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Chapter 187 - Evidence Was publicized Throughout the School!

Medical Master
     “Thanks, senior.”

    After listening to Fang Qiu, Elder Yi was overjoyed and very excited.

    Off the stage.

    They also hurried to write down what Fang Qiu said.

    For fear of missing a word.

    Of course.

    Having Elder Yi as a warning, they remembered very clearly that lust was a great evil of the martial cultivation, so they had to vanquish it to continue, otherwise, they could not improve their realm!

    “I have another question.”

    At the arena, Elder Yi looked at Fang Qiu with an exciting ruddy face, saying, “Since you can find out the key point of improving the martial level, so is there also any key point of Martial Superior Level?”

    After he asked the question.

    Off the stage.

    All the people immediately became silent. They all looked at Fang Qiu, waiting for him to answer.

    They were curious too!

    “Improvement in Martial Superior Level?”

    Fang Qiu chuckled and shook his head, saying, “The best way of being a martial arts practitioner is to fight against difficulties.”

    They all nodded.

    If a martial arts practitioner wanted to improve, it would be like fish leaping over the Dragon Gate. Before leaping over the Dragon Gate, he needed to keep going upstream to break through the difficulties.

    “But if there’s any way… ”

    Fang Qiu paused, and added, “What Mencius said is the way.”

    Elder Yi was shocked.

    Mencius’s words?


    The audience was also confused.

    Mencius was a man of Confucianism, who had nothing to do with Taoism and martial arts, so how could Mencius’ words be the key point of Martial Superior’s improvement?

    At that time.

    Everyone was a little confused.

    Not knowing what Fang Qiu meant.


    Elder Yi also asked.

    “What words of Mencius are you going to say?”

    “Did Mencius practice martial arts too?”

    “Nonsense. Mencius is a Confucian figure, not a ranger!”

    “So what did he say?”

    Everybody asked in succession.

    Fang Qiu raised his head, looking at the night sky and twinkling stars, saying, “When the heaven is about to grant a man great responsibility…”

    Hearing that.

    The crowd was speechless.

    “What’s the point of saying that?”

    “Everyone here can recite this sentence in this room. We know it means that we have to fight against difficulties, right?”

    However, the hardship needed the right way to overcome.

    Once overcoming it in the right way, it was worth the pain.

    It would be a waste of time to fight it in the wrong way. It didn’t matter to ordinary people whether were they fighting in the wrong or right way, but it mattered to those martial arts practitioners.

    Because they were the basic martial arts practitioners. In their eyes, wasting time equaled to wasting the opportunity.

    To the martial arts practitioners of higher ranks, this saying had a different meaning.

    “That’s all for you. Please think it yourselves.”

    Seeing the disappointed look on everyone, Fang Qiu calmly shook his head, saying, “I’m leaving.”

    “Oh, no!”

    Elder Yi hurriedly came forward, blocking in front of Fang Qiu with his body, asking, “Forgive me, what kind of realm are you in, senior?”

    No doubt about it.

    Not only Elder Yi, everyone here was curious about Fang Qiu’s real strength.

    Once hearing Elder Yi’s words, everyone immediately became quiet, carefully waiting for the answer and afraid to miss it.

    No one expected that.

    Blocked by Elder Yi, Fang Qiu smiled and said, “Guess!”

    The voice just dropped.

    Everyone did not react to it, and even Elder Yi had no time to act when Fang Qiu’s figure flashed like a ghost and got out.

    “Senior, will you come next week?”

    Hurriedly turning around and looking at Fang Qiu’s figure which faded into the darkness in no time, Elder Yi shouted, “I would like to arrange a few masters to have a competition with you. What do you think?”

    After a while.

    “It depends on my mood.”

    In the distant night sky, a few words floated over.

    The crowd was dumbfounded.

    Depending on his mood?

    Wasn’t it too…?

    Nevertheless, if thinking carefully, this mysterious Senior John Doe really was qualified to have it depended on his mood.

    “Senior, there is a lot of money for thanking your hard work. Remember to take it, okay!”

    Elder Yi shouted into the night sky again.

    But this time.

    There was no echo.

    The crowd was speechless again.

    One of the reasons for being speechless was that Fang Qiu left so fast that they had not seen or heard enough. If Fang Qiu stayed, they could have stayed there as long as they wanted, even for a week, a month, or a year.

    After all.

    They seldom came across an expert with such terrifying strength.

    Besides, having an expert at this level to give them advice was rare to them. They did not want to miss any opportunity.

    As for the second reason.

    They were naturally speechless by Elder Yi.

    In Jiangjing, Elder Yi’s reputation was well known. He owned countless people’s respect in the martial-arts circle, and people regarded him as a very calm and solemn person. However, Elder Yi’s words were clearly luring Fang Qiu.

    If this sentence came out of other people’s mouths, people would not care about it at all, but coming out from Elder Yi’s mouth was different.

    Unexpectedly, Elder Yi actually had a cunning side.

    No wonder he could make so much money!

    When Fang Qiu left.

    The martial arts practitioners in the manor also dispersed one after another.

    What they heard today was really too much, so they must hurry back for good absorption and application and check if what the nameless masked person said was right or wrong.


    This time, the Jiangjing Wulin District of the Wulin BBS, which should be crowded, was not as lively as before, but very quiet instead.

    Previously, every day when each consultation or trade fair ended, some people would rush into the BBS and release some information about the consultation or trade fair.

    But there was no one posting this time.

    “Why so quiet?”

    “What’s the matter? Who has information about the consultation meeting?”

    “Where are all the people? Where are all the people?”

    “Has the mysterious masked man appeared at this consultation?”

    “Anybody, please come out and talk about it! Is the masked person really so strong as the legend says?”

    Many people were waiting for news on BBS.

    As a result.

    They waited all night, but nothing happened.

    Where were the people?

    Where were the people who participated in the consultation?

    They all had gone home to verify it!

    Because the instruction given by Fang Qiu was too much. They must verify the knowledge points one by one to know whether they were right or wrong.

    In addition, who would show off everywhere instead of hiding them like treasures when they got such great methods?

    After the questions got no answer, the BBS quieted down gradually.

    Eerily quiet.

    While Fang Qiu who left the consultation went straight back to the school.

    In the dormitory, Sun Hao, Zhou Xiaotian and Zhu Benzheng were all absent.

    Sitting in front of the desk, Fang Qiu was ready to read for a while and then continued to practice mental power, but he suddenly thought of something. He opened the laptop and logged on campus BBS.


    Browsing the campus BBS information, Fang Qiu’s face instantly became gloomy.

    He found.

    The school still punished Zhang Xinming to leave his position because of illness.

    Beyond that, there was no follow-up.


    Fang Qiu sneered. His eyes focused as he said, “Since they don’t punish him, I will do that!”

    The next day, early in the morning.

    The quiet and peaceful campus became noisy in the early morning.

    In the beginning.

    A student who had finished his morning exercise found some new notices on a bulletin board.

    As a result, he went up and had a look.

    The student was taken aback.

    Later, students found that all the bulletin boards in the whole school were all posted about Zhang Xinming’s crime overnight.

    All his corruption was there, and it was all in great detail, with the time and place indicated.

    No doubt about it.

    This was posted by Fang Qiu.

    Of course, before posting Zhang Xinming’s criminal information, Fang Qiu deliberately hid the names of those students who were asked for bribes by Zhang Xinming and took the initiative to bribe him.

    The noisy atmosphere did not attract the attention of teachers and leaders.

    But then.

    In the morning, when the cleaning staff saw these materials, they hurriedly reported this matter to the school leadership as they were shocked at the same time.


    Seven in the morning.

    Chen Yinsheng had just finished his breakfast at home and was going to school.

    “Du du du…”

    His phone rang suddenly.


    After finishing polishing his leather shoes, Chen Yinsheng put through the phone.

    “Vice president, something’s wrong.”

    A familiar voice came from the other end of the line.

    “How’s it going?”

    Chen Yinsheng raised his brows, saying, “Talk slowly. Why so urgent!”

    “Bulletin boards, the bulletin boards…”

    The leader talked urgently on the telephone, “They were all pasted with the information of Zhang Xinming, associate Director of the School of Chinese Medicine.”

    “Criminal information!”

    Once he said it.

    Chen Yinsheng’s face instantly changed. He stood up and hurriedly asked, “What criminal information?”

    “Director Zhang Xinming solicited and accepted bribes, including information about his wife getting kickbacks from the school. What do we do now, headmaster?”

    The leader on the other end of the line asked anxiously.

    “Right now! Right now! Tear all those things off for me, and not a piece can be left. You must get rid of them all before the class starts!”

    Chen Yinsheng’s eyes turned red, and he shouted, “And BBS! Please contact the school network department immediately. You must lock up the news for me, and not a word is allowed to leak. At the same time, immediately check out who pasted them!”

    “Okay. I’ll do it soon.”

    Answering him, the leader on the telephone hung up.


    Chen Yinsheng put down the phone and fell into his own sofa behind him like he was lost.

    “This must not be allowed to spread.”


    He murmured in his mouth.

    The worst scenario he could imagine appeared.

    He had thought letting Zhang Xinming rest for half a year could make someone who got his evidence slightly satisfied.

    But he did not expect the other side to do such a decisive thing.

    It was publicized!

    This was a scandal!

    This was the scandal of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine!

    If the students knew about the decision made before contacting him, he, as a vice president, would really be a prisoner who shielded him.

    Most importantly.

    Once this matter spread, the reputation of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine was ruined!

    Chen Yinsheng was really anxious.

    Now he didn’t know what to do.

    He couldn’t think of anything but a temporary solution, because he didn’t know who had the evidence.

    Half past seven.

    After breakfast, Fang Qiu went to his morning class with books in his arms.

    When he passed the bulletin board, he glanced at it casually and found that the information on it was torn to pieces.

    “Do you think it’s over?”

    “Why not doing something practice about it?”

    Fang Qiu smiled and went straight to class without stopping.

    “I’ll give you a whole morning. And if you have no actions, the worst is yet to come!”