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Chapter 184 - The Key Factor to Get a Promotion to Martial Superior Realm!

Medical Master
     “Senior, please give me some guidance.”

    On the arena, the thin man threw a fist to Fang Qiu.

    “Please! Cars only “Please!”

    Fang Qiu threw a fist and saluted.

    The thin man didn’t hesitate.

    He bent his hands into claws. With a shove of his tiptoe, he jumped high directly to the air more than three meters high.

    In an instant.

    The thin man, who was in midair, pressed his upper body down and rushed to Fang Qiu fiercely with the suddenness, just like a pouncing eagle.

    “An eagle cleaves the sky!”

    Fang Qiu suddenly lit up his eyes and said inwardly. “This person is good at Eagle Claw. This kung fu is extremely fierce and domineering, but it is also one of the rare fierce kung fu. What’s more, every move of it is very clever.”

    Thinking about it.

    He also did not hesitate.

    He immediately rushed to the thin man.

    He was learning while fighting.

    Of course.

    What Fang Qiu learned were not simple moves but the essence of these kung fu. For example, this move of an eagle cleaving the sky, he was learning where the point of force was, where the point of attack was, and how to be fierce. Another example was the second move of the kitty hawk wings. He was learning how to defend and how to avoid the enemy and so on.

    The more important connections.

    This was so-called practical experience.

    All kinds of kung fu in Wulin was carefully created by the seniors in ancient times.

    The reason why these moves were put in a set was that they could be done at a dash. They were integrated with offense and defense. Sometimes they took fierce offensive to defeat enemies. Sometimes they could defend like a bronze bell or an unmoving mountain.

    These skills of kung fu were the painstaking efforts of the ancient seniors. The skills among them represented their actual combat experience to enemies, such as how to link up after one move so as to get rid of danger.

    What Fang Qiu wanted was these experiences.

    “Clap clap clap…”

    On the arena.

    The two of them collided violently.

    At the beginning, Fang Qiu fiercely attacked the thin man and the thin man gradually took up a defensive position.

    Seeing that the thin man only took defensive but didn’t offend him at all, Fang Qiu could only reduce the offensive to let the thin man continue to attack him so that he could learn more.

    Seeing the two of them on a tie again.

    The people under the arena were speechless again.

    “As a senior, you should behave like a senior, right?”

    “Just wave your hands and strike him away. This is just in line with the identity of senior!”

    On the halfway.

    Fang Qiu almost finished learning.

    He immediately changed his move.

    Unexpectedly, he started to use Eagle Claw.

    He started fighting back with the move of the thin man.

    Seeing this scene, the people who complained under the arena just now were immediately surprised.

    Those who had seen such a scene in the previous comparing-notes assembly were still shocked. Those who did not come last time were even more shocked when they saw this scene.

    “So amazing!” “He can actually learn others’ moves quickly?”

    “Isn’t his learning speed too crazy?”

    “Since he has been so awesome, why does he still learn others’ kung fu?”

    “He’s just a pervert and he can creatively study and practically apply. Anyone who fights with him in the future must be a fool who has hit his head on the threshold.”


    On the arena.

    The thin man was even more shocked.

    He had heard before that this senior could learn his opponent’s moves and skills.

    But he didn’t expect that.

    This senior could actually learn it so fast.

    The most important thing was that for the same move, Fang Qiu could exert more power than he did when using it. And because he understood his own moves very well, the thin man knew very clearly how to crack those moves. But after he tried one by one, he found that he couldn’t crack them at all.

    This made the thin man more and more surprised while fighting.

    But at the same time, his eyes were brighter and brighter while fighting.

    Although Fang Qiu had been using his moves, he could clearly feel that Fang Qiu seemed to be telling him something and he also seemed to learn something from Fang Qiu’s moves.

    Very soon.

    Fang Qiu bent the claw into a palm. With a gentle push, he directly pushed the thin man out.

    The thin man retreated several steps before stopping on the edge of the arena.

    “Thanks, senior.”

    The thin man did not attack again. Instead, he was dumbfounded as if thinking of something. Then he immediately clenched a fist to thank Fang Qiu.

    At this time.

    The people under the arena were all stunned.

    “What are you thanking for?”

    “What’s going on?” “Why do I not understand?”

    “I think I just watched a fake competition.”

    “Why are you starting to thank him without saying anything else?”

    Everyone was depressed.

    The two competitions in succession made them feel strange.

    “The mysterious man at least said a few words to the first fat man to ask him to lose weight. Although it was a little strange, the mysterious man gave some directions to the fat man at least. But what about the thin man? The mysterious man hasn’t said anything. Why is he thanking the mysterious man?”

    “I’m so obsessed with entering the realm.”

    On the arena, the thin man said sincerely, “I even didn’t know my internal force is not strong enough. Senior, thank you for breaking the puzzled barrier for me and letting me see my own deficiencies.”

    “You’re welcome.”

    Fang Qiu clenched a fist and said with a smile, “Your understanding is originally good, but the talent often can’t help getting into a dead end. Now since you can see through it, you will enter the realm sooner or later.”

    Hearing the conversation between the two of them.

    The people under the arena finally understood what was going on.

    “It explains the matter!”

    “The reason why Senior Jone Doe used the moves of the thin man was to let him know his own insufficiency. No wonder the thin man understood so quickly and said thanks.”

    The fight which seemed to be useless was actually full of profound teaching intention inside.

    The people couldn’t help sighing with emotions.

    “He deserves to be an expert. He is very awesome as expected!”

    “This is an expert. The guidance method is unutterable but meaningful and it can’t be done by an average person.”

    “Only through personal practice can one person find out the difference and realize the facts from the comparison so as to understand it immediately. Senior John Doe not only has great strength but also has great wisdom.”

    At this time.

    Everyone was convinced.

    Before, they all doubted Fang Qiu about whether he had the qualification of guiding a person to make a breakthrough.

    “Now, he absolutely has the qualification.”

    And it was so far beyond their expectations that they had to be convinced.

    “Pah. Pah…”

    Someone started clapping. As the applause spread, the whole audience burst out applause. Those martial arts practitioners who had signed up were even more excited and eagerly waiting for their own opportunities to come to the arena.


    After thanking Fang Qiu, the thin man immediately stepped down and looked for a place to perfect his own deficiencies.

    At this time.

    The hostess, who had not been able to come to the arena, took the microphone and rushed to the arena.

    “Thank you for your coming, Senior John Doe.”

    Nodding to Fang Qiu, the hostess continued to say. “Also thanks Senior John Doe for giving directions to everybody. I admire your strength, wisdom, and martial virtue!”

    After that, she bowed her head.

    Then she asked.

    “You’ve had two competitions in a row. Would you like to take a rest and continue later?”


    Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “Go on. I don’t have too much time!”

    Hearing that.

    The hostess could only announce that the competition continued.

    Then she hurried off the arena.

    After that.

    The third one and the fourth one came to the arena one after another.

    Fang Qiu also pointed out the problems of these two people one by one after the competitions.

    The audience under the arena also heard very carefully and all feel benefited after listening to him.

    When Fang Qiu guided the fourth man.

    Under the arena.

    He Gaoming had already been so anxious that he couldn’t help standing up, ready to come to the arena at any time.

    But when the fourth man stepped down.

    Fang Qiu suddenly spoke.

    This made He Gaoming, who was about to come to the arena, immediately stop his pace.

    It was not that he didn’t want to come to the arena.

    But because he didn’t dare to interrupt!

    On the arena.

    “Every martial arts practitioner, you may not know much about entering the Martial Superior Realm.”

    After the fourth man stepped down, Fang Qiu directly turned around and looked around at the audience under the arena, saying. “For the first four martial artists, although I pointed out their respective problems, in fact, the problem of them is only one. As long as the problem is solved, all the people can enter the realm.”

    At the sound of this.

    The people under the arena could hardly sit still immediately.

    “One problem?”

    “How can it be just one problem? Aren’t there four situations for four people?”

    “Senior, please tell us clearly what the problem is.”

    “Yes, if there is only one problem to enter the Martial Superior Realm, doesn’t that mean everyone can enter the Martial Superior Realm without worrying about being stuck at Martial Arts Level?” “Could it be said that the experts of the Martial Superior Level can be mass-produced like a factory?”

    “If there is really such a good thing, that will be a big blessing for our Jiangjing Wulin and even for our Chinese Wulin.”

    “Senior, please tell us hurriedly. What is it exactly?”

    Under the arena, someone was urging him but more people were doubting him.

    After all.

    What Fang Qiu had said was too shocking.

    “If there is really that kind of method, our country won’t need the army any more. They can just set up a Martial Superior Army directly, which will be invincible.”

    In front of the round table which was closest to the arena.

    Elder Yi also sat up straight.

    He carefully listened to the words of Fang Qiu as his face was also faint with some doubt.

    “Is it so easy to break through the Martial Superior Realm?”

    “If so, won’t martial superiors be everywhere in Wulin?”

    But He Gaoming just looked at Fang Qiu with a bitter face.

    “What are you doing? Why did you just speak when I was about to come to the arena?”

    “You don’t mean to leave after saying that, do you?”

    Despite dissatisfied.

    But upon hearing the words of Fang Qiu, He Gaoming also held his breath attentively and listened carefully.


    Fang Qiu raised his hand to beckon everyone to be quiet. Then he said, “There are truth axioms in the world that everyone can understand.”

    “The ancient sages have studied thoroughly, but now material development has hindered us instead.”

    “So is the martial arts!”

    “We have a point in the Chinese philosophy. That is extreme statics can create dynamic, which is more than simply four words and one phrase. It also contains a big secret. The secret of the promotion from Martial Arts Level to Martial Superior Level is in it!”

    People were confused.

    A lot of people didn’t understand.

    “What does it mean by extreme statics can create dynamic?”

    “Stand still?”

    “Or if the enemy doesn’t move, I won’t move and wait for the opportunity to move?”

    But Elder Yi who kept listening quietly shook his body suddenly.

    He used to make a breakthrough indeed, but at that time, he felt vague and didn’t know what was going on. Now upon hearing the four words said by Fang Qiu, he was suddenly enlightened.

    “To break through from Martial Arts Level to Martial Superior Level, you must stay still and must be extreme still in order to inspire that movement.”

    Fang Qiu continued, “Be still to feel the Qi of the sky and earth.”

    “Moving is just the internal Qi created from the body.”

    “How can you enter the realm without still mind and body?”

    “If you want to get a promotion, being extreme still is enough.”

    “The first fat martial artist was dragged down by his fat body. Because of this, his heart can not completely detach from his body to achieve the extreme statics.”

    “The second martial artist hasn’t practiced his internal force to the extreme. And he was too anxious to enter the realm so that a heart barrier was created. He couldn’t reach the extreme statics, so he has been stuck in the pass.”

    “So are the third and fourth martial artists.”

    “Therefore, those who are stuck in the pass and haven’t got a promotion either haven’t practiced to the extreme or they have worries in their hearts. They worry about their daily lives, pursuit the realm too much, or have diseases or illness. They are all distracted and couldn’t completely calm down.”

    “All of these are the threshold. But in one word, it’s just about static. Extreme statics can naturally make you get a promotion!”