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Chapter 189 - The Last Poison-making Doctor!

Medical Master
     Chapter 189 The Last Poison-making Doctor!


    Looking at Zhang Xinming whose eyes were full of expectation, Fang Qiu snorted, “If it hadn’t been me, anyone else wouldn’t have got up so soon. They couldn’t make it unless they stayed in the hospital for about half a month. Don’t you feel guilty at all?”

    “Sure enough, it worked.”

    Zhang Xinming nodded and said with satisfaction.

    Hearing that.

    Fang Qiu was furious instantly.

    “Aren’t you afraid of killing people?”

    He did not expect that Zhang Xinming could actually be so indifferent at this time.

    Was human life worth so little to him?

    “I’m not afraid.”

    Zhang Xinming shook his head and said, “Although it’s the first time I poisoned someone else, I am confident about my skill. And this poison is not too toxic. It can only make people suffer a little.”

    “Finally, it will cause the body to detoxify, which is not only harmless but actually good for your health.”

    “So what do I need to be ashamed of?”

    No harm?

    Fang Qiu was shocked and immediately turned to look at Xu Miaolin.

    Because he hadn’t studied toxins, he wasn’t sure Zhang Xinming was right.

    And hearing Zhang Xinming’s words, Xu Miaolin’s eyes were wide open. He stared at Zhang Xinming unbelievably and asked, “Who are you?”

    “The highly-skilled doctor is surprised!”

    Zhang Xinming smiled indifferently and said in a low voice, “I am a Poison-making Doctor!”

    “Poison-making Doctor? No way!!!”

    Xu Miaolin was shocked and lost his voice.

    The idea had once crossed his mind, but he immediately rejected it.

    As the vice president of the School of Chinese Medicine, how could Zhang Xinming be a Poison-making Doctor?

    How could a Poison-making Doctor become the vice president?

    “In the eyes of you traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, it is impossible.”

    Zhang Xinming frowned. He stared at Xu Miaolin and said in a sullen voice, “Because, the Poison-making Doctors were squeezed out by you guys, the so-called orthodox Chinese medicine doctors!”

    Xu Miaolin shuddered and felt a little guilty.

    Fang Qiu looked at the two with confusion.

    Things were going a bit beyond expectations.

    Poison-making Doctor?

    What was a Poison-making Doctor?

    He had never heard of it.

    And why Poison-making Doctor would make Xu Miaolin so shocked?

    The most important thing was, what did Zhang Xinming meant when he said that Poison-making Doctors were pushed out?

    There were countless questions in his heart.

    Fang Qiu could only stand quietly on a side, continuing to listen.

    “And I.”

    Zhang Xinming stared at Xu Miaolin, saying, “I am the last heir of Poison-making Doctors!”

    Xu Miaolin’s whole body trembled.

    He looked at Zhang Xinming in disbelief.

    “None of you so-called orthodox Chinese medicine doctors approves of poison, because in your eyes, poison is poisonous and evil, and only your own medicine is orthodox!”

    “Like the knife, is it guilty? Is the person who uses it guilty?”

    “You don’t use a knife, so you don’t allow others to use it, and you call it: ‘Afraid of being used by bad people’.”

    “It’s bullshit!”

    Speaking of this, Zhang Xinming snorted angrily, “Because of your worry, and because of the use of poison, we Poison-making Doctors were pushed out by you so-called orthodox Chinese medicine doctors until now, and now I am the only one left.”

    “Answer me with your conscience. Have we Poison-making Doctors ever avenged ourselves? Have we had any complaints?”


    “Because we know that we have a knife in our hand, and what we should do is to use this knife to benefit the people, not to have a civil war.”

    “It’s you! You strangled Poison-making Doctors!”

    Zhang Xinming got angrier as he spoke.

    Xu Miaolin was silent, not knowing what to say.

    Fang Qiu was shocked and looked at Zhang Xinming.

    He could gather a lot of information from his words.

    The traditional Chinese medicine circle actually had the branch of Poison-making Doctors, and they seemed to be a kind of doctor who was good at fighting poison and curing disease with poison.

    Zhang Xinming turned out to be the last one.

    The most important thing was that the Poison-making Doctors had been excluded from the orthodox Chinese medicine doctors, and only one person was left?!

    No wonder Zhang Xinming hated traditional Chinese medicine doctors so much!

    No wonder Xu Miaolin was shocked!

    “I bet you are curious about how could I, a Poison-making Doctor, become the associate Director of the School of Chinese Medicine?”

    Zhang Xinming asked with a sneer on his face, and then said angrily, “It is because my ability has no place to display!”

    “Does anyone in the world still believe in Poison-making Doctor? Nowadays, Poison-making Doctor is just like a rat crossing the street that will be hit by all the people. I have all the skills, but when patients need me most, I can only watch helplessly. Do you know this feeling?”

    “Do you?”

    “Do you know the pain of not being able to lift your hand when the patient is looking helplessly at you? Do you know that when people hear poison they run away and think I’m trying to hurt them?”

    “You don’t understand, and you’ll never know!”

    “And this is what you gave us!”

    “Well, what else can I do?”

    Looking at the silent Xu Miaolin, Zhang Xinming asked indignantly, “Doctor, tell me, what can I do? Instead of taking this road to official career, what can I do?”

    Xu Miaolin remained silent.

    “I couldn’t do anything but go on to a career, because I am useless. It’s even my first time poisoning people.”

    Zhang Xinming smiled.

    A sad smile.

    “I just don’t understand.”

    After a few sad laughs, Zhang Xinming said, “What on earth we Poison-making Doctors did to make you orthodox Chinese medicine doctors mad? What we take in the hand is a knife, but not the knife to kill. It’s a knife to save lives!”

    “What happened to poison? Do you know how many people were cured with poison by my forefathers?”

    “We are fully capable of curing some difficult and complicated diseases that cannot be cured by your traditional Chinese medicine doctors.”

    “The medicinal materials that you orthodox Chinese medicine doctors cannot use can be used by us. We didn’t compete with you, but why do you want to exclude us?”


    Zhang Xinming roared with anger.

    Neither Xu Miaolin nor Fang Qiu spoke.

    They just looked at Zhang Xinming, letting him get all his emotions out.

    After a while.

    After he vented his anger.

    Zhang Xinming sighed deeply, and his voice was somewhat lonely and relieved, “Now my official career is over. No matter how hard I worked, in the end, I always get nothing.”

    Then he gave a bitter smile.

    He stopped sorting old books and turned to look at Fang Qiu.

    “I’m sorry.”

    Said Zhang Xinming.

    “I did poison you and made you suffer, I’m sorry. I sincerely apologize to you!”

    And he bowed to Fang Qiu.

    “You are very awesome indeed. You could even win first place in the knowledge competition after being poisoned. It can be foreseen that you have a great future.”

    Speaking of this, Zhang Xinming put out his hand to point at Xu Miaolin and said to Fang Qiu, “As a former associate Director of your school, I will say one more thing to you. Follow this highly-skilled doctor well, and you will be successful.”

    “You also don’t have to worry about the poisoning.”

    “Later, I’ll go to the police station and plead guilty.”

    Finishing his words.

    Zhang Xinming continued to bow his body, sorting out the old books placed on the ground.


    Fang Qiu stayed silent.

    He didn’t know what to say at that time.

    The anger that filled him all disappeared. Perhaps after understanding Zhang Xinming’s experience, the anger in his heart subtly transformed into sympathy.

    Beside him.

    Xu Miaolin didn’t speak.

    Originally, he took the initiative to visit Zhang Xinming with Fang Qiu, but now he could not even say a word. He stood on a side as if thinking about something.

    After a long time, he sighed deeply.

    “If you had known this was the case today, why did you start it?”

    Xu Miaolin looked at Zhang Xinming who was sorting out the books and said.

    “Who doesn’t know that? In the end, I get nothing. People always understand it in the end, but there’s no way back.”

    Zhang Xinming rummaged through the ancient books for a long time, and then straightened up from the pile of books, holding a simple old book in his hand.

    He touched it like a treasure.

    Very softly, very slowly, and very gently.

    Finally, his hand stopped, and he let out a long sigh.

    He turned his head to Fang Qiu and said,

    “This book is yours, as my compensation for poisoning. It’s your own business whether you learn it or burn it.”

    He gave it to Fang Qiu when he was speaking.

    Fang Qiu took over the ancient book.

    He took a closer look.

    Three black letters were printed on the sallow cover.

    Cannon of Poison!

    “I have said all what should be said and what should not be said. You should go, and excuse me for not seeing you off to the door.”

    Zhang Xinming’s voice rang out. He was asking them to leave.

    Fang Qiu turned to look at Xu Miaolin.

    Xu Miaolin nodded slightly.

    Sighing, they turned around to leave.

    When they walked to the door.

    Fang Qiu stopped, thought for a while, and turned his head to look at Zhang Xinming, saying, “If what you said about using poison to detoxify the body is right, then you can choose not to confess your guilt. I won’t demand to punish you.”

    “I’m tired.”

    Zhang Xinming, whose back was facing Fang Qiu, looked out of the window and shook his head gently, saying, “I want to find a place to have a good rest, and by the way, use this period of time to thoroughly study what the predecessors left to me.”

    Hearing that.

    Fang Qiu looked at the Cannon of Poison in his hand.

    Then he asked, “Why not passing this book on to Li Qingshi?”

    “It’s not that I didn’t want to give it to him. It’s because he cannot bear it.”

    Zhang Xinming shook his head and said, “After he learned, he inevitably cannot bear the pressure that the whole Chinese medicine community will put on him, and he will collapse. If I give this book to him, it’ll harm him instead of helping him. It’s better to let him walk the fine road of orthodox Chinese medicine.”

    “Since you can take the poison from me, you can take the book.”

    Fang Qiu nodded and thanked him.

    Not asking anymore, he left together with Xu Miaolin.

    They walked out of the teachers’ dormitory.

    Fang Qiu took a look at the Cannon of Poison in his hand, then put the book into his trouser pocket and turned his eyes to Xu Miaolin, who had been silent for a long time.

    “Are you curious to know the thing about Poison-making Doctors?”

    Xu Miaolin suddenly said.

    “That’s right.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.

    “Well, since he has given you the Cannon of Poison, the most precious book of their lineage, I will tell you about it.”

    Xu Miaolin said with mixed emotions, “In those days, Poison-making Doctors did exist, and they represented a very powerful school of medicine. Just as Zhang Xinming said, they could cure many tricky diseases that many orthodox Chinese Medicine doctors could not cure.”

    “Then why…?”

    Fang Qiu asked.

    “Why did they exclude Poison-making Doctors?”

    Xu Miaolin shook his head and said, “Poison-making Doctors were all crazy!”

    “They tested people for the toxicity of the drugs and for the symptoms of the poisons, and they poisoned a lot of people.”

    “Some of them were patients who knew nothing about it, and others were… ”

    Xu Miaolin paused.

    “Were what?”

    Asked Fang Qiu.