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Chapter 185 - Senior, Please Beat Me Up!

Medical Master
     Fang Qiu’s words caused a stir among all the people present.

    Immediately, all the people were silent.

    All of them were frowning and thinking.

    They all seemed to see a straight bright road directly to Martial Superior Level from Fang Qiu’s words. It sounded that it was no big deal to get a promotion to Martial Superior Level. But thinking carefully, they found that although this sounded right, they still had to do it themselves.


    “Who can guarantee that their operations are a 100% perfect?”

    Immediately, the discussion went on.

    But here.

    Elder Yi was totally shocked by Fang Qiu’s words.

    Among all the people present, the one who could fully understand what Fang Qiu said was only him.

    As Fang Qiu said.

    In those days, he was tired of life and had been cultivating with an exhausted body and spirit. As a result, he was unable to break the shackles. Until one day, he came round. He cut off and put down everything completely, thus, he got a promotion.

    “Clap clap clap…”

    Recalling the hardships in previous years, Elder Yi gently let out a sigh. And then he stood up with a rush and clapped extremely loud.


    Everyone immediately turned their eyes to Elder Yi.

    They were all thinking, “Has Elder Yi been inspired?”

    Fang Qiu also looked at Elder Yi.

    “Listening to senior’s words is better than ten years of my cultivation! Sure enough, it is better to be enlightened by a celebrity than to travel 5,000 kilometers.”

    Elder Yi and Fang Qiu looked at each other. He bowed as he threw a fist with his face full of sincerity, saying, “Senior, thank you for giving me guidance.”

    After that, he turned slowly.

    Glancing at the people present, he said in a stentorian voice. “What Senior John Doe said is the true saying. As long as you hear it, I guarantee you will get a promotion sooner or later.”

    Everyone was surprised.

    No one had expected that Elder Yi actually stood out at this time to speak for Senior John Doe.

    Because at this time, they couldn’t fully trust Fang Qiu and all had skeptical attitudes towards what Fang Qiu said. None of them dared to believe it.

    But now.

    As soon as Elder Yi spoke, all the doubts in their hearts suddenly dispersed.

    “Who is Elder Yi?”

    “Elder Yi is at the top of Jiangjing Wulin, the owner of this manor, and the organizer of this comparing-notes assembly.”

    “What’s the other identity of Elder Yi?”

    “He is a genuine first-class martial superior!”

    “Since he said that Fang Qiu’s word is the true saying, it is absolutely right.”

    At this time.

    All the people present couldn’t help being delighted and excited.

    “Really? It’s really?”

    “I have never thought that what Senior John Doe said is not a joke.”

    “Getting a promotion to Martial Superior Level is actually so simple?”

    “Finally I have a chance!”

    “If so, I will definitely get a promotion. I will definitely get a promotion!”

    Everyone was excited and talking to each other.

    For a time.

    The whole water garden was covered with noise.


    As they were discussing very excitedly and happily, Elder Yi suddenly threw a fist again and said to Fang Qiu, “I’m wondering if I can compete with you.”

    At the sound of this.

    Everyone became silent instantly.

    Everyone looked at Elder Yi and Fang Qiu.


    “When Senior John Doe competed with those who were at the Martial Arts Level, it was not very exciting. But every time when the competition was about to end, he would exert strong fighting strength and instantly beat the opponents.”

    “This also leads to the fact that although we know he is very awesome, we don’t know how awesome he is.”

    “If Elder Yi comes to the arena.”

    “Can Senior John Doe be as leisurely and calm as before?”

    “Faced with an expert at the first-class Martial Superior Level, can the senior still show that kind of extremely strong ruling power and give some guidance as well as suggestions?”

    Everyone was curious.

    But on the other side.

    He Gaoming who had been eager to come to the arena was suddenly anxious.

    When he looked at Elder Yi, there was not only no respect like before but also with some complaints.

    “What are you doing?”

    “What are you doing?”

    “Why do you jump in the queue?”

    “I have been waiting so long. Even if you are an old man, even if this is your territory, you can’t jump the queue!” “I paid for this quote. If you cut in, my money would be wasted.”

    “This little friend.”

    Elder Yi clenched a fist toward He Gaoming who was complaining inwardly and asked. “Can I be allowed to jump in the line?”

    This made He Gaoming dumbfounded.

    Deep down, he would definitely not yield an inch.

    “After all, who knows when Senior John Doe is going to leave?”

    “What if he will leave after the next round?”

    “But Elder Yi is respectable. If I don’t give in, won’t it make him lose face in his territory?”

    Under the gaze of Elder Yi and all the people present.

    He Gaoming didn’t know what to say for a time.

    Seeing this, Fang Qiu smiled slightly on the arena and said. “Let this martial artist start first. After all, all the people here in the line have spent money.”

    At the sound of this.

    He Gaoming was immediately overjoyed.

    After glancing at Elder Yi, He Gaoming quickly clenched a fist and nodded, rushing to the arena hurriedly.

    Seeing this, Elder Yi was dumbfounded and then smiled bitterly, saying. “It’s me who is too anxious. Such being the case, I will consult you a while later.”

    Fang Qiu gently nodded.

    On the arena.

    “My name is He Gaoming. Senior, please give me some directions.”

    Standing on the opposite side of Fang Qiu, He Gaoming threw a fist and bowed.


    Fang Qiu threw a fist.

    Soon, He Gaoming moved his body and immediately attacked towards Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu didn’t move his footsteps. When He Gaoming came in front of him, he suddenly moved his hands to break He Gaoming’s move.

    While they were fighting.

    He had been carefully observing the problems of He Gaoming.

    Three minutes later.

    Fang Qiu surged his internal force and shook He Gaoming away.


    As they stopped fighting, He Gaoming quickly clenched his fist and respectfully asked. “Please give me some directions.”

    Fang Qiu looked at He Gaoming and said, “Your mind is transparent and clever. If you continue, you will get a promotion to the realm sooner or later.”

    He was telling the truth.

    He Gaoming’s overall performance was impressive.

    “Without any internal barrier or shortcomings of internal force, he will get a promotion to the Martial Superior Level sooner or later.”


    Upon hearing this, He Gaoming immediately laughed very happily.

    But just as he was about to step down the arena, he changed his mind.

    “No. I spent 12,000 yuan and you only said this word to me?”

    “Why does that sound like you are comforting me?”

    “You have to do something real.”

    Thinking about it.

    He stopped his footsteps at once, turned to look at Fang Qiu, and said with a smile. “Senior, I have spent a lot of money to come on the arena. Why don’t you give me more guidance? Anyway, I have a lot of time today. I’m not in a hurry.”

    The people under the arena were all speechless.

    “Even if you have time, we don’t!”

    “Even if you’re not in a hurry, we are in a hurry!”

    “Are you paying for the class?”

    “Other people just listened to several sentences and then quickly left because they hurried to cultivate and make a breakthrough. What are you doing?”

    “He has praised you. Why haven’t you been satisfied!”

    Fang Qiu also looked at He Gaoming quite speechlessly.

    “But since He Gaoming wants to waste less money here, I will speak more.”

    After hesitating for a while, he said. “I’m sure you will make a breakthrough within a year!”

    “If there is a lucky chance, you can get a promotion within half a year!”

    “If there is a great lucky chance, you can get a promotion within a week!”

    At the sound of this.

    Not only He Gaoming who was on the arena, but also all the people under the arena were shocked.

    “Oh, my God!” “He knows the time?” “Isn’t that too specific?”

    “Senior John Doe, you can even know the promotion time?”

    “My God. I would rather believe that the previous word is true, but I do not want to believe this word is true!”

    “This He Gaoming is a little awesome. He can actually get a promotion so quickly?”

    Everyone was shocked.

    “It’s just not possible.”

    “I have never heard of anyone who can tell when others will get a promotion.”

    “Why can this Senior John Doe know the life of others and thus judge how long others need to get a promotion?”

    Although they were in Wulin which was mysterious to an amateur, these words of Fang Qiu let these people of Wulin feel more mysterious.

    “Is what you said true?”

    On the arena, after a brief shock, He Gaoming immediately became crazily happy and asked instantly. “What’s the lucky chance you’re talking about? And what’s the great lucky chance?”

    “The lucky chance is that after others beat you, you will work harder.”

    Fang Qiu said. “The great lucky chance is that you can have an expert to guide you.”

    In fact.

    Fang Qiu had another word that he hadn’t said.

    For fear that it would frighten those present if he spoke out.

    That word was that if He Gaoming had a super expert at the Guru Realm like Fang Qiu to guide him, he would enter the Martial Superior Realm less than a week.

    But how could he find an expert at the Guru Realm to guide him for a whole week?

    “I see.”

    He Gaoming immediately nodded and threw a fist. He smirked and said, “Senior, thank you for giving me a lucky chance.”

    After that.

    He unexpectedly didn’t step down.

    Instead, he moved his body and attacked Fang Qiu again.

    “I will strive for the lucky chance myself.”

    “Anyway, I haven’t stepped down the arena yet.”

    Fang Qiu was speechless.

    “This guy.”

    “Obviously, he is going to take a beating.”

    Since He Gaoming wanted to take a beating himself, Fang Qiu wouldn’t refuse him certainly.

    Before He Gaoming touching him, Fang Qiu moved firstly and directly rushed in front of He Gaoming. He moved his hands and started fighting.

    As Fang Qiu was giving He Gaoming a good dressing down.

    Fang Qiu didn’t use internal Qi at all.

    He Gaoming couldn’t strike back at all.

    “Ouch, ouch…”


    “Hurt. It’s hurt!!”.

    A miserable screaming spread through the manor at once.

    It could be seen that.

    He Gaoming even didn’t have the chance to strike back and he was beaten black and blue instantly.

    When Fang Qiu found it was time to stop.

    He stopped.


    “Hey, hey…”

    Slumping on the arena, He Gaoming groaned and propped himself up while smiling happily as if he had got a mental illness.

    As He Gaoming groaned while laughing, he stepped down the arena.


    As soon as He Gaoming stepped down the arena, he shouted to the sky, laughed, and said. “This 12,000 yuan is too worthwhile!” “I almost make a breakthrough!”

    Seeing He Gaoming feel so great after being beaten.

    The people under the arena were stunned at first and then it immediately caused a sensation.

    “Senior, beat me up!”

    “Please beating me!”

    “Senior. My skin is thick. You have to beat me!”

    “They all don’t have so much flesh. It’s only comfortable to beat me. Senior, beat me!”

    For a while, all kinds of sounds of begging beating blew up the whole water garden.

    Seeing this, Fang Qiu felt funny and annoying.

    “Be silent. Be silent!”

    Here, Elder Yi had to say something hurriedly to suppress the noise of them. Then he threw his fist to Fang Qiu again and said. “Senior, please give me some guidance.”


    Fang Qiu looked at Elder Yi and said. “It’s not good of you to jump in the line like that?”

    “Senior, don’t worry.”

    Elder Yi said with a smile. “The martial artists behind me have all agreed. After the comparing-notes assembly, I will give them some compensation appropriately.”

    Fang Qiu clearly nodded. “Such being the case, let’s start.”

    Elder Yi stepped onto the arena.

    “Senior, I have something to say.”

    Elder Yi said.

    “Go ahead.”

    Fang Qiu answered.

    “I saw that your previous comparing notes didn’t use internal Qi. Of course, it was because the previous martial artists haven’t broken through to the Martial Superior Realm.”

    Speaking of this, Elder Yi said. “However, my cultivation has been up to…”

    “You exert all your strength and I will only use the strength of first-class Martial Superior Level to fight with you.”

    Said Fang Qiu.

    All the people present were stunned.

    “Only use the strength of first-class Martial Superior Level?”

    “Doesn’t this mean that the strength of the mysterious man is higher than that of the first-class Martial Superior Level and even much higher?”