuxuan refused to accept this.

    He was an apprentice of the bone setting highly-skilled doctor Wei Qi. This quiz was supposed to be his stepping stone. It was his time to show off his talent.

    But in the end, the honor that should have been his went to Fang Qiu.

    He didn’t feel good about it.

    Therefore, he was prepared for a fight with Fang Qiu. This was all part of his plan. He had been waiting for an opportunity.

    Now, he found his opportunity.

    And Fang Qiu fell for his trap.

    “To be fair, you can test the measurer. Also you can test your own strength. It’s very fair. I will do the same.”

    Han Yuxuan approached and handed the strength measurer to Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu did not hesitate.

    He took it and began to measure his strength in different ways.

    To see what number would display on the measurer when he used different strength.