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Chapter 182 - Have You No Shame?

Medical Master
     Contact the police?

    Fang Qiu brought up this poisoning again.

    There seemed no end.

    Chen Yinsheng was mad.

    “I’ve told you that we’re still working on this. You should take my words for it. If the school can’t find out the person, what can the police do?”

    He hung up directly.

    Looking at the screen showing the end of the call,

    Fang Qiu smiled slightly.

    One more day.

    If Zhang Xinming was not punished by the next day, he would make a devastating event tomorrow.

    After hanging up the call, Chen Yinsheng looked at the evidence and his anger grew. He let out a furious groan and dialed a number. As soon as it got connected, he said directly, “Tell Zhang Xinming to come to my office now!”

    The Vice President requested his visit in person. Zhang Xinming dared not delay.

    Arriving at the leaders’ office building all confused, he entered Chen Yinsheng’s office with an ingratiating smile.

    Half an hour later,

    The paled Zhang Xinming left Chen Yinsheng’s office, soaked in sweat.

    He almost fell down the stairs.

    He appeared in a panic looking from behind.

    Not long after.

    The university gave an announcement.

    After careful consideration, the school management had agreed on the associate director Zhang Xinming of School of Chinese Medicine’s request to take half a year off due to health reasons.

    This sudden announcement without any previous sign didn’t draw much attention from the students of the School of Chinese Medicine.

    After all, a school leader’s business had nothing to do with students.

    But Fang Qiu felt totally disappointed at this announcement.

    “This is the so-called punishment?”

    Fang Qiu heaved a sigh.

    Zhang Xinming had committed serious crimes by poisoning him and accepting bribes. He should have been thrown into jail for years.

    However, that was all he got from the university.

    Could this be called a punishment?

    Or a goddamn holiday of half a year!

    He would wait.

    One last day.

    He said he would give it another day, and he would.

    Would the school drop this matter the next day? If the university wanted to end this just like that, then they shouldn’t blame him.

    Compared to the calm and peaceful Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine, the Jiangjing martial arts circle was bustling.

    Just before 7 o’clock, the crowd outside Elder Yi’s residence in the countryside was already doubled than last time.

    They all heard about the masked mysterious man.

    The strength measurer was still at the door.

    The crowd gathered around the dynamometer.

    “Listen. I saw that mysterious Senior John Doe at the last practice meetup in person.”

    In the crowd, a young man sputtered and spoke with fervor and assurance, “I was just about to go up to test my strength when that senior suddenly came out of nowhere. He punched the dynamometer. Guess how much he got!”

    “How much?”

    “I heard it was over 1,500 kg.”

    “No way. Senior John Doe is so strong. He must have got way more than 1,500 kg.”

    “That’s right. Senior John Doe helped a master reach the first-class Martial Superior with one tip. How could he only get 1,500 kg?”

    “How much would you say?”

    Many questions popped up.

    The young man at the center of attention laughed out loud and said, “5,000. 5,000 kg! I was scared out of my wits.”


    “5,000 kg?”

    “Holy cow! This Senior John Doe is indeed powerful!”

    “This strength must be above the third-class Martial Superior?”

    The young man pursed his lips and said angrily, “What third-class? I think Senior John Doe is at least fifth-class Martial Superior! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to help someone reach first-class Martial Superior so easily!”


    “Fifth-class… My lord… Could I ever reach Senior John Doe’s level?”

    “This is a super master!”


    Everyone screamed.

    In their eyes, the fifth-class Martial Superior was absolutely legendary.

    “Almost time. Let’s go in or we won’t get a place to see Senior John Doe.”

    Someone in the crowd yelled.

    The crowd pushed forth to measure their strength to enter the manor.

    As a large crowd of people poured into the manor,

    Only two figures left standing in front of the gate.

    They were those two rich youths.

    One of them had a suitcase in his hand, looking left and right as if waiting for something.

    That young man was such a bragger.

    Last time, Senior John Doe hit less than 1,500 kg but he blew it up to 5,000 kg.

    However, bragging was quite a bluff.

    Inside the manor.

    The spacious place was packed.

    It didn’t look overcrowded but rather lively.

    As time drew closer,

    The majority of the crowd had taken a seat by those round tables placed around the ring, discussing.

    “Is this Senior John Doe coming or not?”

    “I believe in Elder Yi but last time Senior John Doe didn’t give an exact answer. If he didn’t come, it would be a great pity.”

    “Yeah. I hope Senior John Doe would come to instruct us a bit.”

    “I put all my work aside to come here. He has to come.”

    “I put my child’s math tutoring aside. My child, please don’t blame your father. I think Senior John Doe will come.”

    At a corner of the manor.

    A pavilion that blocked the path towards the depths of the manor was crowded with people.

    Looking around,

    There was a sign standing in front of the pavilion, reading, “Registration”.

    “Make way. Make way.”

    A shout came from the crowd.

    A moment later,

    A man pushed his way through. Despite the hard journey, he had a smile of excitement on his face.

    It was He Gaoming.

    “It was close… 12,000 for an opportunity to get on the stage! Besides the 10,000 from Fang Qiu, I chipped in 2,000 from my own pocket. My wallet hurts…”

    He Gaoming let out a sigh of misery, asking himself why he didn’t ask Fang Qiu for more.

    “10,000 for the registration and 2,000 extra to increase my number to the fifth. I will be the 5th to challenge him on the stage. It’s worth 2,000.”

    “It would be refunded if I couldn’t challenge or if Senior John Doe didn’t show up.”

    After saying that,

    He Gaoming laughed loud and walked towards an empty seat by the ring.

    Although it almost broke his bank,

    He didn’t want to get a refund. He’d rather see the mysterious man and learn a few things from him so he could make his breakthrough.

    The middle-aged martial arts practitioner who had helped Fang Qiu last time was also there.

    As soon as he arrived, he rushed to the same spot where he had sat last time, looking forward to the mysterious man’s coming and hoping that he would sit next to him again.

    Too many people had signed up, but he didn’t get a spot, unfortunately. But if the mysterious man took a seat next to him, he could plead for his instruction privately.

    Time went by.

    In a flash.

    An hour had passed.

    It was eight o’clock in the evening.

    In the same tracksuit from last time, Fang Qiu appeared at the manor entrance with a hoodie and a mask that almost covered his entire face.


    He wasn’t very interested in this practice meetup.

    He came here just so He Gaoming’s money wouldn’t be spent in vain.

    At the manor gate,

    Fang Qiu saw the two rich youths at first glance.


    Without a word, Fang Qiu gave a cold snort and went straight to the dynamometer. He threw a straight punch.

    2,000 kg.

    After that, the manor gate opened, and he was about to enter.

    At this time, those two quiet rich youths hurried forward.

    “Senior, please spare a minute.”

    The one with a suitcase in his hand looked at Fang Qiu sincerely and apologized with a bow. “I’m sorry, senior. Last time our recklessness dragged you into conflict. Fortunately, your cultivation is so great that you didn’t lose face.”

    After saying that,

    The youth raised the suitcase with both hands. “This 500,000 is for you. Please accept our apology.”

    The pair bowed deeply again.

    Fang Qiu stopped and looked at the two. After a moment of thinking, he said, “Endure more hardships. The poor study while the rich practice martial arts. That’s right. But don’t live your life like a king or you’ll be stuck under the Martial Superior realm, unable to make any further progress.”

    After that,

    He went straight in.

    Upon hearing Fang Qiu’s words, the two rich youths looked at each other with joy.

    Senior John Doe had just instructed them.

    It was just a simple reminder.

    However, it was certainly an instruction.

    That meant he had forgiven them.

    “Thank you, senior!”

    The pair shouted at Fang Qiu at once.

    “Senior, what about the money?”

    The man with the suitcase asked hurriedly.

    “Donate to the charity house.”

    Replied Fang Qiu.

    They were confused for a second and then nodded respectfully.

    Fang Qiu entered the manor and walked towards the water garden.

    Seeing his outfit, the crowd was aroused with excitement.

    “Senior John Doe is here!”

    Someone shouted out.

    Instantly, everyone turned around, gazing at Fang Qiu without moving.

    Fang Qiu didn’t care.

    He strode to the same seat from last practice meetup.

    Next to him,

    The middle-aged martial artist was thrilled after a long wait.

    A moment later,

    “What are we waiting for?”

    Fang Qiu looked at the middle-aged man and asked out of habit. He then added, “Why are you looking at me?”

    “Waiting for you!”

    The middle-aged man felt speechless. “You are today’s protagonist. How could we start without you?”

    “Waiting for me?”

    Fang Qiu suddenly realized.

    Next to him,

    Upon hearing their conversation, the crowd nearby was also speechless.

    “What was he talking about?”

    “Who else could we be waiting for?”

    Elder Yi was informed of Senior John Doe’s arrival right away. He rushed over without stopping.

    “Thank you for coming, senior. Please grant your instructions.”

    Seeing Fang Qiu, Elder Yi saluted with his hands folded and raised in front of his face.

    Fang Qiu rose and returned a salute.


    Elder Yi looked at Fang Qiu and asked, “Is it possible to remove your mask? We all would like to see you.”

    “Not really.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head and added, “I’m too handsome. I don’t want to scare you.”

    Hearing his reply,

    The audience fell dead silent.

    “Is this what a senior master should say?”

    “How come it sounds more like a young man speaking?”

    Thinking of this, the crowd was shocked.

    “Could this Senior John Doe be very young?”

    “Could a young man be so powerful?”

    “Is it possible?”

    “Senior, you are being too careful.”

    Elder Yi laughed loud and continued, “I was once very handsome in my youth. No one was scared by my looks.”

    Fang Qiu, “…”

    He was already shameless. He didn’t expect someone here to have even less shame.

    He heaved a sigh and replied, “I guess you are not handsome enough to scare others.”

    Hearing this,

    Elder Yi was lost.

    He felt completely speechless.

    Completely speechless!

    How could anyone talk like this? After all, he was the master of the manor. How could a guest talk to him like this?

    Although speechless, he had no intention to blame him at all.

    The crowd rolled their eyes at the conversation between Fang Qiu and Elder Yi.

    “Where are these shameless men from?”

    “Have they no shame?”

    One with a big beard and the other hiding behind a mask claimed to be handsome. Had they no shame?

    After two failed attempts, Elder Yi knew that the mask wouldn’t be taken off.

    “If this is the case…”

    He turned around with a smile and said to Fang Qiu, “Today, everyone is here for you. Senior, please.”

    Fang Qiu kept his hands folded and went in the ring right away.