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Chapter 186 - You Are Too Old to Get a Promotion!

Medical Master
     On the arena.

    “Senior, watch out.”

    Elder Yi put out a move. His hands combined with hardness as well as softness, which had the style of Tai Chi but without the charm of Tai Chi.


    Fang Qiu lit up his eyes.

    He thought in his heart. “This kind of move is not Tai Chi but it’s similar to Tai Chi. It’s both offensive and defensive. And it’s advanced than the kung fu that other people used.”

    Apparently, Fang Qiu was interested in the kung fu of Elder Yi.

    Different from Fang Qiu, Elder Yi was extremely cautious.

    His eyes were fixed on Fang Qiu.

    He moved his feet.

    They were flexible like wind and sharp like blades.


    Almost in an instant, as Elder Yi moved his feet, his body rushed to Fang Qiu instantly like a sword out of a scabbard.

    Seeing this, Fang Qiu was more pleased inwardly.

    He touched the ground with his tiptoes. At the same time when Elder Yi rushed in front of him, he soared with his arms spread.


    Seeing Fang Qiu had escaped his attacks, Elder Yi suddenly stopped his feet. While shouting, he heavily stamped his foot on the ground. When the bluestone floor was cracked, his body rose high into midair. With a move of the black dragon out of the sea, he fiercely attacked toward Fang Qiu.

    “What a strong momentum!”

    Fang Qiu smiled slightly.

    Then he fixed his eyes and suddenly spun his body.

    With his head and feet upside down, he punched Elder Yi who was rushing to him.


    There came a collision with a bang.

    It could be seen that.

    In the collision with Fang Qiu, the body of Elder Yi who stood like a giant was oppressed by Fang Qiu. He fell down at extremely fast speed, heavily hitting on the arena.

    “Crack crack…”

    Under the huge impact, Elder Yi landed on his feet, quickly pointing the toes and clenching the buttocks. The arena, which had been trampled with many cracks, shook with a loud crash.

    Starting from Elder Yi’s feet, the crack rapidly spread around.

    Taking a closer look.

    Under Elder Yi’s feet, two cobweb crack areas with a circumference of one meter suddenly appeared.

    “What strong force!”

    Elder Yi was surprised.

    While completely discharging the impact from the fist of Fang Qiu, he immediately stepped out.

    Fang Qiu’s tiptoe touched the arena.

    Before landing, he actually sped out in midair and caught up with Elder Yi immediately.

    His hands, like dragons, waved a lot of phantoms.

    When Elder Yi was frightened, he couldn’t retreat. He moved his hands and exerted all his strength, fighting with Fang Qiu.

    “Clap clap clap…”

    The fierce crash was continuous.

    Under the arena.

    All the people were staring at Fang Qiu and Elder Yi. They were totally immersed in the wonderful duel so much that they were afraid to miss a second.

    But on the arena.

    The collision became more and more intense.

    After several moves, Fang Qiu finally landed on his feet, wrestling with Elder Yi on the arena.

    Without any doubt.

    Fang Qiu was taking the opportunity to learn the moves of kung fu from Elder Yi, so he slowed down his offense and gradually became defensive.

    Elder Yi seemed to have found this.

    Seeing that Fang Qiu didn’t attack him but defended him, he immediately burst out all the strength that couldn’t be exerted when Fang Qiu suppressed him just now.


    As Elder Yi fiercely attacked Fang Qiu, he shook his right arm, surged internal Qi, and directly slapped Fang Qiu’s belly ruthlessly.

    No one expected that.

    Fang Qiu stretched out his right hand, grasping the purlicue of Elder Yi directly and then pressing down.


    A crack was spread.

    Under Fang Qiu’s suppress, Elder Yi’s palm heavily hit on the ground, directly creating a hole with the head size on the bluish stone of the ground. The bluestone around was also cracked up instantly.

    “Your internal Qi is not weak.”

    Fang Qiu smiled slightly and retreated back as he stretched out his hands, letting Elder Yi attack him again.

    Just after that.

    Cracks of stones were spread.

    Every attack of Elder Yi was almost easily dodged by Fang Qiu.

    But Elder Yi couldn’t easily dodge Fang Qiu’s attacks. If it was not Fang Qiu who transferred the attack at the critical moment, Elder Yi maybe had already been beaten to spit blood.

    On the arena, it was a mess.

    It was full of holes.

    Under the arena.

    Everyone was shocked.

    Although they knew that after entering the Martial Superior Realm, the strength would increase a lot, no one expected that an expert at the first-class Martial Superior Level could actually smash the bluish stone instantly.

    Smashing a stone with a palm was a really terrifying thing.

    “Is this the power of the first-class Martial Superior Level?”

    “So terrifying!”

    “Elder Yi can crack the bluish stone easily, but compared with Senior John Doe, Elder Yi is worth much than him.”

    “Yes, what Elder Yi can do is just cracking the bluish stone, but every time when Senior John Doe stretched out his hands, he almost could smash the bluish stone. This is just the power of the first-class Martial Superior Level. I’m really wondering what if Senior John Doe exert all his strength.”

    “I can’t imagine that!”

    “If Senior John Doe exerts all his strength, the arena will have been broken into pieces.”

    “I’m damned. I actually suspected Senior John Doe wasn’t an expert. With his current combat strength, he also can punch me into pieces. I’m damned.”

    “That can be called a combat!”


    Under the shocking discussion of the audience under the arena.

    The fight between Fang Qiu and Elder Yi had been close to an end.

    All of a sudden.

    “Senior, I’m sorry!”

    Elder Yi took a step backward with his hands circled around his body. A very strong Qi power suddenly surged from his body, like the wind in the desert which scattered the stones on the ground.


    Fang Qiu narrowed his eyes slightly.

    He kept close eyes on Elder Yi’s movements.

    The next moment.

    When Elder Yi reached out his hands, Fang Qiu actually moved his body and copied the movement of Elder Yi completely, flying toward Elder Yi fast.


    There was a loud bang.

    On the arena, under the impact of internal Qi from the two of them, a large amount of smoke dust rose from the cracks in the ground.

    In the smoke dust.

    A figure was moving backwards.

    Taking a closer look.

    This person was obviously Elder Yi.

    When they looked at the other side.

    Fang Qiu was standing in place, motionless.

    Under that arena.

    “So Amazing!”

    “Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

    “I did not come to this comparing-notes assembly in vain. Those so-called comparing-notes are not comparable with this one at all!”

    “Yes. What a horrible skill. What great power. What a thrilling fight!”

    “Senior John Doe deserves to be a senior!”

    “It’s so enjoyable. If there is such a competition every day, I’d rather stay here all the time.”

    The shock in everyone’s eyes hadn’t gone. They all could not help exclaiming.

    After all.

    They were basically martial arts practitioners. This could be regarded as the first time they saw the battle of the Martial Superior Level. This kind of battle had been beyond their imagination, so their shock was reasonable.

    On the arena.

    “It’s the first time in my life to see your learning ability.”

    Having known that he had lost, Elder Yi did not feel uncomfortable at all. Instead, he praised Fang Qiu as he clenched a fist to Fang Qiu.

    Although Elder Yi was praising him.

    Fang Qiu knew that Elder Yi was ridiculing him for learning moves from Elder Yi furtively.

    “I’m flattered.”

    Fang Qiu threw his fist in return.

    “Since I have stolen your moves, what can you do to me?”

    “Besides, the reason why I came here is to learn some moves furtively.”

    “I’m wondering after this competition, have you seen any problem of me?”

    Speaking of the competition, Elder Yi suddenly became serious and said, “Why do I always stop at the first-class Martial Superior Level? Why can’t I always get a promotion?”

    Under the sparkling eyes of everyone, Fang Qiu said one sentence that none of them had ever thought of.

    “You’re too old to get a promotion.”

    “Too old?”

    All the people under the arena and Elder Yi were dumbfounded.

    “Is age also a threshold for kung fu cultivation?”

    They all knew that, but they didn’t pay too much attention subconsciously. After all, most of the martial arts practitioner started cultivation from a young age. Who would think of the old age?


    As Fang Qiu reminded them, they all paid attention to the influence of age slightly.

    “Senior, please explain in detail.”

    Elder Yi said at once.

    “As people get older, their physical function will gradually decline. But it’s not a big deal for martial arts practitioners. After all, as long as they keep cultivating, their physical function will be maintained at a certain extent, which will not affect their cultivation excessively.”

    Said Fang Qiu. Then he added. “But it is a little different to you.”

    Elder Yi didn’t understand.

    “Why am I just different?”

    “When you were young, you must have fooled around a lot, which damaged your health a lot. Therefore, it is difficult to promote and break through now.”

    Said Fang Qiu.

    At the sound of this.

    Elder Yi immediately became embarrassed.

    “You are right. When I was young, I was a little bit like that.”

    With a flush on Elder Yi’s face, he said with embarrassment. Then he hurriedly asked, “Senior, I’m wondering whether you have any method to help me pass this barrier?”


    Fang Qiu hesitated for a moment and then said. “I have a method, but I’ve never tried it. I don’t know if it works.”

    “It’s enough to have a method.”

    Elder Yi was overjoyed. He clenched his fist and saluted to Fang Qiu hurriedly, saying. “Senior, please give your advice.”

    “This is a Taoist way of keeping healthy and fit, not cultivation.”

    Fang Qiu said. “This method has a great effect on the sick, the aged and leaky bodies. It’s also called the life continuous method.”

    Elder Yi listened carefully.

    The people under the arena also didn’t dare to interrupt him.

    They held their breath attentively and listened to what method could let a person recover.

    “This method emphasizes visualization.”

    “You have to visualize that there is sunlight or moonlight on the top of your head. You control it by Qi and it will go inside from the Baihui acupoint on the top center of your head, shining brightly in the brain center. Then it will go into the vertebra along the back of the brain and go down slowly. Wherever it goes, use your eyes and consciousness to connect with this light to cooperate with the operation.”

    “The light travels through the spine to the perineum, up to the lower belly. Then it splits in the lower belly, going to the left and right leg bones at the same time from the hip bone.”

    “After that, it goes to the shin bone and down to the arch of the foot.”

    “Then the light will go up from the arch of the foot alongside the shin bone, knee, leg bone. It will pass the perineum and combine in the lower belly. Then it will go up alongside the ren meridian, the navel, heart socket, larynx, philtrum, and eyebrow, going back to the Baihui acupoint on the top center of your head. Follow the circulation and visualize for more than nine times.”

    “After that, you will definitely be vigorous and your mind will be clear.”

    Speaking of this.

    Fang Qiu paused for a while and looked at all of them, saying. “About the so-called using energy to tonify brain in Taoism, people all think the most important energy of life is in the lower belly. In fact, it is between the front and the back of the brain, which is called ‘diencephalon’.”

    “If the middle-aged people practice this method, they can be full of Yang Qi in six or seven days with the power enriched.” “If elder people practice this method, it will take longer time. So do sick people.”

    “Besides, you still need to pay some attention when practicing it.”

    Looking at Elder Yi, Fang Qiu said. “This method could stick to individual consciousness easily. After you have some foundation of the practice, the physical changes may lead to some mental state.”

    “At that time, if your mind changes as the realm and if you think at random or being a smart-ass, it will be easy to get into a wrong way.”

    “Watch out to dissolve the desires attached.”

    “If you are not feeling well, you may be practicing incorrectly, so you should stop practicing immediately.”

    “Pay attention to a daylong stream of mini meals during the practicing period. It’s better to eat vegetables.”

    “Sick people should not practice this method. They could only practice after recovery.”