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Chapter 179 - Who Poisoned Me?

Medical Master
     “I’m fine.”

    Answered Fang Qiu with a smile.

    “How is it possible? You were hurting so badly with cold sweat this morning. Now you are fine? Don’t play tough.”

    Said Jiang Mengjie, very concerned.

    “I’m really okay. Don’t worry.”

    Said Fang Qiu with a grin. “Look at me. Do I look ill?”

    They looked at him.

    Indeed it was.

    This time.


    Came the sound of pushing the bed.

    The crowd turned around to look.

    They saw.

    The patient’s relative pushed the bed out of the radiological department, holding the film.

    Taking a closer look.

    Han Yuxuan was walking behind them, his face full of shock and disbelief.

    They approached.

    “How is it?”

    As the sick bed was pushed close enough, Fang Qiu stepped forward and asked.

    “All good!”

    The patient’s relative came up and said to Fang Qiu with gratitude on her face, “Dr. Xiao Fang, thank you so much. The doctor who made the scan told us that a surgery was a must for this comminuted fracture. He was shocked when the result came out. All bones have been connected firmly. There are many pieces but the connection is perfect so no surgery or steel needle is needed. A cast will be enough to fix it.”

    “Okay. Remember that he can’t get out of bed for three months. And his leg can’t exert any strength.”

    Said Fang Qiu with a nod.

    “Okay. Thank you, Dr. Xiao Fang.”

    The family member thanked him again and again.

    On the sick bed, the patient held Fang Qiu’s hand and said gratefully, “Dr. Xiao Fang, thank you a million. Without you, I would have been hospitalized. Thank you! Thank you!”

    “You are welcome. It’s my duty.”

    Fang Qiu replied with a smile. He called the nurse over to take the patient to get a cast.

    The university leaders who had come to the hospital after Fang Qiu gathered and took the film from the patient’s relative in shock. They found the patient’s shin bone perfectly connected. After a closer look at the bone’s crack, they realized the fracture was way beyond their expectation.

    How was it possible?

    Someone had fixed a comminuted fracture with the boneset technique?

    They looked at Fang Qiu.

    The university leaders were all speechless.

    The leaders were all stunned. Let alone the students. They all stared at Fang Qiu as if looking at a monster.

    After the patient left.

    “How did you do it?”

    Han Yuxuan gazed at Fang Qiu in disbelief and asked, “This is a comminuted fracture. This is impossible.”

    After seeing the film.

    He was still unwilling to accept the truth laid in front of him.

    He felt the severity of the comminuted fracture with his own hand.

    Even his master, Wei Qi the boneset highly-skilled doctor, might not be able to perform the boneset to Fang Qiu’s level.

    He found it hard to believe.

    “Nothing is impossible.”

    Looking at Han Yuxuan, Fang Qiu shook his head slightly and continued, “Many things seem impossible in this world but there’s always possibility among the impossibilities and I grabbed it.”

    Hearing that.

    Han Yuxuan was stunned.

    It was like a tongue twister but he got what Fang Qiu meant.

    No illness couldn’t be cured but there were doctors who couldn’t treat the patient.

    But what could he do about it?

    He still didn’t know how Fang Qiu did it.

    How did he reset those dislocated, shattered bone pieces?

    Did he really do it with the boneset technique?


    No way!

    His master said on the very first class that the boneset technique couldn’t reset bone shards.

    A great mystery hung over him.

    Having heard the conversation between Fang Qiu and Han Yuxuan.

    And having seen how Fang Qiu just saved a patient.

    The students from different universities were so full of admiration that they were unable to say anything.

    Before, they had seen Fang Qiu’s mastery of knowledge. Then, they witnessed Fang Qiu’s true strength.

    It was beyond their imagination.

    Fang Qiu truly deserved to be the champion of the quiz among the nine universities.

    Seeing is believing. They admired him truly for his technique and his mastery of knowledge.

    At that time.

    There came a rush of footsteps.

    Surrounded by the students from different universities, Fang Qiu turned around.

    A university leader rushed to Chen Yinsheng and lowered his body to whisper to his ear, “The result just came out.”

    Despite the noise around and the quiet voice of the speaker.

    Fang Qiu heard it clearly, his ear moving.

    “Who was it?”

    Chen Yinsheng asked in a lowered voice.

    Hearing that.

    That leader didn’t reply. He pulled Chen Yinsheng away, with their back facing Fang Qiu, and wrote a few characters in Chen Yinsheng’s hand.

    Seemingly afraid of being seen by others.

    Due to the crowd and the leader’s intentional avoiding, Fang Qiu didn’t see it.

    Over here.

    Chen Yinsheng’s brows knitted up abruptly as soon as the leader finished writing in his hand.

    He hesitated for a moment.

    Chen Yinsheng said to the leader, “You go back first.”

    The man nodded and turned to leave.

    Chen Yinsheng quickly added, “Don’t tell anyone yet.”

    The person nodded before taking his leave.

    Chen Yinsheng turned back without looking at Fang Qiu and chatted with the leaders from other universities with a big smile. He guided them back to school to prepare for the award ceremony organized to take place that afternoon.

    “Have they found out who poisoned me?”

    Looking at the back of Chen Yinsheng.

    Fang Qiu couldn’t help frowning slightly.

    The award ceremony in the afternoon didn’t matter to him.

    What mattered was a result.

    Who poisoned his dinner?

    Seeing Chen Yinsheng’s response, he felt unsure if Chen Yinsheng would tell him the person’s name.

    As the leaders left.

    The students also went back.

    Because he had asked for leave in advance, Fang Qiu didn’t stay in the hospital. He returned to school with other students to attend the award ceremony.

    Han Yuxuan left the hospital and made a phone call in a corner. He began to speak with grievances.

    “Master, I just saw a man reset all the bone shards perfectly for a comminuted fracture patient with the boneset technique…”


    Three o’clock in the afternoon.

    Originally set at two o’clock, the award ceremony was delayed for an entire hour.

    In the university.

    At the conference room in the leader’s office building.

    81 students from nine universities and all the school leaders gathered.

    The award ceremony took place officially.

    The man who came to award prizes was Xu Zhenghong, the leader of the university that had prepared the questions for this quiz.

    With a warm round of applause.

    Xu Zhenghong got on the stage.

    “Although I didn’t participate in this quiz, I’m very honored to have helped prepare the quiz questions and for being here to award prizes. I’d like to thank all the university leaders for your trust.”

    Xu Zhenghong gave a small speech with a smile and cut right to the point, “Le’t not waste time and start with the prize awarding.”

    “First of all, I’ll award the prize to the champion of this quiz, University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.”

    As he spoke.

    Chen Yinsheng rose and went up the stage to accept the certificate.

    “Then, the champion of the individual competition among the nine universities, Fang Qiu.”

    As Xu Zhenghong announced.

    Fang Qiu went on the stage to receive his prize.

    Under the stage.

    The audience clapped.

    Even Han Yuxuan, who had been making trouble for Fang Qiu, clapped. He lost the competition and his opponent deserved this honor.

    Then he continued to award prizes to the second place, third place, and outstanding performance awards.

    Towards the end of the ceremony.

    There was only the most important award left.

    On the stage, Xu Zhenghong continued, “Chinese Medicine is an ancient inheritance of China. It’s the essence of our five thousand years of history. It’s a cultural treasure with a long history that we should all be proud of.”

    “As a member of the Chinese Medicine community, I’m very proud here to present this award on behalf of the nine universities here.”

    “The Chinese Medicine new star award!”

    Under the stage.

    Everyone turned to Fang Qiu at the same time.

    Without any doubt.

    Fang Qiu was the most qualified for this award.

    “The winner is…”

    Xu Zhenghong deliberately drawled his voice but no one was curious as the result couldn’t be more obvious.

    Helplessly, Xu Zhenghong announced, “Fang Qiu from University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.”

    The audience roared with applause.

    Fang Qiu smiled and went on the stage to receive his prize.

    He stepped down after expressing his thanks quickly.

    The award ceremony was over.

    The university leaders were ready to take their students back to their own school.

    Before their departure.

    Jiang Mengjie came to bid her farewell to Jiang Miaoyu.

    Then she went to Fang Qiu.


    Looking at Fang Qiu, Jiang Mengjie had a sweet smile but looked a little unwell. She seemed to be unable to focus, with her eyes twinkled.

    Fang Qiu knew.

    She was reluctant to leave.

    “Going back?”

    Asked Fang Qiu with a smile.

    “Yeah, going back.”

    Jiang Mengjie nodded, her voice dry. She suddenly gave a smile and added, “You don’t have to see me off. Come to visit me when you have time.”

    “I will.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.


    Jiang Mengjie opened her arms and gave Fang Qiu a gentle hug. She left without looking back.

    Fang Qiu heaved a soft sigh.

    He stood and watched until Jiang Mengjie disappeared in front of his eyes. Then he realized that everyone had left.

    This freshmen quiz was finally over.

    The glorious and bustling were over.

    Jiang Miaoyu looked at Fang Qiu quietly. She saw the hug but didn’t say anything.


    Chen Yinsheng clapped and drew attention of Fang Qiu and the other eight students. He said, “The quiz is over. On behalf of the university, I thank you all for your effort for this competition. Of course, the school will award you accordingly. It will be sent to you soon.”

    The nine students were happy.

    “Go back now.”

    Chen Yinsheng ordered with a grin and then immediately added, “Fang Qiu, you stay.”

    Hearing that.

    Jiang Miaoyu and the others left.

    Only Fang Qiu and Chen Yinsheng remained in the conference room.

    “Fang Qiu.”

    Chen Yinsheng waited for everyone to leave and then said to Fang Qiu with a smile, “I heard you are very talented in sports as well. Your PE teacher talked to you many times but you don’t want to participate in the provincial university student games.”

    Fang Qiu didn’t see this coming.

    He didn’t expect this to spread to Chen Yinsheng.

    He didn’t expect to be kept here for this trivial matter.

    “You’ve done so well in this quiz. I hope you can represent our school in the coming provincial university student games and earn more honor for our university. What do you think?”

    Chen Yinsheng asked.

    “President, I think you, as the head of the school, should be more concerned about my poisoning before anything else.”

    Fang Qiu looked Chen Yinsheng in the eye and asked, “Who poisoned me?”

    Chen Yinsheng was shocked.

    “Err… We are still working on it.”