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Chapter 176 - Hatred Master Fang Qiu!

Medical Master
     After a few tests, Fang Qiu understood how it worked and returned the strength measurer to Han Yuxuan.

    Taking back the measurer,

    Han Yuxuan walked towards the host and said, “Since we are having a match, we should show it to everyone. Staff members, please zoom in on this strength measurer.”

    As Fang Qiu had already agreed to take the challenge, the host didn’t have much to say. She nodded at the staff under the stage.

    Cameramen quickly got on the stage.

    Fang Qiu and Han Yuxuan stood in the middle of the stage.

    The cameras were connected to the big screen. Cameramen focused on the strength measurer and the pair.

    Under the stage.

    People could see the number on the measurer clearly.

    “The rule is simple.”

    Han Yuxuan looked at Fang Qiu as he continued, “Whoever has the smaller deviation wins.”

    “As you wish.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.

    “First of all, 50 kg.”

    Han Yuxuan looked at Fang Qiu and asked, “What do you think?”


    Fang Qiu agreed.


    Han Yuxuan nodded with satisfaction. He took a deep breath and reached out his right hand. He then placed his thumb at the dot on the measurer and pressed down quickly.

    After one quick press, he withdrew his hand.


    “50.3 kg!”

    The number immediately appeared on the measurer.

    At that moment.

    The audience was shocked.

    They were shocked that Han Yuxuan could suddenly exert the strength of 50 kg as well as the mere 0.3 kg deviation. Only 300 g.

    How light 300 g was!

    How much control over his strength he must have to be able to do this?

    Though they looked down upon Han Yuxuan for being a sore loser, they had to admit this was very impressive.

    However, they were more concerned about Fang Qiu.

    “Only 0.3 kg off. Such a tiny difference. Can Fang Qiu beat this? Can he really set bones?”

    “Maybe but he’s still suffering from food poisoning. He could barely press the quiz buzzer. Let alone controlling his strength.”

    For a moment, everyone gazed at Fang Qiu, their hearts in their mouths.

    Han Yuxuan took a look at the number, quite pleased with his performance. He smiled proudly towards the camera before speaking to Fang Qiu, “Your turn.”

    With all eyes on him, Fang Qiu stepped forward.

    “Come on, Fang Qiu!”

    Jiang Miaoyu rooted for Fang Qiu in secret.

    “Fang, you got this!”

    Although Han Yuxuan was from the same university with her, Jiang Mengjie gave her support to Fang Qiu.

    “The youngest, I’ve never seen you lose. You must win this one!”

    Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, and Zhou Xiaotian also clenched their fists and cheered on Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu took a deep breath and placed his thumb at the dot on the measurer. Recalling the numbers and his control of strength during his tests earlier, he pressed quickly, his eyes shining.

    After one quick press, he withdrew his hand.


    The number immediately appeared on the measurer.

    Everyone stared at the screen with wide eyes and stretched necks.

    “50.1 kg!”

    The room was dead silent.

    Then, loud exclamation burst out.

    “Only 0.1 kg off. 100 grams. The weight of two eggs.”

    “Holy crap! Fang Qiu really knows bonesetting. I thought it was not real. This deviation… Haha. Han Yuxuan must be dumbfounded.”

    “This is truly impressive!”

    The audience wondered at Fang Qiu’s performance and teasingly looked at Han Yuxuan.

    Look at that!

    Look at that!

    “You want to compete? Now you are humiliated by yourself! You deserve it!

    “Fang Qiu is indeed better than you!”

    Jiang Miaoyu and Jiang Mengjie felt relieved.

    “Fang Qiu is really capable.”

    “The youngest, well done! I knew you are the best in our university. Brilliant!”

    Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, and Zhou Xiaotian said joyfully. Chen Yinsheng and Qi Kaiwen sitting under the stage heaved a sigh of relief at once.

    They smiled.

    Fang Qiu never let them down.

    Looking at the stunned Jiang Hai, Chen Yinsheng smiled and commented. “Pretty good!”


    Jiang Hai chocked a dry laugh as his only reply.

    Staring at the number on the screen, Han Yuxuan raised his eyebrows, shocked.

    He didn’t expect Fang Qiu to have such precise control of strength.

    No fame came without merit.

    It was not the end.

    It was only the beginning.

    Han Yuxuan narrowed his eyes and looked at Fang Qiu, “Again, 30 kg.”


    Fang Qiu nodded.

    “Since you want to compete, let’s compete.”

    Han Yuxuan walked to the measurer and closed his eyes to take a deep breath. He suddenly opened his eyes, casting all the emotions away.

    He placed his finger on the measurer and pressed.


    “30.1 kg!”

    A mere 0.1 kg deviation!

    It was the same result with Fang Qiu’s last try.

    Seeing the number, Han Yuxuan shook his head, looking quite unsatisfied.

    The audience turned their attention to Fang Qiu.

    They hoped Fang Qiu could perform even better this time.

    “Knock him out!”

    Fang Qiu walked to the measurer and pressed.

    “30.08 kg!”

    The number made the audience clap and cheer.

    The deviation was smaller again!

    “20 grams less is good enough!”


    For the very first time, Han Yuxuan appeared nervous. He knew he had got himself a tough opponent today.

    “This time, 25 kg!”

    He reached out and pressed.

    “24.96 kg!”

    The margin of error was only 40 grams, even smaller than what Fang Qiu had earlier.

    Seeing this result, Han Yuxuan had a slight smirk on his initially serious face.

    This was his normal performance.

    “Your turn.”

    Said Han Yuxuan.

    Fang Qiu stepped forth without a word and pressed again.


    “24.96 kg!”

    The audience was stunned by the number.

    Same number. Same deviation.

    A tie.

    He didn’t win but he didn’t lose either.

    They could accept that.

    Han Yuxuan smiled at this result.

    “This is it. This is your best precision.”

    Fang Qiu put on a meaningful smile.

    Only he knew how he got this number.

    “This is a tie. Let’s carry on. 10 kg.”

    Said Han Yuxuan.

    Fang Qiu agreed. He stepped forward and pressed on the measurer.

    “10.03 kg!”

    The deviation was reduced to 30 grams.

    Han Yuxuan smiled at Fang Qiu very confidently.

    Fang Qiu returned a smile before walking forward to press the measurer.

    “10.03 kg!”

    The same number again!

    Everyone was dumbfounded, including Han Yuxuan.

    Another tie?

    What’s going on?

    “Are they so well-matched?”

    The audience couldn’t understand this. Han Yuxuan didn’t expect Fang Qiu to be this hard to handle.

    “Kg is such a big unit.”

    As everyone was stunned, he suddenly said, “Do you dare compete with me on a more precise level? We’ll use gram as the unit.”

    The smaller strength required more control thus it was more likely to make mistakes.

    Fang Qiu laughed and shook his head under everyone’s gaze.

    These two ties were not by chance.

    He did it on purpose.

    In other words, he showed how accurate his strength could be by getting the same numbers.

    Whatever he wanted, he would get it.

    Most of the toxin had been pushed out of his body. This precision was not hard for him.

    “What is it? You are scared?”

    Asked Han Yuxuan in a tone of disdain.

    Everyone turned to Fang Qiu in shock.

    They didn’t understand why this fearless Fang Qiu would shake his head.

    Under everyone’s gaze, Fang Qiu stepped to the measurer again.

    Gazing at Han Yuxuan, he placed his hand on the measurer and said gently, “5 kg!”

    Then, he pressed quickly.


    The number on the measurer displayed on the big screen was exactly 5 kg!

    It was perfectly precise.

    Before the audience realized what was happening.

    Fang Qiu spoke again.

    “3 kg.”

    Then he pressed his finger.

    The number shown on the big screen was exactly 3 kg.

    “2 kg, 1 kg, and 500 grams.”

    Fang Qiu went on.

    His finger pressed after each call of number.

    The number displayed on the measurer was exactly what he had called for with zero deviation.

    Perfectly precise.

    No deviation at all.

    Seeing this.

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    Including Han Yuxuan.

    He didn’t expect Fang Qiu to be able to get this precise.

    Whatever number he wanted, he got it.

    It was the stage he’d been dreaming for.

    But Fang Qiu was not done yet.

    He called again. This time, Fang Qiu gently said a number that shocked everyone.

    “3 grams.”

    How much?

    Three grams?

    Before the audience could think it through what weighed 3 grams, Fang Qiu already gave the measurer a gentle press.


    “3 g!”

    Perfectly precise.

    “2 grams.”

    Perfectly precise again with no deviation.

    “1 gram.”

    Precise again.

    After the screen showed 1 g, Fang Qiu finally let go of it and looked at Han Yuxuan with a smile.

    At this moment.

    All were silent in the hall.

    All of them were stunned by Fang Qiu’s ability.

    Several times in a row, he made no error at all.

    The most terrifying part about him was that he could control his strength to 3 grams, 2 grams, and 1 gram with ease.

    How perfect control he must have of strength to be able to do this?

    This was truly terrifying.

    No vendor would dare to cheat him in the market.

    Not only the students and the host present, but even the cameraman also stopped right there, freezing the camera at the number on the strength measurer without moving.

    “Is this enough or do you wish to see more?”

    When everyone was dumbstruck, Fang Qiu spoke.

    Under the stage.

    The audience came back to reality.


    They gasped.

    My gosh!

    That’s really impressive!

    “Is it enough?

    “Or he can do more!

    “Are you convinced now?”

    “Impressive! This is my youngest! My youngest is back!”

    Said Sun Hao, extremely emotional.

    “Right, this is our bro. This is the youngest we know. He’s unbelievably great even when he has food poisoning.

    Zhou Xiaotian inserted excitedly.

    To be honest,

    Their heart ached watching Fang Qiu performing in this contest, suffering so much pain, and taking the championship like a real man.

    But now they felt the youngest was totally awesome. He would have missed out if he didn’t participate in this.

    It would be a great pity if he had nowhere to show his special ability.


    Han Yuxuan had locked his eyes on the 0.001 displayed on the measurer until Fang Qiu’s voice came. He came around with a shiver and turned to Fang Qiu with fear on his face.

    But as soon as he opened his mouth,

    Fang Qiu interrupted with a smile.

    “121.89 gram!”

    Then, he pressed the measurer with his thumb.

    The next moment.

    On the big screen, the strength measurer showed 121.89 gram.

    It was the accuracy of two positions after the decimal point.

    The room fell dead silent.

    Han Yuxuan was completely stunned.

    “How is it possible? How?”

    He muttered.

    He couldn’t stop rubbing his eyes, trying to convince himself that it was all just an illusion.

    However, the number on the measurer didn’t change no matter how hard he stared at it.

    It was still the very clear number 121.89 g!

    It was hurting his eyes.