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Chapter 177 - Fang Qiu, Champion! UJCM, Champion!

Medical Master
     Chapter 177 Fang Qiu, Champion! UJCM, Champion!

    After checking it over and over again.

    Han Yuxuan finally heaved a sigh of depression and recognized the reality.

    He lost.

    The defeat was complete and there was no room for manoeuvre.

    He couldn’t do what Fang Qiu had done.

    Not only him.

    Even his master, Wei Qi, the boneset master, might not dare to say that he could achieve such an accuracy.

    Han Yuxuan’s face turned ashy.

    He was staring at Fang Qiu as if looking at an alien.

    There was no relief from the shock.

    How could he be this strong?

    How could Fang Qiu be this strong?

    He was so strong that he had crushed him completely.

    Under the stage.


    The audience couldn’t help gasping.

    Both the students and the university leaders present marveled at Fang Qiu’s technique.

    At this moment.

    Chen Yinsheng finally understood why Fang Qiu was specially recruited into the hospital orthopedics and why he had received silk banners from his patients. It was all because of his true strength.

    His formidable and terrifying strength.

    Knowing Han Yuxuan had nothing more to say, Fang Qiu turned to the host.

    As their eyes met, the host immediately sensed Fang Qiu’s intention.

    “Here I announce…”

    “The first place of this freshmen quiz is University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. And the champion of the individual contest is Fang Qiu!”

    The announcement spread out.

    Back from the shock, a sensation was instantly created in the hall.

    “Clap, clap, clap…”

    There was a warm round of applause.

    “Fang Qiu! Fang Qiu!”

    Cheers went up all around.

    Everyone was calling Fang Qiu’s name.

    Everyone’s eyes was filled with surging enthusiasm and excitement, looking at Fang Qiu like the most fanatic fans.

    Who’s Fang Qiu?

    The champion!

    The champion beyond all doubts.

    Suffering from food poisoning, he still managed to score the championship in the individual contest!

    The king of this quiz who led University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine from the second last place all the way up to the championship!

    He deserved this applause and cheers!

    Students from the other eight universities also clapped spontaneously. They were convinced. Their unwillingness to accept this was all gone.

    They admired Fang Qiu’s grasp of knowledge as well as his contribution to UJCM’s championship. Though the final score was not yet out, they all knew that UJCM had the first place with a big margin.

    They were more impressed by Fang Qiu’s control of strength in boneset.

    As they had just got on the path of Chinese Medicine, Fang Qiu was already a huge step ahead of them.

    They were convinced!

    Under the stage, Jiang Miaoyu, Jiang Mengjie, and the trio from his dorm were also clapping with excitement.

    Only they knew how difficult this journey was for Fang Qiu.

    They didn’t experience the sharp pain caused by the food poisoning but they could read it on Fang Qiu’s deadly pale face.

    Fang Qiu took the first place under these circumstances.

    And he suppressed Han Yuxuan brutally in the strength competition.

    Fang Qiu, we were proud of you!

    Fang Qiu bowed at the audience before walking down the stage.

    After the host’s announcement.

    Under Fang Qiu’s leadership, the news of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine’s rising to the first place soon spread across the nine universities as well as other TCM colleges that had been watching this quiz closely.

    Hearing the news.

    All the TCM colleges were shocked.

    Students of Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine discussed about it madly.

    “Holy crap! How is it possible?”

    “God damn it! The championship should have been ours! This Fang Qiu destroyed everything!”

    “Isn’t this humiliating enough for you? Haven’t you read the messages from those students on site? Han Yuxuan challenged Fang Qiu but was defeated brutally. You are still thinking about the championship? It was already humiliating and we had it twice!”

    “Where is this Fang Qiu from? Even the apprentice of the highly-skilled doctor Wei Qi can’t defeat him. This is unbelievable!”

    “I wish Han Yuxuan wasn’t that impulsive. At least our school got the second and third places. Now our reputation is ruined.”

    “Yeah. I don’t know what is wrong with Han Yuxuan’s head. Why would he court humiliation?”


    University of Zhongzhou Chinese Medicine.

    Upon receiving the final ranking of the quiz, students of University of Zhongzhou Chinese Medicine gave the most intense response.

    Because they were the champion last year.

    “This year’s freshmen are very impressive!”

    “Yeah, last year we sent two descendants of a traditional Chinese Medicine family and won with ease. This time Tao Yiran, also a descendant of a traditional Chinese Medicine family, only made it to the top five.”

    “University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine is so competitive, especially the one named Fang Qiu!”

    “That Fang Qiu is a freak!”

    “Yeah. He got a perfect score in the test prior to the quiz. He completed all the questions in the quiz test faster than anyone else and scored another 100. After, he defeated all the contestants all the way throughout the competition. His strength is pretty much at a Phd student level. He’s a total freak!”


    Zhongzhou Medical University.

    “Damn it! Why is our school at the last place again?”

    “Didn’t one of our students make it to the top ten? Why are we still the last?”

    “This is too embarrassing. They got so few points in the first few rounds. How dare they represent our university being unable to grab any opportunity?”

    “Damn it! The last place… I would never got such a result in my entire life but now I’ve got this title on my head. This is humiliating!”

    “The university must do something quickly! If this continues, we can never straighten our back!”

    “Must change! The school must change or I’ll transfer!”

    “Yes! Let’s protest!”


    University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    As the individual competition ended in the morning.

    The whole campus was full of joy as if it was Chinese New Year already. Every face was lit with a bright smile of happiness and excitement.


    This honor wasn’t one person’s. It belonged to the entire school. It belonged to everyone of this school.

    So everybody was thrilled.

    They shared this with whoever they met as if they had a perfect score in the exam.

    At the same time.

    Fang Qiu’s championship along with his previous deeds were organized together and uploaded onto their campus BBS.

    His popularity went straight up.

    He was the hit topic of everyone.

    Thanks to their hot discussions, Fang Qiu’s hit index rose rapidly on the BBS, taking over the mysterious man for the very first time who had occupied the top place for a really long time.

    As they discussed passionately.

    Fang Qiu returned to his dorm room right after the quiz to control his internal Qi to push out the remaining toxin.

    Until noon.

    Fang Qiu finally cleared the toxin from his body. All of it.

    Without any toxin, the sharp pain in his lower stomach went away at once.

    Fang Qiu felt relieved and his pale face began to regain color as his internal Qi flew.

    He gave out a long sigh of relief.

    Finally it was all out.

    However, he didn’t have time yet to find out who was responsible for the poisoning. The quiz was over but the award ceremony was on the way.

    Of course.

    This ceremony was held among a very small crowd of the nine universities who had participated in the quiz. Those students who didn’t take part in the competition couldn’t attend. The time and location were kept secret from them.

    Fang Qiu checked time.

    1:55 pm.

    20 minutes until the award ceremony.

    Fang Qiu left his dorm room to receive his prize after some thinking.

    Outside the conference room, the phone in his pocket began to ring suddenly.

    “Dee, dee, dee…”

    Having heard the phone ringing, Fang Qiu took out the phone.

    The call was from Cao Ze.


    Confused, Fang Qiu answered.

    “Is that Fang Qiu?”

    Cao Ze’s voice came in and sounded anxious.

    “It’s me. What’s up?”

    Asked Fang Qiu.

    “Come to the hospital now. There was a car accident and the taxi driver with broken bones named you and only you to treat his injuries. He refused to be handled by anyone else.”

    Cao Ze urged, “Come over quickly.”

    “Okay. Wait for me.”

    Fang Qiu replied at once.

    After hanging up, he rushed into the conference room for the award ceremony.

    Having asked a day off from the hospital, he didn’t plan to go to the hospital but Cao Ze’s call made him very anxious.

    A patient from a car accident couldn’t afford any delay.

    Everyone was confused by Fang Qiu’s sudden access.

    What’s going on?

    “Teachers, I’m really sorry but something has just come up in the hospital.”

    Fang Qiu explained to the university leaders present. “A patient from a car accident named me to treat his wounds. He refused all the other doctors. It’s an emergency. I must go now.”

    In the conference room.

    Upon hearing that, the leaders became serious immediately.

    “Patients are the priority. Go ahead.”

    Said Chen Yinsheng.

    “Hurry. The award ceremony can be postponed.”

    “Yeah. Don’t delay it.”

    The leaders of the other universities nodded in unison.

    At this time.

    Having been in the room for a while, Han Yuxuan suddenly got up and said to Fang Qiu, “Let me go with you.”

    After losing the competition, he still wanted to see it with his own eyes.

    He lost the competition of strength but he was determined to see Fang Qiu’s practical skills.

    “Yeah, Han Yuxuan is learning with the boneset master Wei Qi. He’s very experienced in boneset. Let him go with you. Other students can also go and check out how brilliant Fang Qiu is.”

    Said Jiang Hai, the Vice President of Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine. “Director Chen, this is a great opportunity for practice. Fang Qiu will do his best and our students will learn.”

    “This doesn’t sound right.”

    Said Fang Qiu with a frown, “The hospital is a serious place. It’s better to have less people.”

    “No problem.”

    Said Chen Yinsheng, “I’ll inform the Director of your hospital of this matter. You can bring them along.”

    Hearing that.

    Fang Qiu ceased arguing.

    He led the group of students towards the hospital quickly.


    They arrived at the hospital.

    At this time, many people had gathered in the lobby on the ground floor. Several nurses of the orthopedics were waiting for Fang Qiu anxiously.

    “Dr. Xiao Fang, finally!”

    As soon as Fang Qiu entered, a nurse immediately came up, handing a sterilized white gown to Fang Qiu.

    “How’s the patient doing?”

    Fang Qiu accepted the gown and put it on while asking.

    “The patient is lying on the corridor in the orthopedics. Other doctors offered their service but he refused. He insisted on waiting for you.”

    The nurse ran ahead to lead the way as she explained.

    “How long has he been waiting?”

    Asked Fang Qiu.

    “Five or six minutes.”

    Answered the nurse.